31 May 2008


No time to blog about New York Food & the exhibition i did yet..
Busy mugging on bridging exams which will fall on 3rd and 4th June...
So scared i will not do well..
No doubt i only need 34 to pass but still..

Regina very Kia Si one...

There's another thing that made me damn worried..
My right lower abodomen keep hurting..
Not very major in pain but abit abit lo..
I so scared is appendicitis..
I dun want to do op..
Sighz..got to go check up.

If it is appendicitis, pls only activate after my exams..-_-
If not, i will waste the bridging $ and have to an additional year for my degree.
Ok..dat's sux..

The last thing that I am worried..
Or i should say annoyed..
I asked my friend to get my stuff back from the ass..
As I was telling my friend what are the stuff and 1 of it is my book on "men are from mars, women from venus"..
He mentioned that he saw that ass reading in camp and claimed that is his...
Omg..his?come on..return my 17buck then!
Dun claimed something is urs when it is not! =/

Kura Princess ^_^

27 May 2008

# 幸福了?

I quoted this 2mths plus back.

“For me, 幸福 is to be able to fall asleep peacefully in his arm - a shield to dangers.”


Went mugging on exams at TCC today.
Got him to sent me home today.
Slept on his shoulder..& drool a patch on his sleeve...

Gross but it implies i was really deep in sleep in peace..
So happy. ^_^

Now I found & feel it.

Will it be like this 4eva?

I hope it will stay like this as long as possible.

Kura Princess ^_^

25 May 2008


I was too sleepy to update so i split them up.
Now i am back to update the rest.

4. Brooklyn Bridge

I never thought I will have the chance to get to walk on the famous 125 year-old Brooklyn bridge..
So glad to have Mark Laiosa, a radio dj aka guidebook writer to bring around..
It's really nice of him..

Know him from my exhibition which he came in as "press"..
It's pretty dangerous to go out with stranger i barely know but..
Who cares?

It's Regina's adventure!
I was scared though...

There was a light drizzle when I reached brooklyn city hall substation..
Was abit sian-ed..
But so glad it din turn out to be a big downpour...

The views from brooklyn bridge is beautiful~~
You will see skyscrapers, new york city & the other 2 bridges - washington bridge & manhattan bridge..
You will also get to see a super mini-sized liberty of statue..lol~~
Yea..super mini-sized..

See that?

I was so excited to see it okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mark was like telling me, "See that thing holding a lighted bulb high up in the sky?"
I jumped in joy when i see it..
Looked small but i know is the statue of liberty!!!!!!!
At least i got to see the mini-sized one..
The real huge one..will have to take a boat ride to get there..so ma fan & time consuming~~~

Magnificent scenery from Brooklyn bridge..

Woolworth Building

Woolworth standing at 57-storeys tall is one of the top 20 tallest building in New York City..
Its beauty come from its architecture..the building was engraved with 4 different design on each side of the building..
Heard from Mark that the building went for a repair & strict security check since the 911 attack..
How's sad.

The Brooklyn Bridge!!!!!!!

Me, with one leg in Brooklyn & another in Manhattan!!!!!!!!!!!!

Din spend a long time at the bridge..
Thought it was pretty late so headed back halfway the bridge..

Saw this on my way back to the substation..

New York City hall is the oldest city hall in United states..
It still houses governmental functions & as mayor's office..=)

5. Times Square

Went there alone. -_-"

And horrified by the sight of it!!!!

Everywhere is neon lightings & animations!!!!!!!!
The whole place is so lively!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day time.

Night time.

Feel like a country pumpkin meet city liddat~~~!

Even police station used neon lighting -_-

My fav shop in times sq..

M&M chocolate 3-storeys high store!!!!!!!
My god!!!!!!
Go in & ur sight will be filled up with M&M merchandise!!!!!!!

Me & blue M&M

Me & Yellow M&M

After a shopping spree in M&M store..
I was lured this activity along the side of the street...

Street Drawing..

I nothing better to do & feel like having a little momento from nyc..
So I sat down & got my portrait drawnz..
She said i am very cute & start drawing..^_^

Look like me meh?
I commented to her, "I dun hv such big boobs.."-_-"
She lol-ed. -_-

6. Miscellaneous

I carry statue of liberty in my palm ok!
(Saw this near the convention centre)

Interesting way of parking cars..

Saw an accident. No one hurt & both react very calmly...

Beside all these, i can to go to Soho, Chinatown, little italy, Madison Square avenue, Fashion Avenue
Soho & Fashion ave is good for shopping..
In Fashion ave, you will get to shop in the famous Macy departmental store..
Chinatown got NOTHING.
Little italy all food - pasta & pizza.. -_-

But I think New york is a pretty nice country.
People over there is friendly..though some are "over-friendly"..
They can just ask "hey.how are u doing" on the street..
The cashier will cheer u up if u show a gloomy face..
They will offer u help if they see u r carrying heavy stuff..
Apart of that, nyc is very dog-frenly..
Dogs can go shopping with owners!hahahah!

OF coz the weather is very cooling..
But sometime it got to cold & windy..
So windy that it spoilt 2 of my umbrellas..

Walkin on nyc street is very easy..
Their transportation is convenient & easy..
Just hop into subway and u can get to anywhere..
But to get to their substation..there's need a lot of walking..
cold & walk so much = need more food..

That why my nx entry will b featuring on NYC food!
Stay tuned!!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

24 May 2008


Back Back Back from New York!
Dun hv jet lag this time round...
Took like 600 odd pix..
But mostly for my ICFF thingie...

I gonna split up the pix into tourist attraction part 1 & 2, food & ICFF.

1. Empire State Building

New York New York!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look behind me! The pointy thngie..
Is the Empire State Building!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me & Carrie on 86th level of Empire State building.

Beautiful concrete views i can say.
Superduper strong wind that freeze my hand.
Even pigeon was struggling to fly lo! I saw the pigeon figeting its wings to balance itself when the wind blew..

SEE! All block n block n block of building~~~

Sort of waste USD19 to go up to see buildings lo -_-"
But it's a good experience..
Getting freeze. tink below 10 degree up there lo.

2. Central Park

Probably the only greeny area u will see.
Me & Carrie went for a short walk on Sunday morning.
Since it is the only park in New York..it was filled up with joggers & dog lovers...
Bascially, u can see all diff breeds in there lo~~~

Very refreshing place.

Feel so tv-show at time.

I like this breed of dog!

She just so adorable~
She was so tiny n went running ard..^_^

Finally saw my lake. hahaha!
But it was fenced up. how's sad.

It really make me feel light-hearted after spending awhile in the cooling central park...
It's very diff from new york city whereby everyone walked quickly~~
Felt so relaxed. =)

It will be great if i can pinic over there.

Well...too bad i cant. -_-

3. Museum of Sex

Kinky!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^
Yea..u guys probably thinking..
"Expected. Horny Regina sure go 1.."lol~~~!

It's educational ok! =/
I was like the only chinese in the museum lo~~
The angmos were amused by my selection of pix taking...

ME Cam-whoring myself. Alone.Sobs.

in the world of dildos. lol~~!

Read this!

Antique Vibrator.
So huge.Older time women gt bigger CB?

Condom in the past.
Why got pointy thngie?
Got hole..semen wun pass thru meh?

How issit use?

After knowing more about sex toys in the 1st exhibition..
i headed for the 2nd one..
It was about pornography like the history & blahz...
Got porn also lo..from 60s till nw that kind.
I stood there n watched with many others around me.
So weird.
Watching porn with a group of strangers. -_-"

i headed for the 3rd exhibition after sm time.
It's more erotic one.lol~~

nth to say.

Got more erotic one.
But skip it.

Chinese bj-ing at those ancient time?
Who can believe it?
I dun lo!
My god~~~!
I was so stunned when i see it...

The museum of sex certainly had enriched me with knowledge, allowing me have a better understanding about sexual culture.
Sex is nothing to ashame of..
Sex is a different kind of arts too.

P.S: Stay tune for Part 2.

Kura Princess ^_^

17 May 2008


Exciting days.
Got the ICFF going.

Venture chinatown, little italy n soho myself.
Shop in 34th street.
Got picked up by someone who wan to try smth"new" w me..
Went Brooklyn bridge with a radio DJ i dunno.
Went to museum of sex & have cheap thrill over it..

Will tell u more when i bk in spore.
My feet so tired.And eye closing.


Kura Princess ^_^

15 May 2008


So fast 3rd day liao..
Got busy with exhibiton stuff again~~

Carried a really really heavy stuff w my luggage to the convention hall..
Took subway and obstruct the whole passage way coz it was so heavy..
That i carried it down the stairs step by step..

Many kind souls offered help.
Dunno is really wan help or coz we obstructing the way.
But at the subway...passenger will just go into another tram n informed the rest that the express service tram is here..

Not only that..
They are generous w praises..
Many ppl come to my site and commented our set up is beautiful~~~ ^_^

Mcdonald in new york sux!
The hashbrown taste better in singapore.

i am so happy abt smth..
I am done with set up of the exhibition!!!!
my colleague kp saying cannot finish..so i do fast fast with Tobias coz we want go shopping!
But my colleague very workaholic n very serious..
So dunno got chance to walk walk see see mah

But she suggested tml go central park n have brkfast!

Will update all the pix when bk in spore..

i go slp le.

Is 2am in the morning~

Kura Princess ^_^

14 May 2008


Got busy with exhibition stuff.
Carried this n that.
Super heavy.

If i gained weight when i back from new york..
Is probably muscle mass u noe..lol~~

Ate good food.
Big portion.
Wonder how tis new yorkers finish it sia..
They eat like a bull~~~

Everyday seems nothing special actually..
The building..the road...the blah blah
All look familar..
Probably see all in tv show or movie le..

See many dogs though...
See couple kissing...
See many interesting thingie on the street though..

People here are frenly too..

Oh well..
Will tell more when i back...

So tired..
So cold here...
*Ah choooooo*

P.S: Suffering from jet lag..doze off while standing.

Kura Princess ^_^

13 May 2008

# NEW YORK DAY 1 - 13th May

20hours of flight.
Swollen butt.
Aching neck & back.
Heng the food on Cathay is still not so badz.

Finally I reached NEW YORK at 10pm on 13th May (Spore - 10am, 14th May)
I feel so shiok when I stepped out of the airport!

It's so cooling~~~~!!!!!!!! ^_^

I have not take a good look of the whole New York yet since it is night time here.
Can only see lights.
Will have a better view tml morning!

Already 1.10am, 14th May here.
I shall go have my beauty sleep.


Kura Princess ^_^

12 May 2008


I will be flying off to New York tomorrow @ 11am~~~!!!!!!!!!
And 20hours later..i will be stepping on the ground of NEW YORK!!!!!!

Happy Happy Happy!!!

Flying over for work though..
Gonna work for the ICFF exhibition.
Really excited for the trip!
Gonna be cold there. packed like crazy.

Thanx Cheryl for the warm clothing~~~
Luv ya Sis~~^_^

Thanx Mr. K for running errand for me..hehehe
U the best! Hugz!muacks!

Thanx Daddy be such a good daddy helped me carry this & that.. =)
My daddy the best! ^_^

I gonna do alot of thing.
Hopefully can roam around abit since I will be really packed with work over there.
I want to see broadway show..shop & eat pizza, salad & sandwich..
Duhz..sandwich..i need rice~~

I gonna eat Mcdonald Supersize meal!!!!!!!!!!
I gonna go Hersey's chocolate shop!!!!
I hope i can go "Sex museum" LOL~~~!

Gonna miss Spore~~
Especially my FM93.3 & msn..

And.........^_^ *wink*

Cya people..
Will only be back on 23rd May.

P.S: Will be sick of western food soon~~

Kura Princess ^_^

11 May 2008


Get to go out with Robin, Joseph & Mr. K together~~

Went double o.
Got to know Qian Bao, Dennis & Lewis.
(Pop by their facebook & seem like we have a few connecting friends too!)

I jio-ed Yongyan to come for a drink too.

Drink abit.
Play abit of fist guessing game & Hei Bai Pei.
Lost & drink more.
LOL-ing session with eyes from them showing, "wat wrong with this gurl?"
But i feel like an expert in fist guessing.
I drank abit more till walk sideway..

Tried to play pool.
Aim well but shoot somewhr else..-_-
Mr K cannot tahan so take over frm me to play with yongyan.
Sat on the sofa. 1 couple at the side hanky panky.
Dun give a fuck and try sleep..
Din wake up till Mr K threw that couch at me -_-
Ji dan~~~

Robin said i slept with my mouth open.
Really meh?
Why nobody take pic and show me?

It was mambo night at Double O.
Mr K & Robin being the usual retro-nite..
doing their funny move..square root move..
Mr K tried to teach me..
But i not funny so i din catch up..
He so gonna kill me.

only danced awhile since i was sleeping like an hour plus. -_-

Went to eat supper.
Sian-ed no bah Chor mee.
In the end eat mcdonald. Boring.
1.5 burger still hungry. Sianz.

Well.it wasnt that bad.
It can be better if i dun sleep that much.

P.S: Now I know guy can be more vain than gurl.

Kura Princess ^_^

07 May 2008


I have been in the REAL world for a long time..
The endless route lay infront of me is still a mystery..
Behind me, is the route I have walked that cannot be changed..

It has been a difficult & tiring walk.
Looking back at it, it is a walk that are filled with many regrets.
That route seems to filled up with dirt and many sharp stones & broken glasses..
Sometime I did stepped on it and start to bleed.
Sometime just a scratch but sometime it got a deep cut that leave a scar..
Occasionally u will see a sweet smelling flower that will bring a smile to me..

My happiness seem not to last for a long time..
When I am sad, I look forward for happiness..
When I am happy, I hope the smile can last as long as possible..

When I was a child, I want to grow up fast.
Now I all grown up, I hope I can go back to my fatty bom bom time.
At least then i am carefree from problems, only facing issue of being overweight & "dun fren u"matter.
Growing up make problems surface too. Money problem & relationship problem especially.
Many time tis problems create hindrance to friendship & kinship..
As u grow up, life might seem depressing at time..

In life, we made choices..
I have made many wrong choices..
But I cant change my choice..

What can I do?
Turn back time and re-walk my route?
Will i still step on broken glasses and bleed again?

I can just sit and pray for the next best thing to happen..
Nobody want sad thing to happen..
No one want to be hurt..

I just want to be happy.
Issit that hard?

I just want to have a job with good prospect & pay.
I just want to have a close and happy family.
I just want good friends around me to have fun together with.
I just want a good man to love me, have a family and live happily ever after like any princess from the "long time ago" story.

I may be a self claimed kura princess.
But i dun have the luxury of a princess.

One day I might just die like that.
I want to live my life at the fullest.
I want to stay in my "la-la" world.
Finally, I hope to die with a smile on my face.

Can i die with a smile?

Kura Princess ^_^

04 May 2008


4GB IPOD nano~~~~~~~!

Now is FREE.
Will it still be free after my bridging exams?

Get 75 and above for both Maths & Econ bridging if not pay the $.

Can Kura princess do it?

Kura Princess ^_^

03 May 2008

# MY 1ST PRAWNING SESSION (2nd May 2008)

Never fish in my life.
Never do I prawn in my life.

But I do eat prawns & luv them to the core.

Tried prawning for the first time over my 22 years living on this earth.
Went to Westlake Fishing Village at Taman Jurong.
The rate is alright. $13 per hour. $26 for 2hours + 1 Free hour.

Went with Mr. K..
(Oh no..how come my blog gt him all over the plc!)

Was quite sad at the start.
No luck No catch. =(

Cant even be bothered to take any pix.
I let him prawn..i just sit and watch people catch prawns -_-
Ordered food to eat. food is bad.

I took over and stoned. Several time almost catch but haiz..
So depressing...

Everything is so depressing till Mr Francis, the property agent save the day!
He taught us how to prawn since both of us are noob.
He even changed the hook for us.

We tried.
And soon enough..
We got 1..then 2...then 3!!!!!!

Then was dead.
Heng we caught 2 more b4 the time was up.

Had a fun bbq session with Mr K and Francis + group.
They caught alot of prawns.
Compared to our 5 miserable prawns.haiz.
But the prawns were good ^_^

Shall try again next time!!!
I want to catch & not see & bbq & eat only next time!

Jio me go prawning next time~~~
Teach me!!!! ^_^

Well for now..
I guess sticking to eat prawns only sound good.

Kura Princess ^_^

02 May 2008


Swissôtel Merchant Court
20 Merchant Road
Singapore 058281

Food range: Peranankan, local & abit of international
Price: $45 for dinner buffet.
Rating: 5/10
Good Ambience though.

Suppose to be a gift for my mama's birthday.
But who knows..
She broke my little heart by rejecting my treat~~

Why dun gimme chance to be a good daughter that sayang mummy..
Know she luv durian and Ellenborough famous for its durian puree so make reservation..
And she rejected & scolded me!!!


So I went to eat with Mr K then.
Already reserved. Might as well go lo.

Shall eat all the durian puree~~~!


My 1st plate. Starter is good.

Let's skip the 2nd plate.
Dun like the raw fish. Almost puked out everything!
Thanx to Mr K who ask me to try~~~! ROAR!!!

3rd is shark fin's soup.
Mr K was cranky about it. He is a shark lover.
But doesnt concern me. I still eat.


My 4th plate.

My 5th plate.


My 6th plate - Dessert. boring. chz cake not cold enuff. roar.

7th plate - chocolate fondue. bad fruit combination. honeydew, dragon fruit & pineapple with chocolate?
Sound wrong. -_-

Greedy Mr K want more Gulang Melaka. But i grabbed one from him!ROAR!
I got a challenge. To stuff the whole thing in my mouth.

And well done. Kura princess did it again without much effort.

Me posing with my durian puree(8th plate).

Damn it.
The durian puree is f**king good. ORGASM!!!!!!!!!
I thought I can have another but I was so bloody wrong~~
I was so bloated that i cant even burp out loud. felt so xinku.

My super "SEG" face..

I was so bloated yet bored.
So i started to play with Mr. K's left over durian puree.
He was defeated by food too.lol.

Regina's creation: Durian puree with chocolate sauce, salt, pepper, water and cheesecake.

Mr K tried it.
"salty durian!"he exclaimed. lol~~~!
(woooo~~Mr. K got thick and long tongue sia. Any one wanna?hehehee!)

The defeated trying hard to take foto.

45buck to damage my stomach.
If the food is good, i dun mind.

Mummy cook better. =)
Heng Mummy din come in the end. If she were here, she will drink bowls of sharkfin & bowls of durian puree and find not worth it for that kind of food standard.

Never try Never know.

Kura Princess ^_^

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