25 September 2005

Desperate Canoeing Camp --Super long entry!!!Upload pic soon!

The commitee members of NACC had organised a great camp for all of us to be bonded together..It's a 3days 2 nites camp..They chose the respective CGLS and so unfortunately, I am chosen as one of the cgls..(BAKA!) Well..The Com members, together with the gls had came out with a great list of fun activities!!

Day 1

All the juniors made their arrival at around noon..Most of them were in their respective colours assigned to the grp.. My group was assigned with the colour pink or red...All of them came in red/pink except Ming Xue!!!So baka!!!Urm..Their facial expression abit changed when i told them our grp name is "Mini Baluku"..But i still think is nice lah..so cute..suit me totally!!! Ok, dun want to b so loh so..If not..cannot finish my entry again.. All of us were briefed before we started our whole round of activities..!!! We got this cheerin competition..and of coz the title went to MINI BALUKU..just my voice cannot beat the rest man..hahaha!!!Sm more my grp so many crazy and horny ppl like me! Then, we went on with the station games..Damn it..My game suck big time man!I thought dat it was freaking boring lah!!!Hww could crazy ppl like me thought of such game..I dun want to talk abt it man.. We had a very "dried"dinner b4 setting off to Town in our Pyjamas!!! It was damn cool lah!!!We were supposed to run about to accomplish a list of tasks in our pyjamas!!!Every step we went, there were questions like "Gosh, are they in pyjamas?", "what the hell they are doing in pyjamas" shown on the faces of the passerbys..

Hazmi and Gracia were damn cool loh..they cross-dressed in Giodarno..Hazmi looked damn sexy loh!!!Haha!!! There was a task that made me kissed Marc on the cheeks loh..Shessh!Damn disgusting loh..I got to smear all the bloody red lipstick on my lips using my palm..Yuck!!! Eventhough the whole thing is messy and sweaty, my group got no forfeit!!!Damn Fun lah!!!

We went back to school in pyjamas at around 10plus..Hehehe!!!
The Gls went for the Night Walk trial at ard midnight…I was freaking scared lah..was gripping on to Yixin jie jie’s arm all the while!!!Stupid Alvin and Lex..Kept scaring me..I was scared till I wanted to cry le loh..

I freaked out when I was told to be incharge of a location in blk34..where are the dissection of animals are..ANIMAL SPIRITS!!!ARGH~~~

But Blk 50 was the worst!!!The whole area was in pitch dark..but was a pity that we could not enter the horticulture area where there is story about a girl committing sucide in that area..

Day 2

Din sleep well man..only slept like 3hrs loh..Baka!!!Lost all my beauty sleep!

Well..We had some water activities before we were given some time to prepare for our skit for the Drama nite..Then, we were given the DCC singlet..I thought it was not very nice..the colour combination and the wording “DCC” in the frt was damn big and looked like the imitation of the famous monkey brand!!!

Finally!!!The drama nite!!!Before that, we got a great buffet dinner!(Stupid Alvin gave me 3big scoops of vegetable..made me looked so vegetarian sia!)

All the skits are funny man..But I thought my grp skit was the funniest!!!Well, I agreed with the judges that our skit is disgusting but I like it lah!!!Dennis was damn good in thrusting against Stewart the “Old maid” while Alfred was damn good in masterbating his fake papery dick!!! Stewart looked damn chio in my hot pink bikini n fake boobs and in purple pyjamas..It belonged to Geraldine and I bet she would not want to wear it again!!!hahaha!

The whole NACC believed that I am the one who came out with the skit but I sweared it’s not ME!!!I swear ok!!!But wateva case..I got the Best actress award with my good nose digging skill!

I like the com members’ skit..Jaime and Weiqiang act damn well as girls lah..But I still dun believe Weiqiang would do dat loh..he has always being a shy guy..U noe wat I mean right..(To those who noe weiqiang well)

After the drama..we went on the carry out the “The walk to remember”..I hate scaring people especially when my area was not so scary as it was damn bright lah!!!But the whole thing din went well..it was pouring so heavily dat we got to stop the walk and proceed back to the sport halls..

At the sport halls,we all self-entertain ourselves with volley ball and badminton..It has been a long time eversince I played badminton..played with some of them and I thought it was damn fun lah!!!But what’s made me go happy n yippee-ing the whole night was that I finally found smth that I better than my bud, Weiqiang!!!He was so talented that I thought I could not beat him in anything!He so bu shuang loh..hahaha!

After the games, we sneaked out to have supper at 4am!(Shh..dun tell Alvin!!!Lianne sneaked out with us too!)hahaha!We went back to sleep at around 6am lah..but there was still crazy juniors playing volleyball then—GILA!!!

Day 3

Mmm..Home Sweet Home..
Din get to carry out my butter Hill plan!!!I already prepare all the oil and butter to dirty the juniors!!!Boohoo!!!
All the caps people fault loh!!!Boohoo!

Well..I enjoy myself in the camp and get to bond with the juniors and so on..

Here..I would like to thank the com members and the mini baluku-rians!
But one thing I like to voice out is..Please show smth about sprinting in the next round of video clips..I felt damn wat loh when I saw the same video clips with all the polo activities again..I mean where are all the photos I sent to Lianne..I hope to noe..

Kura Princess ^_^

20 September 2005

15th September 2005

When the clock striked at 11pm..my heart went havoc and was jumping in joy!!!
Finally, the end of those scary and stressful exams!!!

As planned, my class, TB17 went out to have fun!!!
However, only a bunch of us went for the bowling session..Many of them backed out last min..
So mean and bu jiang yi qi rite?

Well,we had a good lunch at Pasta Mania.before heading to marina square shopping centre..
I ate Pasta minara and I like it..and it's damn filling lah..

Haha..Silly Rainus who mistook MS as marina south and went all the way to marina south bowling alley to find us..
Urm..she sounded sian when she found out that she was in the wrong location..
Well..she managed to reach in time as she managed to hitch a free ride from some satay selling sales personnel..hehe..

We had 2 games before heading to KBOX and sing out loud!!!
Wah..We were damn havoc lah!!!
Jumping, dancing and singing our heart out in the mini room...
One of the Kbox staff saw and was laughing at us..
Baka!!!So mei li mao!!!

U should have listened to what me and cheryl sang man..We sang "calcutta, Mary had a little lamb, mama-mia and even our national millenium song-moment of magic"!!!
We were really siao loh..hahaha..

But i had great fun with them!!!Hope to have more of this kind of havoc session with the gurls man!!!

16th September 2005

Sprinters Oei!

Woah..Great havoc session with the sprinters too!!!
We had Chu Zhai together at Queensway hawker..(Sprinters like those cheap cheap place)
So cheapskate..it was a heartwarming dinner lah..

After dinner, we went to Bali Villas located near SAJC to have a drink..
We gurls ordered cocktails for ourselves whereas the guys ordered bottles..
I drank "Bull run" and I thought it was pretty nice to drink!!!

Well..I am going to begin my great story abt weiqiang..hahaha!
Yeah, the "Weiqiang" who wanted to go MOMO ISLAND!!!(Actually is Club MoMo)
He got abit tipsy after a few round of "neat" drinks..
The usually quiet guy turned into a damn loud monster...like kana possessed liddat!
He kept grabbing our drinks for himself during our games and oh yah, he very shu bu qi..played 5-10-20 game with him..he was bu fu qi dat i always win him..so he shua lai till i lost..

Guess what happened?He ended up embarrassing himself dat nite!!!
He was talking crap all the while which made us laughed the whole night..
All of us thought that weiqiang would b the only drunkard dat nite..
Who noes...

Yixin and Jiaying joined him..
Jiaying had two cup of "neat"drink so it's understandable..
But..Yixin got drunk after a cup of "Snowball"!!!
Gosh..she was murmuring funny things..like "Regina, I love u!!!"
So what can i say?? "Oh..ai lah ai lah ai ni lah.."that's my reply..

I guess the dimmed-lighting and soft background had made them tipsy..
In fact, I got abit headache after awhile..So all of us decided to get out of there to have some fresh air.. and headed Breko at holland village to have some kopi at midnite..!

Well..let's continue about Weiqiang..hehehe..He did many embarrassing things..
Oh yah..he vomited thrice..1st. in bali villas 2nd. In Bus 61 and 3rd. Breko..
I felt so much to slap him when he vomited in Breko!

Why?Coz he vomited on my feet!jiaying oso kana!Baka..Luckily..all were water..if not, I would bite him and apply those vomit on his face!
Aiyah..i still forgive him lah..coz he is a very gd captain..he was worrying for our competition even when he was drunk..I was touched by it and could feel the stress he is facing..

But Bud, dun worry..the sprinters will gambate 1! But, u got to take good care of ur health..Too much alcohol is not good for ur little heart..

Then wat happened to Jiaying and Yixin
They got better after a drink and some oreo cheesecake..

Hmmm..Eventhough it was a messy outing..But i still enjoyed it..
we shared so much laughters together..
Guess the next round will be CLubbing le ba..but got to take care of yixin n jiaying..
Both of them dunno their limit..Yao da pi Gu!

Cheers Sprinters!Muack!Love you guys!
(Will upload pic soon!)

Kura Princess ^_^

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