24 April 2007

See How Much I Change

Never see Regina's baby foto right???
Show u all!!!!

Few months old

See that tiny creature???
So cute right???
I was so tiny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1year old

SeeSee..now u all know why I am such a DRINKER..
I was fed Tiger beer since I was one year old!!!!!

2years old

Wah...So chio~~~
So ladylike then..Chiobu sia!!!!
Anyone want? Too bad she was TAKEN!hahahahhaa!

Monkey at an age of 3!!!!!!

3years old

Look like Penguin meh???
Some one tells me that..BAKA~~~~

4years old

Me & my fren, HuiPing Jiejie..
Dunno whr is she le..

5years old

Wah Liew!!!
Who is this FATYYBOMBOM!!!
Still got a sandwich in her hand!!!!!!!!!!
Anyone want her???

12 years old

U sure is me?
Cannot be lo..i so gorgeous lo..
Hw could it be!!!
Damn it..Damn Gross~~
I swear I wun become like this anymore or else...
She superduper available sia!!!!
Was 60kg then!Boohoooo!

See how much REGINA change over the years...
Damn disgusting right?
From duckling --> ugly duckling --> Beautiful Swan!!!


Kura Princess ^_^

The Song is SO ME!!!

Not very nice song..
But the lyrics describe me lo..
So Me sia...

Bei zai zuo Sha Gua le..

Kura Princess ^_^

22 April 2007



Went for facial just now.
Now face angang..so pai kua..Boohoo!!!

Tried threading for the first time...
Threading is the super old traditional way of getting rid of facial hair with string..
U know those granny time one..
Damn pain lo..but bo bian..
Want to be girly mah..
Have to get rid those "moustache" on my upper lip..

So now..my face is HAIRLESS!!!
Bian Mei Mei liao...hehhehee!

I even trimmed my eyebrows..
*double shiok*
Gen Mei liao~~~~~

Now my face is done.

I shall shed off more weights..
Hmmm...2kg more perhap?
Now 49/50kg..
Then tone my fatty thigh & tummy..

NekNek how?
So miniature..
Need a hand to MASSAGE!hahahha!juz kidding~~~
Feel like going to chinese physician and go ZHEN JIU to make it bigger..

Need to do all these thing in order to become a RACE QUEEN!
If no Race Queen..then become Ms Singapore? xp

Beside me..think VIN also want to be "pretty"..
He wants to go for facial with me..hahahhahaa!
And we already agreed to go jogjog after his exams!!!!
He said he want to tone himself up and train stamina for singing..
Si bei ai mei loh!!!!!!!!!!

Good. At least got one "jiemei" to do such thing. =)

Kura Princess ^_^

21 April 2007

LOVE Phobia

Think I am contracted with "LOVE PHOBIA"...

I very scared & get sensitive when people say or tell me they like me now..
Even it is juz for laugh nia..

I will scare lo..
And even for laugh, I will jz say, "Eh..dun like me lahz..I bad gurl one.."
I dunno I bad or not lahz..but i noe i am not perfect lahz..

If not..I will get angry.

I dunno why I so scared..
I very scared to be hurt.
I very scared his placing in my heart will be replaced.

And if the next guy is nice to me..
I very scared too.
I very scared I will treat him bad..

That why when one fren asked me "Why u dun like people treat u good.." and I felt lost and can only answered, "Coz I like ppl to treat me bad.."

That is another thing that made me scared..
No matter how hard I tried to express myself..
My other half will think otherwise.
Tired of expressing.

Is like the other half will always think I am like this n like that..
When I am not.
I trust him.
But have the other half trust me b4?
Trust me that I will never do such thing?

I dunno how to deal with my own love stuff..

In general, I am afraid to go into relationship right now..

Wo zhen de heng pan..

Yesterday at KTV with Sherbert..

Sherbert sang this.
I read the lyrics and my eyes got watery.
But I din cry.

Inside i am thinking, "i hate u..really really hate u..really really hate u to the core"
Ni zhen de hao cang reng..
Ke yi de hua..wo ning yuan wo cong lai mei you yu guo ni..
Ke yi de hua wo xiang da sheng shuo, "WO HEN SHI NI LE!"
Ying wei ni, wo diao le ji wan di yan lei..mei chi dou ku dao ear blocked..

Dan xian zai ren shi ni le..ai guo ni..
Wu lun duo mo hen ni..
Wo hai shi ai duo guo hen..
Dan ni shang wo hao shen hao shen..

I dunno when will be my last cry for him.
Always thought everytime i cry will be the last time but I would not b able to control myself when it is weekend..
Is the time I will miss him most..
If not something sure happened that will trigger my tear gland..

Keep telling myself not to cry.
Forget the pain.
Forget everything.
But my heart is so hurt that it is dead..cant do everything i want..
You Li Wu Xin..Got motive no drive..

I feeling like this..
Is myself. I said so much coz I hate myself for moving on so slowly..
Blaming him is juz me pushing the blame to others..
Is a form of venting out anger..

I will remember what PY told me..
"This is something that everyone will go thru..u want him back, but in this world how many people will get what they want? Not many...we say so much..can move on or nt is still depend on urself.."

And of coz a lot more others who tried to talk to me..
Some even tried to make me laugh, divert my attention like tell me got xiaozhu on tv, look at edison..n blah..
Ma chiam my temporary lovers..

Still trying.
But got much much better le..
But scared.

Kura Princess ^_^

Eye Buzz: The Hills Have Eyes 2 & Mango Fashion Show

Yikes. Yikes. And Yikes.
Grucesome Show loh. (Did I spell correctly?)
Many sudden ER XIN de scenes..
Many Screams & Jumps from me too.

Yes. I let out a loud scream!!!
Everyone around me looked at me lo. So paisehz.
Sherbert, Leo's fren..watched with me. He paisehz by my scream too.
Yeayea..as usual, whoever watched horror movie with me,
Will LOL at me. Will halfway try to scare me.
Cheyz! Be more creative to scare me leh..maybe suddenly wear mask & look at me..

Wah..Got one part I remember damn clearly lo..
These male cannibals..who got dick like any other men..got sexual desire like any other men..
No wonder they said men are beast. Indeed.

They grabbed women n threw them on tables..
Cannibal X pinned the woman and rolled out his long, slurpy tongue n force it into the woman's mouth..
Bet is the most gross & deepest FRENCH KISS in the world..
I bet the tongue is even longer than the world longest dick!
Oh well..guess what that woman did?
She bit off his tongue n kick him in the balls. (That's the spirit!!!hahahhaa!)

Hmmmm..wah..the tongue already so long.
Imagine the dick? Monstrous?
Damn. Why I think such thing.

I was telling Sherbert, "Those cannibal look so distorted, ugly and got boils on the face..so dunno if their dick also look like that or not.."

He went..........dumbfounded.

In my little kuku head..things went wild.
"Wah..if they look liddat..even better than condom w spikes and wateva.."i thought.
Regina..ni hao bian tai. =\

Got one more scene also damn gross la..
There is this room that kept all the body parts of human.
Bloody intenstines, internal organs, chopped leg & arms..
All hanged like our normal butcher stall..
I think if I were there, I probably peng sanz liao..
Juz the smell..think I will CHOU SI..

Well is the best movie I have watched so far since my breakup!!!
Deserve to pay $ to watchz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Go watch now but dun eat when watching..
U might lose ur appetite..

After the movie, went KTV & mcdonald.

BTW..is R21 movie..
Got see neknek one..hahahaha!
Bring ur ic!!!!!!!!!

Mango Fashion Show (19th April 2007)

My first participation in a fashion show.
It was held in red dot design museum and was jio by Gary from the event organiser company to go see see..
Was abit hesitating to go then but since MaMa Eeyln, my ex colleague was going so I joined her lo.
For her. For food.hahhahaa!

Saw Gary. So paisehz.
Feel so weird.
Past few days..all my colleagues guessed here n there on his actions toward me & start to tease me lo..
Bo bian. They all know him.
So saw him of coz will feel paisehz lo. Dunno how also. So juz eat n eat n eat.
Anyway, the food sux. *bleah

Wat happened exactly. Dun want talk about it la. So Weird.
My colleagues guessed nia.
Juz pretend nothing happened lah.

About the fashion show..
Actually watched the rehearsal from my office "bird eye view"..
I saw all the models n i went,"eeeeeek..look so haggard & old.."
When at the actual event..
Wah..all the models ma chiam become flawless!
The chinese models from haggard looking become ma chiam ZHANG ZI YI lo..
See..The power of makeup..the saviour of women's beauty!

The new launch of clothes in Mango looks prettty nice!!!
Feel like grabbing some..

MANGO!!!!Shoppping Spreeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

14 April 2007

5th Driving Lesson

Learnt U-turn today.

Mr Pang commented that I am slow learner.

So I made noise and whined,"Aiyooo...last week u say i fast learner..now u say i slow!Wat u want!Make up ur mind leh!"

He LOL at my remark.

Wah liew. Half the time i were so confused what he saying lo.
One moment he say accelerate half clutch..and another moment say dun accelerate..
Aiya!Dunno what he saying lo..
He taught till he almost exploded!

So I whined,"Aiya!U made me very confused then made my leg confused also lo!"

He LOL again and replied, "First time ppl tell me her legs confused also.."

"Sorry la..I more dumb mahz.."I remarked.


Yah la Yah la..I dumb lahzz..

When I stopped behind the white line..he said,"see our lane gt car anot then drive ar..if kana knock..i kana first leh.."

-_-" so no confidence in me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got eyes and still got abit of judgement lo..
idiotic sia.

Tried million time then finally get itz..
Tink I got it ba...hahahhahhaa!

He damn ya-ya lo..he said,"I am the best instructor for u-turn lo..if i teach and u still cannot...dat mean u no hope liao.."

Kns sia.

How I wish I can bite him.

Kura Princess ^_^

TasteBuzz - Tong Shui Cafe: Hong Kong Style Cafe

Hot Eight Treasures Tea
Rating: Good!


Not many people will go for hot drink. But this is really good. Very soothing and certainly good for our digestive system, especially if u r always on liquor and oily stuff. Overall, it is beneficial to one's health.

Crispy Mango Prawn Roll
Rating: Okay Lah!


Prawn is fresh, crunchy and abundant. It gives credit to that...Did it say Mango? Truthfully, no mango taste lo..And beside, it's oily. (That's why got 8-treasure tea!heeheee!)

Oven Baked Rice with Ham & Pineapple
Rating: Orgasm!


"WAH" factor!My crave finally had been satisfied! The baked rice is actually fried rice; topped with 2 huge pieces of ham and handful of pineapples; baked cheese w bolognise sauce on top n corns. Wow!imagine I can ate that n finished that at 2am..how addictive it is man..Gosh..I fell so in luv w cheese.Save me someone..

Glutinous Rice
Rating: Not bad.


Hmm. Very fragrant. Pandan leave smell. To me, certainly much much better than our normal kopitiam glutinous rice. In fact, it can win many yum cha restaurant ba. K, is glutinous rice..but it does not feel like those really sticky and lumpy one you normally eat. Instead, it is soft and does not stick onto the teeth. According to Leo, it is very "hong kong"..

What make my life more spice up beside great FOOD?


A great eating kakis, Leo!!!

Me: eh..Shuai mahz? *wink* xp

Me: Hai hao lahz..wo shi mei nu mahz..yu dao de ren dang ran tong tong dou shi shuai de lahz!

Si bei ya-ya papaya hoh..Haahahhahaha! Jz joking lahz..

Oooh..anyway, he sells aquarium fish one.
Wanna buy fish? Go holland village there and buy from him lo..
He said all his customers all aunties if not gays..Poor guy. =(

Blk 45 Holland Drive
(Gimme advertising fee, Leo!)

got shuai ge then of coz, got mei nu lahz..

Okay, actually we went there for supper after our movie - Turistas.
Yeah..that's so f**king filling for a supper lo..
About to *burst*


54 Zion Road
Singapore 247759
(opposite great world city; near Zouk)
So after Yo finsh..can go eat there.

(Dun bother to go WEST coast branch; closed down! $%#@&!)

Okay lahz..Abit gruesome.
Many heartpumping moments.
Can watch lahz.

Kura Princess ^_^

11 April 2007

Wake up already?

I was suffering mild depression I guess for the past few days..
Crying. Flashbacks. Even to the extent, that I hurting myself..
And almost bring myself down to a horrible stage..
I was full of hatred. Anger.
So angry of myself..
Why cant i juz let go and move on!

My heart felt so heavy and tired.

Ppl said,"coz u dun want to let go.."
No!I want to let go but I dunno how to...

I just want to be HAPPY.

Some people know and got angry to see me in this stage.
Even Kelvin. He wanted to help me.
Seriously, is not his fault anymore..is ME.
But nobody knows how i feel. All people do is BLAME LAI BLAME QU.
That why I prefer to keep it to myself.

But something happened..
I realised no matter what i do to hurt myself..I still won't be able to get over..

When I was home, watching tv..
When it is commercial time, I saw Richie Ren sang "bu shi ni de, jiu bei zai mian qiang.."
Then I woke up. I recalled all the lyrics and it seemed to be telling me to wake up..

I feel more relaxed.
There is so many things I want to do..

First, VIN u are wanted!I want to learn drumming!!!!!!!
Second, I want to go try out the Garagebattle..some singing battle..
Third, I want to drive really well and get their bloody license..
Fourth, learn dancing..
Fifth, Got to exercise and get my shape back..

Sixth...hmmm...Start reading book?
I dun read book..but I shall start..
Read 2chapts plus 2day..usually 1 chapt and go ZZzzzzzzz liao..

Not bad Regina.

And finally Seventh, wait for my MR.Right to come..
No need to be good looking..presentable and medium build..
No need super tall..1.7m will do..
But most importantly, some one whom I can communicate, share my thoughts, gimme opinion..
Of coz, not a jealous man and some one who treasure kinship like me!

*Cross my finger*

Kura Princess ^_^

08 April 2007

Thoughts & Emotions

Me: Have you ever regretted to have me as ur gf?

He: No..

Me: If you can turn back time, would you want me as ur gf again?

He: Now i know that is a sad ending..it will be a no..

He: Why always talk back? Look forward.

I did tried to "F**k it la..juz bloody hell get over it la"...
did tried to make new frens, go out with guys, go out with friends, engage in new activities..
I am always smiling and smiling and seem to be having fun..
I am not happy.

Doing all these things are sort of an "escape" for my emotions..

I cant and dunno how to tell anyone how I feel..
I can only hide in my room and sob quietly and type in my blog..

I watch tv. And tv show always have meaningful dialogue that will make me reflect..
I know "If it's meant to be mine, it will be..If's it's not meant to be mine, no matter what i do..it will also never be mind.."
I know all these but I cant do it..

My heart don't allow me to do it.
At least for this period of time.

Till my angel arrives..

For the time being..
My mind still gt flashbacks of the time we spent together the happy time..
I still read the msgs we communicated thru myspace initially..
And i rem every words he said b4..


Kura Princess ^_^

06 April 2007


My laptop- toshiba Pro-M10 say SAYONARA-O to the world..
It just died..
Ya..died! Perish together with my pictures!!!

All my precious pictures from sportcamp, poly, pri sch gathering, secondary sch gathering, frens' gathering, jasonz's & kelvin's..

Thanx to my brother's "LUCKY" hand..
Me uses for 4yrs also bo dai ji..he touch nia..dai ji jui jui..
Harddisk crashed I think..Windows corrupted..
That ass must be surfing porn with my darling laptop!!!GRRRRRRRRRRRRR....

My pics..
Precious pics..sigh
Only can get from blog liaoz..

I dunno..but it made me feel that it is so called a sign..
A sign to ask me to 4get him.....TOTALLY...

Beside my laptop..
My heart for anything stop beating too..
1 month le..but my heart only got him..stay the same like b4..

I thought I was fine le..
Juz the heart feeling numb and tired..but 2dae when i go ktv-ing n sang all the sadsad songs..
I thought of him..
And only him..

There is no room for anyone..
ABSOLUTELY no room..
My heart is locked securely with mulitple locks and chains..
No matter what ppl say..
i cant let go..
i dun wan to let go..

I hate him..yet the same time,
I love him..

He took my heart away..

Maybe one day someone out there will save me..
Maybe tml, Maybe next week, Maybe next month, Maybe next year..

Kura Princess ^_^

01 April 2007

Driving Lesson 3

Mr Pang: Today u shall drive in the main road.

Me stunned, face turned white.

ME: Huh?

Abit stunned lo. I was expecting go back to the old place and drive.

Mr Pang: can one lahz..no need scared.

LanLan..So I juz take charge of the steering wheel lo..

Suddenly, the sky turned black black..
Soon..started to pour..

I was like wtf lo..ppl first time drive in main road..still want to bully me!
But i think i drove damn fast for learner..
60km/hr..bo bian..driving in the high way from gombak to jurong there..

Since it is raining..
I abit blurred..so many cars..vision no gd..
n taxi so troublesome..keep stopping here n there..always need to slow down for them..Grrrr!

Got one part of jurong..abit flooded..so any car dashed passed when cause a splash..
And guess wat i do when i see the splash?

Natural reaction is SIAM the water mah..
So i turned my steering wheel abit..then Mr Pang scolded me!

Mr Pang: Oi!u want accident ar!

Me: Got Water!

Mr Pang: The water wun hit u lo!aiyoooo..


so paisehz..
I finally can do slope!!!yipeeeeeeeee!So happy!
And I din "Si Che" except the slope for the first few times..
So happy!!!

At some point of time, I will have to drive behind other learning vehicles too..
Wah liew..they all damn slow lo..then i see my speed meter..oh..is i fast..
I did asked Mr Pang why asked me drive so fast..he said u can liao mahz..just abit ka chiong at times nia..so let u increase speed lo..-_-"

But tink i need to drive slower..
How can ppl go test with 60km/hr?

Driving is so FUN!
Cant wait to get my license..
But i still dunno hw to gauge turning..sux man..

I got to pay 50buck for the damages i made in my lesson 2..

Kura Princess ^_^

POYING's 21st

Another gal from my Yr 3 gang turned 21!!!!
WElcome to the 21 club....!
Officially can go Yangtze to watch R21 show!!!

She did not plan for any major party for herself..
So..we helped her to do a mini celebration..

WEnt for steamboat at ChongQing Zheng Zhong Shan Cheng Huo Guo..
Wah..not bad k..$12.80 nia!!!!
The LIAO not bad..got luncheon meat, fu zhou yu yuan n blahz!!!
They got few different soup bases..
And we asked for Tom Yum & Ma La..
Yup..both spicy..even the Dian Xiao Er also stunned..

Ma LA + Tom Yum

Spicy level okay la..
But eat till damn full lo..
Stomach Nearly burst!So bloated till i feel so pregnant..cant walk..
But damn shiok la..*ORgasm*hahahahha!

Me Me ME!So kawaii!

Wat the hell is Rainus doing???

Ohh...I luv ya, scandal - POying!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Muack Muack Muack!!!!!!

Me & Rainus a.k.a Shi Xin Huey

Her pattern like Shi xin Huey..
She kept on singing while eating lo..
We felt so much to throw fishballs at her..

See the prawn??
I peeled one. Peeled all n threw in to cook..
You nu ren wei ba..=P

But I ate most of the prawns..heehheheeheee!!!=P

Me, Summer & Neeky

After the steamboat..
We went to starbuck to sit sit, talk talk..
Cheryl joined us. Rudith joined us at steamboat n eat the leftover.
Then..we gave PY a 21st cake!!!!!

Sang bdae song for her at starbuck.

After that, we stood outside as we waited for some of them to smoke while the rest stone..

The smoker club

The Kopi Club

Went Arcade to play.
Mariokart2..so fun!!!Had so much fun playing!!!!Woah!!!!!!
LOL so much..

REally enjoy the company of these jie meis..

Luv ya gals!!!!!!!!!

Oh ya...

Kura Princess ^_^

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