30 June 2005

Search Mission

Argh...!!!Stupid Jasonz did not woke me up to wash undies!!!
Got so many undies to wash..SMELLY SMELLY~
By the time I washed it, it was already morning le..So scared will not have undies to wear the next day~

After washing, I had breakfast-Roti Prata and went to bed again..
By the time I woke up, it was already 1pm le..HeHe!

Immediately, I changed and went to Jurong Point to search for part time jobs and
an undies(For in case!)..

All the shops in JP either want Full-timer or have no vacancy..

"Nobody wants me..!"I sighed. Jasonz kept laughing..

Since JP is a failed trip, I decided to try my luck in Bt panjang Plaza instead.
I tried my favorite pet shop but it rejected me..

At least BPP gave me more hopes, I spent most of my time filling up application forms!

Wah!Especially the application form of "World of Sports" damn long lah..
and they asked stupid qns like "What is my career objectives?"
I was like "Hello!!!I am just looking for a part time job and not a life time job!"
Even jasonz said I was like writting an essay..

I also tried my luck at the "Shihllin Taiwan Street Snack"shop..
Stupid Jasonz only noe how to eat nia, ordered Tempura and left me alone!

This uncle of the shop told me that they dun really need it yet but told me to fill up a form..
He seemed to like me alot..keep talking to me..

He asked me," You know how to fry?Very easy right?"
So i replied,"Huh?Very easy arh..just check whether oil is hot and then fried and control the fire loh!"

He kept looking at me like some chee kong bei liddat!

I think I am addicted to asking for job..I went every shop and ask..
Lucky me, I spotted a new bread shop "Roti MaMa" opening
I wrote down my name but dunno will get anot..

*Sigh*Hopefully i get a job soon..

Kura Princess ^_^

29 June 2005

I lost $220 buck

Argh..!!!I could not see properly again!!!

My contact lens become blurry thesedaes...
I am always feeling blind..Even when I am typing now...

*ouch*Those lens are pricking on my eyes again!!!

I went to the optician today to remake a new lens..
N guess what the optician said???

She said,"U got a lazy eye...Always depend on the left side to see..Right eye no use and useless le.."

My eye sight now is 500 on the right and 550 on the left..Still got Shang Guang..200plus an d 100plus..

i was shocked enough..But i was even more shocked when she told me the price..
"Wah!!!Super expensive!!!$220..Gt discount??Tot now is singapore sale?"I asked.

Sad to say, she said no d/c,,sian arh...

So mean right??? *sigh*
Knee lousy, Body joint weak..now my eyes also weak...

Kura Princess ^_^

27 June 2005

Initial D

Woah..Initial D marvellous man!!!

Gosh..First time feel that Jay chou damn shuai and cool lah..
Looked dumb dumb one but quite cute in his way..
Wah..The races were damn cool lah!!!I was so "into" the show loh...
I could feel their every turn n fast speed..how i wish I am sitting in the car of Jay or Edison...
Edison was super cute also lah...

How I wish Jasonz has half of their cool-ness and shuai-ness!

Me, joan, HuiYing, Ana and Poh Ying went to watch this afternoon..
We went to have lunch at Sakunra with Rudith and Rainus before catching the show..

Since we still have time, we went for some shopping..
Wah..I finally see the scary side of Patricia..
She like kana possessed by some shopping spirit..she kept buying these n that..
Si bei scary loh...She grabbed and buy stuff like she printed notes...

Wah..I first time see Mango so many people..like some market liddat..full of kiasu "aunties"!
So crampy till I dun feel like going in!!!

I saw this rubbery shoes that look like the type of shoes that barbie doll wear..so cute n nice..
I want to buy but I scared to waste money...I shall bring Jasonz to the shop one day!!

Wah..I noticed that we got a bladder queen in b17..
Who issit?
It goes to Ana!!!She need to visit the toilet urgently like every 2hrs loh...

Even when the show started..Ana wanted to go for a pee..Si bei jia lat hoh..
Guess she got small bladder..

After the show, we went to the arcade and play wildly!!!
I, amateur drummer, played the drums..and created some embarrassment...
I made a group of malay boys "game over"in their electric guitar game..
blame it on themn..they chose super hard mode!!!

Wateva lah...Beside the stupid drum, me,joan and huiying challenged each other in
Daytona game..
Wah, we feel as if we are like jay chou, edison and shawn yue loh..racing against each other..
And guess who is the winner??

Is ME ME ME!!!

We wanted to go home after arcade but ended up taking alot of fotos..
Me and Ana went to try the street massager in PS..
Everyone was looking at us loh..but we dun care, we were practically enjoying our massage..
We took pictures on the escalator..and even take foto with a posh car outside PS!

I guessed all of us are greatly affected by Initial D...

Kura Princess ^_^

26 June 2005

Junsheng's last training..

I did not went for the training this morning, however, I joined them for lunch.

Everyone of them looked so delighted when they saw me walking into SDBF..
In fact, I had never seen them gloomy or pessimistic before..
They were always so encouraging and helpful to each other..

It touched my heart when I witnessed their SIONG training..
I witnessed how they endured throughout and encouraged each other to finish the sets..
It made me even feel teary when I see how hard Junsheng trained..

This training is so called his last training before he go for a kneecap operation tomorrow..
I could see that he pushed himself to the limit..
I guessed he was quite upset..
Empathizing him, I felt an urge to cry..

Junsheng a.k.a Ah Bu neinei..
it so called my shifu lah..He taught me the correct paddling stroke..
He never threw temper at me eventhough I alwaes asked weird stupid qns and was slow to learn the stroke...

In fact, I like him alot as a senior..
He is very encouraging and humorous in his way..
Even seeing him will make me feel like laughing..
He just got that comical face..

Ken, the expired captain too made the effort to come down..
I not sure but I felt that everyone trying to make this last training a memorable one for Junsheng..

Truthfully, I really will miss Junsheng while he is recovering..
His laughter..his cheeky smile..and his smelly knee-guard..
The sprinters will definitely welcome him back..The door will always be opened!!!
Though u might not be able to train for some time, I hope u can join us for lunch or outing with us..

Your passion and committment will always stay in sprinters..even you are not around to train..

Love you, Junsheng!!!You must recover fast okay!!!*muack*
Get Well Soon!

Kura Princess ^_^

25 June 2005

I LOVE Sprinting!!!

Today, many freshies came down to kallang for official training...
Basically, we divided them to two diferent slots...

I helped out in both slots though..

I see several potential people in the first slot..Most of them could go straight however they were lacking in enthusiasm..All looked so sian liddat..

i thought Mark and Serene could really co-ordinated with each other well..
However, Mark abit lazy sia...I kept nagging at him to stop leaning behind..
But!!!He never listened..
Hopefully, he capsized like hell when he take T2..haha!!!

The first batch had a relatively short sea session...
Cannot helped it..was raining loh..we like so commando and having sm tough and hardcore training..The wind n wave was sos trong loh..

No wonder they looked abit sian lah..
While they were having a short race, I cheered for them and suddenly capsized..
I was hanging on at a 90degrees position for 7s before i went down..

As for the second batch..

Wah say!!! They kept bumping against me..like want me to capsize sia..
They were more playful and din really listen to instruction...dat y..led the whole group gt to do some pushups as a punishment..

Apart of that, they are really a bunch of cute n interesting people lah..
They are more lucky and get to row the T2..n they managed it well which is good loh..

The gurls in 2nd batch are fun-loving..they wanted me 2 sing in the toilet..
So I started off with "Baa..Baa Black sheep"..then "Twinkle Twinkle little star"..
They objected and groaned at the songs..So i started to sing "Majulah singapura.."

We went for lunch at around 5pm after that..
Wah..we walked super far lah..All teh roads were closed due to the NDP stuff..No bus..so baka!!!
And stupid sprinters kept using my "pole-pole"verse..so copyrighted sia!!No creativity!!!

Some of the sprinters told me not to come for training for sm time..Dunno they are concerned abt my injury or they dun want to see me..U noe hw baka those guys are..But I will take it they care for me lah..So touched sia..

Lastly, i was happy that there would b 5gurls joining me, yixin, jiaying and Elva!!!
That mean we can have our very own GURLS' training!! No more big biceps for us!!Yippeee!!!

Hope everyone will stay on in NACC and be part of our big family!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

Ana Ana Ana...

Yesterday, was Ana's big day...
She invited our class to her bbq...

As it was quite a last minute notice, many of us did not turn up ..
I see her like so sad, so imake the effort to come down..I pulled some of them down too..

Wah, me,joan and Bib went around Bugis Village to search for the glittering pinkish belt..
Basically, we were using our gut feeling most of the time lah..
We walked around with Cheryl's "Super-detailed" description lah..Pink shop and big..So detailed hoh?

Anyway, we searched long time b4 we found the belt and get a beautiful watch like 5-carat watch for Ana..

Eventhough we were super free, we only reached her bbq pit at ard 8plus..Super far lah..must walked like 30mins lah..N when we reached, the food was not ready..SAD!!!

Anyway, the food was really nice..yum yum!!!The chicken wing damn crispy and tasty lah!!!n the fried macoroni damn nice n spicy!!!

So paiseh, but Ana was doing most of the cooking..n the rest of us were taking pictures most of time..posing here n there..

Anyway, Ana looked really happy..she quite an easily contented girl sia..
Always huggy her dearie shariff and dunno do wat sia..IN THE DARK...!!!

Anyway, Horny Jeremy came to her party too!!! He was a totally changed man!!!
Guess wat??He is giving tuition!!!

My God!!!

Anyway, I had no good feeling about Eunos..I am cursed in Eunos..Why???

1. Some freak bumped against me in a "MATRIX"way
2. Waited for the bus superduper long!!!
3. Some insurance guys said "Ehllo" and chased after us!!!
4.A Baka elbowed my injured shoulder..!

I sweared I will not go Eunos again!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

I think Brownie's babies are gone...

Sometime, I thought I heard a squeak..but I guess I am dreaming..

However, i dun see any corpse or any babies crawling around..


Kura Princess ^_^

19 June 2005

Injuries Pls Go Away!!!

Injuries have been haunting me for many years...

When I was still in my seconday school times..I permanently injured my kneecap during my climb to mount kinabalu..

This inturn caused me to unable to play my favorite sport- Wushu...
Every one time I went training, I would have to visit the sinseh once..
Every visit would be a screaming and bitting session...

Now..I injured my shoulder during a gym session..

While I was running in my canoe training, I suddenly felt an acute pain in my shoulder...
My whole arm become so heavy and become numb..n I felt my "Geng" kept pulling my arm down..It seemed like my arm will drop off any time!!!

I bear with the pain and kept on running...

Dunno y, my tear glands get active thesedays eversince i watched the touching tv drama..
When I reached the shaft, my tears are following the flow of my sweat...
I tried to control my tears..n burst into tears when Cher asked me y i not doing exercise...

I felt so useless and hate myself for hurting myself...Like whenever I want to push myself to the next higher level..something odd to happen...

i have always want to win a medal and get into the National team..but my dream was always smashed into pieces..

Like when i was going for my wushu competition, I sprained my ankle badly like 1 week before..
Eventhough I was a Pai Car, I continue to train and ended up in pain..
In the end, I the Pai Car limped to the competition ground..
i was disappointed to see my result..My coach was the judge and he used to give me 8.34 but on that day he only gave me 8.20 for my performance..

I actually have a chance to get into Top 5 but ended up in 7th position..

But Cher was very nice..he noe I was hurt and came to talk to me..He told me to treat him like a father and talk...
I felt so touched..He told me that he used to be like me too..will meet a mishap before any competition..

Throughout the training, he looked after me and forbid to sprint and go for a long distance training..

I really hope my injuries will be ok soon..so that I can pushed myself further!!!
I want to get a mdeal and do Cher proud!!!

So..I juries pls go away!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

18 June 2005

Government Sux!!!

Just like every weekend, I went down to kallang to canoe..

Eversince I joined sprinting, kallang has become part of my life...
Kallang may be "dirtied" by decomposed leaves, rubbish and even condoms..
Currently, it may b dirtied by the latest murder case!!!

I was totally freaked out when I thought I stepped on something round and hard...
I turned back to see what issit..
Heng arh...!It's just a coconut!!!

Okay, back to the main topic...

I felt depressed when I was told that we have to move our training ground to Macritchie..
I have always thought it was for the sake of having a more calm and more serious trainings..

However I was wrong...
While I was out for expedition to gay beach with the freshies...
I saw many construction works being carried out...n recently, I have seen more n more ships mainly for tourists moved in and fro of kallang...

It made me realized that government had actually forced us to a state that we have to use the pathetic mini reservoir...

"All the nice words of opening up our reservoir and promoting sea sports are all CRAPS!!!
PAP only know how to bullshit their way through with beautiful and well versed speech!!!
They are just destroying the beautiful scenery of Kallang and the hearts of many canoeists!
Have they ever think how we canoeists will think???"

Why take away our Kallang and forced us to the reservoir???
At Macritchie, not only we are faced with the super short and dead route..we are bound under many rules...and we are fighting the space with the public and fishing lovers!!!

Basically, the whole place is damn cramped up!!!

I hate Rules!!! It just smashed my beautiful dream to be a beach girl..i dun want to be stuck in a
reservoir which allow us to canoe at a distance of less than 1000m...

I just hope the government will give us back our Kallang...

Kura Princess ^_^

16 June 2005

My hamsters Gave Birth!!!

1 week back, I noticed that brownie's stomach had grown so huge..

I suspected it was a pregnancy and informed Jasonz.

Jasonz went to ask our fav shop keeper and he said that it is most likely a pregnancy..

Not only that, he also said," Take a lookout of her nipple..her nipple will swollen when she is ready to give birth!"

We bought lot of beddings and was planning to change the bedding when we see those nipple...


Brownie gave birth on Monday!!!

My mama saw many small reddish creatures and Brownie quickly hid those creatures when she saw my mama!
Not only that, Brownie kept pushing Snowie away from the babies..

Snowie can do nothing but stuck in a corner..

Sad to say, I have no chance to change the beddings at all!!! Gosh..The tank going to stink like hell loh! Jasonz would probablygoing to complain about the moist and sticky mess man...

I took a peek at Brownie and her babies while feeding her..and she looked rather lost, moving here and there...

She must be damn nervous for being a First Mum! However, she was rather protective and caring towards them...She quickly made a nest for them when I put a ball of cotton into the tank...

3 weeks later...I will be able to play with those little creatures...

Kura Princess ^_^

11 June 2005

Steamboat is Fattening!

9th of June 2005

It was an early celebration for Jeff's(Jasonz's bro) birthday. We brought him out for a funny movie - Madagascar!It was extremely hilarious lah!

Before going for a big feast, we went to the arcade (wah, i have not gone to arcade for years man!) and play some chinese drum stuff!

I was good in it...haha!

We meet up with Jasonz's buddies- Zhixiong and Ah boon and my hao jie mei- Lai Quin for the steamboat feast!

Wah! Lai Quin really can eat loh..despite of her super flat stomach..
For the 2hrs plus, her bowl was never empty, always fill up with different food and she finished up all the crabs and prawns!
When we were leaving, she said she was only just full..

Power right?

As for me..I thought my pound of fat had increased by twice after eating it..

10th June 2005


It was the crappy Sprinters' steamboat eating day!!!

As usual, the sprinters were late..made me wait so long before i can go Alvin's hse to Big Eat Big Drink!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
YumYum!Look so yummy!

WE had lot of fun in bbq-ing and steamboat-ing!
I love the bbq taiwanese sausage the most!!!Especially when it is chautah!

i made alot of video filming of how foolish they looked and acted during the steamboat..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The 3 beauties!!!
However, we got really weird dishes like dou miao and green peas..(Dong Han buy 1)
He got weird taste sia...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
DongHan's favorite colour!!!DouMiao n green vege!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
"Act KaKashi" JunSheng &"Doumiao lover" DongHan

He actually stir-fried the dou miao with no other seasoning..he even put doumiao into the steamboat..
I swear i have never seen anyone cooking doumiao in steamboat!
It tasted abit "wild" lah..n Junsheng criticised that it was "dog food"!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Yummy fried noodle!
Mmm..I did weird stuff too!
I actually fried the cold noodle on the bbq plate!
Some of them follow it and find it nicer to eat!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The PRAWN sisters!!!

We drank weird drink too! We drank sm alcoholic drink with ribena..
It tasted quite weird...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Here's our Sissy Monkey God!
See the way he eat..so girlgirl hoh?

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Junsheng trying to lick Dennis's feet!

Most of them stayed over and played manjong all night long...
So sad I did not get to stay over..coz i scared they raped me!haha!

Overall, it was an great eating session but think I grow fatter again...

Hope to have another great sprinters' outing!I want to sing karaoke next time!
i want the world to hear my beautiful voice!

*Words are hard to describe the fun we have..just look at our pictures to imagine loh*

Kura Princess ^_^

09 June 2005

I received a weird call with an unknown no while i was on my way to swimming today...

He asked,"hello..where are you?"

"Who are you?Who are you?Who are u looking for?"I replied.

I had never heard that voice before, and he sounded as if he was masterbating loh...

He told me his name is "Xiao Chun"...and he told me that he got my number from his friend..

Upon hearing this, I slammed down the phone..
Actually, I felt like scolding him," I dun care wat xiao chun..mu chun or jiao chun...just fuck off!"

But I could be bothered to speak to the weirdo any longer which will increase my hp bill!

Anyway, I saw a very kawaii girl og an age between 2 to 3yrs at the pool..
Jasonz tried to scare him n she started mumbling with a glaring eyes..
Then jasonz's brother swam passed her..n she kept pointing at him and nagged..
So kawaii right?
Later have to pei Jasonz and his brother to watch movie before going for a big treat at marina south!!
Sianz..today eating steamboat...tml also eating steamboat at Alvin's hse!!!
Going to be fat!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

08 June 2005

Today, is the first episode of "Jue Dui Superstar"..

There are many awful singing voices..
Many made a big fools of themselves..

But what touched me most is when the handicapped entered the room to sing...

Their voices really come from the deepest of their hearts..
It was really beautiful...
When I heard it, I was really touched till my tears dropped down my face..
I was very happy when they qualified for the next round..

However, i was sad when some did not managed to qualify...

After seeing those cannot-make-it contestants, I thought I might be able to qualified loh..Can sing my Sammi cheng's songs and so on...haha!

Jasonz said," Me n cindy should have entered the competition and performed as "TWINS"!"
We can also do our Zao Pai Dong Zhuo..Bei ji xiong...*sium sium...*
Wah..like that can be seen in tV!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

Remember the hamsters I bought 2mths ago???
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
The snowy in colour is the male..the brown one is female..Look so cute right?

They grew up le..They had grown so big till they are 3times bigger than BALLBALL!

However, they are still very timid..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
They grew so BIG!Brownie gt a peanut in her mouth!

They would jump in shock whenver i tried to touch them..
They had bcome so huge that i could not carry them..
They would pushed my hand away or jumped up n ran all the time..

Jasonz hated them alot as he was made to do the dirty job of cleaning up their mess..
The mess would stick to the tank and Jasonz would have to use his hand and scratch it off..
I would never do such flithy job man..

So different from BallBall..at least she let me carry her n kiss her..
So sweet right???
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
BallBall eating..Kawaii hor?

Recently, I found out that two hamsters are quite active..
The female one would chased after the male one and licked his bottom..
the male would become defensive and kicked the female's head..

This would lasted awhile before they fell asleep..
While they were asleep, I noticed that the male's balls would bcome big n reddish...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Try to look!!!The reddish stuff is Snowie's balls!

On one particular day, I even witnessed them fucking each other lah..
They were in a doggie style position loh..
While the male one is shaking to and fro..The female closed her eyes n enjoyed...

Woah..First time c animals so horny n fuck each other b4..

Jasonz said,"Like owner, like hamsters.."

Kura Princess ^_^

02 June 2005

I knew a friend that treated me as if I were his girlfriend...

He would call me in the middle of the night...
Scolded me when I did not pick up his calls and so on...

I remember got one incident..
During my training camp, while I was having meeting with the sprinters...

He called and i told him that I having meeting..

He replied in an agitated tone,"So late still having meeting?Y these days u r always busy?"

I did not explained much..So I apologised..
N he acted like some petty man and keep Sa Jiao-ing..

It was totally crap loh!!!

He could just keep calling till I picked up...
It was super irritating till I could not tolerate anymore..

Hence, i started to ignore him...

However, he would keep calling till I picked up..

Unable to stand the harassment..
I told Jasonz to pick up and said I was sleeping..
In the end, Jasonz scolded him and msg him to list out the rules..

I thought it would be the end of harassment..

Who knows he called me today, right after my canoeing training again..sounding agitated when I said I was training at kallang..
So i decided to make things clear to him..

"Maybe in one way or another I had led u to misunderstand some thing..Just to make it clear, I only treat u as fren..n fren dun call during late hours..Hope u understand I am schooling and I have other committments..including my bf.."

That was what I said..

Kura Princess ^_^

01 June 2005

Me, the sunny and active girl always want to try every sports and excitment in the world!

Obviously, I would want a mate that can pei wo do all these adventurous stuff! Who dun want their boyfriends to be involved in the activities the gfs are in right?

However, me and Jasonz are of a totally opposite interest. We have different passion and committment.

He loves soccer and I would make the effort to follow him to his soccer training and pei him watch soccer matches. I would join him in wateva activities in wanted to go for..but it did not apply the same to my interest..

When I was still in wushu, I jio him to join wushu..n u noe wat he told me?

He said," Dun want lah, Mt body is too stiff and my body structure cannot do such stuff."

When I wanted to take a ride of some exciting ride in the amusement park, I jio him and guess wat he said???

He said," Oh..My heart is stopping.."

When i wanted to go for ice skating and I jio him to bring me go..Now, wat he said?

He said,"Cannot...I dun want to fall down and dislocate my shoulder again."

My passion and committment nw go to CANOEING totally..so I was hoping we can row together in a boat..so romantic right?

So I jio him again to go canoeing with me..

and he said,"I am hydrophobic..I will cry if I was caught in the middle of the sea.."

Of course, i was disappointed..
However, i did not give up..I tried to persuade him again and again..
But, he will keep saying NO...

He is only interested in his Soccer and going for tanning session at the pool side with his buddies. At the same time, look at other girls in swimsuit or bikini...

He said he learnt to swim..
I was quite happy to hear that..Initially, he only managed to swim 3/4 of the lap and stopped to rest while i swam alone..
I thought my wish of doing the things i like with my love one can finally be fulfilled..

But, i realized I was wrong..Scorpio is a stubborn creature..
All i can do is to look at other lovely-dovey couple involving in the same interest together happily..

Kura Princess ^_^

Today..We, sprinters led the canoeing freshies for training today!

There were too many freshies to too little seniors loh!!haha!
It was really hard for me, the only girl, to boost the spirits of those gurls..

We had campus run, some game like captain ball, circuit training and gym training arranged all for them..

Since we are leading for the 1st time, we have the opportunity to interact with the freshie and tell them more about sprinting...

As we had wished, there were quite a number of hands that are keen on going for sprinting training..

I was super delighted loh! I managed to grab hold 2 to 3 gurls to sprinting!
Yes, I believe we can break the record of having only 2gurls joining sprinting!

Anyway, these freshie of my group were really fun to hangout lah...They bullied me lohz...so mean of them...

After training, Alvin the president and Lianne the vice president had a small talk with us...
There were so many misunderstandings and I realized it was the crafty job of stupid Eugene!
He did not submit the list of items we needed to the school and did not update our cca records on our ivp!So meanie!

So glad to have Alvin,and his new committee diverting attention to the sprinters and Adventure..

I can see that the committee did really put in effot to make everyone pleased and bonded..
It made me feel that all of us shared the same dream and passion..just like a great teammates!

i am really grateful for that..I thought we, NACC, can finally announced that we are a BIG Happy, harmonious family!

Love you NACC!

Kura Princess ^_^

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  • Credit: Chin Chong & ME