30 November 2005

Boring Outing- 29th Nov

So Sian!!!
I went out with Jasonz and his other 3buddies..
U noe why sian???All males and no female except me!

Too bad Kris and Sharon can't join us..
Officer always so busy!!!Can't wait to see Sharon!!!
Oh yah..Eve coming to Singapore too!!!Hope to see her too!!!
I have been alone all the while, mixing with the guys..
U noe how boring guys can be..especially old men..

We went Newton for dinner..suppose to be Geylang..Boring!!!
Ok, we ate bbq food, satay, oyster egg and so on..
I think i din eat much..coz I wasn't too full..

Must be Jiawei..Eat so much!!!Got double chin le still eat..
Fatty Ass!!!

After that, the guys wanna to go plan LAN..
Yuck!So boring..
But no choice..Got to go along..Boring again!!!

Tried playing CS with them..
But I sux in it..I was killed most of the time..yeah, always kana "backstabbed"!
But I still brought a victory to the Counter terrorist team once..
Jiawei and Jasonz die..So i killed Ah boon and Zhixiong..
Who says I dunno how to play!!!

I get bored after awhile so I play Maplestory instead..
Sound stupid..but Maplestory in LAN shop?
Might as well go mcdonald and play..FREE somemore!!!

Oh yah..Got something to share..
Jiawei and Stupid Jasonz gave all the GFs a special name "CO"
U noe what it means???
"CO" mean Commanding Officer!!!

Hey Girls!Are we dat commanding???
No wat!!!Stupid people!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

Quiz-Cheryl forced me to do!!!

Three names you go by
1. Regina
2. Ribena
3. Hui Lin

Three screen names you've had
1. Ribena
2. Slow Moving Turtle
3. And erm???

Three physical things you like about yourself
1. Great smile
2. Huge Bambi Eyes
3. Straight hair

Three physical things you don't like about yourself
1. Oily Skin
2. Big BUTT
3. Mini breast

Three parts of your heritage
1. Chinese
2. Hokkien
3. Japanese/Spanish/Cantonese? hehe!

Three things that scare you
1. Losing my leg
2. Death
3. Losing friends and loved ones

Three of your everyday essentials
1. Food
2. Burping
3. Farting

Three things you are wearing right now
1. panties with sanitary pad
2. Polo Tee
3. FBT shorts

Three of your favorite bands/musical artists
1. David Tao
2. Black Eyed Peas
3. Daniel Chan even he is gone!

Three of your favorite songs (this week)
1. Jay - Feng
2. David Tao- Ai Wo Hai Si Ta
3. Luo Zhi Xiang – Zi wo Cui Mian

Three new things you want to try in the next 12 months1
. Be the NICEST girl in the whole damn world!
2. WIN a Medal!!!
3. Try to get into the ENTERTAINMENT world!

Three things you want in a relationship
1. Trust
2. Give and Take
3. Telepathy

Two truths and a lie
1. I felt useless and not talented
2. I have many great Friends!
3. I LOVE U!

Three things about the opposite sex that appeal to me
1. Quiet Personality
2. Have goals in life
3. Tanned, Muscular with nice features

Three of your favorite hobbies
1. Talk Crap!
2. Write Crap!
3. Eat Crabs!

Three things you want to do really badly right now
1. Eat my dinner
2. Kick Jason’s Ass
3. Chop off my leg!

Three careers you're considering
1. Event Organiser of concerts
2. Hotel Line
3. Singer/ Host/ Actress/ News Reader?

Three places I want to go on vacation
1. Egypt
2. Spain
3. Mongolia

Three things to do before I die
1. Have Sex
2. Apologise for all my wrongdoings
3. Tell Everyone I luv them!

Three celeb crushes
1. Won Bin
2. Edison Chen
3. Wilber Pan

Kura Princess ^_^

29 November 2005


"Argh"was the first noise i made when i opened my eyes..

It still have the numb feeling..
My lower back still feel the pull and my ankle felt weird too..
But nonetheless, my knee felt the worst..

I tried walking..
And i could hardly walk..
When move I made..I felt my joints brushing each other n made the "click-clang" sound..

I burst into tears when I was showering..
I thought about the circumstances..And right now, I am freaking scared and pissed..
I can imagine how Uncle Tan going to twist my "Geng" and twist my back..
*ouch*i thought..

It have been a long time eversince i wore a knee guard..
But knee guard could not gimme full protection too..
I felt the numbness even when i sit..
I was so irritated that i could not sit still and listen to class..
I felt bei cey the whole day..wanting to bite and punch sm1..

Yes I am seriously affected..

Kura Princess ^_^

28 November 2005

Over my Limit, My Knee said..

Many people would not understand and would not be able to empathize.
But my kneecap is really GONE...
It's an injury that will never recover...
Some of u might say ur knee oso pain. But think about it...
Issit the same case as me???
Mine is not overstrained or wat...
Well, I think junsheng will understand how I feel...

No matter how much I see the Chinese doctor, it will never recover...
Not even any medicine like glucosamine which help to strengthen joint...
I can only stop it from worsening...
I remembered what he told me on our 1st meeting...

Sinseh: Ur "Geng" is stuck between ur joint..and ur joints are rubbing each other.
This result ur joint plate to get thinner..

Me: Huh..But I still got wushu..

Sinseh: Is u continue to do wushu..one day the plate will be gone and U might need to go for an op or become a cripple in the future..

Believe me, I was shocked and scared at the same time..
But good thing is he helped to make my knee better..
Before I visit him, my knee would just collapse and would fell when I was walking..
But now, it did not happen anymore..

When I told him I wanted to join canoeing, he discouraged me..

I ignored his advice n joined canoeing. But of course, there is a price to pay..
I have to visit him regularly..
And every visit, I would scream my head off and sometime, the pain is so unbearable that I could not even shed a tear..

On Monday training, I really ran over my limit..I kept feeling a sharp pain in my knee..
And the "Geng" is pulling all the way to my lower back..
It was so jialat that my joints start to produce "Click-clang" sound as I ran..

Of course I was angry when WQ kept pushing me to run..
I noe his intention but sometime, not everything can be push over the limit..
I certainly dun want to become a cripple or go for an op..
I dun want to regret for my whole life..

I apologized for my act cute action after the run..
I was angry..very angry..
And I dunno how to let it out..And have no intention to scold ppl..
So I let it out in dat way..

Just let me complain and I will feel better..
It's definitely better than I cry or scold bad words..

Now, I could not even sit in peace..
My whole leg from the ankle to my lower back is in pain..
The whole stretch of "Geng" already kana pulled le..
It never happened before..
I cannot imagine how loud I will scream or tear when I visit my doctor next week..

U think I dun want a perfect knee and run like anyone of u???
Based on my competitive personality, I would want 2 outrun everyone..
But I can't now..
Everything is not as simple as “Mind Over Body” and “Endure”..
The fact is the pain is traumatizing that ur mind cannot ignore..
So sometime is not I dun want to run or CHAO GENG..
But it’s really over the limit of my knee..

I am only 19 this year..I definitely still have a many years to go..
I do not want to forgone sports for the rest of my life..

I believe u guys dun want me to regret and be a cripple too right???

Kura Princess ^_^

27 November 2005

Jasonz's Birthday Special

Mmm..U guys must have waited for a long time man..
Finally, I am ready to write about Jasonz's birthday activities!!!
So..I think it will be a bit lengthy and took a long time to load due to large number of pic!

Ok, i start le huh..
Let me see..Woah!!!i spent like $400 on his stupid bdae loh!!!
Heart pain sia..ouchouch!
So what i spent on him???

Mushroom pot and David Tao's concert..
*heart still cracking*Sian..he better spend more than dat on my bdae!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Met the M&M chocolates at Centrepoint!!!

The Mushroom Pot
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Welcome to The Mushroom Pot!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Lime juice with Aloe Vera and Soursop drink!
The aloe vera damn big n juicy!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
(Left: Mushroom salad(Rating: 1/10); Right:Honey Monkey mushroom head)
I like the monkey head!!! (Rating: 10/10!)
More Mushroom..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Mushroom roll..Yuck!!!All mush!!! Rating: -10/10
And More Mushroom!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Hot Pot for 2!!!So many mushroom!!! (Rating: 4/10)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
(Left: That is what Jasonz eat; Right: I ate those!!!)
Yuck!!!I really really really hate Mushroom!!!See no mushroom on my plate!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Jasonz got a phobia in mushroom le!!!
Eek..u see the pot black black one!!!Mush soup base!Yuck!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
Peach Fantasy!!!Still got seed inside that made of chocolate!
(Rating: 8/10)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Cherry Choco!!!Very Nice..Plain yet Nice!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Ice Cream..Of course we enjoy!At least it's not mushroom ice cream!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Look what is Jasonz eating???Is FULL CREAM!!!No wonder nvr lose weight!!!

Mmm..I still hate MUSHROOM!!! Mushroom Suck!!!

David Tao's Concert
We attended David Tao's concert n 26th of Nov..
Mmm..What can I say about the concert???
Mmm..I am not a big fan of his, just that Jasonz like him alot!
Well, I do appreciate his music..and many do too!

It was FULL HOUSE!!!
David started it off with several somersaults in the air..
(Of coz with a string attached..Dun tink he wld want to risk his life!!!)
Then he followed on with his songs..

So happy to hear him sing all the songs i like, like "Ai hen Jian Dan", "My anata" and
"Ai wo hai shi ta"...So nice!!!

Mmm..His fans were not very "ON" lah..Mostly in the twenties and so..
So it's hard for Ah tao to make everyone HIGH!!!
But he certainly make many HIGH..just those few "aunties" and "uncles"..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Of coz I would enjoy myself..
I was practically swaying here n there with my electric light stick!!!
I was abit annoyed when i see some not enjoying..feel like pulling them up n said,
"hey come on..let's dance man!!!"

Jasonz was abit worried dat we would block other when we stood up and asked,
"wo men hui bu hui ding dao bei ren???"
So i replied," Who cares?kan bu dao then zai qi lai loh!"

Well..David sang it really well..So R nB..Very NICE!
It's so different from Mingzhe had told me..he told me he bascially sang it with
his guitar and piano..n dat's all..

Mmm..For those younger fans..they were like a troop of army ant dashing toward
Ah tao when he came down to shake hand with his fans..
Some of them sang his song into his mic too..
Woah..it was straining to my ear man..

I like him more after this concert..
I like him as he is always promoting young talents..
He got several singaporean talent to play his music n so on..
He even invited the mentally handicapped ppl to attend it for FREE!!!
So kind hearted or issit part of self-promoting???

Overall Rating: 7/10!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Well..I wrote those things dat Jasonz din mentioned..so maybe u can go his blog n check out too!

Oh yah..After the concert..we went NEWTON to have supper!!
So fattening loh!!!
We ordered BBQ Stingray, Fried hokkien mee and Prawn noodle..
VERY VERY NICE!!!Rate 10 upon 10!!!

Mmm..I thought i shldn't eat so much..
My dad was like insulting me when i reached home..
He commented dat i grew so FAT with laughter!!!
Meanie DAD!!!

Okok..Sorry for the superduper long entry..
Mmm..Hope jasonz really enjoy n he better bring me oversea for my bdae!

Kura Princess ^_^

24 November 2005

University Or Work?

This morning, my dad had a little talk with me..
We were chatting about my future path..
He hopes that I would continue my studies in university..

He said he could go on a bank loan in order to let me study..
But I think is quite a hazzle for him since he is in his 50's le..
Some more my brother so mei you yong..

I hope I could specialized in Tourism and work in hotel aspect..
But with my no experience status now, it might not be easy to get a job in hotel industry..

I thought I could study full time but that thought was tarnished when my dad told me he could not pay up all his debts yet..

Now I dunno how..
He wanted me to study full time but i noe i had to depend on myself for the fees..
So dunno opt for full time or part time..*Sigh*

Kura Princess ^_^

Dine In Aisyah's House

Dunno how long but it has been ages that we met up for a little dinner..
So glad that Aisyah invited me over her house for a small hari raya eating

Clarice, Sin Yee, Lai Quin and Eunice(Aisyah's poly fren) were invited too..
I was expecting Nat but she chose her bf over us..BAKA!
We did some gossiping..and greedy us ate damn lot of the cookies made by her mama!
But I was quite surprised that Laiquin, the greedy-always hungry girl din eat much!!!
Imagine her eating ability of a whole tray of beehoon went down to a plate of meehoon!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Aisyah's baby neighbour!!!So cute rite???He damn cute lah!
Dun smile, dun cry, dun do anything but FROWN!!!So chubby!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Future Mums!!!See "my" baby looked so cool..
Aisyah looked so motherly!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Little but very delicious!!! See!!!Even Clarice enjoyed!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Cute girls huh???HaHa!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Oh yah..She is our cook!!!

So glad to meet the girls again!!! Let's meet up when Syaima back from Aust!

Kura Princess ^_^

22 November 2005

My Kawaii Pics are Back!

Yipeee!Guess what??
I guess i am the happiest girl now!!!

Some kind souls from BFS found and returned my beloved handphone!!!
HeHe..So nice of them!Luv them man!!!
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Kura Princess ^_^

21 November 2005


Aiyoh..I lost my handphone..
Mmm..I think is either on my negligence or the person in charge's fault..

I only found out after my NAPFA..
Mmm..Happy to get a Gold Award..
Get my personal best timing for 2.4km--12.55min!

But still, lost my hp..
Dun call me for the time being..
I can't believe I am so calm..I still can talk to the guy who was searching with me about specialization..
And instead, I calmed him down, telling him not to worry..
Funny right?
What has this world become?

Say goodbye to tweenty pic(my macdonald ger), ballball's pic(my hamster)
and so on..
And to my many many contacts..

M1 will only send me a new SIM card tml..
WhaT'S the point???
All my kawaii pic n contact all gone..

Kura Princess ^_^

Am I covered by Fake Skin???

Argh...!Why am I always hiding under my fake skin???
I find it hard to be myself infront of people most of the time..
I felt myself so fake..

Whatever I said and behaved, I got to think twice..
"Will this offend people?", "Will I be condemn if I did this?"
Sometime people said I think too much but if I dun tink..
It's will be kinda of bad to me if I just spill out whatever
I am not happy about..
People will hate me..but it is contradicting..
Most people told me to be myself but I can't..
In fact, I am thinking all the time..trying to alter my personality to fit
into the crowd or something..

Even in my blog, I got to watch what I am typing sometime..
I am so tired..Tired of being a girl with a mask..
In fact, I only show the real me to people who i close to, especially friends with labels..

The real me is really a quiet and lonely girl..
That why I always do funny thing to catch attention..
Yes, I am an attention seeker..
It is to hide the low esteem side of me..
Sometime I would keep quiet and not get involved in topic..
Becoz I felt that not involving might mean no trouble like being called
a "Big mouth" or something..

I am quite a quick tempered person..but I normally will ctrl
my temper to my friends..

But of coz i got a limit of tolerance..
3 simple levels..
1st level- Cry and I will scold or nag at u if you cross this..

2nd level- Scold u "Fuck u lah" with fire in my eyes..

3rd level- Punch or kick you real hard man!!!

Yeah..Get bored over it..Just let me complain..
Tired of living..Tired of being covered by fake skin..

Kura Princess ^_^

17 November 2005

Clemence Fall For It!!!

Me: Hi dearie..Got miss me???

That what I msg Clemence..
Sad to say, he did not have my hp number..
So I did that to test his reaction!!!

About an hour later, I received a msg..
It was Clemence..

Clem: Urm..May I know who is this???

Me: U mean u forget who am i???U r so mean!!!

Clem: So sorry..I lost my hp recently..so sort of lost most of the numbers..so may i noe who r u???

Me: Cindy..Remember???
(I oso dunno y i use the name "Cindy"..Guess it is common enough and sound sweet!)

Clemence: Which Cindy???R u an ex-hkss?

Me: No!!!U really forget me!!!Hmpf!

Clemence: Sorry..Coz i got 3 frens called Cindy..One from ex-hkss, one from my working place and another is...(I 4get!!!) n I lost my hp recently!!!U from what school?

Me: No..I from SP..

Clemence: Urm..So how do i get to know u?Can help me refresh my memory?

Me: Erm..I oso cannot remember..think thru frens or smth?

Clemence: U got friendster??Can gimme ur email?
(How chee hong!)

Me: U gimme urs ba..I add u..

Clemence: #$%@&*@hotmail.com.. What's urs?

Me: I add u lah..I go cca le!!!

Ok, I did not msg him or contact him after that..
The next night..

Clemence: Hey..it's doesn't seem that i rem u..

Me: Urm..nvm..u can noe more me n rem me..

Clemence:What's ur email???

Me: xiaoblueblack@hotmail.com
(Shit..i used jasonz's email)

Around 30mins laters..
Clemence: ARgh!Partner!How could u play me!!!

Me:How u noe?

Clemence:I saw ur pic in friendster..

I was like shit man..cannot play him le..sian..Lousy me, forget about jasonz' friendster n my pic being uploaded!!!

Mmm..I dunno why i did that..just for fun lah!!!HeHeHe!

Kura Princess ^_^

16 November 2005

Scary Dentist!!!

Yes, I was hoping my dentist will be a great handsome young man..But it turned out to be a female..Baka-nei!!!
Female, nevermind about it..This female dentist was like keep asking me super lame questions likeWhy come for dental?"I was like,"To wash my teeth.."

Wah liew, i dunno a simple cleaning process got to carry out like some surgery liddat..I gt two dentist to handle my teeth..One of them hold the mini mirror n scripper(I guess!) and another took smth like a "duster" machine to dust away the stuff in between my tooth..

Firstly, they scrapped my tooth..It really hurt loh!!!Freaking painful!They poked every edge of my gum till it bled!Yeah, spilled out lot of blood man..Then, they went on to polish my teeth..And yes, they were like two kids playing with my mouth..pull here n there..I guess i looked horrid loh!!!

Then came the last part..I dunno what is the purpose..But i saw one of them took out a big hose n stuff into my mouth!I felt sandy in my mouth..Could not see well as i was told to close my eye..Well, i took a peek and i regretted it..The sand went into my eyes and my whole face was full of dat freaking sand!

Finally it was done..Never felt so nervous and painful man..Imagine the tube in my mouth..Gosh!Let me see..think got 6years din wash teeth le ba..yuck!But the dentist praised me for having good teeth..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
My teeth so clean right!!!Well-polished somemore!

After that, we went on to Lot1 sistic to get two tickets..
It's a birthday present for Jasonz..
David Tao's Concert on 26th of Nov..Costing me a total of $280!!!
Wah liew!!!My bank left not much money le!!!Sian lah..
Super Ex loh!!!Never buy so expensive stuff in my life man!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Look at the amount!!!$140 each!!!
Better be a nice concert one!

Oh yah..Before our dental appointment, we ate at a hawker centre near Jasonz’s
Workplace---6th Avenue..
Wah, the chicken briyani and xiao long bao damn nice lah!!!
Next time bring u guys go for a lunch or dinner man!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

13 November 2005

Sorry Guys

Guys..sorry if I had made the whole atmosphere very tensed up during lunch
beach road..I din meant it..
I was down since morning..I tried my best not to affect the whole training le..
But until lunch, I could not tahan but break down..
I could not put on a brave or happy front anymore..

Kura Princess ^_^

08 November 2005

Happy but Tired Day

Argh..as i said I am tired..
So I shall make my entry short and sweet..

Mmm..I am glad I had made things clear to Qing Ying and Cass..
And so thankful they understand..:) Yipeee!!!
Hope they would enjoy in their new group..
Yup..I formed new group with Cheryl, Adeline, Rudith and Joan..
Cool people huh!!!

Mmm..At the same time, I was appointed as the HPM rep!!!Yipeee!

HeHeHe..Today we had HPM tutorial!!!Yipeee!!!
Stupid girls dare me to give the rose to Andy Oh..
I agreed and grinned..
And guess what I did???

I was like,"Eh Andy!This is the rose from Cheryl..She told me to pass it to u,"
The girls were like laughing hilarously!!!Hahaha!
Cheryl was shocked and showed me that middle finger..hahaha!
Wei..see who u r daring next time man!

Oh yah, so where did I can those rose???
Thanx to Adeline and Cheryl..
They sabo me to join some stupid "Tupperwave Beauty Contest"..
Cheryl filled up those particulars..She wrote my "talent" as "Act Cute" n my "Hobby" is
"Taking foto"and my "Ambition" is to be "TaiTai"..KNS!!!

But I got something in return lah..
Got some magazine, a rose and a tupperware?hahaha..
Quite cool..never join this kind of stupid contest..still need to pose photo..
Yeah..I act cute..forced to..hahaha..


Kura Princess ^_^

07 November 2005

For Juniors..

I can see that the juniors are training hard for the marathon..
So glad to see everyone is pushing themselves..

During training today, Elva collasped!!!
I thought she gave up halfway and was encouraging to continue..
Din noe what was going on until Jiaying ran over and blurted it that Elva
kana this before..Think due to blood circulation or wat..
Seeing her in a semi-conscious state, I was very worried..
But glad she was alright after awhile..:)
Elva..Dun overtrain..I know you want to train but got to know the limit..

One of the junior girl was upset and had lost confidence in herself..
I was beside her and she told me about everything..
I was shocked then..because she said the exactly the same thing I said to Jasonz after my capsize during the IVP..
Girl, I noe how u feel..U r like me..have great expectation, join canoe in yr2 and have injury..
But, never lose confidence in urself ok???

If u really dun want to disappoint urself further, then work harder but take care of ur body
at the same time...
But this thing have to take time ok???
I not good in words but hope u noe what i mean ok???

Well..same to the rest of the juniors..
Must take good care of ur body and not fall sick...
Mmm, for the 1st time, I would agree to what Eugene said..
Set a goal for urself and u noe what u want to achieve!!!

Jia You!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

06 November 2005

Trust Me Ok?

Well..I might not show it on my facial expression but indeed, I was quite disturbed by it.
U can say i xiang tai duo but yes, i am dat sensitive..
But have u guys understand how i feel?
U guys might not know it but sometime, some people are not very tactful in words..

I noe some of you did it to shield something so I tend to 4get about it..
But, I swear..
I will not spill it or say a word even I am threatened to be killed..
Just that I was quite disappointed on the level of trust of some people have in me..
In words, people say they trust me but in subconsciously, they dun..
Probably they still think that I am an IBM..
This makes me feel very outcasted sometime..
Well, if people are not happy with me..just tell me..
And i will slowly leave..and i mean "leaving for good"..

I noe what I am doing and suppose to say..
I am not some 3yrs old kid..
So please trust me...

Kura Princess ^_^

05 November 2005

Why I can't be MYSELF???

There something I dun understand..
Issit that hard to be myself???
Why can't I behave I used to be..?

If I looked back, I guess only people in my primary school see the real me..
I was quite a gangster in primary school like a"Da jie da"..
When the girls kana bullied by boys, I will stand up for them..
I still remember how I threw a water bottle to throw a boy..
And his whole neck was swollen and was crying...
I still remember how I caused this guy to see the teacher when he tore my shirt
while playing..
I still remember how honest I am..
I could spill out secret to this person if i think this person is supposed to noe and he/she was involved..
In that time, I can show how i feel to anyone..

But now, I cannot be what I used to be...
Sometime, I felt myself so fake..
I could not do anything if i see anything that is not righteous..
I got to think twice of what i am saying..
I have to hide my real feeling in order not to affect other people..

Well, all these things probably only my "sisters" from primary school would noe..
Only infront of them, I could display my real self..
Only them, I could trust most..
They are indeed my life time friends...

Label for Friends..

As time went past, I tend to give label for friends..
When I give this label such as "sister" and "buddy"..
it means is someone that I could really show my real personality and comfortable to talk to..

But a label is always a label..
Whether these people will become my lifetime friends still depend on frequency on contact in the future..
And whether the person treat u the same way as u treat him/her..
I might be treating the person as the best friend but the person might just treat me as friend..

So far, I only got 3 life time friends..
They are Peishan and Kunrui from primary school and Laiquin from secondary school..
So who will become my lifetime friends from poly???
Well, the funny thing is Kunrui and peishan were not my good friends in school..
I met Kunrui during a story telling competition and i snapped at her when she won..
As for peishan, I met her through prefect duty..yeah, I was a gangster prefect..hehe!

Laiquin..Mmm..Know her in sec3 class..
ALways beat her up when she slept in class..
She was a super guai prefect and I was still abit of gangster..
Amazing right???HeHeHe..

I was wondering who will be my lifetime friend from poly..
Maybe from TB25?Maybe from TB52?Maybe from NACC?
I really dunno..

Kura Princess ^_^

02 November 2005

My Favourite Semester!!!

After 3 long years of waiting, I finally get to study TOURISM!!!
Yeah, I enrolled into business because I luv Tourism!!!
So, got to get all ADs for all modules..GPA 4.0!
Hehehe..Sure can..if i try hard enough...and that is if i am hardworking
enough to try..hehehe!

Attended my 1st lecture today..
Woo..there will only be 3 classes for this semester TLM..
Which mean i will have more chances to talk to my cute lecturer!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Andy Oh, my Hospitality and Resort Managment lecturer

Mmm..he looks better in person..So ugly and old in the pic..Yuck!
Guess cute and charming guy is not photogenic..
Probably in his late 20's or early 30's..
Damn cute lah..
Worked in Grand Hyatt Hotel(My dream workplace!) and Inter-continental Hotel before!
Oh my god!!!Cool!!!

I was like "wow"..finally got a lecturer that look like human being!!!
I was so excited that I could not sit still...
Neeky suffered man..She was falling asleep when i woke her up and nagged at her..
U see the point..
Why should you sleep when u gt a cute lecturer?Right?

I felt so much to say "Cher, I dunno what is Fullerton Hotel"when he asked about it..
Mmm..I thought that was perfect way to grab his special attention right?

Cheryl, Adeline and Ana!!!Dun u dare to snatch away my HPM module rep!
I volunnteer myself man!!!

The war shall begin...

Kura Princess ^_^

01 November 2005

Green Shopping Day!!!

Woah!!!So happy today!!!

I went shopping today!!!Yipeeeeeeee!!!
Jasonz and I were loitering around orchard to look for a place to have dinner.
And guess what?
We saw Denise and Eugene loitering around in Wheel lock place..
Abit shocked lah..thought will only see them in gym room..

Choosing high and low, finally we decided on Baker’s Inn in Paragon..
Sian loh, they changed their menu..
I ate Caesaer Salad and Iced Mint Chocolate while Jasonz had Seafood pasta and Iced Lime..Mmm, to quench my little craving, I ordered chocolate fondant..
Yummy!!!Nice loh!!!HEhehe!
Chocolate makes a girl happy!!!

After the hearty dinner, I went shopping for new clothes!!!
Eversince I become bigger, I could only visit branded shops..
Coz only there gt my size!Thanx to WQ!
I like some rich ass liddat, grabbing clothes here n there to try..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Got this from FRESH IMP at $29.90.
Jasonz paid for me.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Got this from 77th Street at $43..
Heart pain!Coz I pay myself..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Got this green top from MAMBO at $59..
I thought it was nice and it hide the fact about my broader shoulder!
And it’s girlish..Got to change my dress sense!
Turning 20 soon..yao you nu ren wei yi dian!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Turtle Keychains from Action City!!!
Cute right???
Eh..now then I realized that I was quite “greenish”today..
Have salad then bought two green tops and a green turtle keychain!
Cool right??HeHeHe..

So song lo..I spent like $100plus on my own stuff..
Si bei shuang!!!
Zuo nu ren jiu yao cong zi ji!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

Happy Halloween Nite!!!

Truthfully, I did not enjoy clubbing last night..
Yes, I was in frustration when I am writing this entry..
In fact, I was super du lan...

I was doing abit of dirty dancing with this particular “guy” but pissed when he did right infront of my bf...
And he went down right below, infront of me..
Felt so unrespected..so I bu geng mian zi..
Dance with him, but look at Jasonz and sayang Jasonz...
F*ck! Freaking pissed off!!!

Well, the crowd was ok ydae...
Many people dressed up..got people dressed up as
Table, Chinese ghosts, Batman, The Mask, CSI team, Egyptian princess n Austin Power so on..
All of them look damn cool!
Some one even bring “Guan Fu” to real life lah!!!
Some convicts were executed by some huge fat moustache men with a super huge knife!!!
I was playing along with the crowd too..
Some gals act a Dracula want to bite me..so I tried to bite them too!!!
And guess what, I ate abit of their face paint..
Yuck!!!Trust me, it doesn’t taste good!!!

Well..we looked like a bunch of funny noobs..
Jumping here and there in lab coat and masks..
And yup, with some fake skin and blood..
Wah..the fake skin sucks lah! Smell like ammonia. and we got a hard time
peeling it off...
I can feel my skin tearing apart then!!!
But we were cute lah...hahaha!
But all of us got to pay for the entrance fees coz we were not in costume..
Well, I guess CUTE does not work..

Throughout the dance,
I was trying to make myself “High” and started dancing wildly..
Hoping to bring out the wild side of the rest..
But I think Clement did a better job than me..
he was totally insane!!!
Tried dancing with him at the 1st layer of block but dunno hw to pei he him..
So came down after awhile..

And the rest, including my bf like dunno how to react..
Stupid Bud kept holding his mask against me like I super turned off lah..
He even pointed middle fingers at me..So mean!
Was at the urge of slapping him and scold “f*ck u”
But I controlled it, knowing his pattern..
Si bei sian!!! That why I keep hibernating in zouk…
And the music quite sucky..

But bud very funny!!!Haha!!!
He kept fighting with the Bunny Mascot..Siao tahbo!
Every dance step he initiated was to hit the bunny!
Yeah, he and jasonz was trying to open up the space..hahaha!
Thank Guys!!!

Well, I think all the guys, except Dennis were happy that the girls were buaying them..
F*ck the girls who buay Jasonz..Careful I buay them with my sai!

Erm.. I do not enjoy as much as the 1st time I went with Tony they all..
At least they danced with me..
Maybe Jasonz was there..that why all those dare..n another thing is it was a 1st time
For some of them...

Well. that’s what Donghan said!!!He said he haven show me his power!!!
Hoho! Hope to see your real power next time!!!
But, I will make sure my boyfriend will not be around...*Wink*

Kura Princess ^_^

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