31 March 2008


Finally I got back to my books..
sobs sobs..
ME dun want go school!!!!I want mummy! =(

Did u do that when u were a kid?

How many ppl can remember their 1st day in a new school?
1st day in nursery,
1st day in kindergarden,
1st day in pri sch,
1st day in secondary school,
1st day in poly/jc/ite,
1st day in uni and so on n on...

I dun really remember about kindergarden..
I only remember I was damn happy whenever there was food talk and we would be given food to taste..
And I enjoy playing mamasak(spell correct?) coz smth to do with food...

Pri sch..
I din cry..more than happy to be away from tigeress (mummy.)
I remember i ate 50cent char koay teow + 1 piece of carrot cake..
Suppose to be 2..
But i gave one to my then-best fren, Ko Lay coz she was crying for mummy..
Seriously, I wasnt willing to give lo..i nt enuff! =/

Sec sch..
Sian-ed and so scared to see so many gurls in my life..
Wat to do..all gurls' school -_-"

So depressed that my class guys are weird..

Now University...
Currently doing bridging course for econs + mathematics..
Will be doing degree in banking n finance with Sim-UOL..

Oh well..so glad i din doze off during econs lecture..
See so many graphs..sian-ed..
Hungry & Shivering in cold..
And SIM gave me pathetic refreshment..*pissed*
Got to make 3 new friends - Jia Bi, Hanjin & Josephine..

Switch on my radar and scanned the whole lecture room..
No cute guy to be found..=(
I am the cutest.hahahaa!

That's all for 1st day of school.
Seem like gonna be a BIG FAT NERDY DAYS...

Whoeva vote me "Attached" shall lose!!!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

29 March 2008


Mr K jio me to go to Aska Yang's mini music showcase..
Mr K so heng to get the free ticketz by playing some contest..
But it was pretty nice of him to ask me along..


Not a big fan of Aska Yang..
But being a born PAPARAZZI & an appreciator for good music..
Went there to look look see see...^_^

Am so glad to come la!


So smart of me to "ATTACK" the..the..the..erm..whatever that thing i called that house the speaker to create thumping in club..
Being usually BO CHUP, I just hopped up and got myself a good spot for video caming~~~

As usual..
PaParazzi Teh got videos to show...



Mr K..why u so chatty when I taking videos..jk!
Both videos got the presence of ur sexy voice la & of coz, my kawaii voice!

背叛(清唱版) - This one not I take one.

Aska Yang is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

He got a very impactful voice..
He sang with his hears..
It seems like every words is filled with emo of how 心碎ACHE his heart is..
Totally send shiver to my spine & made my hair at the edge..
It's just make me go "WAAH~杨宗伟好棒啊!“!

Absolutely make me feel damn emo la..
He sang my feelings out..
Once again, remind me of "him" and made my hardened heart feel weak againz..

I believe anyone who is present at the showcase..
Will have the quizzzy feeling in the heart...

Ya Man..
Me & Mr. K felt so emo after that!!!!

杨宗伟..let's comfort each other's emo-ness..*luv luv*

But there's one thing about Aska I dun like..
Neither me nor Mr. K could figure out what he talking la..
He just go "...... ...... ..... ....." then the fans screamed..-_-

Oh well..
Do hope sentimental Aska Yang will go far in his singing career..
Very talented singer..should support..
But do bring tissue paper to wipe ur tears..lol~


P.S: Sushi Tei got Quality food but my taste bud still yearn for Sakae Sushi's Hana Maki, Kiakage & Cold Somen..

Kura Princess ^_^

28 March 2008


Monster Mash Cafe:
26A Lorong Mambong
Holland Village
Singapore 277685
Tel: 6463 4610

Me, Rudith & Cheryl

Got to meet my sisters again~~~
Yea..but somebody flies us kite lo..

If u r reading this..yes is u, Adel..

Anyway, we went to give Monster Mash a try after reading good reviews on it...

The place is quite small..
The deco quite UK..

Want some tomato?

The food..

Pork Cheese-Chive Sausage + Monster Mash + Onion gravy ($15)
No rating. Rudith's one.
Comment: Taste alright.

Hamburger + Mash + Monster gravy ($19)
No rating. Cheryl's one.
Comment: The beef patty quite mushyz. Not my type bah.

Beef-Guiness Pie + Mash + Onion gravy ($19)
Rating: 6/10
Comment: Gigantic portion!!! Like the pie while it is hot. The beef is tender and I like the sauce in it. I dun mind to dip bread in it and just eat is plainly! However, maybe the portion is too much and greasy. Or maybe it dun taste dat great after it turn cold. As for the mash, I think it is too "hard". Got to flatten it and add sauce to optimize the taste. But not a WOW thing.

I still prefer the mash at New Habour Cafe..
It'c cheaper yet nicer =)

After which, we headed for some dessert..
Just 2 doors away from Monster Mash, there's this ice cream shop called Cold Rock.

We struggled quite a long time for the flavour..
Finally we chose Honeycomb +........erm.....cannot remember...hahaha!
And chose our filling for the ice cream =)

They got this really interesting way of mixing the ice cream with the fillings..

The way they mixed ma chiam frying carrot cake lo!!!
But I was quite traumatized by the "GENEROSITY" on the amount of fillings they gave..
Imagine $1 for 1 Ferraro Rocher..-_-
Quite pissed off la..

Guess how much is this?
Very not worth it $14...!!!
Still traumatized..think next time i bring my own gummy bear/ferraro rocher n mix myself..

Not only that..
Their service is really BAD.
All of them are as cold as ice cream lo. Expression-less. Or I should say "Icy black face"..
When we wanted to try the ice cream flavour, one of the girl scooped so little that one teeth of Cheryl can taste the flavour only (According to Cheryl)..LOL~~~!!!


We kept cam whoring everywhere la..

Though there's only 3 of us..
We still had lot of fun together..cam whoring especially..

See ya gurls next saturday~~~!!!! ^_^

Kura Princess ^_^

27 March 2008


I am so irritated lahz!

Some of my jiemeis were saying, "You wun be single till July one. Sure will be attached one."
They even placed bet on it lahz!

Hey! Can have more faith in me?

What's wrong?
Why can't I be single till July..?
I know I am not ugly & super playful but I really want to focus on my studies..
Be A Big Fat Nerd!!!!!

I know I am like continous in a relationship..
My longest singlehood period is approximately 4months..
I got 4 non-serious bfs & 3 serious bfs since 14years old..
So what?

That's unfair to assume I will not be single in July..

I also need a break mahz..-_-"

I need you guys to vote if I will be single/attached in July..
Show some faith in me okay?
Pleaseeeeeeee.... ^_^

Don't disappoint me okay? =P

Thank you very much!

Kura Princess ^_^

25 March 2008

# 傻女留言。。

站在MRT的门前,抱着包包, 我望着窗外,听着。。。







Kura Princess ^_^

20 March 2008


#03-29 PARCO Bugis Junction,
200 Victoria Street, Singapore
Tel: (+65) 6333 4434

Met up with Sweet Cindy for a dinner + gossip session.
She will be happy to see the word "SWEET" bahz..

We quite troublesome.
Well, what to do?
2 PRETTY aunties together..nothing but trouble & spoil image!

We such a lovely dovey couple lo..
We ate the same food.
Pretty gurlz think alike..

Dunno why..
Cindy chose this..

Apple Salad ($5.80)
Rating: 5/10
Comment: Healthy lo. -_- Super Healthy lo.

Chicken Baked Rice ($8.80)
Rating: 7/10
Comment: Loves it! Yummy Creamy Cheese + Roast Chix. 1 word- "Song!" Never fail to choose this as main course when i visit V8.

Beside the chix baked rice, their mushroom chix chop, salmon, cheesy wedges are nice too! Just rem to ask for my cheese! Of coz got additional cost...*drool*

After our dinner, we went to neoprint to have our personalized photoshoot!!!!!!!

Pose Pose Pose



I like my top!hahaha!

So fun!!!!!!!!!!
See u for gym session galz..
Muackz luv ya!

Kura Princess ^_^

18 March 2008


钱钱钱 不够用!!!

I am officially a SIM student..
So excited..finally can go back to school & study..
But exams spolit my whole excitement..

Who knows..
There's another thing that made me SIAN 1/2 1/2 lo..
Got to pay a lump sum in Apr..
And I just realised that I not enough!!!!!
How sia~~~!

Short like 1.2k?
Shit lo...

I was broadcasting in msn if anyone want social escort..
I even tell 2 of my guy friends this, "1 blow 50buck..ai mai?"

I went DING-DONG liao..
Heng those 2 are very nice friends of mine..
Yup..they sort of scolded me..-_-

But bo bian mah...=(
Desperate for $.

BRidging exams in 3rd & 4th june.
Gonna mug onto exams soon..
Nerdy 2 months...

Dun jio me out in April + May.
I am poor + nerdy.
Lousy combination!

Perfect way of making $ enuff!


Kura Princess ^_^

16 March 2008


A 5-months old gem of my cousin & cousin-in-law..
He is such an adorable kid..
So young yet have a deadly smile that will "kill" any gurls..
Really run in the family bloodz to be "killer" of opposite sex..

But certainly, he will be a good man with looks since it runs in the blood..

Such a poser like his Auntie Regina

Cant wait to see the cutie pie..
Dunno if he will like Thomas the Train?

Kura Princess ^_^

15 March 2008


I am doing something meaningful to clear my sin!!!

Went down NUH to be an Adult Befriender.
Some of u muz be asking..
how come the sudden urge within Regina to do volunteer work?

I was there to visit my mama some time in Jan while she was in the hospital..
And for the few hours I was there, I can tell the hospital is very short handed.
The nurses seem to be unable to handle so many patients at a time..
Hence, I thought I should try to helpz..=)

Being an Adult Befriender..
I thought it is quite scary yet something very enriching to life..
Scary part is that I have to do all tis on my own!!!
There is no guide to go with me at all..

Hey. No doubt Regina can be EXTREMELY chatty at "many" times..
But I will also got nervous...

It was pretty tough from the startz..
Tried to make some eye contact to find m TARGET..
hahaha..not that bad after all..
Chatted with 5 patients & had interactive yet unusual encounter with them..

I thought it was fun some how..
Though sometime can be quite depressing..
From my conversation with them, I must say I respect their positive attitude toward their health prob..
Can tell some are worried, feel bad, depressed over their health problem but they still chat with me w a wide smile..
Is not easy though..
And I helpless too..is like i dunno wat i should say to make them feel better..
Can only be their listening ear..

Kudos to them..

I really hope I will be more experience after a few more sessions & be able to bring joy to them..

Hope all of them get well soon =)


Kopitiam Opposite of City Harvest Church.
Jurong West Street 91,
Singapore 649041

Met Shawn for CRABBY dinner @ jurong..
He so nice..got craving for crab then jio me along..
He claimed that the kopitiam serves really good crabz..
At the same time, intro his brother, Daniel to me..
Coz me and Daniel is going for May Day Concert on 26th Apr together!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Got Free crab to eat..
But always tio suan by the brothers..
So bad lo!
They kept teasing that I am FAT!

They even said i looked like japanese.
Was so excited about that till they said "ya..look like sumo.."

Me & Shawn

Me & Daniel

Well..for the food..
I think is pretty good.
Biz was pretty good too..
Continous inflow of customers to be seated and many came for the CRABS!

Spare Rib King
Rating: 6/10

Claypot Tofu
Rating: 6/10

Fried Beancurb Skin + prawn
Rating: 7/10
Comment: Crispy. So Prawny~~! Nice!!! =)

HERE COME THE MAIN CAST~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chilli CRABS~~~~~
Rating: 8/10
Comment: Spicy enuff but the gravy abit too thick. However, the superduper fleshy crab compensate all! Wah..the meat ah..Wah sey..i keep making funny noises while eating it..Damn F**king Shiok lahz!!!!WAAAAH~~!!!!!!!!But dun order the bun..not nice..

Is good to eat some crab & get fatz.
Especially a BIG crabz.
I dun mind get FAT..

Should go try man!

Kura Princess ^_^

13 March 2008

# 简单的幸福



if you having a bad running nose?
if you are like me, hope to cuddle each other under the blanket?
if you miss me like I am missing you?


幸福 issit that hard to get?

What is 幸福?

For me, 幸福 is to be able to fall asleep peacefully in his arm - a shield to dangers.





Kura Princess ^_^

11 March 2008


Feel so silly.
Did something damn lame lah.

I sent a sms to FM93.3 radio station out of playfulness..

Chong Qing read out all the wishes sent by the listeners..
Then suddenly, "This is from 3303..saying xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
Holy shit! OMG!!!!!!

So damn cool la..
Wat i wish for......?
Aiya..any donkey will know lo...

Just when I was getting excited in the heart on my way in the lrt train..
Chong Qing made me go "Diao~~~"
He interpret my msg wrongly ..-_-"

After the msgs were read, Chong Qing played a song.

It's one of my favourite songs...
Is Cai Min You de "我可以"...

寄 没有地址得信
这样得情绪 有种距离
你 放著谁的歌曲
是怎样的心情 能不能说给我听
雨 下得好安静
幸福 真的不容易
在你得背景 有我爱你~
我可以 陪你去看星星 不用再多说明 我就要和你在一起
我不想 又再ㄧ次和你分离
我多麼想每一次的美丽 是因为你
情 没有地址得信
这样的情绪 有种距离
你 放著谁得歌曲
是怎样的心情 能不能说给我听
雨 下的好安静
是不是你 偷偷在哭泣
幸福 他真的不容易
在你得背景 有我爱你
我可以 陪你去看星星 不用多说明
我就要和你在一起 我不想又在一次和你分离
我多麼想每一次的美丽 是因为你
我可以 陪你去看星星 不用再多说明
我就要和你在一起 我不想 又再ㄧ次和你分离
我多麼想每一次得美丽 是因为你 

Feel somehow silly..

Will he hear it?
I hope not..
I hope he did too..
Oh man..I am such a contradicting bitch!

OMG..This is so embarrassing...

But the song describe my feeling bit here n there la..
June so far..

Kura Princess ^_^

09 March 2008


After the SAPS gathering, I am convinced to visit WARAKU again!!!

Jio Jayson + Kunnie for food tasting session..

Nagoya Miso Nikomi Kishimen ($14.80)
Rating: 6/10 (7/10 for the tempura!)
Comment: =) Luv the tempura. Crunchy. Sweet! *drool*
The noodle abit like Mee Hoon Kuey..i like it. The soup not very salty. goes well w chilli flake. =)
Contain beancurb, jap fishcake + chix + vege..=)

Greedy ME!!!!!!
*Oh dear!my eyebags..too much emo-ing..i guess..need my beauty slp!*

Ika No Sugata To Mentaiko Cream ($16.80)
Comment: Tasted. Very unqiue. Since it is cold squid cream noodle, I thought i might nt like it as I prefer food to be warm..But it turned out to be pretty good! Kunnie luv it~~!

Chanpon Udon ($14.80)
Jayson's food. Din really eat it. =P
(Ya!Jayson nv share!ROAR!)

Potato Mentai ($8.80)
Rating: 8.5/10
Comment: OH-YI-SHI~~~!Love Love~~!The cheese..oooo..ooo..ooo..ORGASM!!! Gimme MORE!!!

It's really a worth-going trip lah!
I dun mind to abandon my diet plan for POTATO MENTAI...
Seem like I will be going Waraku againz...^_^
Waraku should do buffet style. LOL~!

=) Satisfied.
The waraku at Central is a MUST-GO place..
Get a window seat. Romantix river view + good and reasonably priced food. ^_^

Next Stop: TCC

Dark Devotion
Rating: 3/10
Comment: Why no chocolate oozing out? =( Why the cake so soft? The whole fondant got messed up once we cut it. =/

Food makes me smile.

Kura Princess ^_^

08 March 2008


This is taken is 1998.
(Spot me!)

Facebook = Reunion?

Facebook has brought many ppl together...
Well..it has brought my pri sch class together too..
Right now..we have 26 members which mean more than half of the class is in it..
Seem like Facebook has been quite beneficial so far..

On 29th Feb..(yeah..leap yr)
Peiling organised a class reunion..
Kudos to her..
It's not easy to organise..

Was pretty excited..
Is like i finally got to eat WARAKU?

Had curry beef udon...mini size - $10.00 (BAD PIX)
Rating: 7/10
Comment: Yummy~~~!it got 7 coz of the beef..for the curry..i think it is alittle bit cold..i like it more heated up..i dun usually eat jap curry..maybe it tasted this way? I like the udon..it does not look like the normal udon we can buy from supermarket..is air flown from Japan n its texture is much more springy and softer than those we buy frm supermarket n is thinner..=)

Mini vs Large

Made my bowl look like Goldlilock's baby bear's porridge bowl..
And Yong How's one look like papa bear's one..-_-

During the gathering..
I din really talk la..
Feel abit not comfy coz it's like...
decade that we all last met...

ok la..Listen stories here n there..
Rachel entertained me w her autograph book..

My god!!!
This is like written when i was 12 lah..
Some of my poems are so lame la!!!!!!!LOL~~~!
But..really miss those BLANCO time sia..=)

Anyway..I thought it was a pretty successful gathering..
Good to see everyone and get updates in their life..
Yup..most of them are uni students..

In looks wise..most of them look pretty much the same..
Except me! =P
I got the most drastic change..LALALALALA~~~!

Ok..for the guys..
They changed too la..
Especially the voice..my god!
All sound so MAN liao...LOL~~!

(First-left: Peiling, Simin, April, Rachel, Beehar, Me; Second-left: Sharon L.,Yixiang, Yong How, Kaiting, Arden, Calvin, Eddie & Sam L.*missing*Weisheng)

Hope to see u guys soon...^_^

Kura Princess ^_^

05 March 2008

# AIRSHOW 2008 (23rd Feb 2008)

Kan Fei Ji Kan Fei Ji~~~~~!!!
Go see AIR-LOW-PLAINT with Kunnie+Jayson..

Look behind us!!!!!!!!

Was so excited to visit it..
"Wah!Wah!"is my verse of the week during the airshow week la..

But when I reached there..
Quite disappointed..


Pardon me for my bimbotic-ness..
Hey come on!like i noe about AIR-LOW-PLAINT lo..
U ask me cars & bikes..i also dunno one lo..

How could it be that no more AIR-LOW-PLAINT flying show!
Jayson+Kunnie queued for me for 2hrs then take the stupid long bus ride..
to see some flying planes..

All we got is those metal DEAD plane?
I am so angry la!

What is the organiser doing?
Only one show per day and it is in noon.
What happen to those that come in the afternoon?

I saw Alvin lee's blog..
He got to see flying planes..ride on jetplane..
Wah liew..i am like so JEALOUS lah!

Everyone pay 20buck.
But those come in the afternoon dun get to see flying planes!
Our 20buck so not worth it!!!
Angry Angry..

So angry that I got NO MOOD to put those DEAD planes pictures!

Weather so hot that day..
No shelter..No flying planes..
Then kunnie still ran like siao charbo frm station to station to ask questions..
Ma chiam buying plane liddat...-_-
Now she can only afford at the most..
Hmmm...(thinking of a plane part)..
One button?
I duno!!!


Oh well..
Bimbotic me..
At least got to take foto with some pilots..

So cute~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!

Local pilot..hoe man wor..

Another thing i wan to complain..
Why cannot try the seat of the fighter plane?
Why cannot see the inside of A380?Why need invitation?
Tot is an exhibition?
How come everything also cannt..

So irritating!!!!!

Will I go airshow again?
See my mood...

Kura Princess ^_^

04 March 2008


People say whateva u dreamt & u rem is actually a reflection of your worries in reality.
As there is tis chinese saying "Ri you suo shi, Ye you suo meng" correct?hahaa.
Worried about $, school and .............

Dream 1.

Saw $$$ in one of my bag's secret compartment.
Was so thrilled.
In the heart was thinking finally i got more than $50 for entertainment this month!!!


I opened my black bag..
And saw the paper wallet that Rudith gave it to me as bdae gift.
And guess what?

I found $4!!!!!!!

Yes. I am broke la.
I really really really left 50buck for this month's entertainment expenses la!

Yes. I super overspent!
Bought 1 bag, 1 watch and 3 tops.
So Extravagant! Around 200 for all!

Dream 2.

Venue: Classroom

I was sitting for a biz paper exam.
Infront of me, there is this guy sitted infront of me sitting for IT paper.
His backview looked familar.

He and this group of guys were busying copying.
He turned and I saw his face.

Looked at the bunch of them busy copying.
Suddenly, the tester just snatched my paper and tear off my 1st page!
And she juz chucked it smwhr!

Double stunned.

She did the same to HIM and the rest.
She nagged us for copying.

I got panicked and complained,"teacher!I nv copy!I do biz one, not IT...how to copy them!"

The tester thought awhile and say,"Oh ya hoh.."
Then she panicked and find my paper..

I stepped back and sat down.
And turned my head to the left.
HE looking at me w a funny look.
I was sharing seat with HIM, shoulder to shoulder!!!

=) What a nice dream!


No contact till now still.
31 days has passed.
87days more to june.

Wondering how HE doing.
How I wish i can....

Guess I can only be near him in my dream and miss him in reality.

Kura Princess ^_^


Paragon Shopping Centre
Basement 1 Unit K4/K7
Mon - Fri: 10.00am to 10.00pm
Sat-Sun: 09.30am to 10.00pm
Tel No: 6738 3860

Went to meet Adrian for a dinner & movie "L- Change the world"!!!!
He chose Soup Spoon coz he felt is a healthier choice..
To me..food is still food..
Dun care healthy or not..
As long is GOOD FOOD!!!!

Lemony Chicken w Mustard

Comment: I just tried 1 mouth. So cannot rate. But unique bah. Just the name..so unique liao..lol

Boston Clam Chowder
Rating: 6/10
Comment: Every spoon you scooped sure got potato. Creamy. Clam alright. Like it with my bread dipped in.

Spicy Herby Cheesy Wedges
Rating: 7/10
Comment: The dipping sauce is nice!!!!

Adrian asked how the sauce is made...
And guess what the waiter said?
He said it is made of spicy sauce...

My god..how lame -_-"

Kura Princess ^_^

02 March 2008


From friend's blog & word of mouth..
Seem like there is this new upcoming trend..


What happened man?

I am only 22.
But how come I receiving news of people engaging, rom, marriage blah..

Just from my secondary school, already got 3 gurl happily married..
Then my friends who are like 22/23 are going for engagement too..
My colleague just got engaged last dec...
For others, there seem to be plan for wedding bells soon..

What happened?

How come this trend?

Of coz I am happy for them & very excited..
I kept telling my colleague remember to do this & dat for the wedding..
I even suggested many weird funky ideas!!!
I am pretty excited..can say more excited than the bride..

But I feeling SOUR..

Is like everyone is happily engaging..
Yet for me still at the COMPLICATED status..-_-

Read from one of my friend's blog that quarrel, fight, break up and patching is smth that every couples will go thru..he/she will only realise the other half is what they looking for in life after all these & cherish each other...

Will that happen to me too?

What exactly is he thinking?

God knows & he knows nia.

Juz thinking..
When is my time?
Not any time soon I guess..

*Peace out*

Kura Princess ^_^


19 smith Street
Singapore 058933

Sua Lan Soup ($1.50)
Rating: 5/10

Comment: My colleagues like it but i think too sua le..dun really fancy.

Pork Chop La Mian ($4)
Rating: 6/10

Comment: The noodle too long liao..very hard to eat..and the texture ok nia..i prefer mushy noodle one..the pork chop is nice though. =) My colleagues like it alot...i think ok nia.

Xiao Long Bao (around $6)
Rating: 6.5/10

Comment: Taste good when it serves steaming hot. But it tastes very unsatifying after it had cooled down. I like the skin. thin yet dun tear easily.. =)

In total..
I spent around $11plus after splitting up with my colleagues.

Kura Princess ^_^

01 March 2008

# CNY TRIP (8th FEB - 10th FEB)

When many families were celebrating cny by house visiting..
My family went to Malaysia for a short EATING trip..

The 1st day of cny was boring..
Brought my mama to watch CJ7..
Normally cny i would have gone back to Penang but this time round, we could not celebrate as we are still mourning for the death of my 2 grandmamas..

Thus, I was so glad to go for the trip..
At least it put my mind off from unhappiness & boredom..

Usually, I do not believe in chinese zodiac reading..
But i believe this time round..
For "OX" they were saying there will be lot of family bonding..
Indeed..the 2nd day of cny..we went for a family trip..
So true!!!

Oh well..
We woke up early to drive into malaysia..
Once we reached jb 1st highway pitstop..we stopped for breakfast at 9..
Then continued till we reached Melaka at around 11plus..

Stopped at Tan Kim Hock Product Center for Durian Chendol & shopping..
I dun feel like eating but my mama love durian so she insisted of eating it...

Famous durian chendol..

Eeek..i think the standard dropped alot lo..
Last time they used real DURIAN now then use durian syrup or smth bah..
Hate Commercialised Tourist Attraction..

We took a stroll after our dessert..
Then we came across this roadside hawker so my parent decided to eat..

No 49 Jalan Bendehara
75100 Melaka

They claimed to be the best Penang Hokkien Mee in old city of Melaka..
I ate and...
Rating: 5/10

Oh..come on!=/
Self-claimed dun work..

Koay Teow Teng
Rating: 6.5/10
Not too bad..my mama like those fried pork skin...eeeek

Roast Pork Rice
Rating: 8/10
This is good~
The roast pork is juicy and tasty..the saltiness is just right..
So good that we ordered an additional place of roast pork!!!!!!

Jalan Bendehara is actually an old street for indian occupants..
I think la.
Coz there are many indian shops along that stretch...

Attracted to the super accessorized indian costume..
Me & mama went for cultural shopping..

I grabbed a simple indian outfit to try...

Nice mah?

Done with the crazy cultural shopping..
We continued our car ride to KL..

Few hours have passed...
No food interruption along the way..
Except my mama keep chewing on stuff..
She eating non-stop..

It was already 3 when we reached KL...
FRom KL still have to go Kepong..
Kepong is where my cousin lived...

My niece, pei pei was away..
She back in Penang for cny..
So i am stuck with my parent..sianz..

We rest awhile before we went for a short shopping before heading for dinner..

Went Utama@Petaling Jaya..
Got a BRA..Opps!hahaha!
Go malaysia muz buy bra one..lol~~!
Cheaper mahz..haha!

Restoran Meichi Xuan, place we had dinner & lo hei.

No32A1 Jalan Pju 5 Dataran Sunway,
Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya
Selangor d.e

I believe the restaurant is quite well-known in the sense..
There are newspaper articles all over the glass door, featuring it..

Well..i got a taste of the food..
I thought it was not bad..
Quite yummy.. =)

Curry Prawn in coconut..
Rating: 8/10
Comment: cannot rem..i jz feel the prawns nt enuff for me..only had 3..=/

Some tofu+many mushroom!!!
Comment: The tofu is homemade one i guess...very soft..yummy!With the great combination of many many mushrooms..damn good la!!!!!!

Sweeet & Sour Pork
Comment: I can only remember it is "Yummy"..=)

Done with dinner..
We went back home to rest..
The next day will be a long day for us..
I believe..

Second day has come..

Went to 999 kopitiam for breakfast..
Remember I was saying that it will be a long day for us..

A long day for food..

My cousin + cousin-in-law are food vendor..
They came down to KL from Penang to start a new life..
Selling penang food..

One of the food they selling..
Penang Curry noodle..
Consist of pig blood, taupo, squid....

This is my cousin..

My cousin-in-law..

Watched them while i ate..
Very enriching..
From them..
I learnt about "supporting" your other half..
My cousin stood by my cousin-in-law both gd time n bad time..

Can I do that?
I dunno..
Feel so bad somehow..

Is like eventhough their life is tiring..
Got to wake up early to prepare the stock and blah..
Get busy with this n that at eating hours..
But they are happy..simple life..

Remind me of his dream..haiz..

Oh well..

Popiah + coleslaw..

My bro n my mama like it..
But i dun like it..
I still go for the traditional one..

Beside these 2, we also had carrot cake (haiz..), char koay teow,lam mee, dim sum...
Then we went to the next kopitiam to eaT big bao, char siew bao..

My god!
I nv had so much for breakfast b4 la~~~!
Normally i jz have a cup of milo..

Almost exploded lo...

We took the KTM to mid valley for some shopping..

The ticketing machine..
Spend some time to understand..

While waiting for the train to arrive..waited for 15mins..

Me & Mama in the train

Before we started shopping..

We eat again..
My brother bought ice cream biscuit waffle..
Then i bought a slice of ice cream cake..
Eat Eat Eat..

At the eating table...

I Zi Pai again..

My dad find it funny..
So he wanna try too..

Look like monkey!!!

My mama also tried..

So who look cutest?
Think my parent damn cute la~~~!
No wonder the daughter..*uh hum*

I am a shopaholic..
They shopped till tired so find smwhr to rest..
While i continue..

They ate again..
Some mango pudding + glutinous rice..
Tried abit..not bad..

After mid valley, we headed to Berjaya time sq for more shopping..
Change here n there to get there..
Adventurous train ride..
Me & my dad squeezed our eyes on the map to get our direction right..

Reached Berjaya time sq..
Eat again..-_-"
Then shopped..
My parent went eaT again..

My god~~~!
They ate non stop!!!!!!!
Bottomless pigs!

Shopped & eat so much till damn tired..

So tired when we reached Kepong again..

Then after awhile..
We went for dinner..
Sian..food again..

Steamboat this time round..

Me, bro, cousin + cousin-in-law

Me, daddy, mummy,cousin n cousin-in-law..

Got bbq chix n satay too..

After that, we headed for some beer..
Had more food..
Damn siao la..noodle, oyster egg, satay n bbq chix again..

How come they can just keep on eating???

I take foto of food till sian lo..-_-"

So fast 10th of feb..

Have to head home..
Had a big breakfast again..

Then we headed to Seremban to visit my auntie and family..
Eat again..
My dad was telling my uncle's story to us..
Once again, i see how my aunt bear all the pain n stress n tc of the family n support her hubby..

I finally understand wat it mean when "he" said dat to me..
I see the whole picture le..

Drove Straight home after that..
Reached Spore ard 6plus in the evening..=)

Great family trip! =)
Feel i am closer to my family.

Kura Princess ^_^

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