10 May 2005

Hey!3 entries in a day..Hey, I am not trying to overload my blog k..
Aiyah,I actually read a blog of my "friend"abt frenship frm my fren, Angela.

This girl, used to be my "best buddy" in my secondary sch times. We alwaes spent time together and get wild together. U can said that we were unseparable then. Due to her unhappy family background, me n the rest helped her alot and were alwaes her listening ears. However, she changed after we went to diff classes in sec 3. Our frenship turned sour becoz of my 2nd Ex..It got better after we had cleared the misunderstanding. Apart of that, she even helped me when my 3rd Ex took advantage n ditched me w/o good reason.
But funny thing was that she suddenly treat me like a stranger after awhile. She saw thru me n pretended not to c me when i said Hi to her. I was quite puzzeled and sad .Then later on, she told me we shld alwaes stayed on a Best Buddy..I believed what she said but she treated me like a stranger after awhile. Till today, I have no idea y she treated me that way. I sweared i did nth wrong to her.

But I heard it was due to some rumours spread by one of my good fren who i trusted(M***) in my grp. I finally noe y my frens drifted away from me..Nobody noe how depressed I was then. I was practically crying when i tot of it. I never felt like an "underwear" b4..cast me aside in the corner of the wardrode when she dun need me..

Till today, there are still many misunderstanding between the whole grp of us. I already lost contact with 2 of them(1 of them is my best buddy). As for the other two, we are not as close as b4 le..Mayb due to the lack of communication between us ba...

I treasure Friendship alot. However, from this incident, I realized that
how Fragile Friendship can be and the feeling of being back stabbed n decieved. It made me realized that I could not trust
anyone. Mayb due to that, I tend to prevent being too close to anyone. Perhaps,
I am scared to be hurt by a close fren again...

Kura Princess ^_^

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