30 March 2006

First Step To My Career

I received this call in the morning...
Woah!!!Guess what???
I got a job!!!i am offered by Red Dot Spore Pte Ltd!!!
I am so excited!!!I have been eyeing on it like eversince i sent my resume!!!

My position is Competition Executive..deal with sales, marketing & event..
Many of u like quite confuse what I doing..aiyah..hard for me to answer oso..

Basically, deal with different designers from different countries and award ceremony..
My company is in charge of design concept which mean futuristic design concept..

Anyway, the working environment is cosy..
The wall is in red..and gt my fav cookie monster in the office!!!
The company only got 6people..a small strength..but i like it..
The people very friendly..able to communicate with them easily..
And most importantly, i can wear casually to work!!!
And then, it's near the famous MAxwell hawker!!!haha!!!

I tried my best to impress throughout the interviews..
I think one reason why I got in is because of similar bkground with my boss..

I choose Red Dot over Pines because I think i can learn more from there and the environment suit me better..very open concept..and is a very challenging job..
But Pines offer higher pay..hoho..
So greedy of me!!!haha!

Kura Princess ^_^

29 March 2006

Happy 4th Year Anniversary!!!

I realized something..
Me & Jasonz is a pair of special couple..
We dun really eat out to celebrate special day..
I tink is because we are really poor..haha!

So what we did this year to make it a really special one???

What Exactly I did this year?

Yeah..I cooked a perfect western set meal for the both of us + my mama..

Look at the mess i made!!!HAHAHA!

Wild Mushroom Soup as our Appetizer!!!Nice k..I add in extra wild mushroom!

Next, is the main course..

Spicy Sausage Sauce Pasta!!!Got Basil, Mushroom & italian spicy sausages!!!Damn nice!

HeHeHe..Spicy Sausage Sauce PAsta with melted cheese..Yummy!!!

After that hearty meal, we went to our kickboxing practice..

After the lesson, we went to buy fruits to prepare for our dessert!!!

So what is the dessert???

Woah..Jasonz do the cutting haha..Me is chef..he is just the kitchen boy..he comes to eat nia!

Bingo!!!Is Chocolate Fondue!!!Many fruits, mashmallows and ice cream!!!

Wah..all the kickboxing effort gone sia...hahahahahah!

We have lot of fun eating!!!Jasonz grew fat!!!Who can resist my great culinary skill man!HAha!

Look what Jasonz got for me!!!

Inside the box, is my favorite shrimp springroll..hahaha..still in CNY mood!

Jasonz said those 2 weird creatures are "IN"..The green is rabbit and the pink is cat..

He said the rabbit is him and the cat is me..

Well..I like to say something nice on my blog..since i did not get anything for u..

Dearest Ah J,

You might not be the most charming guy in the world..But the status of u in my heart will never be replaced by any tom, dick and harry..I might be notti and have crush on this guy n so..But, be assured that u will never be replaced..Because I appreciate the things u have done to me..This 4 years we have went through thick and thin..u will always be there for me when i am feeling down especially when i faced problem in my family..REally appreaciate it..

Last thing of all, LUV YA!!!Muack!!!Thank you!Haha!

P.S: Need recipe..find me..i found it online 1..Not that easy & hard..need to do smth to the sausage and the tomato paste is can nt bottle one..ask me & i will teach u!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

27 March 2006

Pines Club called me

The Pines Club just called me..
They asked me whether I can start work next mth which is April..
I should be feeling happy and thrilled about getting a job..
But i feel more troubled..

Mayb i lost that passion after waiting for so long le..
Mayb because I just sent in my resumes to other 2 event companies and waiting for Red dot..

I dunno..I really dunno..
A place where I was once excited..now become liddat..
I gt mixed feeling..
Excited yet not so excited..

Personally i prefer events..
Sales coordination & marketing are really my 2nd choice..

Pines is good..
Reputable and near to my house and town..
Working environment oso nt bad..
I guess I was abit upset till to long waiting and arising of other potential working opportunities..

What should i do???
I am suppose to give them an answer by this friday..

Kura Princess ^_^

Welcome to the Reality

It's just another new week..
It has been a month...
But no company wants me..

Last monday, Ana started work at Shangri-La as Guest Relations..
Today, Rainus starts work at SAFRA as event coordinator..
And ME?N0thing..
When is my turn to get hired..
When will be my turn to start work on the fresh new start of the week..

I will start my laptop and surf jobstreet, jobsdb and my official formal email..
Everytime i check, i am hoping there is a suitable position for me that i can apply..
I even search for all diff event companies and send an email to enquire the possibility of available job..
But still..no job yet..

I have my reason to be picky..
Coz i want 2 make it my career and not just a job..

Every monday is my depression day..

Kura Princess ^_^

Painful Experience

Can't believe I actually go all the way to Bedok just to get a facial session done..

We came to Jasonz's friend's shop to do facial at discounted rate..
Mmm..ok lah..the environment is quite modernised and nice..
We waited quite some time b4 we get our faces touched by the beauticians..

I was made to undress and put on this sarong b4 the session start..
I lay down patiently while she started to wash my face..
I felt abit demoralized when she said,"Gosh, ur face is really bad..so many dirty stuff!"

I was like dot dot dot..and thinking that is the reason I was there for..
But i tink my face was badly ruined by all the sweats and dirts I have gathered over my 20years..Especially when I am so active in sports and lazy..haha!

She washed my face 3 times..normally one time enuff..kns..
Then she started to steam my face and when she on the light..
She exclaimed again,"Really alot!!!So big sm more!!!"

Of coz, I dot dot dot again..
Alrite, it the time i get really pain..
She used smth to prick my nose..
Fuck lo..fucking painful lo..made me tear nia..
She took out my really "old"blackheads..
i think i have too much to prick that she needed a helping hand..

I was quite thankful when stopped and washed my face..
Then place a piece of cooling stuff and apply mud all over my face even my eyes..

I can't see a thing..
I thought it were a murderer I would use this opportunity to kill the person in mud..
Waited for quite smtime b4 it was done..

When i am done, I looked at the mirror..
I was like "WTF!!!!My nose is bloody red and swollen lo!Look like rudolph or Smurf!"
I was so embarrassed by it man..i cover my nose all the time..so ugly!

I was told that i need to come bk 2wks later as they could not finish pricking..

After the session, went to meet Cheryl at Liquid Kitchen along bt timah..
Nice place to chill n chit chat..
Food was so-so but the pasta was really cheap!!! $3 for every drink ordered..
Well..nice place to watch soccer too..

I enjoy the company of Cheryl..
We were chatting most of the time and making fun out of Jasonz..
Jasonz was busy watching soccer of coz..

We bid gdbye to the place after midnite and Cher sent us home!!!

Wat's a tiring day man!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

26 March 2006

Blackie Tried To Run!!!

"Dear..Wake up and see.."JaSonz shook me to wake me up(6am!).

I looked on the floor and saw smth ard my hand size and black moving about..

"Isn't that look like Blackie???"I asked Jasonz who was standing far away from it.

"Yaaa..Is Blackie!"Jasonz replied.

"Then, catch it and throw it back to the Cage lo!"I snapped since i was slpy..

"Wo bu gan chua ta"Jasonz replied.
(Wah Liew..So sissy man..the reply is so girl lo..)

I jumped off frm my bed and struggled with Blackie for sm time..
It tried to run away from me..but it failed when i covered it with Jasonz's pillow..HaHA!
I caught it and juz threw it back..it scratched me but i still WIN!

The Culprit!!!

Am I really such a mean owner???
I give all of them nice food..still run..they not scared kana eaten my void deck cat troop man?

Kura Princess ^_^

25 March 2006

SuPerBand '06

Crazy me, went to catch the 18 superband groups..
I thought it will be really nice since most of them are Rock bands..
But it was quite a disappointment..
Only 5 groups are nice out of the 18..
Some really sux man..

My Favorite Group- Shi Nuo Bi!

They really Rock Man!!!They are the ONLY group that can rock the crowd and make all of us
jump in the air..I like the guy in red that look like monkey..he is so funny!!!

Best Dance Group - SOUL

Wah..They dance really nice loh!!!Like Energy!!!

Most "Stunned" Group- Juz-B

These guys are W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L!All of them are Malays and they sang chinese song!

They sing even clearer than many of us..Oh ya, they are Acapella Group..

There are 2 more good one - Mi Lu Bin & Brods

Really Bad Group- Sky Power

When I see them, I was thinking " Are they singing or doing wushu stunts???"

As a wushu-lover, i enjoyed their stunts but not their singing..

I do not really fancy 1 grp- Glamours..They are like one-fifth..And another thing is their fans squeak into my ears..

Oh ya..Got Milk Foto!!!But haven upload..Will upload soon..

For ur info, Milk from Energy will be the host, together with Jeff Wang & BElinda!!!

It will showing on 9th of April!!!Catch them and Vote for Shi Nuo Bi!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

24 March 2006

Canoe Canoe Canoe Activities!!!


Yup!Went clubbing with the sprinters..
U noe what?
It is so wonderful to be Girl..
First thing is we can enter almost all the clubs in Clarke Quay..
Unlike the guys, they were stuck in MOS since they are below 21..wahaha

Secondly, we get free drink everywhere!!!Ppl treat us mah!!!
And for the guys, they have to spend money to buy shot!haha!!!

We girls explore a few clubs before meet up with the guys at MOS..
We went to Gotham, Attica Too, One Nite Stand and Indochine..

MOS ok nia..dun understand y ppl say damn nice..
Ok lah..see alot of stuff..
I actually saw an angmo grabbing and fondling the angmo charbo's nei nei..

Oh ya..Saw Rainus at MOS at the R&B room..
Realli crowded and we danced together crazily for awhile..haha!

The mood was dampened by Jasonz..
He want me 2 go home..And in MOS..all bags muz b returned tgt if they are deposited tgt..
So inflexible lo..
Sorry guys..have to make u guys leave early..
I will rem to bring my key next time..hehehe!

P.S: Next time I want to go club with my korkor!!!

Regatta Dragon Boat Race 2006

Yeah!!!Won 1st!!!Yeah!!!

Team B won the Committee Team!!!Yeah!!!
It was a close fight man!!! But so???Team B still win!!!

Girl Power..WTH!Hw come i lk like a hunchback!!!

Yeah!!!Got my FIRST medal in poly..Join canoe get dragon boat medal..haha!

Wateva lah..We are all WINNERS!!!

Yes..the hunchback is me!!!Coz so hot!!!

Is this suppose to be sprinters grp foto???
Where am I???
I think I need to go MISSING for some time & improve my crapping skill from yx..

Anyway, is fun to be out to the sea again!

Kura Princess ^_^

22 March 2006

Emotion Status: Excited!!!!

i no more a SLACKER!!!

Wednesday night: Clubbing at Gotham Penthouse!!!Free Entry & Free Flow!!

Thursday: Dragon Boat Race!!!

Friday: Interview at Red Dot Spore Pte Ltd!!!

I like the job scope in Red Dot..very challenging and is event-related!!!So excited!!!

Saturday: Go Suntec watch SuperBand; then go Jinlong's bbq

Sunday: Go Facial at Bedok(Half price;Jasonz's jiejie shop); Double Date at Liquid Room..

So excited!!! Finally got things to do!!!

Next Tuesday is me n jasonz 4th year anniversary!!!We going to make MAC & Cheese..!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

Status: Unemployed

Argh!!!!I am having a jobless depression..

When I am not doing anything, I will find smth to do..
I can just cook up quarrel & disagreement..Coz i gt nth to do..

Everyday, I stared at jobstreet.com, jobsdb.com and career portal..
Hoping an event, marketing comm or sales coordination job will be displayed
( with no exp required)..
Bt, finding a job is not an easy task..
Especially if u r looking into specific areas..

Actually, I dun even know what i wan to do..
For the time being, I am interested in events..
But it's hard to get into this line without any experience or event cert..
Thus, I got to start from either sales or marketing coordination and learn how to
manage time and ppl..b4 proceeding to my event dream..
Then from event..i want to proceed on to Public relation..

Maybe i am too picky..
But the salary and location do matter..

*Sigh*Who ask me Fan Tai Sui this year..
It's affecting my luck..i am unlucky eversince the beginning of the year..
But I have to find a job b4 mid apr when all the uni grad come in..
It's harder that i thought..

Can't blame me to have depression..

Kura Princess ^_^

21 March 2006

I am a Big Fat Slacker

Nothing to do..
No job interview..
No activity..

Life is so boring..

Everyday I can either MSN if not watch my hong kong drama..
I am always waiting for calls..
Calls to go for interview or job offers..
I dun dare to go gym and so on coz I am afraid I will miss to pick up the phone..

Slacking at home n rot..
Waiting for next meal..
Getting lazy bones soon..

Watch TV just now but only saw a few senior citizens singing..
Trust me, is a pain to the ears..
I nearly choked on my rice..
They can't pull the high pitch note yet tried..
I was like "ARgh..stop singing pls..u r making me frown thru meal.."

*Sigh*Wat should i do after blogging???
Can't go shopping also..No $$$..So bored..

P.S: i need a facial, a number of wking tops and soem weight loss program and definitely a job..

Kura Princess ^_^

Wo Zhai Yun Shang Ai Ni

This is a chinese novel..Yeah..
Only read chinese novel and never an english one..
I took 5hrs to finish 330-pages novel..(i jz finished nia, stay up to read)

It aroused my emotion..(is that the right word???)
I felt the sweetness, the bitterness and the unhappiness of the story..
It bring out my naive self and hope that such love story will happen on me..
But not the death lah..

This story is about this girl, Wei Ni fall for the guy , Da Xiong who stalk her home for $$$(Da Xiong's fren likes her)and made him go out with her by having a stupid riddle deal..If he failed to answer, he has to go dating with her..(Lame hoh!)

So what is the question???
"Egg or Chicken come first???"

Obviously, since it is a love story..
Da Xiong failed to answer and go dating with Wei Ni..
They went to funny restaurant, they studied for exams together but they did not enter uni tgt..
Wei Ni cannot face the reality that she failed her exams and closed herself up for mths..
She even broke up with Da Xiong but patched back after a while..

They dated for 4years..
Before death separated them in their first holiday..
Wei Ni died in the Tsunami in Maldives..
Da Xiong tried to save her but failed..
WEi Ni's body was never found..

Da Xiong was devastated..
And went on to fulfil Wei Ni's dream..

What is the dream???
"Want Da Xiong to be pilot as she wanted to be an air stewardess"

End of story..Hehehehe!!!

*Sigh*Will JAsonz fulfil dream for me..
I want him to be someone excel in sport and get into the national team..
Coz i can't..It's always my hope to be in national team..
But too bad, i am that lousy and have no talent..

But knowing jasonz gt tons of injuries..it's hard..
I shall place my dream on my children..
I want my daughter to be in the wushu national team and my son in canoeing national team!
HaHaHaHaHAHaHaHa....!!! ('3')v

Kura Princess ^_^

02 March 2006

Can't Smile Without You..

People come and go in life..
Suddenly, I am about to step into the next phase in life..

Everything is so amazing in these 3 years..
I have live my life to the fullest..
No wonder people said poly life is the most memorable..

Yes, indeed.

I felt "sour" when I finished my last paper..
Suddenly everything is coming to an end..
I graduated..

I even more "sour" when I watched the videoclips made by the sprinters..
I looked back and see my life with the sprinters..

We do everything..
We sing, we play, we beach, we feast, we drink, we club, we celebrate..
Of coz..we ROW...

What made the Sprinters special is the Team spirit and the bond we have..
Every each competition made us more bonded..
Coz we trained and encouraged and sweat and cheered together..
And most importantly, we ENDURED together and WIN together..

From a small sprinter group to a big family..
It made all of us a special one..
Especially when we cheered "NGEE ANN KI-YA!"

Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket

Today, when I just ended my paper..
Suddenly I can't bear this bunch of people..
You bunch of "bitches" from 3B52!!!HaHa!

I am so glad to meet you gurlz..
U gurlz have made my Year3 such a wonderful year..
We crapped our way through..
And will never forget the time we go around playing manjong..

Is a short duration we have spent together..
We play, we sing, we club, we manjong and we GOSSIP..
And made us closer than anything..

I thought I found a group of soul mates..

3B52 has showed me the power of girls unity...
And I love that unity and really hope the bond will not just diminished..
And last as long as it can be..

Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket

Of coz...
MunMun and close peeps from 1B25..
You guys are not forgotten..

It might just be a short 3 years..
It might just seems like a breeze..
But I will not forget the fun, joy and love I shared with everyone of you..

I love every bits and pieces of each of you..
And the very you will not be forgotten but be kept in my memory box..

Most importantly, my life will not full of "smiles" without you guys..

Thank you for all the "smiles"..
And continue to bring "smiles" to others too!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

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