31 May 2007

MAAD - 2nd & 3rd June

(Click on enlarge)

C u there on the 1st weekend of June!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

29 May 2007

Music Garage- PaPaRaZzi Night

Opening night for MG (9th Jun 2007)

"Music Garage is throwing a star studded opening party, Paparazzi Night, on the 9th June. Local artistes and stars will be invited. There will be performances by ever popular Juz B, cool Simon & Vin(Jin Bao) & Jae & Shinya(Former Lucify lead singer)"

Luv great music?
Luv to sway about with huge group of fun-love music lovers?
Why hesitate?
Go to http://www.musicgarage.com.sg to purchase tix at $5 NOW...

And you will get WHAT you WANT...

While stocks last.

Kura Princess ^_^

28 May 2007

TasteBuzz: Ivin - Sue Ann's Farewell Dinner

Our spolitbrat, Sue Ann will be leaving us..
30th is her last day at red dot..sobsob..
Thus, we had thrown a little farewell celebration for her..
SobSob..After 30th, no one to buy our favorite "BETTER THAN SEX"cookies..
No more "Whining & Shrieking & Haughtiness"from her..
No one to gossip with me anymore..sobsob..


Went Ivin to makan lo..
Food not bad..Cheap & good..=)

19/21 Binjai Park
Bt Timah
(Turn in when u see Caltex petrol)

Tel: 64683060
(Call in for Reservation or else no place one)

Beside all the mouth-watering food, we took few pictures!!!

Me & Syafik

Gladys, Carrie, Sue Ann, Suming & Syafik

Sue Ann, Suming, Syafik & Me!

Me & Phelim]

Phelim very nice one..always peel fish for me one..like papa liddat!!!
Who ask me is little gurl~~~

Me & Aaron, VP of red dot..

He arh....*sigh*

Me & my president, Ken..

Where got president & vice-president take such pix one???
Indeed, creative industry~~~

People who join red dot are fun ppl!!!
And of coz will feel sad if anyone leave us..

Sue Ann..
I will miss you!!!muaccccck!
Hope can go club together or go shopping!!!!!!!

Hope u will strive well in any where u go..
Stay Spolit!

Kura Princess ^_^

27 May 2007

Phantom of the Opera (20/05/2007)

So exciting!!!!!
First time in my life, I paid a lump sum of $ to watch a classic play!!!
$147 lo!Si bei Kui..*heartbreak*
Seating area..3rd floor 2nd row...-_-

Okay la..the view not that bad la..can still see..
Heng is 2nd row..if not..sianz..

Phantom of the opera is a LOVE story la..
Phantom luv Christine, who was used to replace the Soprano for a play..
Her talent was found but she was always play as 2nd fiddle..
Phantom created chances to make the board the lead actress in play by giving out threaten..
Things happen when the board go against the Phantom's instructions..
However, Christine only luv her man...
Phantom tried to grab her away & even force Christine to make her choice- either to marry him or see her love die..
Christine, to save her love..kissed Phantom..
Phantom was shocked and hurt..n let go Christine's love and let them go..

Noob, like me watching classic play..
Usually I go for those happening concert whereby i can sing and sway along..

But for classic play..Wah sey..
Singing much more power..alot of emotion inside..
So much that can make ur hair stand one & give that suan liuliu feeling lo..
At one part, where phantom of the opera sang when he cheng quan Christine & the lover to be together and fled..
I so gan dong till want to drop tears lo..
Can feel that he super heartbroken..

Then the effect...
So nice lo..I like the scene whereby Phantom & Christine went to secret place in a boat, rowing along the river..
They make use of dry ice to create the "river"...
So Phantom jz rowed and the boat move n as if row nearer to their destination..
All the lighted trees moved closer to each other is like trying to show that they r actually moving n things that look small n apart frm far..look closer n bigger as they came closer..
That sight is beautiful~~~

Not only that, in classic play..
Cannot talk, cannot eat/drink, cannt take picture..
Take picture of myself with my colleagues also cannot sia!
U just take out ur hp or cam out liao..
The usher come n nag at u liao..
I kana nagged twice..irritating~~~


It was a great experience..
Worthwhile experience..
Though at some part I nearly doze off...hahaha..
But no doubts the casts have excellent acting & deserve millions of applause!!!

Me, Eelyn, Sue Ann & Wileen

Me With Phantom Casts..hahahhaa!

Hope to see more play!!

Kura Princess ^_^

TasteBuzz- Jin Wei Seafood

Located at Blk345 Clementi Avenue 5.

Went there for Mummy's day Celebration..
An opportunity for you to eat restuarant-standard food at a REASONABLE price..
And it is from a ZHU CHAR Stall!!!
The price comes in a package..
IF I am not wrong..4 dishes is $48 for 4/5ppl, include everything even dessert!!!

One word: Delicious.
Deserve a try. I think is near "Orange Valley Nursing Home" 2 blocks & 3 roads away ba..

Kura Princess ^_^

20 May 2007

Sakae Sushi VS Paulaner

Oi Serene..as requested!hahahhahaaaa!

3rd May.
Sprinting Gurlz outing.
Last min one.
Yixin da jie fly us kite as usual.

Makan at Sakae Sushi.
LanLan..hei mei Jiaying insisted.
So LanLan..have to go.

Words no need many many.
Pix explains.
Some more got bonus. All Chiobus except Me.
I am CUTE not CHIO.

Me & Geraldine.
Feel inferior to see this pix. Sigh.
Why I got airport runway NEINEI?

Elva, Serene & Jiaying.
They just cant sit still. This pix was taken like at least 3times?
Coz they kept moving..got itchy backsides.

Pix at sakae nothing much.
Let's see Paulaner.
Good place. Good singing band. Good drink.
Damn GOOD lahz..
Regina si bei long winded..

Ta-Da..Paulaner, a german cuisine restaurant..at Millenia Walk..opposite Suntec convention..

Platter..i dunno called what..but is nice..
Only rem is the most ex one..hahahaha!

Lim BEER!!!WAAAAH!!!!Din noe Regina is an alcoholic?xp

Siao Charbo~~~

Me & Elva Act Cute..But we are cute wat!

Two Hua Chi..

So fun to go out w the gals..
Gossip. And Gossip. And more Gossip.
Enjoy their company.
They are such a cute bunch of jiemeis..hehehhee!

*Dun have ulterior intention on them wor!They are my meimeis like that

P.S: Got to try Paulaner..Rox k.

Kura Princess ^_^

19 May 2007

Fake Tourist in Spore (29th Apr to 1st May)

Being tourist in spore is so FUN!
Thanx to PeiPei and Chin Wei for coming over for a short holiday!
If not, I would never have the chance to visit so many tourist attractions at one time..

PeiPei is my niece and Chin Wei is her bf of like 6yrs lo..scary sia..
They miss me so come find me..
hahahhahaa..muz BO me mah..nxt time hv to serve tea to me one!

Anyway, out itnerary was quite tight lo..
So many places so little time!
Is like they have only 3days to chiong so many places lo..
And I cant drive..so sadz..

We went to the more famous places lo..
1. Night Safari
2. Sentosa
3. National Museum
4. Spore Discovery Centre

Dun ask me why we went spore Discovery Centre..
Sux man..nothing one!!!Grrrrr..waste my time la!

Oh ya..we also went "sightsee-ing" at Geylang & Changi in the car..
Wah say..the "objects"si bei happening lo..
Different nationalities one sia..mai siaosiao..
n come in all kind of ages and sizes!

We saw this Tua Pui Charbo kana preyed by one of the hungry horny predator lo!
F**k lo..her thigh is even bigger than ur backside lo!scary!
No wonder they said guys any gurl also can one..as long gt hole for them to stick their "gun" in can le..
Peng San sia~~

Suddenly feel that me and ah pei hv quite high market value sia..hahahhaa!

Night Safari is so Fun!!!
we enjoyed the show and the animals r fu*king cuTe la..
PuiPui one..just feel like bringing them home!

All 3 of us kana scared off by the stupid cheetah lo!
We were standing at the glass panel looking out for any cheetah..and guess what it ma chiam some army trained cheetah sneaked frm the side n walked along the glass panel..n we were jz separated by the glass panel frm it..
I scolded,"KNN la!my heart almost drop out la!"no kidding lo..really gt that "drop out"feeling lo!

I luv elephant!!!!got one of it called Chawang..even waved to us with its trunk..
So cute~~~~

Damn it..y no camera..kns..

Then for sentosa..
Wah!Happening sia!So fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
See so many things..
luv the wax human beings..so fun, the 4D show, the luge ride and of coz, dolphin show!!!!

At the WAX human beings place..

(WAAAAAAAAAH!!!Me is DA LI SHI!!!!!!!!Muscle Muscle!!!)

(Wat should I cook tonight for my qing ai de?)

(Muhahhahahaaaaa!Chin Wei..run faster!you fat pig!)

(Hmmm..Wo yao wen yin yuan..who will be my future hubby?)

(Tian Mi Mi..ni xiao ge tian mi mi....hao lan man ar!)

(NVM!I got him!!!Opps! Horny me grabbing his *toot*)

(Waaaah!Our very own shoes house!!!!)

(My prayer has been fulfiled!Look at him..Soo macho..luv u baby!)


My fav shot at Sentosa..
My fav shot at Sentosa..
My fav shot at Sentosa..

OMG!She is so cute!!!!!!
Luv Dolphin so muchzzzz...
They are so clever!!!

Damn..I Zao Geng again..
Wateva la..Look at me!Smile till ma chiam strike 4D!
Nvr gg to 4get this close moment w my dolphin!!!
Her skin is so dry...

I want to keep one too!!!!!

National Museum and Spore Discovery Centre.
Boring.Full stop.That's it.

Of coz my hao zi nu want to shop..
We went bugis street to jalan jalan..
Wah kao!PeiPei arh..buay tahan her lo!
She wan 2 jalan sm shoes..
But her yao qiu duo duo lo..n her feet is like size 4 lo..
then she wan ribbon, white, not so high not so flat..wat the hell lo..
how to find..indeed, cannt find..

Walk till my thigh cramp lo..

Since they were here and my mama bdae was on the 30th..
We went for a little celebration..
Brought them to Tong Shui Cafe..

Quan jia Fu

Daddy kana forced to eat cake..
Sweet isn't it???

Kura Princess ^_^

07 May 2007


Sorry for keeping u guys waiting for so long!!!
My laptop crashed..yes..both laptops..my home laptop and office laptop..
How LUCKY can I be???

I cut my hair..
and coloured Copper Brown!!!

No more boyboy look le..
I going for girly look now..
But still punk & rock at times la..
Girly punk & rock...hehehhehe! xp

Creative haircut..
One side short and another side long..
Behind is sloped haircut...
Pretty mahz???

Rainus pei me go one..
so nice of her..
She wanted to perm her hair so went with me to ask for the pricing w my hairdresser..

But nice rite my hair?

One last glance of ...

the two chiobus...

Kura Princess ^_^

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