21 January 2008


Wah!!!so many people attended Dennis's 21st wor!!!! =)

I bet he is the happiest boy on that day..
Oh no no...21 liao..is MAN liao..hehehehe!

Dennis & baby Tristan..
So kawaii wor~~~

Baby Tristan will still pose and look at camera one lo!!!
So cute!!!

This is Dennis's cousins i think..
So cute~~~~ =)
They can't stop moving with the bbq marshmallows all over their faces...hahaha!

Well..since is his 21st..of coz he will not be let off man!!!

Hehehehe..Mr Cake man!!!!
Wheeeeeez...Me 1st Me 1st!
I attacked him unexpectedly!!!!!!hehehehe!
But But But..I was just following instruction =(

Lex was not spared..So is Jeremy~~
Poor them!!!

But Dennis din know this is just a beginning...

He so poor thing..

Handsome face kana...

drawn by us till like that...
That's an exchange for a psp man!!!!!!

Hope Dennis enjoyed his 21st birthday!!!!!!!!!!
OOh yeah...the food is good!
Thanx to the boys who went bbq-ing...!!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

20 January 2008


What should I do?

Why like that?

What will happen?

I really have no idea.

Do what I want?
But is that really what I want or just this spark of moment?

Will I regret?
What if I regret?
Is there any turning back?


Kura Princess ^_^

18 January 2008

# AT HOME...


I am sick again~~~

Down with a bad flu this time round..

Feeling weak..
Got a MC..yipeee!

True that I am at home..
Many thinking I am slacking & abandoning my work..

But you are so wrong..
My work can be done at home one..

I am the new media person for my company facebook account & youtube account!!!!!!
Got to plan how to use these new media to reach out to more designers in the world..
Heheheheh! =P =P =P

Finally, the things which I always do to spend my lazy & slow days come into handy in my job!!!


Kura Princess ^_^


Got a 50buck citychain voucher from Singtel for my bdae..
Planning to use it to purchase one of these...

Vagary IW7-017-90


Adidas ADH1625 Candy series

How about this?

Which one should I get man....

Kura Princess ^_^

15 January 2008


Thinking it is rare for us to see Malikka..
We decided a 2nd round meetup with Malikka over at Syaima's house..

There were more people this time round..
An additional of Laiquin, Melanie & Yixian..=)
Siti & Natalynn flew our kites in the end..&%$#@!

Ordered kfc for dinner..
LOL-ing all the way..
Syaima was always the TARGET of amusement..

Syaima modelling with her arms up..
*Poor me have to smell her smelly hairy armpit..

Syaima trying to show off her superman underwear...

Listened to the story of Malikka's 9 months project..
Wow..she was amazing okay..
She went for her A level examination with a 7-mth old tummy ok..
A daughter will be a future scholar sia!!!hahahaa!=)

Malikka told us it was painful to give birth but it was a relieve to her too...
She felt she had accomplished her mission when she felt the head coming out..

For those who have no idea about pregnancy..
The doctor will inject hormones into our bodies to induce more contraction to push the baby out..
This mean more cramps more pain!!!
Malikka described the pain as 10 times more painful than our menstrual cramp/tummyache!!!!!!!
Gosh!dat's painful!!!

Not only that..
Our cervix will expand to welcome the delivery..
But it will not expand enough for the baby to come out..
Hence, the doctor will have to cut our flesh down there to widen it..
After the whole thing, they will sew it back..

My god..
Dun u think our mothers are so noble?
Going through all the pain to bring us to the earth..
So appreciate ur mama and ur future wife ok..=)

Kudos to Malikka lo..
She was strong..
Studying & taking care of herself during the pregnancy & going through all the pain..
In india, the husband is not allowed in the room to see through the delivery..
Which mean she was alone..bringing her daughter to earth..
She said the tv drama had over exaggerated the whole delivery process, just cooperate with the doctor & be professional..
And everything will be fine..

From Malikka's stories & expressions, it seems proud to be a mother, to bring her child to the earth...
I cannot imagine myself in that stage..
But it sound so amazing!!!
I want to give birth too!!!!
Well, I would want my husband to be with me in the delivery room lo..
Telling me lame jokes & encourage me throughout..

A piece of advice from Malikka...

Eat well during pregnancy to ensure a healthy baby..
Never diet or stingy over the food you eat if not, the baby's health will suffer in the future..

Wow...So nice~~~
When can I have a baby?
Sound so wonderful to have a baby with the man I love..
Feel proud to be a girl..

I cant wait to get married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^
Anyone wanna marry me???????
*building castle in the air*

Kura Princess ^_^

13 January 2008

# GROUP"S" OUTINGS (12/01/08)

1st outing - Miramar Hotel Dim Sum Buffet

Yum Yum~~~
$19nett for delicious long list of dim sum..=)
Got xiao long bao also but as fantastic as DTF lah..

As usual, the canoeist planned to meet at 11..
In the end we only managed to gather everyone at around 12plus..
Seem like the culture is passed on..LOL.

A little gathering of eating dim sum & chit-chatting..
It's great to see each other, sit down & dine together..
The feeling is very nice & cosy..
I do not have to talk much coz they will always entertain me with their interesting conversation..

My table kakis..
(The good one)

The other table..
(The notorious one)

After our si bei FULL lunch, all of us gathered to take photo using Geraldine's lomographic camera..
Very interesting camera which look like a toy and can do many effects to pictures!!!

I bid goodbyes to them after that, and went to NUH to pei my mama..

2nd outing - Ten Dollars Family KTV@Chinatown

In the evening, I met the girls for K-ing session..
As usual, they were LATE!
Seem like all my friends got this LATE culture lo..-_-"

I did my KTV Marathon for an hour!!!!!!!
By the time they came..
I was already exhausted, no need to grab mic from me..
Can sing all they want!hahahaha!

Pretty good place to sing..
Got free flow of drinks & even come with a complimentary bowl of soup..
Just that it is so fully packed that we cannot extend the time & rigid with the no of ppl in the room..

Since I am done with my own singing marathon,
Cam-whoring with Cheryl & Rudith...
And tried my new cam's functions!!!!!!
So fun~~~

Some of the pix..

Me, Cheryl & Rudith

Artistic Photography by Rudith, the BIG master..

Afterwhich, we head for supper/dessert..


A group pix of us!!!

Time really flies man..
2years ago..we are a bunch of playful & fun-loving girls..
Now, each of us has a list of goals to achieve, heading to what we want in life..
Look-wise..all change for a better!!!

Unlike me..
Still inflate & deflate like a balloon!!!
How sad.

Imagine now we are all heading our 22 and 23..
But do we look like our age???

Think we still look 18-20 leh..hehehee!

one by one..will get married?

My god..
Time is running faster than we thought!!!

So scary!!!!!!!
Got to get many many anti-ageing face products!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am having a super early Mid-life Crisis!!!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

11 January 2008


Some of you might know I got this friend who I missed alot since I was 17..
She is always in my mind, worrying in the heart as I have no idea what has happened to her since she married off to India..

And finally....
SHE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

Me & Malikka..

Actually met up with her at Lot 1 before this group outing...
She shared alot of her stories in India to me..
I was shocked to hear that muslim & foreigners are discriminated in India!
Discriminating Singaporean?
Can you believe it?
My god..

Lotsa corruption..
She got to pay a lump sum of $ to bribe the custom officer to get an exit pass for herself & her baby daughter..
The exit pass is to ensure this particular person is cleared from any criminal offence..
She got it but her daughter din get it & the custom did not allow her daughter to leave India..
Hence, her poor daughter has to be left in India with her dad..

what can a 2 1/2yrs old baby girl offend?
These people abit no brain sia..-_-"

Anyway, I arranged a meetup with the rest @ Breeks Habourfront..
Had long chat & ordered lotsa food..
Lot of LOL-ing too..

Updates & gossips among us..
Get to know more about Malikka's life story..
so interesting~~~

Syaima, Malikka, Aisyah, Me & Clarice..

The food in Breeks are not exactly dat fantastic...

Safari Feast..(buffalo wings, fish fillet, calamari & cris-cross fries)
Rating: 6/10

Potato Island
Rating: 5/10

One of the fishy pasta in breeks with delicious prawn p. sauce
Rating: 7/10

This is the champion in my heart for the 5 pastas we ordered.

The rest okok nia lahz..
Lazy to put up pix.
Some of the pix din come out great..tinkI select wrong function..=(

Went shopping after a hearty meal..

And found these 2 purple-haired freaks!!!

So fun to be with this crazy bunch of people..

See so much changes in Malikka sia..
She is like one country pumpkin lo..
Amazed by the changes in Singapore..
Not only that, she find Singaporeans are so much friendlier..
She misses Singapore. Can tell.

She becomes one motherly woman..
Grew to be so much more mature, traditional & family-oriented lady..
But still very chatty..
Hope she still feel comfortable with us with our nonsense!!!!! =)

But so glad she is back for a vacation~~~
Is worth waiting for 5 yrs for a good friend to be back safe & sound!!!
So happy~~~!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

09 January 2008


Do you masturbate?

I have no idea why I suddenly thought of this topic.
Perhaps Horniness is overwhelming me..
Yea Yea need someone to screw me till i scream like a..erm....

I dunno...*shrugged*

I was just joking okay?

This topic struck me while I was on the train..
when I saw a few secondary school boy..
Nono..i dun have any fancy on young boy..
I like real man..okay!

I was just wondering..
Since majority of the guys masturbate..
How do they know about masturbation in the 1st place?

Self Exploration?

Damn. I not sure man.

How about gurls?
I heard many stories before though..
Some can be really interesting...

Masturbation shiok meh?
Is like playing ownself like that..
Guess is a way whereby people do to find pleasure? make themselves tired n go to bed? Relieve stress?
And so on n on...

Maybe hobby.

I watched porn b4.
And guess what...
I always laughed at it...
Tink is funny.

I prefer hentai.
My poly friends knew it.

But no more liao lah..
My laptop dead...
Yea Yea..james said i download too much such stuff that why tio virus!

Bleah xp
who cares?

Funny to watch mahz.
Got rama, dragonball & so on!

Oh well..

Is masturbation good?

It's definitely much better than going round screwing gals/or kana screwed by guys any-o-hw..

Kura Princess ^_^

08 January 2008


My stomach funny againz.

Went to see the funny Dr Soh Soon Beng...
Told him many things..
chest pain, giddy, stomach here pain there pain..

Then he asked me so which is my main concern...
-_-" wth~~~

Told him hw i felt so he can help me mahz..

My parent want me to have a full body checkup..

Soon I guess.

Kura Princess ^_^


So excited~~

A brand new Sony T70!!!!!!!!!
(Taken by my old digicam)

Happy birthday to me...
Happy birthday to me...
Happy birthday Happy birthday...
Happy birthday to me..

Is an advanced birthday pressie for myself..
And it at a good price!
Bought from Jiansen's mother shop..
Cheap Cheap~~~
hip hip hurray!!!! =)

Look at my shiro camera..

Old & haggard.

And damaged.
Poor shiro..time to take a break & recover from your injury...

Gonna be a happy 22nd!!!!
During my bdae week..gonna be in Chiangmai for my company trip~~~~

15days more to go!!!!

- Forever21/ Food voucher
- Birthday greetings from my good frens! =)

Kura Princess ^_^

02 January 2008

2008 Resolution

1. Lose 5 kg!!! (same for 2007..din achieve..haha!)

2. Pick up a new skill - guitar?

3. Go back to school - SAA or SIM? (headache!)

4. Plan a family trip with my cousin's family

5. Go holiday with my friends/bf

6. Cook 1 dish per month & buy culinary book on monthly basis

What else?
Hope i can achieve it sia...ehehehee!
At least a few lahz...=)

Kura Princess ^_^

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