24 October 2007

Mun's 21st Bdae@Naomi Hotel (20th Oct 2007)

Mun finally joined the 21st club!!!!

Mun's 21st Cake...Pacifier-_-"
(We were the delivery ppl..haha..Bo bian, get from Tony's workplace, awfully chocolate)

More cakes...
Pastries & cupcakes were served at the parties..
Cute sia...hehehehe!Who will bear to eat it?

Me & Mun, the birthday girl!!!
(Dun have the group pix..in Mun's cam..my cam hp sux!)

We were pretty late for the party as we went shopping for her gift..
Super difficult to buy lo..
She got everything lo...-_-
In the end, we get DFS voucher...
And plus a lovely yellow dress from me!!!=)
Actually want to keep for myself though..

Since we were rushing all the time..
We did not have time to write the card..

We hid ourselves in the spacious washroom & write..
While waiting, we got bored...


Entertain ourselves in the washroom..Me, Jiansen & Chun An

more to come...(Me & Jeremy)

Knew Jeremy since I was 14..
He was such a cute fifteen-year-old boy then..
Now..change so much..
Into such a horny guy..
Yet act studious..hahhahaa...

Why horny..later you will know..
In fact, this group of friends all si bei HORNY one..
But they are one fun bunch!


The pictures below shall do the explaining....

Do not FREAK out....=P

Hmmmm...Gay Threesome?

Sister Actz....Sexy hoh..=P

*Un-Censored*..opps!Caught red-handed!!!

After all the fake nonsentical pix-taking...
We went up to the rooftop to take a breeze..

And the view is beautiful lo!!!!


In fact, the rooftop look damn ZAI lo!
Got leaf-shaped benches, rotating couch, bar table and a small pool..
The pool look scary..it is designed to be built to the edge of the roof...like will swim off the building any time..

One of the rotating couch...with jeremy..

We were saying the rooftop is like for sexual purpose one lo..
See hw horny they are...-_-
Everything also link to SEX....

But Wahz...This boutique hotel really power lo...=)
Luv it man....Whooooo---hooooooo!
Hope i can come again with my dear for special occasion!!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

23 October 2007

SDBA 20th Anniversary cum Fund-raising(19th Oct 2007)

Jio by junsheng to attend.
Got FREE Food so of coz, I will attend lahz..
And what more..can meet up with the canoiests..=)

Tight security.
The place is filled up with police officers.
Bo bian, our SM Goh will be at the dinner too.

That y..dressed up abit but heng never overdressed..
If not, look like a fool among all the polo tees...

Din really see much familar face, except Junsheng & Jiaying who were at the registration booth..
No one from my table has arrived lo..

That why was so excited when I saw...

CHER!!!!!my coach!!!Still so yandao!hahahaha!^_^

Not for long, the people from my tables FINALLY made their arrivals...

Chit chat, Photo-taking is our normal routine...
Waiting for the food impatiently...

The girls!!!

Me & Jiaying..

After waiting for quite some time...
After a video presentation that covered on SDBA, a speech...

Finally the food!!!!!

The food was damn good la..
Too bad din take photo..was too paiseh to take..
But it was seriously good food lah!!!*Satisfied*=)

There was performances from artistes and even an auction session..
The Auction is mainly to raise fund for SDBA..
The item is a pair of white paddle and black paddle..
WAs fun bidding..Cher joined in the bidding too!neaarly got it but...too bad!
The paddles landed up with the VIPs..at $8888 each pair..with SM GOH signature & photo taken..

Everything was not very exciting till...

Liu Ling Ling from 881 appeared in her fairy costume!

She was damn cute lo!
She was like the highlight of the event lo...
bringing out the rowdiness of the crowd..

She even walked into the crowd and started dancing with an old man..
And she fell...poor her..
Think she kana groped by the old man..
But well..glad she is fine..=)

Well...Many of us Sing along with her..& were laughing at her jokes..
She super entertaining la!!!!
She even dance indian dance w her belly exposed with funny expressions
She made us LOL whole nite lo...

At least something beside the food made our attendance worthwhile!!!!!

After the whole thing..

We went to Villa Bali to have a drink. sucky drink.
They deproved. But the ambience still damn good. =)
Chit chat.

Satisfied. ^_^

Saw this car outside Villa Bali..
Damn cute right?

Kura Princess ^_^

WARNING: Guys Muz Read!

As usual, I was doing my daily music therapy with YES93.3 and I heard a particular news...

According to medical report, there is an increasing trend among men of 20s and 30s facing problem with their xiaodi..
Their xiaodi cannot stand which is "ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION" in scientific term la..

Erectile dysfunction is actually an illness that usually occur among older men..
But seem like it is occuring to the younger ones too...

And among all, there is a common habit.
And that is...

All of them sleep late.
All of them did not have enough sleep.

With insufficient sleep, the body will produce more female hormones which affect your xiaodi...
In fact, erectile dysfunction might lead to other terminal illness..

Sound scary...

So gurls ..if u don't want ur partners to get it..ask them to sleep more..
So guys..sleep more if you want to enjoy sex...


Kura Princess ^_^

21 October 2007

10Km Great Eastern Run

Who will wake up early just to torture themselves with a 10-km run?

Not alot..
Only 8000plus of healthy living girls, ladies and women!!!

Some people say I chi bao mei shi qing zhuo...-_-
(Maybe kana influenced by him ba...hehehehe)

And ya..
I am one of them..
Together with Yixin, my hao jiemei aka canoeist partner..

At 730am...
The run got started..
Me n yixin were so excited lo...hahahaha!

But right from the start, I feel a slight pain at my knee..
Sian..the old injury..

Honestly, I did not train for the run at all!
Got train..also is jog 3km with James nia...hahahaha!
Damn jialat right?
At least Yixin still jog 10km last month..

Since no training...
Of coz dying for the rest of the 7km lah!
As I jog..my left leg felt the impact..especially on my ankle..n my inner thigh..
become more n more pain..-_-

So..run slowly lo..
Like a superslow moving turtle..
Yixin, being a regular jogger..jog dunno till whr le..

i super sian lo..counting down to the end of the run..
Was so delighted to see the signboard showing the no of kilometres i jog lo..
when I see 8km..i so excited lo!
I ran abit faster...n when reached the last 1km..faster abit..n 500m..


And actually someone was competing w me to the finishing line..

But I won!haha!

But my timing lousy la..
Thnx to my deproving stamina n old injury..

After the race..
I cannot even walk straight...anytime can collaspe..
But still strong enuff for pictures!!!

Wheeeeeeeeez!Fake Winner!hahahhaa!

Let me check if this medal is made of real gd stuff!

Wah kao!My hair damn messy!!!Thnx to the run...-_-

Me & Yixin!

Yes..we completed it!

It might be damn tiring but the feeling of completion is..

Maybe next year I go for the 21km?



Kura Princess ^_^

19 October 2007


From the moment I met you I just knew you'd be mine
You touched my hand
And I knew that this was gonna be our time
I don't ever wanna lose this feeling
I don't wanna spend a moment apart

'Cos you bring out the best in me, like no-one else can do
That's why I'm by your side, and that's why I love you

Every day that I'm here with you
I know that it feels right
And I've just got to be near you every day and every night
And you know that we belong together
It just had to be you and me

'Cos you bring out the best in me, like no-one else can do
That's why I'm by your side, and that's why I love you

And you know that we belong together, It just had to be you and me

'Cos you bring out the best in me, like no-one else can do
That's why I'm by your side
'Cos you bring out the best in me, like no-one else can do
That's why I'm by your side, and that's why I love you
'Cos you bring out the best in me, like no-one else can do
That's why I'm by your side, and that's why I love you

Great Song. =)
Hope you can hear it.

Kura Princess ^_^

18 October 2007

ECP Cycling Outing (14th Oct 2007)

Heng..the sky bright bright. Not a single drop of raindrop.
If not, we the westerners will be cursing n swearing..

We were late. Thanks to Rainus. WE waited for her for an hour at Eunos Mrt lo...
Rudith & Cheryl reached there 1st. Hence, they started off their cycling 1st.
We coordinated with each other in order to cycle in the same direction; toward Bedok Jetty.

Me, Boon Kee & Rainus keep cycling and cycling..at top speed so as to catch up with Rud & Cher..

They were nowhere to be seen!

We passed by many clubs. See many things though.
See kids learning roller-blading, kids soccer, old folks doing meditation, wakeboarding, tamiya car racing blah blah..

Along the way, I risked my life to cycle with Rainus.
She is bad w bike..she nearly bang into me like 2 to 3times?
And ya...she even cycled into the bush...

Just as we reached the ending point, Cher called.

Cher: Oi!where u all?

Me: At the end lo..

Cher: why never see u all? u guys went toward bedok jetty direction right?

Me: Ya..whr u

Cher: We still on our way to Bedok jetty..

Me: Huh?!?!?!?y so slow!

Cher: we got many pit stops..see ya at bedok jetty.

Wah liew..we were far from Bedok jetty lo..
We dashed back.


From Left: Boon Kee, Me, Rainus, Rudith & Cheryl

Still Us...

Not long after we have reached, Cheryl & Rudith had to dash baCK..
One kind lo..they started off earlier than us..yet they only managed to cycle till Bedok Jetty..
Whereas for us..we finished the exact route....-_-

They got many pitstops..basically stopped to take foto on interesting stuff..
Not like us..like competing for some competition...hehehehe!
But they were naturally slow la..we cycled back together but we got there first...

After cycling...

We went to Kenny Roger's to dine...


Me with Foodzzz..

The spare ribs damn good!
Think is better than the ribs at Cafe Cartel lah!

Me & Hao jiemei, Cheryl

After dinner..

More phototaking..

think Rudith is obsessed with photography...
She juz keep taking and taking..

Me, Cheryl & Rainus

Cheryl, Me & erm...WTH is rainus doing???


More pic by Rud?

She just love photographyzzzz...-_-

=) Contented.
Had lot of fun..
Thanx Boon Kee!!!!

Think we shld do it often..
Like maybe once is 1 or 2mth???=)

Next month Dragon Gate Buffet!!!!!!!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

05 October 2007

Birthday Bash @ The Noble House

Birthday celebrations has always been a MUST to the red dot culture.

On 24th of September...
Our two beautiful ladies - Rowanne & Gladys celebrated their big day!!!!

Me & Rowanne & Gladys..

Both are a DEAR to me..
In fact, everyone in red dot, artery & red dot traffic are!!!
Rowanne, always known to be Auntie Rowanne will nag on everything..
But she teach me alot...always educate me how to handle luv problem..hehehehe!

Gladys, is the interesting one..
She is a catholic and she always go vegetarian..
She said that it is to make wish come true..

On her bdae...she din go "vegetarian"....-_-"
hahahaha..but gd thing she made the right choice!!!

Me & Grace

Fish Skin..

This is how u eaT ur fish skin....
Dipped into chilli...

Then put into ur mouth!!!!

My photography skill improved hoh?

Me & Royston

He damn funny one....
But everything he pick from the table..he will give me or half half w me..
So loved!!!
But very notti boy!!!!

always bully rowanne..35 act like 12...-_-

Yeah...more to come!!!!
Many libra-ians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kura Princess ^_^

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