31 December 2007

2008, quick quick come!!!!

It's like less than 6hours to 2008!!!

2007 has been a really bad year for me...
So drama..

Do what also not smooth..
Eat what also buai song..
Sucky year yea..


Finally it gonna be over soon!!!

And i had a new haircut to welcome the brand new year~~~

Hip Hip Hurray~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In this brand new 2008..
Hope my luv life, studies, job, social life all shun shun li li...
Hope my family stay healthy & happy..
Hope all my friends have an enjoyable year & achieve their goals..


I gonna be 22 soon.

Happy New Year peeps!!!
Last kiss of 2007~~~

Kura Princess ^_^

30 December 2007

Do we need to be taught to cook maggi mee?

Feeling bored.
Surf the youtube website and found this.

My god~~
Come on..it is maggi mee lo..
Or..instant noodle..-_-"

I can cook better than that lo..
Well anyone can wat!!!
He made it sound as if it is so rare..-_-"

Kura Princess ^_^

Can you eat that much?

4.9kg ramen leh!!!

My god!!!!!
I want I want to eaT that man!

Can I finish those?
I am not sure..
But I think i can finish that Gyoza..^_^

I am such a glutton~~~

Kura Princess ^_^

25 December 2007

TasteBuzz: Noodle House Ken

Went for xmas dinner@orchard plaza.

Char Siew Ramen+ an additional egg ($12+$2= $14)

Miso Ramen ($12)


1) Ambience
I think the ambience was not bad. A very quiet place. Definitely a good getaway from a the busy noisy orchard road.

2) Price

3) Taste
Not that fantastic. The broth for miso ramen was too thick. Dun really like it. But for the char siew broth still not bad.

The char siew is good. The egg..hmm..not that fantastic leh. Taste artificial. Weird Weird one. The ramen..hmm..dun really fancy it. But it has no msg. So still consider healthy. The portion was huge too. Almost explode!hahahaa!


Nothing to wow about.
Damn healthy. No oil one.


Orchard Plaza #01-17/18
150 Orchard Road (S)238841

Kura Princess ^_^

24 December 2007

Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year

Sorry guys for missing out the fun on sat!!!!
I really want to go but I was stuck in the kitchen..
But heard it was fun..envy!

As for the rest,

Happy holiday!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

23 December 2007

X'Mas Baking

Thanx to our Ms. Poying for being so nice to lend me her oven!!!
She was nice to agree to lend me & bake Chocolate Nut Bar together..
So hard to find a oven tisdays..


We created a big mess in it!!!
5 kudos to PY's mama for helping us man..
Xie Xie Mdm Wong~~
Xie Xie PY's sis & bf for the dinner too!hahahaha!

Oh well..PY blogged on this too..
Gonna be some similarities lo..

PY stayed in Bishan..
And i got to travel all the way up there..
It has been quite some time since I last went to Bishan..
As usual, the long train ride made me a little biz sleepyz..

Reached at Bishan @ 1.30pm..
Went to buy ingredients and bought card-making materials too..
Both of us are quite a "NOOB" to baking bahz..
Even got problem with buying ingredients sia..

But anyway, we managed to buy everything!!!
And get started like around 4..

Everything is here.

Alright! let's tied our hair back and get started!!!!

We were so excited lo..
Both of us suppose to be very ROUGH charbo yet we are doing such thing for our guys..

Gosh...Major transformation.

I see my future.
Darn it. I dun wan to be a "Yellow-faced woman"..

Whisp the butter, sugar & flour...
Spread onto the tray...
PY more pro in that..i sux in that..

Put them into the hot oven..
Continue with our chocolate stirring..
& it went chautah!!!!ARGHZZZZZZZZ!!!!

Sian abit.
Went nearby to buy more chocolate.

Thought things will be perfect le..
Who knows..

It's just the beginning...

The bottom layer of the cooKies din turn ouT well..
Crushed easily..=(
In the end got to throw away 2 trays..
Chocolate also not enough..=(

So sad..make ourselves damn ugly for the guys..

Chocolate NUt bar in the receipe book..


We just abandoned the chocolate nut bar and make normal chocolate chip cooKies with it..


We continued with our 2nd and only hope.
The gingerbread men....

Failed 1st attempt..But heng, it went well in the end..

A lot of hard work decorating it lo..
Till my hand trembled..
Till my back & neck aching.,
Need a 10-hands massage manz...



Tis is mine!!!
Macho bf with pointy nipplies & big balls + Pretty Hawallian babe (me)
Actually want to add a super long penis..but Py stopped me from being such a horny bitch..

PY's one..
Hmmm.."Superman" bf + San-Mao chiobu


It was fun but really tiring lo..
By the time we finished with everything..
it was already like 11plus at night!!!

Kudos to my daddy for fetching me home! =)
So loved.

Sian-ed Sian-ed..
Go home still draw xmas card..
Heng..i got abit of talent in copying comic book drawing..
If not..i will be more frustrated and sian-ed lo!
Regina so bhb!

For the guys..
Worth it mahz..

He better say nice lo..
If not..i will pull out the "balls" of the macho bf gingerbread man!!!!

Hope our effort pay off man!

And hope..he will bring me somewhere after the mcdonald thingie..-_-"

A jar filled with love & xmas blessing..+ a card..

Kura Princess ^_^

22 December 2007

Xmas Eve Plan

What will you be doing on this xmas?

Well..I seldom celebrate xmas one..
Normally at this time of the year, I will be working..
For the previous few xmas eve, I was working..
No celebration at all..

I rem 2 years ago..
I was doing some illegal party spray can selling with the canoiests..
Damn fun..hahahaa!!!

Last year..
I was having a xmas feast with my ex bf & received a headphone..
And I gave him a shaver..
-_- -_- -_- -_-
He threw the shaver le..
He said got ah nei's smell...(WTH!)
Got such thing one meh..true that I bought from Mustafa but...-_-
Dun wan can gimme back & I gv to my dad lo..

Ok..then this year leh???
James din ask me out at all..
Well..i did asked him how xmas eve will be..
He just told me that he will stay home & watch vcdz..
He din even ask me over to watch with him..

I asked around..see any available gurlz to go party mahz..
All got plans liaoz..
Bf bringing them to feast..
If not, going party with bf/gf..

Sighz..so envy...

Of coz being a sensitive new age gurl..i dropped James a sms and asked if he will bring me out on xmas eve..
I was happy when he said yes..!!!

I am contented as long he willing to spend it with me & not abandon me..
Yea..sound sticky but it is our 1st xmas..
I more of a imaginative gurl who wan to have romantic moment w my loved one..
No need big feast..just a stroll and enjoy seabreeze can le..
Not asking much right?

Getting excited, I went to ask him..

Me: Dear..where you going to bring me on xmas eve?

He: Hmm..I feel like eating mcdonald..we go bukit batok mcdonald lo..

Me: Oh ok..after that leh?

He: Stay in mcdonald & read magazine or surf net lo..u bring ur laptop lo..

Me: (heart dropped) huh..can we do something romantic on this full of romance ambience xmas eve?

He: I think read magazine in mcd quite romantic and sweeet ar..

Me: (abit sian 1/2) eh..if u not keen to go out then juz tell me straight lo..

He: Wah liew! I think very long one leh..i even place reservation with mcd lo! then u say such thing..damn sad lahz..

Me: U think i dumb? mcd where got need reservation one..

He: U nvr go mcd on xmas eve b4 right? Got alot of programme one!

Me: ok..think u tired le..u go have some sleep bahz..

And then we hanged up le.

Feel so sianz..
I dun mind eating mcdonald but after that???
Sian lahz..

Inside not satisfied and could not accept it yet..
I called him.

Me: We really reading mag & surfing net in mcd after that?

He: yahz..u funny leh..call to confirm..

Me: =(

Me: ok..if you got other program on the day itself, let me know lo..

He: U got program issit. If got, juz go lo..nvm me one..i can go mcd and eat alone one..

Super sianz lo!
I dunno what he is thinking..

Of coz I did prepared something for him eventhough he told me he din buy me gift..

I just hope we have a memorable xmas..
Hope he is joking only..He always do stunning thing one..

But still..


Kura Princess ^_^

21 December 2007

SHOW's concert@ Spore Indoor Stadium (1st DEc)

YeaYea..is a super overdued entry..
Was waiting for pictures from Rainus..
But she always seem to be offline eversince her boiboi back!!!


My year 3 poly frens were so-called crazy fans of xiaozhu..
Sort of our common idol..
I rem how each of them will snatch the title of "xiaozhu de laopo" and blahz..
Kinda funny~~

5 of us went to the concert..
We were sitting at different locations..
Me, Rainus & Py were together with Rain's bro and Py's fren..
Cheryl with her friends..
Grace with her bf and sister..
But all of us were going ra-ra over the same concert & same person!hahahaha!

Before that, some of us met up to take cab to go to indoor stadium together..
And I was surprised that the taxi uncle also know Xiaozhu..
Me: Uncle, indoor stadium..

Uncle: U all going to see that "ZHU" ar...

We: -_-" (wah liew!)

See..Xiaozhu so famous..

Ok..back to concert.

Rainus & Py screamed when Xiaozhu made his appearance lo..
So exciting~~~

Luo zhixiang!!!!!!!!!!ARGHH~~~~~~!

Xiaozhu damn cute lo..
The way he talk is HUMOUROUS..
The way he dance is POWER..
The way he sing is NOT BAD..

The game he intro to interact with the audience was fun & funny too!
With computerisation, it select a seat among the audience..and that particular person will be his GIRLFRIEND for 3mins!

And guess what...

He got a guy as his GIRLFRIEND..
And he held his hand!!!!
FEng Diao Liao~~~~

Let u guys enjoy a few of his vid..
Aiya..was waiting for rainus's one..but din manage to get..
hers clearer..bo bian.i still using my 4.2mega pixel handicapped cam..

Jing Wu Men

The CLEAREST pix!!!!!!yipeeeeee..
At certain angle..he looks like Jay chou when he is playing the piano..

Zi Wo Chui Mian

His guest, Rainie Yang

The concert was not bad..
Quite high..of coz..his music and dancing..
Any gurl will just go.."Hao Shuai ar...ARGHHHH!!!!!"

But i dun really like my section..
The people so not energectic one..
No one behind us were standing..
We tried to stand..thinking that it will make the rest behind stand..
But doesnt seem to work..

In fact..i think one of the guy who stood up kana scolded by an auntie..
I heard similar thing from Cheryl's side too..
Aiyooo..go concert of coz muz stand then fun mah..
Dun stand then buy his dvd and stay home watch lo...


It was a good concert!
Enjoyed it..especially with my good frens!!!hehehehe...

(Cute balloon!!!)

After that..
Some of us went home..
And left me, rainus, cheryl and rainus's bro went to Cosy bay for some drink and finger food and chit chat!!!

Missing the gurlz already.
Hope to see u gurlz soon...

Kura Princess ^_^

20 December 2007

red dot design award show 2007

Finally it is over~~~

Actually it had ended like in Nov..
Only manage to get the pix today..

Need to do some recollections..
okay..here we go!!!!!!

On the 30th of Nov...

Had our press conference in the morning..
Whereby the Press will get to know about the red dot design concept competition like the overview of the competition..
At the same time, some of the winners were around..
These in turn, allow interaction between the winners and the press to take place..

At the press conference...

Oh well..of coz there are good food..=)
Well..that's my favourite partz..

Sianz..the food so-so nia...

After that, we went to the nearby hair salon at IP to do our hairdo..
I was surprised that the boss still recognised me..
I mean it was like I went there only once and it was like last year award show!!!!
My god..I muz had left a superduper deep impression man..
Hmmm..what i did sia???

Well...i uphold my title of "attention seeker"..
I had made a big HU-HA at the salon once againz..
I wasn't really satisfied with my hairdo and asked for a hair accessories..
Something that can make me look like a princess..


See that CROWN on my head?
Say "Hello to the royal highness!!!!!!!"
Well..the crown was rented frm this korean shop by the salon boss..
It cost 10buck k..
Quite weird..1st time know can rent one...

Damn..i think i look uglyzzz..=(
Oh wellz..
30th is to work not to look pretty..*shrugged*

At the registration booth...
We got to keep a look out of the winners..
They come from all over the world..
Had a hard time remembering their faces lo..

When I see them, I go "Hey hi!u r xxx right?"
And they will look at u like,"how the hell u noe who i am.."
Then I will continue by saying,"I am Regina.."
Then they will go..."Oh...!!!!!!!REgina!finally get to meet u!"
If not..some will say "Oh!u are so YOUNG!"muhahahhahahahaaz...
Few..will say,"I thought u were GUY!"

Quite fun though. Delighted to see their shocking face!!!heheheh!
Like a game. I know them yet they dunno who am i!!!!
So exciting!!!!!!!

At the award show...
Ken and Peter did some speech b4 starting off with the award presentation..
More than 70 winners from all over the winners fly all the way down to Singapore to receive this prestigious award!!!

Saw one cute winner though..
Nahz..not going to show his look..if not Su Ming kill me..

Some of them asked me to take pix with them..

So far..only receive one pix...-_-"
Will upload more...

Me & korean winner, Sean Im
(my hp!!!!=( )

He and another winner such a party animal lo..
Asked me to join them to zouk when they had a morning workshop to attend the next day!!!
My god!!!They really can do without slp..

More pix..


The girls @ red dot

red dot Family!!!!!!!! =)

Well..the whole show was a success..
Though quite hectic at the end of the show..
whereby me n Su Ming got to juggle with yearbooks and pass to the winners..
Damn messy lo!!!!

Well b4 all these award show & after the adjudication I was saying months ago..
We got ourselves busy with winner serivces and yearbook..
I was doing the pagination for the yearbook..
There is tis part I like most..

going for "Press check"@khl printing..
Ma chiam like chalet okay..
If u got my msn..u will rem that i did once had a nic "Loyang chalet"..
I was there like more than 24hours..
checking the print quality of the pages of yearbook..

Show u the pix of "loyang chalet"..

Ma chiam suite hoh?

Still got activity room sia..

hehehehhe!So funzzz!!!!
Can do all sort of things there..fun fun fun!!!=)

Hmm..what else to say???
Nothing much i guess..

Will be launching red dot design concept 08 soon!!!
Now busy...
with clearing leave!!!!


Kura Princess ^_^

17 December 2007

TasteBuzz: Botak Jones @ Clementi

Had lunch with my lg last wed after my trip back from Penang..

Went to Clementi branch to try out..

Rosemary Lamb Chop@$11plus (Medium Well)

Hmmm..Quite nice.
Dun have much of the "Yang Shao Wei"..
Rating: 7/10

Cajun Chix@$6plus

Thnx to the cheese on top of the chix breast..
Was seduced to try..
Not that fantastic.
Rating: 5/10

The french fries were not that great..
Sprinkled with spices...
Like MSG..make us quite thirsty..

Sighz..Overall okay okay lah..
But can try the lamb chop!=)
Maybe shld try its burger next time. =)

Located at:
Blk 325 Clementi Avenue 5

Kura Princess ^_^

16 December 2007


Why liddat?

Can he/she be kind to return my IC at least.
I dun want to spend 300 on it...
This is the 2nd time i lost my IC...

Thought can buy a new digital camera as my xmas and bdae gift..
But now..it seems like it is going to b a brand new IC as my gift..

I very sadz..

No more my cybershot camera..
Cannot buy new camera..

How to post pix? =(

Wat can be more saD manz...

2007 has not been a very good year for me...
Very dramatic...

The issue on my emo-ing over kelvin at the first half of the year...

Me & James got million of probz...very bad for the heart..

My maternal grandma passed away..

My paternal grandma passed away.

And now this...

Left only 15days to the end of 2007.
Will it be a good 2008?

I hope so.

My xmas wish...
"A harvey norman voucher..."

Kura Princess ^_^


What's a sucky day.

I lost my handphone and IC at vivo city.
Was shopping then.
Was calm but damn sian.
High possibility that it is stolen.

Usually tucked into the side pocket of my bag which is attached w a magnetic button.
i will clip back the button after putting in my hp.
However, when i want to check my hp..then i realised it was gone but the button still closed.

How can it be dropped?
If dropped..i will hear a loud sound mahz..
Even i din hear..Syaima was walking with me..
Cannot be smth so huge dropped on the floor..cannot see one..

Sian liao.
BF tried to be funny which pissed me off.
Sort of abit harsh and say him but explain why.
He went silence.

Company me to police station and make a police report.
He was quiet throughout.
Tried to ask him but he just shrugged and say nth.

Very bothered.
Very sianz.

Just need a few comforting words and hugs.
But instead got SILENCE.


Kura Princess ^_^

15 December 2007

TasteBuzz: White Dog Cafe

Met Kunnie & Peisan for dinner..
Walked from restaurant to restaurant in Vivo..
Some too expensive some no seat..
So sianz..

In the end, we chose and waited a while at White Dog Cafe(#02-231).
Din regretz on our choice..
See the menu also make us drool lo...

Since Kunnie had been eating the whole day and not so hungry for dinner..
We go for 2 main courses+2 desserts and share...

Chicken Leg

Hmm...it was good. Especially the mashed potato. The chix n mashed potato go very well with the creamy mushroom sauce.
Rating: 7/10
Worth trying.

Seafood Baked Rice.

okay lahz.
Rating: 5/10
Normal lo. =)

Warm chocolate cake+ice cream.

Dun have the chocolate oozing out like those i had last time in another cafe..
But the taste not too bad. quite nice.

White Dog's madness
(4 scoops of ice cream+marshmellow+chocolate+kitkat)

Normal lo.I can make also arhz...-_-"

We had iced water.
The iced water come in big bottle form though. Interesting.
Wonder if i can bring the bottle home?

May I should ask when i go back next time.hehehe!

Hmmm..3 of us..ended up with a bill of 58buck.
Quite reasonable bahz. =)
Not a bad place to chill with their comfy seats.

Had a long chit chat session in the cafe till they close shop..hehehe.
Then continued outside Vivo with beautiful scenery as our backdrop..

Of coz got take pix.

Kunnie, Me & Peisan

It has been months since we last met up and get updates about each other life..
WE only met like once in 6 mths..hahahhaa!

But through our summarized updates of the past 6 mths..
Me & kunnie got a dramatic 2007 whereas Peisan got a peaceful one..
Envy to be peaceful lo...

Wonder how will my 2008 be?

Well..hope our vietnam trip will be fulfilled!

Kura Princess ^_^

13 December 2007

Findings from Penang

I will get to see something interesting whenever I went back to Penang..
My trip back for my grandma's funeral is not an exceptional...

I will say more about the funeral 1st..
As compared to my maternal grandma's funeral, my paternal grandma had a much lower profile one..

It is simple and fast.
She was cremated. =(

But glad the rest of them are coping well..
However, the ambience was very solemn and quiet..
It seems like the family in my dad's side dun really talk..
All super quiet..I tried to break ice and talk but...
doesnt seem to work..

I wonder if we will keep in contact..
Hmmm..will try though..
They are my kins after all...

Hope she rest in peace..

As I said..
Alot of findings..

1. I am cleaner than my big aunt!
Wah tell u all ar..i kana like 20-odd mosquitoes bites at her plc just one night!!! Her floor was so sandy..and got lot of dark black patches on the floor..eeeeeeek yerrr...

2. Projection on the building wall?

I was having my dinner at a open spaced hawker and I saw this projection on the building wall..
I think the kopitiam boss trying to attract people to dine in with this additional entertainment....
Hmm..but i dun see how it is entertaining..there is no sound and the images were quite blurred..
Some more the wall that they projected on was not white but yellow..
Like that can watch meh?-_-"

3. My family in FOOD business & are doing great in it!

Two of my cousins from my maternal side are in koay chay and fried oyster egg business..
Before my 1st uncle retired..he was in the koay teow teng and wanton mee business..
Well..it explains clearly my passion in food and getting my butt into the foodie industry..

They selling at "Li Xing Hua Yuan Mei Li Hua Ying Shi Zhong Xin" near the bus terminal/Pesta in Penang..

Koay ChaP =)

His braised ducks are well-known in Penang..
Every CNY or chinese festivals..very busy one..got many many ppl order from him..

Fried Oyster Egg...=D
Power rite?heheheehe..

Of coz lahz...

It is awarded..

So proud of my cousin!!!!
When u see him..juz call him "Dua Pui Kia"!
Very rude but that is his signboard.."Dua Pui Kia's fried oyster" and he gt a big belly!!!

Next time I want to be like them too!
But I shall open KOPITIAM!hahahaha!

4. Youth

This is my cousin.

Guess how old is she?
Her pix is sent off for some competition by the studio person..

Tell u la..
She is her mid 40s.
Can u believe it?=P

Hope it runs in the gene n pass that to me man!!!

5. Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram

It is a thai temple which has one of the world's longest reclining Buddhas (33 meters) in it.

One of the significant temple to visit.
Oh..Penang got many many temples. Their highlight is temple.

6.More Food from Penang

I did intro some food from Penang.
These are some others bahz..or nicer pix one bahz..

Nasi lemak..guess how much?

1 Ringgit!!!!!!!!!!!
Is like around 30 or 40cents in Singapore dollar la!
And it is grainy and delicious!

Curry Mee
(comprise of pig blood, squid, taupo, taugay..sometime gt prawn)

Not so traditional Lok Bak..
Look more like our local Wu Xiang..

Penang Assam Laksa. Yum.

Char Tanghoon. Got others like Char Mee Sua n Char Bee Chai Bud

Koay Teow Teng.
Bravo if the fishball is handmade.

Penang Hokkien Mee

Lime Juice+Sour Plum.
Is good okay. Penang famous for their kopi and teh also.

Got more. But pix not well taken.
Like Penang Char koay Teow, Char Hor Fun, Lam mee, Java Mee, Indian Mee Goreng, Chendol, Ice kachang, TonTon Mee, Char Kueh Kar, Tau Sau Piah etc.

Like to go back Penang!
Always got new thing when i go back!
So Fun!!!!!Love the food!=D

Kura Princess ^_^

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