26 September 2006

Regina, u better shed off 5kg!!!

Wahz, hao xian mu wor..
Was looking thru my frens in my frenster list..
So many transform into beautiful swans!!!
So jealous..:(

I also wan I also wan..
later so fat nobody want..

I shall work hard to shed off 5kg!!!
(please dun take my fats frm my breast- already so small liao)
I shall go jogging on mon, wed n fri..
saturday morning go swimming...

1. Breakfast will only be kopi or milo
2. Proper lunch but less carbo; go for soupy stuff;no meat
3. Dinner will only be milk or fruits

The NOs..
1. Meat - only on friday
2. Fried rice/noodle - once a week
3. Fast Food
4. Chips/Ice Cream/Cheese/Chocolate

Boohooooo..life is boring..
But! I will do it for the sake of my dress for award ceremony in nov!
Then w make-up...wahz..mei mei liao!make kelvin stunned!hahahaha!

5kg abit tough?
Abit la..but sure will lose one mahz if follow strictly..

So u people out there..dun break my strict diet!!!hahahaha..
Dun eat infront of me coz i am a greedy pig..
If u do, do prepare a pail to collect my drool..

Wei kel..dun let me fell and laugh at me if suddenly i become weak and fell..
I will kill u w my piggy strength!

Kura Princess ^_^

23 September 2006

Ok i will have 3 updates in a row..
Sorrry la..busy busy busy..n my internet was down..
But finally!!!!hahhahhaa

ok, start liao ar..heheehehe! =D

Ding's Performance at Hark Music Cafe - 19th Sep

He is our STAR!!!hahahhhaa..
We thought he was good and has stage presence..

Those who were present were asked to be the judges and give feedback to them..
I wrote pretty long comments..
And guess i wrote too harsh..all my comments were read out..
I was like "Wah liew..y muz read out mine" so paiseh lo!!!!

After the performance, we went to Kbox together w Vin and Mandy..
But Vin & Mandy went off after an hour plus..so left me n Ding..
That is when i really started singing n go crazy..
I started dancing like nobody business..n Ding joined me..hahahhaa..

Ding said smth that make me so happy..
He said, "u shld start singing more mature songs, dun always sing cutecute song..dunno hw to describe but got ur own style and is nice when sing mature songs.."
He clapped for me too!hehhehehee!

So happy!!!

Never so drunk before - 21st Sep

I joined Eelyn for some drinks after work and nevertheless i will noe i could actually reach the point whereby i am near drunk..

We had some huge glass of strong mixed alcoholic drink at Boulev**d before heading for Skin for more beers..I thought 2 bottles of beers harm me enough especially i drank with a stupid stomach..yea, stupid i noe..

Got even more giddy with every gulp of beer..

Who noes this guy who is superduper not charismatic and so not attractive bought us another beer..n tried to hook Eelyn up but too bad..she is married!hhehhehehe! =D

Me n Eelyn were having gurls' talk..but i was so tipsy to the point that i filtered what she saying and i answered rubbish..i really buay tahan so ordered sotong balls..

Conclusion: Food really help to ease tispy syndrome..
I got better and drank my 3rd bot..
The effect of the beer was pondering up without my knowing sia..but luckily, i asked Kelvin to come n pick me up..

i am so glad he did.
Coz i was really tispy le n hv a smelly beer odour..yuck!so gross!
I was so tipsy that i sat on the ground n giggled..(my god!So unglam)
Think Kelvin buay tahan me n feel like jz throw me one side..
but he din n sent me near to my doorstep..

I was so embarrassed by one scene when i was in the lift and a family was in the same lift as us..n the little gurl asked, "mummy u eat sweet ar?y got smell.."
Arrrgh..Kelvin laughed at me..so paiseh!

I collapsed n dozed off right after i reached my comfy bed without any shower n blah..was wearing my contact lens still..smelly!Think my alcohol effect last longer n later..i only felt like vomitting when i woke up 2hrs later!!!Not only that, still abit tipsy and feeling hot at the face the next morning!

3bot of hoegarden and huge glass of strong drink.alot?
Dunno sia..
Will try to control my drinking n certainly eat b4 drink!

Food Paradise- Kolo Mee - 22nd Sep

Kolo Mee - originated from Kuching, Sarawak (Malaysia)

Met Kelvin for dinner at Bedok (Abit far hoh?)
wateva la..he let me try his hometown food..

I thought it was not too badz..quite nice :D
I like the minced pork..it was specially marinated..
And the noodle taste really good even without chilli!!! =D
It looks like mee kia but it doesn't taste like..
It is slightly thicker than mee kia (mee kia's brother)
ehehehee..Regina lame! v('o',)

Well, i hope to try more of his hometown food..
Hw can i forgone such opportunity?

I am food critic leh.

P.S: Kolo Mee can be found at Chinatown, Killiney and Bedok

Kura Princess ^_^

17 September 2006


Kelvin jz came back from Kuching..
He went back for his graduation ceremony and visit his family n frens..

And after 8 long days..
He finally BACK!!! =D
But no pressie but it's okay!!!
(U owe me my vintage jacket!!!!!!)

:) He is so adorable..
He actually filmed it down some part of his trip to show me his hometown using his hp..
He was pretty bad in tour guidin...it's good that he did not go for tourism as a career..
Thoroughout the video, i rem seeing many many many CAT statues..hehehe..
Btw, Kuching means "Cat"..

I realised that he abit ki siao after his trip from Kuching..
He actually do weird thing on the webcam..
Like erm..act "Pan wei bo" by styling his hair to be like his n dance around..
Siao but ke ai..

P.S: He complained that i didn't write anything about him..so i wrote this..hahaha!

Kura Princess ^_^

11 September 2006

Food Paradise - New Habour Cafe & Bar

A place with nice ambience, nice food and good service..
It is near my workplace..
It is one of the unit of the shophouses along the stretch of tanjong pagar road, next to tanjong pagar plaza..

Shall introduce u some food..

Banger+Mashed Potato - $10.90


Omelette +Cheese+Bacon - $13.90

Salty!But still greatz!

Call me for more information if you want...

Kura Princess ^_^

Food PAradise - Penang Food

Ok, whoever know me in person will certainly know that my hometown is PENANG..
Penang is an island in the West of Malaysia..
Beside famous for the penang bridge, penang hill and blahz..
Penang has a good reputation for being a food paradise...

I love penang food alot and have craze over it all the time..
It happened that my cousin and soon-to-be cousin-in-law was in Spore..
We met up with my parent to York Hotel to have a little penang hawker fare buffet..
The food not really up to the standard but well, what can we expect?

My cousin and soon to be cousin-in-law..

They getting married in Nov..
When is my turn?hehehehe!

Oh well, show u some nice food of Penang..
Mmm..Sumimasen..my skill is deproving..hahahaha!
But, some really look nice..so Dun drool!

RockYou slideshow | View | Add Favorite

Mmm..My favorite is Penang Hokkien Mee!It is spicy and delicious!Is something that i will not get bored eating it daily..n i meant it n did it all the time in Penang!
Beside all tis food, Penang is also famous for Java Mee, Lor Mee,Roadside Indian Noodle,Cuttlefish+KangKong and Fruit Rojak and blah!

If need any guide on Penang, juz approach me and i am more than willing to help!

Kura Princess ^_^

10 September 2006

Project SupersTar Audition

Super Long Nvr update liao..
Miss me?hehehhe.. =P

Well, i got many good reasons for not updating..
Was busy with the adjudication for my design concept competition..
Have been busy singing too..
Ya lo, spent like dunno how many million dollars on ktv..

Thnx to my dearest jiemei, Lai Quin..
She wanted to go for the Project Superstar thingie and dragged me along..
Yea..she did not force me but indirectly force me..
Sobs Sobs..

Anyway, I planned to sing Rainie Yang's Li Xiang Qing Ren & She planned to see Landy's Zhu wo sheng ri kuai le..

I was quite demoralized before the audition..
Coz my music teacher was actually persuading me not to go..
So sad..
She told me, "I normally encourage my students to go for competition but i advise u not to go...u r not ready"

Inside me, I was like "WTF lo..can u be anything more demoralizing than that.."
It just crushed my confidence..

But luckily, my frens n colleagues gave me the encouragment..
Especially my colleagues and ppl who listen to my singing..
Yup my colleagues are very supportive, everyday also ask me sing!!! :D
Thnx ppl..=)
And of coz Kelvin who gives a really mushy yet sweeet encouragment..
So sweet of him..=)
Thnx **a*..heheehehe!

Ok, on the audition day..
We met at around 750 at HDB Hub..
Wahz..By then hoh, the queue superduper long liao lo!

Take a look man..

Long hoh?Siao one lo..Wait under the hot sun!
So baka lo!Melt all my make-up...&%$#@!

Anyway..me n lai quin was bored so we....

Yea..take pictures..
hahahaa..and we talk cock with other contestants..
We even sang with them n blahz..quite fun..
IT's not easy to let hours passed liddat k..
Imagine we waited like dunno hw many hours lo..

Only get into the audition room like 5pm lo..
7plus to 5pm..is NUTZ lo!

Anyway, i was abit nervous when i went into the audition room..
Dun recognise the judges at all..
I self intro myself in shiver..
But i was alrite n swaying around once i started my song..
Was quite enjoying the song w big smile, looking at the unfamilar faces..
Then when i reached my 5th sentence.."BEEEEEEEEEEP" it goes..
Sad..din get thru..hahhahaha!
But was fun..Mmm, maybe might join next year ba!

(Stupid TV Crew still ask me to prepare 2nd song after listening to my singing!)
--> WARNING: Dun give false hope leh!

Heeheehe...Buy 4D..(4287)

Well. LaiQuin almost get thru but sighz..

After the audition, we met Ding An and his fren, Vin.
Dunno why..me n laiquin was super hungry..ate burger king..

And of coz,

We took picture again!Chiobus sia!aahhahaha!

Well, since Kelvin was away to his hometown and i got nothing to do..
I sort of tag along w Ding An & Vin to Orchard..
Lai Quin had left for home to have her beauty sleep by then..=D

Ding An & ME

Vin & Me

Oh ya..we saw something amazing at Orchard!

A Silver Statue!!!(Actually is a man in disguise!)
Cool rite???heehehehhee!

Alright, we hang out at Starbuck w Vin's fren, Zhiwei..

Vin & Zhiwei Acting COOL

Dunno why but we are like a bunch of indecisive ppl slacking around at Starbuck not knowing what to do nextz..So we juz talk cock lo..

And guess what..
Zhiwei commented that i looked like Stella Huang and asked if my surname is HUANG!

Ding An commented that i looked like JJ Lin..and Vin agreed to it..

Ok, they mentioned about SMURF too..

I am wondering why no one wants to cut an album for me or ask me to go into acting since i looked like so many people!!!!

Got nothing to do so played with their shades..hehehe!

I did many poses and laughed like as if i am HIGH on alcohol eventhough i only had JAVA Chip ice blended!!!!!!!I guess i scared all of them off with my hilarious laughters and stupid questions...

Well after letting the time tick passed for a long time, we finally decided to go Esplanade but ended up at Hark Music Cafe..
Before that Vin, Ding An n me were like some lost souls juz walking around..we even sat at K-Box seats at the counter to read magazines..That's how rotting we were..haahhaha!

Mmm..Hark Music cafe, a nice place to chill and listen to live music sang by the audience..
I went up to sing my selected song and the audience actually clapped for my performance half way thru the song..heheheheehe..Bery song sia!

Too bad Vin n Ding An din get to sing..
Sort of heard their singing..NICE sia..hahhahahaahaa!

Well, certainly din let my weekend jz rot like that eventhough I wasted the whole day..but indeed, it has been FUN!!!!!!!!I enjoyed myself!!!!!!!!

Great place to intro Ding An! (thumb up!)

And yah, Nice to meet you Vin! =)

Let's go K-ing next time!Yeahzzzzz!

Kura Princess ^_^

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