29 December 2006


Directed & Script written by Regina.
Yes!Me Me Me!
If I got $, I sure make movie and it will be SAW 4!

My first victim will be the guy in my previous post!

Of coz I will use the old tagline of SAW..
But my game is simple..

"Attached chain to his fingernails and toenails, balls, foreskin of his dick, nipples and the soft skin under his tongue.."
"he got one minute to detach everything, ripped off his nails, foreskin, balls, nipples and soft skin..if not, concentrated HCL will be poured on him from above his head..salt will be sprinkled on him after the acid.."

In Saw 4, there is no death..

Who will be next?

Kura Princess ^_^

SMU student who sell sneakers

Saw that LAN JIAO BING (WenKai) in white?

Please kick his balls if anyone of u see him..

He took 130buck from me, gimme a pair of designed sneakers that is too big for me..
Compromise & Give him like 4 mths to redraw a new pair for me/refund me partially as he PROMISED.
In the end, he turned his back n pushed all the bloody blame on me and personal attack!And u noe what? he brought in his old grandmother story abt hw poor his family and his stupid principle that he dun resell shoes & tink in my shoes dat y dun refund..knnbclj!HGG!

Curse him!
Curse his fatherhood!Curse him to suffer from ERECTILE DYSFUCTION!
Curse him to shoot within 3s!Curse his fatherhood to smash into half, dipped in salt, rub w sand and cover w honey!

UUU!if u tink i am childish to curse, i dun give a bloody damn!If u kana scolded n insulted after being nice and cheated 130buck, trust me..u will start cursing lo!
Cannot get back the $ so curse lo!

I will curse till one of it happen on him!
Karma Karma Karma spell on him!

Mi-Ni-Ma-Li Mo!!!!!!!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

26 December 2006

Jingle Bell Jingle Bell Rox

A xmas to remember.
A time to get pressie!!!

Gift Exchange!!!

Had a little gift exchange w the gurls..

Abit sad that few cannot make it but it's okay..
Coz still got pressie!!!

And i got this!!!!!!!
It's Cheryl one..Snap card..-_-
I going to have childhood againz..hahahaha!
But lucky not take Adel one..chocolate..haahhahaa!

Beside keeping each other updated about life..
we never 4get to take pic!!!

Me & hao jiemei - never failed to take gd picture!

Me & HuiMin & Wenqi - our RARE human beings to the gathering!!!

Me, Rudith, Neeky & Rainus..

Rainus damn fair i guess..almost cannot see her..
Oh ya..b4 meeting the gurls..me n rain kana dragged into California fitness..

Oh f***..i am f***ing fat..
f***ing need to lose weight..
and kana disturbed by the tiko personal trainer..

Will blog about him soon.Idiot.

Wateva la..dun spoil my xmas mood over him!!!heehheee..

BEside that...


I got a pretty sweet Christmas eve with him..
Yes..that idiot..

Well..xmas eve was our 2nd month anniversary too.
Dunno what to show his face or not.
Wait till my birthday la..but i guess most people noe who he is liaoz..
i sux sia..put pic on msn display pic who dunno..

He damn cute lo..
At 2pm, he sms me that he haven buy my pressie..
At 2plus, he sms me and asked me to plan where to go..
I was baking muffins for him then and he..kns..do nothing still dun wan to think..
slap him arh..

I was so du lan till i juz poured in the whole pkt of chocolate chips into the muffins mix and keep saying "Tian si ni Tian si ni!!!!"

Aisyah, juz kept laughing n laughing over there n said i siaoz!(was at her plc)
We successfully baked many many nice muffins okay!!!
High 5 Aisyah!hahahha!

All designed by me.Baked together w Aisyah..
Great work!Yummmy!

Every piece of muffin got its meaning n is filled w love..
Eeeeewwwk..gross. mao zhang liao..

Beside muffins, I got an expensive shaver for him too..
Dun ask me why shaver..he asked for it one..
Went to mustafa and buy one lo!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thnx to laiquin..she went w me late at nite..touched.

Anyway, he was wearing pink..
He said was a surprise for me..-_-"
and see if we fated or not..Si bei lame sia..
of coz being a scary cat..i wore neutral colour..
But did tot of wearing pink in the 1st place..
So fated?

I was so excited to see him that I ran and kept jumpin infront of him n keep saying "Merry xmas!Merry xmas!!!"

And guess what???

My necklace snapped.
one string of beads dropped n rolled on the moving escalator..
That idiot looked at me, while i go "ARGHHHH....!My necklace!!!!"
He so paiseh till he walked far far away from me and laughed at me n imitated my reaction!So mean!!!

I wasnt informed where to dine in..
I juz followed him.
In the end, we ended up in a live band western cafe called "Blue JAzz" along bugis.
And they got western buffet!!!Woah!!!!

YumYum!!!!Nice!!!!!!got alot of food!!!I ate alot n talk cock w the chef..
Ya..i always go around talking to strangers..heehehee!
I ate like 2 to 3 plates..while BengBeng eat 1plate..
Gosh..feel so fat n guilty as compared..feel like a fatty bomb bomb sia!

I asked,"Eh..how u know such nice place one???"
"Oh..a gurl bring me here last time one.."he replied..
tmd..dare to say OTHER GURL bring him go..kns..never die b4..*filter-filter*

My gift! Sony Headphone!!!
He knew i was a messy bitch so get a headphone that can store the wire one..haha!
And he got me a card..inside gt the words "With love"..wahzzzzz..hahahaha!

He said,"gei ni present..so next time muz ting hua hoh.."
Is this some kind of deal???

Dunno why..but he kept taking pic of me..
Maybe yue lai yue xi huan wo le..hahahaha

Rem the necklace?it's snapped..

He took also..while i was repairing my necklace..
Weird sia..but sweeeeet..hehehhee..

I was expectin countdown at the cafe..
But dun have..they only sing 2 xmas songs..so sad..=(
I wna more lo..i luv xmas songs!!!

Oh what happened to the muffins..??
He finished it at one goal..
HE said nice but everytime he burped got butter taste..
idiot..a real idiot..

It was a sweeet xmas to spend w him..
He wasnt feeling very well yet he tried his best to smile all the time and tahan till the needle strikes 12am..

He asked, "Want to spend xmas w me 4eva?"
"I dun mind" but he said there is no such thing as 4eva..
So "as long as both of us are alive.."
*hug* So mushy..eeeek!phew!

of coz got alot other things but cannot say..=P


Kura Princess ^_^

17 December 2006

Will I turn into a CLUBBER?

*Ai yo mai yo mai yo
*Ai yo mai yo mai yo
*Ai yo ar ga ga yo

Si bei ah beng sia..hahhahaa!

Actually my initial plan is to bring Steven, my fren from my hometown to take a look of Clarke quay, got a feel of nightlife in Spore..
Want to bring him to Zoo ar, Night Safari ar, Sentosa ar..
But not enough days..sighz..

Anyway, in the end..Tony jio me out for clubbing at MOS..
So I thought it will be nice to bring Steven too lo..

Suppose to have many many other ppl one..
Who knows Tony's charm has been decreasing tisdays..
All the ppl he jio in the end, fly kite sia..
So his charm is only one human being n that is me..
And I brough Steven along..so not under his charm..

Chun An kns lo..
Tot he will be coming..
What I heard from Tony is that Chun An was so excited to hear that I am going till he say..

"Wah!Regina going ar!Woo!Hot ar.."


This is the result from going ns, bmt..
Deprivation of gurlz..

But, I have always being HOT..

Me & Steven

Me & Tony

The both of them are my PILLARS!
In the sense that they are my care-takers..hehehehe!
Both also so tall..more than 1.8m..
Made me looked tiny..hehhehee!
So I not scared to be lost in the crowd coz they sure can find me!hehehee!

MOS still so boring n squeezy..
But I still upset over the "trust" thingie so i drank not alot la(1 shot & volka lime)..
But engrossed in dancing ma chiam Gui Shang Shen..
Till they kp asking me if I am okay or not..
They thought I drunk..

Surprised to see juniors from Canoeing over there..
Can see that both of them had drank alot..
One of them abit touchy..
They were w 2 gurls one..then suddenly..behind "dancing" w me n eat my fat tofu..
Can see that my 2 pillars any time will hit them le..juz waiting for me to signal nia

Abit buai song la..

But lucky, Steven saw my du lan face n slowly moved n blocked the 2 of them..
Hurray!hahahahaa!But Steven like woodblock..have to keep pulling his shirt to make him shake or touch his 6-pac to get reaction(opps!orgasm sia!jk la!)..

Tony was saying "Wah lau..heng xiang yi quan guo qu le.."
Me say,"4get it la..they my juniors..want to play them more but scared they wai bu qi"
Tony nodded and say,"Ya lo Ya lo..Regina hui unbutton and pull down their pant 1!"


Did I do that b4?
Dit I Did I Did I?

I dun remember myself that scary b4..
The most horrible one is made few guys strip to nothing at pool..but w my whole sportcamp group la..

Anyway, after the thing..du lan-ing..
I said i wan to go home liao(3am then)..n Tony drove me home in his dad's lorry..ahhahaa!
He damn idiot lo..parked his lorry in liang court's carpark which is illegal!
He hit the Exit signboard n both of us were practically bending down in the car..
Ma chiam anytime the top will snip off..

Chatted quite alot. Heard his story. Poor Da ge da..sighz.

Clubbing fun. but tiring.

My toes hurt.
Need a massage.hahaha!

Well, hope Steven had fun w us..hehehhe!

Jio me club next time..
Then see my mood..

Conclusion: Still not a clubber..hahaha!

Kura Princess ^_^

16 December 2006

Tiring Day Out

Kunnie the MooMoo Cow finally find a time slot for us to meet her!!!
She is like the busiest gurl in the world..
Always meet ppl here n there..
Then put me n peisan the last slot..

But at least still see us la..hehehee

AS usual, I have to think of where to makan..
Went to the net n found a good place "tong shui cafe" a hongkong fusion cafe..
Looked at the menu and it so appealing ..
So decided to went to the west coast branch..

We took a cab from clementi to there n started our search..
We walk up and down..walk n walk n walk..
Still cannot findz..
For 30mins.
Still no sight.
And hungry cow is complaining.
Then asked a resident there n realised that the cafe closed down liao..

Stunning sia...
It's opened this year nia..n closed liao..

Kns..never update the website..
Made us walked like crazy human beings xcept kunnie..she is a cow..hahahaa!
MAde us sweat like siao..(btw, cow sweat?)

In the end..
We went to Jack's Place..(si bei sian)

ME, Peisan and Kunnie (Frens of 10years)

Seafood in a basket..not too bad but very filling..

We chatted alot of stuff..mostly about bfs..over dinner..
Heard alot of stunning news...
Envy peisan somehow..
If thing is the same for me that will be good..
But..wateva la..

Went to bt panjang plaza starbuck for more drink n talk..
Played around w our cam..

And did some ugly face competition..

So who is the ULTIMATE winner?

Issit kunnie with her stunned chipmunk face?

Or PEisan with her cute smashed face???

Or me..the see-le-want-to-beat-up face???

10years of frenship..not easy..
Went thru diff phase of life..
n see the changes we went thru..
But the frenship still strongz..=)

Happy to have the both of them as my good frens..
Hope it will b an EVERLASTING frenship..
Frenship is more important than Love..=)

Kura Princess ^_^

14 December 2006

Wo Zhen De Hao Lei

Confidence level = 0

Trust in guys = -10

Agree that I dunno how to love.

But I trust. and my trust is betrayed.
I trust my other half and give freedom.

And I realize that guys cannot be trusted.
Someone that I trusted most..betrayed my trust and I only knew it now.

No, not that idiot.
That idiot is in Msia....

Tired. Tired. Tired.

Tired in love issue.

Kura Princess ^_^

13 December 2006

It's FOOD PARADISE w my Sec sch gang

Yipeeeeeeee! Finally get to see Syaima after 2 years!
She was "stuck" in Australia..
Nearly 4get her liao..hahahahaa!jk lah!

Great to see her still looking great and getting more charbo liaoz..
hahahhahaaa! =)
Human beings change..=D

Oh ya..almost 4get Mel..
She also jz came bk from Australia..

Met up with Yixian and Clarice too.. =)

Dined in @ Miss Clarity Cafe located at Purvis Street..
Pretty nice place with cheap yet nice food..(depend on ur "niao-ness")
Well, where on earth u can get a fish n chips@$6.80 in a cafe?
Cheap deal hoh?hehehee!

You can go to the website at for more information...

But trust me..worth to go..=)

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Saw that "Banger & Mash"..
Look gross right?
X-rated mind of mine..but who cares..nice to eat can liaoz..
Try not to think dirty can le..hahahaa!

Fun to hang out with them..
Especially after so long..ton of thing to catch up..

Cya gurls soon!

Kura Princess ^_^

12 December 2006


from him...

Gonna miss him..
He going to be away from Spore till Sunday..

Kura Princess ^_^

10 December 2006

Jeremy, Happy 21st!!!

Tony, Jeremy (bdae boy), Me & Jiansen@ hotel royal queens - Queens Bar

The old cutie pie Jeremy is BACK!(used to be hairy n abit pui during poly time)
Know him since I was 14 during our SJI boys a.k.a STmargs gals time..
And he was much shorter than me..haha!
Now so babyface and got abs liao..
but still very HORNY!(Leopard will never change its spots)

Happening party with enthusiastic and wild parent and fellow uncles of his!
All super enthu!More enthu than the youngsters!
Retro Music. I like.
Dance. I 100% like.
Free flow drink. They refilled beer like nobody business.

Great party!=)

Happy Birthday Jeremy!!! =D

Kura Princess ^_^

08 December 2006

Sec 1/2E1 Reunion

It has been some time that the peeps from 1e1/2e1 had gathered.
At least 4 years le.
I thought it was a great opportunity for everyone to meet up again to see how is everyone doing..

Thanx Reina for organising the reunion. =)

All of us used to be "tiny", look abit "Gong-Gong" during the sec1 sec2 time..
But time has passed so quickly..

Time has changed us to become beautiful young ladies..

Half of the class with Mr Hoo & Ms Chan

It's nice to have Mr Hoo and Ms Chan around for the reunion! =)

Mr Hoo and Ms Chan were our form teacher for Sec1 and Sec2 respectively..
Oh ya..just for the information..
I was from St.Margaret's Secondary School..
Yes, the well-known polka dot school..-_-"

From what I understand, most of them are still schooling..mostly in university pursuing their degree..Some are working like me and some are still waiting for university admission...

Eventhough it has been a long time that we met up but we still able to talk..
Many people will become like total strangers after some years of not meeting..
Hence, it's rare to see such a "noisy"group then..

However, one of the question seem to be the norm..
"What are you doing now?Schooling or Working?"the common question asked by everyone..

It's nice to see everyone doing great in their own individual life..
Pursuing different goals..

Share pic Share pic..hehehhee!
Show u all meinu..all galz...hehhee!Dun blink!

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Seeing them again reminded me the old times I had during my years in SMSS..
It was great..
I remember I was super ugly then.
Shoulder length hair, at the plump side girl w an ugly spectacle..
I was quite active then..engaging in Wu eh Bo eh..
Was in NPCC and badminton then..

Think about it..
I was quite disappointed by the fact that I was going to a single sex school..
Quite sian and scared..
Suddenly everywhere also gurlz..

But It was really memorable..
Had so much fun then..=)
We gossip, play and eat together..
So united..

Remember the time when we did class performance "Pu Gong Ying", made class jersey n blah..

Pu Gong Ying

I also remember I choroegraph a dance w my classmates with N'sync song..
I also remember I did rapping with Angela..haahaaha!
I also remember we did this funfair thingie and ended up playing instead..
I also remember some of them painted the classroom wall n floor..
Of coz,I remember myself as a notorious monitress too!

Can u believe it?I was once a monitress..hahahahhaa!

Who the hell will believe?!?

But one thing sure you all believe..
They remembered how i would dash for the canteen for food!!!=D hahahhaa!

I never expect Single sex school to be so fun..
And of the coz, the food is good..
And certainly, the teachers all very dedicated =)

Suddenly miss St.Margs..

Well, it's really nice to see them again..
Hope to see those who cmi for the reunion soon..

Not so of the gathering

But, I can see that alot of us have very much different mindset on thing like getting a degree..
Some will think degree is everything but for me..
A degree is a cert, like an insurance..
It might be useful to get a job but to stay in a job, a cert will never help..
It's all depend on your capability, adaptability, human communication and personality..
More of your strengths and weaknesses that affect your prospect in career..
Dun u think so?
(Dunno y..nwadays i hearing thing about getting degree from all over e place)

Well, diff human being got diff thinking..
Cannot help it. =D

Kura Princess ^_^

06 December 2006

ABC Concert

I got free tix!!!
My korkor, Kaixiong brought me to the ABC concert to see Mayday, Pin Guan and Chen Sheng in action!!!!!!!

See that good looking chap?
He is my kor since I was year 1 in poly..
He dote me alot like a younger sister!!!

So nice!!!First time go concert got GOODIES bag! Ma chiam like NDP sia!!!hahahhahaa!
Now I am well equipped for concert!!!!!Can play with electric lightstick, clang clang hand, whistle, tube balloons!!!!!hehehhehee!

The whole place was quite packed. Probably got free tix.hahaaa!
Everyone was very excited when the light was dimmed..like everyone expecting something great to happen..

Who knows..
Cheng Sheng, a very experienced old singer did the opening..
Well, can say that he is very good singer eventhough I dunno most of his songs..
Just not my era la..
And of coz, he is very interactive and humorous too.
Hence, we had some fun too.

The crowd was slightly excited by the time Pin Guan was on stage..
At least we know who is he and know his songs u see..
Pin Guan is known to be "Qing Ge Wang Zi" so his songs all very sentimental..
But i like it!!!It's very nice especially some of his old songs!!

He sang "Zhu Ding", "Ai Qing Bu Neng Zhuo Bi Jiao", "Zhang Xin" & many more!
Very Very nice!!!Nice songs to hum...

Then finally, what everyone is looking forward too and basically is what most people are there for..

Mayday's turn to perform!!!
Wah!!!They certainly rox the whole place and bring up the mood to ji dian!!!
I like them sia!Damn rox!!!
The whole stadium juz stood up for them and started to enjoy with their music!!!

I was quite fascinated by everyone when Mayday sang "Wen Rou"..
Ah Xin stopped at the chorus to hear the crowd sang..
And tell you what..
I can hear every word loud and clear..
Is like everyone is singing lo..Dat's so cool!!!

They juz ROX!

Since it was ABC concert and organised by ABC stout..
All the singers drank one can of stout during their performance!!!
Rarely see singers drink...kinda weird..hahahhaaa!

After the concert, me and kor went to Geylang Lorong 9 to have supper..
Kor damn funny lo..we dunno our way so we took a cab..
He told the taxi driver that he is malaysian and said he dunno much about geylang and asked him to bring us there..
I was very much stunned and was giggling..si bei lame lo.

We had a fabulous supper!!!

Tian Ji Chou (Frog Leg Porridge)
Power sia!!!yumyum!!!!damn nice sia!

Meatball!!!I like I like!

Well Enjoy my time w my kor at the concert!!!
So nice of him to gimme the free tix!hehehhee!!!

Oh ya..i got smth to share..

I met Mayday when I was working in Al Dente..
Took a pic with them and i got a pic w my fav, Guai Shou!

Hehehehhehe =X

Kura Princess ^_^

05 December 2006

Don't like that leh..

Anonymous always tag smth weird on blogger's tagboard..
I am still fine w it...

Worst of all, someone actually assumed & insisted that the anonymous is my idiot or one of my canoe frens..

Elooo..stop those finger pointing hao ma?
Please do not make such blind assumption..

I will very well appreciate such move. Thanks in advance.

P.S: the best way to get rid of anonymous is not to get angry and let them be.

Kura Princess ^_^

04 December 2006

I am an "ORPHAN"

PaPa & MaMA leaving me liao..

I am an ABANDONED kid. =(

They are leaving me for a better job & better money..
But it's alrite..*Sigh*
A lovely kid should be understanding and let her parent soar in their careers..

PaPa & MaMa

Last evening, human beings from artery held a mini farewell dinner for my "parent"..
Since I was their offspring, obviously I am invited la..

We dined in Aburiya Restaurant, serve mostly japanese & korean bbq..
It's located at Robertson Quay..
Not too bad but quite ex sia..=D
Eat till my pocket got big big hole..

Danny cooked one. Bagus sia.

I never eaten so much beef in my life.Sins.
But this is certainly the first time I have tried "beef tongue"..
Hard. But not bad.

We just kept digging in the good food till we heard "beef tongue"..
Almost peng shan..but we like the pork belly best!!!yumyum!
The salad and kimichi not too bad too!yumyum!

Me & Jess

My Friday Fling!!!hahahaa..En Ai hoh?
(To Idiot: dun get sour hoh..)

MaMa got PaPa still not enough..
She take Danny my Fling also..

We headed to Partyworld for k-ing after our dinner...
And oh ya..

I drove.

In my dream...
But dun u think the cute is so classic and cute???
I also want!!!!!!!

I din sing much this time.
First time ok.
Juz like to enjoy the company of PAPA & MAMA before they leave me for good.

Nu Er luv ya..
Remember to come back for ladies nite hoh...

Wu Wang Wo.

Kura Princess ^_^

02 December 2006

Our First Oversea Trip

That idiot actually say "Yes" to go JB today! =)
He is a Mr No Man..Everything also "No", "No" and still "No"..

Since I still have my passport, so I thought of smuggling myself to JB..
(My parent never allow me one!!!)

Since that idiot is holding on to malaysian passport, we have to queue in different counter. Before that, he went to remake his access card.

Wah..din know weekend so many human beings want to go JB lo..
Irritated. Wait so long.

Before we went to our invdividual queue, we agreed at the front.
All along I am expecting to come out later than him...
Finally my turn and went to search for him happily...

Who knows..
No sight of him.
So I went down to the bus stop to find.
Still no sight of him.
So I went up to the custom there to wait since he said wait there.
Waited for 20mins.
Still no sight of him..

So went in to look through the queue..
Cannot find.
Tried to see the "Access card station" with my super serious short-sightedness eyes..
Dun have leh.

So I waited lo.
Got abit worried.

Then I approached the custom police and..

Me: Excuse me..

Police: Yeeeessss..

Me: May I know how long issit to remake an access card?

Police: 1 week or 2..

Me: Huh..(mouth opened wide)I think my fren stuck there leh..cannot find him leh..

Police: Maybe he go malaysia without u le..

ME: Huuuuh..(mouth opened wider w my palms shaking)inside thinking "Bu hui ba?"

Police: Go Malaysia alone lo..

Me shook my head.

Police: If not, I go changed then I go Malaysia with u..

Me: (smile) + -_-"

Police: Call him?

Me: My handphone with him..

Police: Alamak..u got his number?

Me: Yaaa..

Police: Okay, come..I lend u my phone..

ME grinned.

Police: I first time lend ppl handphone okay..(handing me his hp)

Me called and finally got him!=)
He kana stuck in the queue..
At first thought he really abandon me in an unfamilar place..

I kept thank-ing the police.
HE is so nice and cute!!!hehehhee!

Stupid idiot still dare to laugh at me!
I was so worried and scared lo..
In my mind keep thinking..later got people kidnap me how?
Rape and kill me?arrrrrgh!!!!!
Kill still nvm..wat if they chop me up?arrrrrgh!

Stupid Regina.

Maybe that idiot scared the stupid dumb looking regina will be kidnapped..
He held on to me and kept giving me instruction..ask me not to go out of here till blah blah..naggy..then put my hp in my front pocket..-_-"

After he done his banking..we went for lunch!

Look like Yong Tau Foo..Damn filling!!!Full man!

Thought buying Bao..look yummy but too full..
So we went straight to shopping at City Square (I think)..
The stuff there okay okay la..
Prangin mall in Penang better!=D

Then when we were sitted down to have a nice cup of drink..
He suddenly say, "Later we go down see..got property expo.."

"We buy one unit in JB..cheaper..then we share cost..but under my name"he added with a cheeky smile.

That's my reaction.
But I thought it sound good except the "Under his name" part..
No..not getting married or wat yet..
Juz thought it sound cool to have own property..

Din buy anything from my side but saw alot of KUMA KUMA (turtle).
But he bought a jacket. Yaaaa..after taking a long time to try n keep asking me "Nice or not?", "Worth to buy?" like a charbo, like me..

Fun trip. =)
Would want to go with him to JB again.
But hope can go further next time. Maybe Bangkok 1st.
Since we like shopping.

Completely nothing to do with trip

I feel fat.
Think I put on weight after my trip.
Even dat idiot say my arm so fat..=(
Got to lose those weight again.

Kura Princess ^_^

01 December 2006

Juz a Rojak Blog Entry

Arrrgh..i slack till backache..
I still on leave..hehhehee!

So hurt till I cannot sLeep..
Painful sia.

Nothing to do sia.
So went to edit tis n dat in Friendster and Myspace.
Then i realised I am still not in one of a close friend's list in Friendster..

But what can I do?

Human beings are like this.
Tendency to neglect oneself feeling.
I neglect others' feeling too.

Oh ya..I forget to share something!!!
Went for Theory and Singing Examinations le!
My teacher commented that I have made a vast improvement in my singing!
So happy! =D
But she commented that I need to exercise my tongue more (kissing consider?) for better flexibility and help in my bad pronounciation.
Happy Happy Happy!

Rem the couple chain I bought in Penang?
I gave it to that idiot le.
Happy to see he grinning when received the pressie.

Hope he like it and will treasure it.
Dun be like some close friend who dun even bother to add me in friendster.

Heck Care Me.
New month. I am Pms-ing.

Backache is a sign to bloody days.

Just let me complain. But I complain truthfully.

Kura Princess ^_^

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Regina Teh
23 Jan 1986
A Typical Aquarius
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