31 October 2006


Blogger dun let me upload picture..
Feel bored so start blogging..
Since cannot upload foto of an outing..
So I shall say stupid things again..becoming more bo liao liao..
Shit man..

This song meant alot to me..Yup..alot of emotion..
I sang it for my Superstar audition..
Is also a song that made me cried..

Sometime i am thinking what exactly is the criteria for "Li Xiang Qing Ren"..
Understanding?Put in 100% effort?Respectful?TRuthful?Trust?Caring?Gentle?
Dunno manz..

Any guy can tell me???

Am i a good lover?sigh..

But i noe one thing..
Gurls will get pretty sensitive when she is in a relationship..
Why leh?
Scared the guy run mahz..

In our eyes, we very zai hu the guy..but to the guy, they will get pissed by the sensitivity..

Of coz..dun be over sensitive la..over sensitive will become possessive..

Advice to guys:

It can be solved..Give her assurance..
As time passed, she will be less sensitive..

Sometime, gurl can b pretty unreasonable..Dunno why leh..the mood come to b unreasonable then be lo..I got become unreasonable but normally i will think n noe is my fault after that..

Advice to guys:

If ur gf ever throw temper out of a sudden or get unreasonable, just let her be and say "Yes" or "Okay" to it..or go hug her n sayang her..scold her after she cool down only!

Then hoh, i realised smth that guys are good in pushing blame unintentionally to the gurls during quarrel..This caused worser quarrel..

Advice to guys:

When gurls fight with you..even the most tweeny wheeny thing..just apologised..
Nag later..

Last Advice to guys:

Gurls like to be HONG, TENG and like little surprises and like praises..
Little surprises can b little card that say "I love u", one stalk of flower, 1 small soft toy, chocolate or buy her fav food..Trust me, she will luv u more..=)

My"Li Xiang Qing Ren"

1. Understanding
2. Respect
3. Trust
4. Make me laugh
5. Caring (alot)
6. Be there for me
7. Hug me, Kiss me, Sayang me
8. Appreciate and praise me
9. Sensitive to my feeling and thoughts?(Guys lacking in this area)
10.Listen to my complaint and old grandmothers' stories..
11.Have fun with me like outdoor activities or watch vcd or wateva
12.Like babies (coz i wan 4)

This is my criteria..hahahaha!As for romantic aspect, dun have to la..but if got, good la..hahhahahhaa!

Anyone think he can match my criteria?
Sign up now..

Wahz..if someone will sing this song to me..
It will be so wonderful..
I sure fly to the arm of the guy sia!!!
hahaaha!Bei Ai Zhong Ai Ren Hao Mah..=D

My dream:

Someone sing such lovely song on special occasion like wedding, birthday, anniversary and blahz..so romantic..

Shit..i dreaming againz..Nowadays guys dun do such thing one..
at least not on me so far...

Kura Princess ^_^

28 October 2006

My Lifestyle..



This is my life..

Work from Mon to Fri..
Msn-ing most of the time..Shhh..hahahaa!
Yupz..dress in our very own casual style to workz..
I like this style but i am still waiting for my VINTAGE JACKET...

Monday, always blue sia..can work quite late
Tuesday..Hmm..no big deal..
Wednesday go sing songz @ musicforest..
Thursday suppose to be LADIES nite with my colleagues..

We have our hoegarden and sotongballs at SKIN..
Gossip Gossip Gossip..
Gossip about anything..from work to men to sex..
Hahahahaaa!Interesting anyway!

Friday..meet fren go out..

Saturday- Swimming..go facial once a mth..going back wushu soon..

Sunday go out with fren...

So boring hohz???

Of coz sometime got go out with frens during weekdays lahz..
Not 4getting my buddy who is always so full-of-crap...
Most of the time go out w ppl to eat or ktv-ing..hehhehee!

Kura Princess ^_^

22 October 2006

Love is the reason

Ton of comments from people on my stupidity and silliness..
But i can't help it..

I learnt to love and I did love..
Love = Trust

And I trust.

Me & Him at Essential Brew. Have a great time there.

Right now..i am humming Tanya Chua's "Beautiful Love"..
"Love beautiful
So beautiful...
Wo shi qu guo, geng zhen xi yong you"

Felt stupid but that's love.

Dare to love.

Liang Jing Ru - Yong Qi

Watch le mah?

Love is the reason for everything I do.

P.S: This entry is purely to show why i trust his words.

Kura Princess ^_^

20 October 2006

Love = Complicated

Okay, for those who know i am going out with kelvin..
I will let you all know one thing..

We are not together...

We are just friends..

So do not pop questions about it. thnx. =)

Kura Princess ^_^

13 October 2006

Ding An's 25th Birthday- 11th Oct 2006

Old liao, Old liao, Old liao!!!
Ding An finally celebrate his 25th birthday!

Hmmm..an unique party i can say..
Comprises with many different groups of frens..
I guess I will feel "extra" if i have gone alone..
Lucky Laiquin was with me..=)
And yupz, vin did tried to entertain us la..hehhee!=D

Ding, being a freelance videographer..
have made his creativity & talent into good use by doing a video that show appreciation toward his friends..
He came up with the idea of doing the video as some Grammy award thingie...
Like "Best football jio-er", "Best fashion sense", "Most Influential" and "Best performer of 2006"and etc...
I thought he very "you xin"..he actually went to have trophy made for the "winners"..

Vin, being the best performer of 2006, of coz will have to do a little performance for us!!!

He played the guitar and sang the song with Ding doing the harmonious thingie..
Wahz...amazing! *clap*x2..B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!!!hahhahaaha!

Can say that it is a vry entertaining party..=)

These are some photos I have taken at the party over at Ding's hse..

Me, Ding, Vin(behind) and Laiquin

Peeps!Look at Ding's hand in the box..oh my oh my!What is he trying to do???
hahahhahahaahahaahaaaa!Even Ding himself said that gosh..he looked so with bad intention sia and especially with the hand "floating" behind laiquin!!!!hahhahaa!

Well, I decided to put another pic of us..
At least Vin doesn't look so "extra" le n no more floating hand..hahhahaaha!!!

Ding's showing off his talent in mixing drink!!!He made Spore Sling for everyone!
And trust me, it's good!Much better than those sold in the pub!I swear man...

Hehehe..my turn to show off!!!!hehehhehehe!
I am a better shaker than Ding..i Shake my whole body while mixing!!!
Entertainer cum Bartender!!!

Oh ya..did i say Ding own his own set of drum and a few guitars?
Guess I shall make a few trips down myself to bang those drums!!!
I want to learn!!!!Or maybe find Vin since he stay nearer to me!!!

Notti drummer!

Dun pray pray..i got style one hoh!!!cool!!!!!!!!!

Enjoyed myself over his place!

Well, thanx alot for inviting me n laiquin!!!=)
It's an awesome party!!!=D

Kura Princess ^_^

11 October 2006

Forever Love

This song is very meaningful and special to me..=D
It just make me smile and feel warm at the heart...
Imagine if someone sing that to me or to u..wah!!!!
so romantic..=)

Guys, melt ur gurls' heart with this..=D

It is to dedicate to all the couples who are deeply in love..
Treasure the love and memories the both of u share..

There is definitely such thing called "Forever Love"..

P.S: I like the chain that lee hom get..anyone noe whr to get???

Kura Princess ^_^

08 October 2006

My Blessings.. =D

I am so happy for Jasonz!
Just found out that he is together with the gurl he loves..
Eventhough we had broken up but we have been in contact and still friends..
I was worried for him then..
Did chat with him and sometime worried for him as he was going through some difficult time in his life..

But now, dun have to le..
Got Mq to take good care of him! =)
They have gone through a long way before getting together..
So glad they finally get together...

A note for Jasonz & Mq:
Wish you two yong yuan xinfu kuai le!
Get married muz invite me wor!!!!!=D

Wish the both of them all the best!

Cheers!!! =)

Kura Princess ^_^

03 October 2006

Singapore Biennale 2006+Date

Yea..was on the Biennale mission for my work on exhibition design..
So I have the privilege to go around the biennale venues to see great arts pieces, installations and videos!

So far, I had visited City Hall and Tanglin Camp..
I find it pretty enriching and fun!
It made me realised about the many world issues happening around the world..
Suddenly feel i am so not updated about world issue sia..

It was sad that I could not take foto of those great arts i saw in City Hall..
But i did take some photo at Tanglin camp!!!

Mmm..I can say I got a pretty adventurous, tiring and sweaty trip..
And poor kel have to tahan w me along..hehehee..=P

Look like a ghost town?

Well..not exactly..there are many shops selling clothes, antique and blah over at tanglin village..it takes us quite some time to arrive on this ulu town ok..

My fault la..silly me alighted at the wrong stop and walked without knowing the direction..ended up in sweat and even had to jumped across a huge drain..
Idiotic kel jumped over without thinking if i can jump over..
Baka lo!I know u last time athletic but also no need mahz..
But u heng..me not so charbo kuan one..still can jump abit with the help from u..


Finally reach Tanglin camp..

And we went into the first station..

And we saw...

Eerie sia!!!Tanglin camp, an abandoned camp sound eerie enough..still put this..

Nevermind, the next room we went in even more eerie lo!
Even Kel insisted not going in and find some really LAME excuse that we cannot go in.. there is a sign hanging stated..need "PARENTAL GUIDANCE" and our parent nt w us.. -_-"Yes that is his excuse...

We juz kept walking into rooms and rooms..

Till we found..

Myself in the fishtank!!!
(Wah liew!So round!Muz b the water effect!)

Still in the tank..blurblur one..
kel got shaky hand..muz be see me too nervous!hahhaha!jk!

Me talking to the mic..n guess what happened???

So shiok right???
Ma chiam open my own concert liddat..
All those ppl are my fans!!!heheeeehehe!!!!So cool!!!

More pictures..

Kel trying to pose for a pic..

me!!!I did try to pose a few artistic foto lo..
But as i say Kel got shaky hand..so all my pic blur blur one..Sigh!

Of coz got a few pic on us..

He claimed to be artistic...

I trying to b artistic..

Shuai ge n Kawaii gurl???

After that..we went for dinner and catch a movie..


The movie was great!I laughed like hell..n the baby is so so so CUTE!!!
I want a baby like this...!I cried when i saw the baby frozen..like dying..
Kel laughed at me!say sure wun die coz is movie..

Well, i enjoyed my day..hope Kel enjoyed too!
We had ton of fun over at Tanglin Camp..playing here n there..hehehhehe!
*hugz* thanx for keeping me company eventhough ur leg hurt..:D

Kura Princess ^_^

01 October 2006

It's your birthday, Rudith!

Happy birthday to u..
Happy birthday to u..
Happy birthday to Rudith..
Happy birthday to u..


Cake 1..

Cake 2..

Rudith drinking something something waterfall one..Py treat one..
But her face turned red instantly..how strong it can be!

This is what we got for Rudith..21 stuff!!!
3 category - Giraffe, Green & Lame!

This ice cream pinnacle is one of the 21 stuff!lame stuff by cheryl!hahhha!

I hope Rudith had fun at her 21st party at Liquid Kitchen!

The 5 of us!!!hehehehe!

Rudith and ME! I bcome a wizard for seconds!!!hehheeheeh!So cool!

See..we really nothing to do!!!We can jz pose n pose for fotos..
Well, i like this one!!!hahahaa!Eligible to be models?

Watch the slideshow!!!

Create Your Own!

so what if u got Darren?
U r still my scandal!!!hahahhahaah!
Oi Darren!She's mine k!
muhahahaa..actually my sex orientation is Bi!!!So careful wor!

Let's have a mini competition...
Let's see who got the nicest "old look"...

Contestant 1:

Our Sexymama Cheryl!=)

Contestant 2:

Our chiobu Adeline..too chio to look old la!

Contestant 3:

The Forever Kawaii Regina!!!!!!

So what's ur vote???

Me & a Balenciaga Paris bag!Dun play play hoh..cost $2299!!!
Wah liew..is like about 1mth plus of my pay lo!!!!
But first time carry expensive and branded bag..quite..the same?

As you can see I got pictures than text..
firstly is becoz i am lazy to type..
secondly is we did more photo taking than other thing..

Kura Princess ^_^

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