31 May 2006

Sexual Activities Statistic- 4.55 times per month


- Met Many people today: Natalynn, 2 NP ppl and Samuel

- Guess what?SuperBand QinoBe's lead singer ran passed me, right beside me 2dae!
Not bad looking!!!!!!!He was with his gf..chasing after the mrt train!

- Cheryl fly my kite but compensate by delivering her precious baked cookies to me!!!
haha!So sweeeeet!!!

Go into the entry

Hahahaa..I was peeping onto a woman's newspaper on my train ride to work..Saw this really interesting article on the sex life of singaporean couples..

They find Singaporean married couples' sex life are not satisfying, hitting only an average of 4.55times of sexual activities every month!!!!!!!

4.55times still not satisfying?!?
I thought it is pretty fine leh..dun tell me muz 1 mth 30times lo..I bet the girl's vagina will tear apart lo!!!!!!so scary!hahaha!

I thought it was pretty acceptable if we were to compare with the lifestyle of the locals..Most of the time, Singaporeans would often work late and go home late..Who will have sex when they have been working the whole day?Even they do, some might fell asleep halfway through...

Not only that, many singaporeans are putting alot of stress on themselves..Stress will affect ones' mood and when one's has no mood, where got the mood to have sex?
Most of the time they do it during weekend..

I not sure but i feel that many singaporeans will tend to take marriage and their partner for granted after they got married and would not do anything special to make each other feel good and in mood..Most of time, they just lay on the bed and fell into deep sleep.

This may or may not affect the birth rate in Singapore.
However, I thought Singaporean married couples should be more active in sex as I believe that sex will help to cultivate feeling and communication. It adds "flower" to the marriage..

Sex and Love equally play an important part in a relationship...

So, Singaporean married couples better do smth about it man!!!!

Hahaahahaa!!!I find this quote quite funny. I found it in a forum from Spore..

"Today, many educated adults know little about sex, with some women often asking counsellors if they could get pregnant by kissing their boyfriends. A few women in the 50s still giggle when the word "penis" is mentioned."

It stated that it happened in Spore..R u sure?I am not sure.

Kura Princess ^_^

29 May 2006

So Sad!!!


Why cant i be given the chance to be artisitc!!!!

I want to watch the VEGETABLE ORCHESTRA from Austria!!!!
But..it was all sold out!!!WTF lo!!!!

Super pissed off!!!!!!!!!!
So regret man!!!Why din i buy it earlier!!!Fuck lah!!!

*Hungry = Moody*

Kura Princess ^_^

28 May 2006


I am not a very strong religion believer but I despise people who make generalization on other religions.

I felt that these people dunno the word "RESPECT"...
Why want to make such insulting remarks when we dun make?

What will we think of you and ur religion when u make such remarks?
Have these people make use of their brain juice and think how ones will feel?
No they don't...

Personally, I feel that there should be mutual understanding and be tactful to each other religions..
If this understanding exist, there won't be strong tension between Islam and Christianity in Isarel..
If it exist, there won't be so many religion tension all over the world...

I strongly believe that religion taught us to someone that is nice, respectful, understanding and peacful!!!
So people who make generalization and bad remarks, please WAKE UP ur idea!

Kura Princess ^_^

The Journey of ARTS( 21st May 2006)

"Wah...so magnificient!!!!!!!"hahaahaha!!!

At the Substation

It really caught my attention when Shannon told me about the CATS exhibition..I thought it will be interesting to see photo and drawing of cats..
The scale of the exhibition is quite small and personally, I think the exhibition is nice but I feel that it can be better..

Jasonz thought that it was not very special..he think is just picture and there was no hidden meaning in it...

In any of the case, I shall share some picture that i took at the exhibition..

The painting are so nice..!!!!

My fav Pic!!!So cute!!!!!!

This also kawaii!!!!

Look dirty but got character lo...

Actually i can be a photographer too!!!

See!!!Got cat inside!!!!!!
Me Artistic rite???hehehhe!!!

PErsonally, i do like arts..just that i have no time and no $$$..Anyway, the Arts festival is coming up..

I want to go for the vegetable orchestra..thought it is quite interesting to see ppl making music with vegetables!!!!
And at the same time, i want to visit the museum of shanghai toys!!!!

Cant wait to visit!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

27 May 2006

Kor, Say Sayonara to Sorrows..

*Actually wrote this last week but Issac off his wireless*

I was quite surprised when i received kor's msg..
He said he was loitering in Tanjong Pagar and suggesting to meet..

Hmm..since i was free (last min cancelled plan), I thought it will be a good idea to make myself busy to hang out with him..hahhaa!
Anyway, it made me a good meimei to keep him company since he was feeling down..

Yeah, we went to CHINA ONE located at Clarke Quay...
The overall atmosphere was cooling and misty..
The place was spacious and it carried a "majestic china" theme..
A nice place to chill...:D

Ordered Spicy Wedges..but ended up they give me Chilli crab sauce with Wedges..
Baka-nei..Additional of 7buck!!!!

Afer we had eaten, we went on to have 7 rounds of pool..

See the word "UNBEATABLE"? YEA..I was quite a beginner but i dunno why...I actually won kor 5 out of 7 rounds..I tink he damn power lo..but still, lose to beginner!

I think he was even more devastated after the games..

Till he..

Act Gay and talk to the ball..hhahaaahaha!!!


Who have no problem? Life will b meaningless if there is presence of problem..PRoblem can be good n bad..is how u deal with it..Every problem you solve will make u a stronger and a better personz...

Yea..So dun be so devastated when there is problem arise but beat the problem!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

22 May 2006

Sprinters' Outing - Essential Brew (19 May 2006)

It's has been quite some time that I meet up with the sprinters..

I was actually reluctant to go as I was quite tiredz after 3-hours of entertaining a few super unique sense of humor ppl...

Tell u man..their jokes are totally so "funny" that I muz tickle myself to laugh!!!
Super funny man!!!!!&%@#$!

Okok..Back to outing..Anyway, I was persuaded by jiaying mei mei and porkchop..Porkchop call me mei nu so I shall fulfil his wish to see mei nu then!
See i so nice..a humble mei nu..hahaahaha!!!!!!!

I was happy to meet up with the sprinters but swas stunned by Porkchop's behavior..
He kept saying "Damn it" & "Shit" countless times...After so long, he is so cute but lame...hahhahahahha!!!!

The sprinters super nice to me..ordered drink in advance for me..hahahaa!!!
(ACtually is extra one...so sad to hear that!)

It's nice to have such little gathering..help me to keep myself update on latest gossip and stay bonded with the team..

Luv ya Sprinters..
U guys will always stay in my heart..*muack*

Kura Princess ^_^

21 May 2006

What's wrong with me?

It's 6am in the morning..
I could not sleep at all..
Took a wink but had a bad dream...
Dreamt that every step i took will be scolded and laughed by people..
My brother was in my dream too...
Torturing me till my neck twisted..

And i woke up....

I really dunno what is wrong with me?
Ppl said i changed, use more of msn and so on..
But in what way i changed?

I would really appreciate if someone would tell me..
Jasonz said i changed eversince i got a job..
I noe i do changed alittle, less interactive with him n friends now..
of coz, i am working and hoping i will excel, thus be more competitive..
I am not the old slacking my life away Regina anymore..

But i realised i neglected some of my friends..
So i try my best not to..
In fact, I noe I am not a good fren category..
I dunno how to keep or make friendship..

I got few good friends only..why?
There is a barrier in me eversince someone backstabbed me..
I don't dare to open up..
But I do treasure friendship juz that i dunno how to keep it..

What else i changed?
Tell me..if not, i will never know....

Use more of msn?
I admit that..
Of coz i would want to chat with friends online after a day work or do smth i dun do during office time..
I want to talk to Jasonz...
But he was always sleeping..
Even when i called him to get a little hugz..
He still sleep on...

I admit that i neglect Jasonz..
He said he got migraine, depression and so on...
I tried my best to show concern...
Truthfully, i really dunno what is the word "concern" & "love"..
Not much ppl tell or show me before since young..

To me, a person's personality is altered by family background..
And it does make an impact in my life and personality..
I dunno how to be a human being..I dunno how to love and care..
I only learn how to be unreasonable and stubborn and over-sensitive...
I only noe how to protect and love myself..
And tolerate..

From Jasonz, I learnt how to take things easy..
Everytime when we got a problem, he wishes me to say..
But he never realise that whenever i voice it out...
he will question me back the same thing or juz say "because u..."
Gradually, I thought keeping quiet and let it be forgotten will be better..
It will take less than an hour for me to forget about it..

Some people might say I am not an understanding gf but I did tried..
But did Jasonz tried to understand how i feel?
Can't I get jealous and be sensitive?
Why do u always want to think from your own views..

Sometime I juz dunno who am i...
I may be cheerful but deep inside, i really dunno am i a happy person..
Sometime when i am alone, i will feel the emptiness in my heart..
Is a space that cannot be filled up...

I tried my best to be a human being and make everyone happy..
But what's really wrong with me???

I guess the terms "lousy friend" and a "lousy gf" suit me perfectly.

Kura Princess ^_^

20 May 2006

Harry, Curse You-Thank You!!!

Saw the Massive changes in my blog???
As cute as me right...:D hahhaa!

"Lonely, I am so lonely......"ahahahhaa!I like the song!!!
Is Harry that helped to put into my blog one!!!hahhahaa!!!
So nice of him...
Thank you!Muack!

But then hoh...he made me MAD juz now!!!
Feel like strangling him and chop him up to pieces & feed dogs!

I was like spending more than an hour to adjust the layout..
n was so excited when i published..
So i told him can help me put song le..

He went in b4 I even uploaded finish..
So the old layout html still there..n he put the song link there and overwrite my saving!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because of him, I got to redo the thing!!!!
But this time was faster..15mins nia...

*abish harry*

PS: Pls look at the link "picture"..

Kura Princess ^_^

18 May 2006

Kath Kath Kath!!!

hahahha!Of coz I have not forgotten u, my great sis!!!
KAth, also a taiwanese..she studying in the states..and she is only 16 this year!
It's quite rare for me to hit it off so well with some one younger than me!I guess it's fated..thanx to ochi, the bad guy..he bring the 2 of us together..
(gosh..it's sound so lesbian!hahahahhaa)

Everyday, we will exchange our super long messages..
I guess it just girls' habit to be really long winded..we always exceed the message word limitation!!!And from 1 message of 2000words to now 3 messages n more!!!argh!!!
We jz can speak almost everything!!!!Asian jiu shi Asian..say what also easy easy!
ahahahahhaa!We can chat from countries to food to blackhead n armpit hairs..hahahha!!!luv ya Kath!

She really a great girl to hang out with..as gorgeous as me!hahhahahhaa!!dun puke ppl..i will kill anyone who disagree!!!

Hope to see u soon!!!!!!!muack!

I thought myspace is really amazing..beside ochi, harry n kath..i found other great frens too!!!

They help me to understand different cultures better...

Hong Kong: Angela & Lionel

Taiwan: Harry & Kath (Both Oversea)

Japan: Ochi (ditcher!ditching me soon!)& MomoKo

It's good to have foregin frens!!!So fun!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

17 May 2006

Harry, The Yo-Yo Man...

Yo!Harry in the house yo, in the house-yo!
hahhahaa!!!Yeah..gotta change my style to my hiphop to suit this man!
Oh yeah..Harry is the new bud in my life yeah..hahhaaa!He is a taiwanese who studied in Singapore for 4yrs..now in Canada, hiding away from Taiwan NS..hahhaha!

Hey, call Chen Shui Bian to come and catch him!!!!hahhaha!!!
Show you guys the WANTED man...

Sorry bud..can't find any nicer pic..hahahaa!I suppose this is the nicest!!!Oh damn, can't i even tell lies?Cannot help it..i am juz too honest!

Well, Harry is a very easy going and pretty nice guy..He can chat with me almost anything n most importantly, he is really seeking frenship with me and not like some other bastards who have ulterior motives..

(Dun ask me y..i also dunno y my this kind of face n fat figure attract wierd werewolves..Guys are weird..as long got hole, they "high"..opps!hahhaa!)

I find it really amazing to be able to know him..is like we are 22hrs apart but we are still able to chat on msn..We did web cam conversation n he is always wearing the head thingie..Act cool sia..hahaha!And he is very sweeeet as a fren, he actually quote my entry to put in his blog..(yeah..my best entry!)


Will be great if he or Kath(my good gal fren) can bring me around in taiwan..Most importantly, Harry said he can bring me to see Jay chou and Liu Geng Hong play bball!!!he saw them several time!how lucky!!!Wah..can't wait to go man!

P.S:Poying..go tell grace man!!!Jay chou leh!

Not only that, he told me that "kiss goodbye"lee hom staying near his house and his uncle is lee hom's guitar partner (dunno true or nt!hahaaa!)If i go taipei, will make sure i see lee hom..

For Harry: How about that..u prove me by asking ur uncle to get his signature n send to me!!!!!!hahhaaa!Can do that for hombie rite?*wink*

Another thing, eventhough i dun like F4..but still need to say..he noes Van-ness, the gay boy!opps!yuck!totally dun like him!

Hopefully Harry will come to Singapore soon or become Canadian Citizen soon..so that i can go taiwan n see jay chou!!!hahaha!!!opps..no i am definitely not making use of him!!!haahhaa!!!

Oh ya, Harry promised me that he will pay for my flights n take care of my accomodation..hahahaa!!!

Ok lah..will entertain when u come back to Singapore la..treat u ice kacang lah!haaha!!!Best if u can come with JAckson!:D Kill 2 birds with 1 stone..


Kura Princess ^_^

16 May 2006

I am getting BORING...

Si Bei jialat lah...i am running out of ideas to update my blogs...Aiyoooo..
even my blog titles are getting lame & boring...
What has happened!!!!

Regina-san, kuai dian hui lai arh!!!
See..told u i am getting lame..

It seems to be the trend..
I read my friends' blogs and find out most of them are either writting abt sch n work..Seem like singapore youngsters are getting no life...

Oh ya hoh..
I like never mention anything about my workplace at all..
Yeah..busy looking for entrants..got meetings..
My boss asked me find prototype makers n bus rental service..find more leads for potential entrants..*sigh*
Tml still gt meeting with prototype maker..n blah..
Will update smth abt red dot soon...will try to snap photo!!!

Was feeling down tis few days and getting healthy..
Ate all soupy stuff these few days after the steamboat..
U noe why???
My stomach wasnt well..bloated n windy..keep farting n burping all the time...
Ya..often fart in jasonz's face..hahaha!
Got difficulty shitting too..like got stopper stuck in my anus!
Got dizzy spells too...nono..like pregnant..dunno y leh..









I am getting boredz...

Kura Princess ^_^

14 May 2006

Turf City Steamboat

I coloured the name of the shop to prevent defamation issue..
Jz noe is Turf City steamboat...

I went there with my parent to celebrate Mother's day celebration. Obviously, my mother was attracted by the free gifts - shiny glass..AUNITIES...*aiyoooo*

It's true that there were many varieties of food over there...
It's exactly similar to Zheng Fa Huo Hai Xian in Marina South...

If u want me to compare...I was quite disappointed to dine in turf city...

Let me do the comparison...

Freshness of food: TC - 3/10 ; MS - 8/10
(The prawn really sux..is DEAD prawns and super not fresh lo!I bbq it n tried to peel it open..not possible..the flesh jz stick on to the shell...)

Taste & variety of Soup: TC - 8/10 ; MS - 6/10
(I dunno lehz...TC got tom yum, chicken soup n herbal soup..it was very sweeet...Dunno is the soup or issit my mama's skill..)

Cooked food: Tc - 3/10; MS - 8/10
(TC was unable to replenish the food...n all the food was quite cold..yeah, n i cannt eat!!!)

Service: TC - 5/10 ; MS - 7/10
(TC was super slow..lack of manpower comparison to the huge space)

Atmosphere of steamboat: TC - 6/10 ; MS - 9/10

Surrounding temperature: TC - 8/10 ; MS - 5/10
(TC got fan everywhere)

Mmm..what's else???that all i tink...

Anyway..i was quite bloated..oh ya..go there for the steamboat n not the bbq stuff.. not as nice as Marina south one...Both are quite inconvenient but MS is definitely a better choice...In fact, i was more angry about the prawnz...

But luckily, my ma got the free gifts and 6sesame balls(she steal it) to compensate part of our disappointment...

Oh ya..got free potong ice cream with 3 diff flavour...yumyum!!!!

Overall rating: 4/10...

Kura Princess ^_^

12 May 2006

Vesak Day Outing...

This was my itinerary for that day...

1pm - Go thai buddha temple to pray and eat meehoon
3pm - Facial treatment appointment
6pm - Reach home and shower
7pm - Meet up with Sharon, Kris and Zhi Xiong for bowling

I was expecting to have a great feast at the temple..normally got free meehoon n curry vege!!!But..it was sort of totally tasteless..i should not say that right since it is given by temple - a place of worship...

After that, went for facial treatment...
I was so afraid that it will hurt like the first time and got my whole face red like rudolph!!!
But Yuki was much gentle than the korean woman..
Was quite happy with the service..now my face MEI MEI le...hehhehehe!

Abit tiredz but kana forced to go bowling...
Sharon called me to hurry me...%&#@$!
Too badz i missed the jack's place treat from Kris...kns!U own me one KRIS!!!!

Shall show u all some pics..

Zhixiong, Kris & Sharon, Me & JAsonz

Me n Sharon

The guys...why jAsonz always in the middle???

Stupid Jasonz...heheheeee!!!!

Saw my score???135 leh!!!with so many strikes n Spade?Li hai hoh....

u noe hoh...i tink thisdays Singapore getting more artistic...look what i found at BUKIT PANJANG LRT STATION...

Flying turtle???

Frying Earth???

These BPGHS ppl so creative hoh..think of such thing...

U seem like i dun have the mood to uopdate my blog...
what happened to me??? *shake*x2 *slap*x3 *kick*x4...
I am getting boredz...
ARgh...i am losing my sense of humor...

I am getting NO LIFE!!!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

11 May 2006

Met Out with Aisyah & Clarice

Met out with them to have alittle gathering..some dinner & shopping..Suppose to meet up with Nat one..but as usual..always busy n give lame excuse..Laiquin working..MAlikka in India be her happy mother..n Syaima enjoying her life in Aust...

So left 3 of us...
Had our dinner at Ramen Ten at Far East Plaza..

Aisyah & Clarice..


Fried Maki & Chic Teriyaki Sushi

My Karage Ramen!!!Spicy man!!!
Made me sit on the toilet bowl for 15mins!!!hahahaa!!!

After our dinner, went to do some shopping n took some pics..

Attempt 1:

Attempt 2:

Finally..at Attempt 3:

Dumb us..should get some one to take for us earlier man..hahhaahaha!!!

I am on shopping craze again!!!!
Juz cant stop buying..already bought like 3tops, 1 shoes n 3earring le..but jz cant stop...

nice rite???15buck nia...hehehhee!!!Clarice got one too!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

07 May 2006

Outing Updates (30Apr to today)

Hahahhaa!!!So sorry!Was busy this whole week!!!
My boss stress me..Sian 1/2..

30th April 2006

It was a busy day for me ok!!!Super busy!!!
Have an outing with the sprinters and got to celebrate my mama's bdae!!!

It has been a long time that i last meet up with the sprinters..
Of coz..after so long..they are still the same old fun peeps!!!
Have a celebrate for our 4 bdae boys at kbox...

Our Four Bdae Boys!!!
(From left: My Twin Da gege, Clemence aka Bryan Wong and my idol, Weiqiang!)

The bithday cake!!!Made from Weiqiang's team attire design...

Funny...I din take this pics..muz be stupid weiqiang..He is so in love with his own creation!!!!hahahhaaha!

Group foto!Oh dear!!!I look so fat!!!In fact i look fat the whole day!I am sad..dun talk to me!!!Tok to my hand!!!hahhahhaa!

The Bdae Smash!!!!!!I think all the lao jiao did one..I smashed it on Zhijian!!!hahah!It's a good facial treatment!!!hahhaha!

Me and my two meimeis...where is DA JIE!!!!!ahhaahhaa!

Jiaying is mine!!!!!!!!!!hahahha!

Too many pics..Cannot put all..so sianz...

Oh ya peeps..i actually flimed down weiqiang singing..anyone want that?$5 for each send..haha..Damn nice lo..will ai shang ta one lo..hahaha!

After the KBOX...

Went to meet my parent with Jasonz...
Went to this Si Chuan Restaurant along Purvis Street...
Intro some food...

MaiPo Tofu - Chilli Rating: 3 stars

Some Fried Eel - Chilli Rating: 3 stars

Stir Fried Aparagus - Chilli Rating: 0; Sweet Rating: 10/10!!!Damn nice!Soft n juicy!

Stir Fried Celery with Shrimps - Chilli Rating: 0: Sweet Rating: 7/10..

Fried La Mian - Chilli Rating: 0; Sweet Rating: 8.5/10!!!

Got a few more..i took a long time to choose e pics k..nice rite???hahaa!

Me and my parent!!!:) Damn..look fat again!

Need any direction for FOOD..Find me!

Kura Princess ^_^

Sentosa Outing (1st May)

Yipeeeeee!!!So thrilled!!!
Can see the SUN, the SEA and the HUNKS...hahaha!

But..quite sian lo..
Din see alot of hunks..
But damn lot of blackies there lo!!
All the blanglas!!!They kept staring at girls' boobs n butts!
Ma chiam never see girls b4..*pissed*

So many of them on land..
Even more in the water...*Pissed*
I want to see my local hunks and not blanglas..Ji dan!

It made my day worse when i am going to the beach with....

Took many pics but cannt show alot..coz got people STEAL my pics!!!!!!!
U never noe!Nwadays MEN are weird!!!Like to grab fatty ass's pic!!!!

We played beach ball n water splashing(so many blanglas in e water..)
WE played with a group of local indian...definitely muz better than blangla!!!

It went so hot that I surrendered to the sun n hid myself under the shade..haha!
And my hands hurt too!!!Swollen!Stupid indian man..keep targeting me..luckily...
Sprinters taught me how to play it well..haha!I can hit the ball already!!!haha!
Li Hai Ba...*wink*

The ball is coming!!!Dar trying to get that ball....yeah trying hard!
Can he overcome his fatty barrier n jump up high to hit???hahhaha!

Ohh...he din...fat man cant jump!hahhaa!But lucky for him..the ball went out!
One point for us!!!hahaahaha!

More pic..

Dun u think we look like beach ball n beach girl???hahaha
Sorry dar..i see ball..haha..should be boy dudes!!!hahah!

The guys were more of hunting down for sexy babes whereas me...
Relax..eat chips, read magazine and.............

Eat ICE CREAM!!!!!Yumyum!!!Got 3 big scoops- Chocolate Mint, Choco Ectasy and Choco Fudge!!!

This is then call "CHocolate HEaven"!i am the Chocolate QUEEN!!!!haahaha
I am getting lame....

After that went to eat dinner at the hawker opposite habourfront..
Wah..i think i eat like a pig..eat 3servings..WTH..Damn fat lo!

Kura Princess ^_^

PAriss Buffet Treat!(4th MAy)

So excited that I did not even eat lunch!!!
So that i can eat like hell when I meet up with my kor
for buffet!!!!

PAriss, the international seafood and teppanyaki buffet..
Woah..damn nice...!!!
I have never eat so many seafood in my life...*drool*

Hey peeps..bring a bucket to collect ur saliva and do not lick ur screen..
Pic time Pic time..hahahha!!!

Pls put ur hand together and welcome our First Dish!!!hahaaha!

I ate like 3plates of this kind..1 chilli crab, 1 plate of fresh prawn n 1 black pepper crayfish!!!!!yummmmmmmmmmy!!!!*drool*

I set the new trend in fashion..Scallop Glasses!!!hahahaa!

Wah!!!My favorite!!!Scallops with cheese on top and sm sweet sauce..
Woah...this is delicacy!!!I have never love eating shelled seafood..
But this is diff..this is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!
The scallop is very tender and the cheese n the sauce will just melt in ur mouth..
wah..is a feeling that cannt be describe..hug me SCALLOP..ahaha!

Wei...look at this!!!I am holding a crab leg k!!!Super huge man!Can use to cane ppl!
hahahaha!!!!Niceeeee!!!It was soaked in spicy thai sauce for sm time..yummmmy!!!

All MINEEEEEEE!!!!hehehheheee!Dream on to get a bite from my platessss!!!

GorGeous man!!!This is absolutely gorgeous!!!ohhh..Can i die for u, cakes???

Before i 4get...let me introduce my korkor!!!!He is an oldold man!!!hahhaa!But he treat me nice!!n listen to my problems all the time!!!!Jasonz called him GAY and he tink he look like POPEYE!hahaha!

Kor say i am scary..coz i ate like 7plates n still hungry n hyper!!!He almost fainted n kana a heart attack!!!He waste money lo..eat 2plates n die liao..old man cant eat!!!!hahahhahhaa!!!!

PS: Thanx kor for the meal!!!Luv ya!*hug*Rem to jio me for more buffet!!!hahaah!

Kura Princess ^_^

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