30 July 2007

B17 Gals @ Sexymama's 21st

Finally our dear Cheryl turned 21!!!

Her birthday party super GRAND lo..
Held at Scarlet Hotel e boutique hotel around Maxwell Food Centre there..

Grace, Py, Rain, Rudith & Me from B17 had turned up for the party..
There might only 5 of us but we can be quite chaotic..
We were like the official noise makers lo..
Making alot of noise, posers for many pix and of coz, uphold our kiasuness in getting alot of good food!

The food was fantastic..
3 thumb ups for that sia!!!

It has been a long time since we all gathered but it has never been a case whereby the whole gang is around..
-_-" always short of 1 or 2 or a few..

But certainly, I believe Cheryl had a great time! =)

Cheryl's Bday Cake

So cute~~~
Made of many many minature doughnuts sticking onto the giant chocolate cone..
Got to pluck it out to eat the cake..
So Cute~~

We ALL!!!

Me & Sexymama's mama..hahahaha!

Me & Yibin
Have been long since I last seen him lo!!!
Still so skinny & Cheeky

Me & Jingyun..
She my sec sch classmate!!!=)
Still as pretty~~
Like me..hahahaha!

Me & WB..

food was FANTASTIC!!!

No idea why Rain took this pix..-_-"

Smooch Smooch Challenge 1..
Grace vs Rain

Smooch Smooch Challenge 2..
Rain vs Regina

Smmoch Smmoch Challenge 3..
PY vs Regina

More pix...

After the party, we went for a ktv session..
with all the bfs joining in...=)

It was fun!!!
Our next outing will b in August which is very SOON!!!
So exciting!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

26 July 2007

Tastebuzz: Sim Lim Square Nasi Lemak

Pop by at Sim Lim Square Food Court the next time and try this nasi lemak@$3.50
There are 4 different set..the one i show is Set 3..

It is not bad!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

25 July 2007

Should Bf pay for Gf for meal or go dutch?

What u think?

I put that as my msn nick and a few guys msn me and said, "PAY!"
One guy said,"depend"..
Another one said,"i wan my gf pay for me..."

so should bf pay for gf for everything???

Hmmmm...it really depends la..for me..
If u r like me super calculative, paying my own purchase of clothing, personal stuffs n etc..
I thought it is reasonable for the bf to pay the food and entertainment partz..
Food, if it is combined receipt, then the bf should pay la..
it shows the masculine side of a guy mahz..

If it is ordered frm hawker or foodcourt???
Depend lo...
If the bf is paying the food, then being a gf, should pay the drink at leastz...
If not, sometime, especially foodcourt, it is alright if go dutch ba..

But of coz, which gurl dun wan the bf to pay everything and save the food expenses for more clothes?
I do...
But bo bian mahzzzz..
Bf also not loaded..
Unless urs is rich bf la..then diff case la..

I asked my ex-colleagues and colleagues about that question..
They are in their mid 20s la..
All of them replied that "it depend which stage of the relationship u r in and whether u understood each other financial situation mah...n whether if the guy is rich.."

Then they were saying,"If u ask older woman like 30s, they will say they treat la..y wait for guys to treat..waste time.."
Wah..New age woman sia...

But never debate this with your bf..
Sensitive issue..
Ego vs Saving $..they will b confusedzz..

I tried to debate w my bf..
Then think gt some misunderstanding ba...-_-"
he think i hinting him -_-"
So lame la...

However, he was mentioning that this was the common topic among guys..

Then he were saying if I am tight in cash..muz tell him..
Then i was saying, "if we eat at foodcourt, i will pay myself unless i 4get to draw $ or wat.."

Then he say,"Wah..like that i always bring u go foodcourt eat.."n I say,"Wah..like that i always 4get to draw $.."
Wah liew..
So nonsense..

So what do u think?

Kura Princess ^_^

23 July 2007

I feel it...

Was watching "200 pounds beauty" vcd over the weekend with James..

Initially I was quite excited..
Yeah..excited over the male leading actor..
He damn hot la!!!!

I thought he looked like one of the hong kong actor lo..

I think look abit la..when i watch the movie..

But the leading actor more charming n MAN..

James was quite jealous when I go on, "Wah!Hao Shuai Hao Shuai!!!!!!!Ru guo you zhe yang de ren xi huan jiu hao.."
Think he almost wanted to scold "San Zi Jin" lo..=P

But he is really really really yandao la...

I was amazed by Hanna a.k.a Jenny's voice..
But what really touched me and made me tear was when she confessed that she underwent plastic surgery infront of her fans..

She said something like she used to be an undisclosed singer, singing for singer..
But because of Jenny (after pkastic surgery), she got to sing infront of people, got her first taste of being in love and etc..

My tears began to flow down my cheeks..
James was shocked lo..
I felt it..

I used to be fat and ugly..
Face filled with pimples, wearing the most oh-biang spectacle, have the most country pumpkin hairstyle and weighing at 60kg..

School mates used to make fun of me lo..
Calling me all sort of names..
Even those guys i got crush on..they will stay away from me like a pest..
Not only schoolmates, even teacher made fun of me..
Since young, I got problem with my prounounciation..
I felt humilated when my teacher asked me to stand up in class and read out a passage..
And it always ended up me become a laughing stock...

Feel so sad then..
Watching the movie made me recall the past..

Then when I slimmed down...
Guys who i got crush before, came and told me," why u nvr tell me u like me that time???"
Not only that, my class guys suddenly just teased me that xxx want my number..

I told James and he comforted me by saying,"now good liao mah..got guys like u and got a bf who teng ni.."


Sigh. Guys also human..will sure see looks abit one..
I also will see looks..who dun???

But I thought we should respect anyone of any look with respect.
Coz everyone got feelings..

Kura Princess ^_^

Hungry so just post up some pic

I am starving...

After the busy period..
The competition team was so called very free lo..
All I do now at work is MSN-ing, blogging and online shopping...
And of coz, gossiping...

Su Ming said enjoy it while we can before the crazy period come again!!!
Sian..will be assigned to do yearbook this year..
Which mean many sleepless nights..sianz...

Well..since nothing to do..
I shall pose a few pic that i took when I was out with Aisyah and Syaima to do some shopping at Vivo last friday..

Chicken cutlet noodle from Banquet Foodcourt..

Curry chix noodle from Banquet Foodcourt..

Seeing these food made me drool lo..
Damn hungry now lo...

Beside eating, we did abit of shopping..
Went River island and tried a few outfit..

Like one outfit..

From River island lo..95buck...
No $ to buy, so try on take foto also song!!!!!

Want to go vivo again!!!
Din go many shops..maybe 3 or 4nia???
Thank to syaima..shop for a slipper so slow..in the end still get the same pair after 20mins!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

22 July 2007

This Is What We Do on Judging Day+Conference day..

Packed with work during the previous 2 weeks..
Can work till midnight one lo..
So tired sia..
legs aching lo..

Print the presentation of the submissions..
Arrange according to their categories and put up on the panel for judging..
Check videos...Place the prototypes...

Sound easy..
But it can be quite tedious if it is to deal with more than 800 submissions which accounted to more than 2000pieces of presentation...
And especially we have to manually paste the velcro on each presentation and panel..

Finally, the judging days..
Those were days whereby Su Ming will be most ka chiong..hehe..
Panicky over this and that..(shhh..dun tell her wor..later kana chopped..)

6 International famous designers..
Werner Aisslinger, Ron A.Nabarro, Tapani Hyvonen, Song Kee Hong, Lu Xiaobo and Kim Chul-ho had specially made their trips down to Singapore to do the judging for the red dot award: design concept 2007..

Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, Ken and Aaron were the moderators for each group of jury..

The jury will go around their categories, debating and selecting which will be eligible to win the red dot award, red dot: best of the best, red dot: luminary and LANXESS prize..

Dressing up in a smart casual attire..
Walking around with our assigned jury..
Well, I was assigned to be take care of the group with Aaron, Ron A.Nabarro and Tapani Hyvonen in it, doing judging for 5 huge categories..

The pace was abnormally slow..

Made me panic lo..
So scared they won't finish in time..
Most of the time, I had to "pester" them to speed up and drag them back to their own categories or chitchat session tp continue with the judging lo..


But luckily, they speed up in the end and everything was done within the allocated timing..

Being the invited jury, they always have a long and sumputous lunch..
Whereas the staffs can only eat at the nearby kopitiam..so sad rite..

Since normally the jury has a pretty long lunch like 2hours..
We have ton of time to do other things...



Me posing..pretty rite???hehehehee..

Wheeeeeeeez.....R&R on one of the product design 2006 winner..
Dun play play k..
Worth 2k plus..

Me & Xinhui

Girl Power..
(with the interns..Farah, Alicia & XinHui)

We even tried to go into seductive shots...

The certified FAT seductive shot..
Look at my arm..damn fat lo..

Farah trying to pose the same pose as me..
Sigh..try harder la...

The next candidate..Alicia..
Chey~~slightly better but haiya..still lose out to the poser queen..=P

Girl power again...
ma chiam girl band lo..hahahaha!

Yeah..so free hoh..
envy to have such a job like mine???

After 2 days of judging, we get ourselves busy with red dot academy- profit: by design..
It is a conference whereby the jury will share their views on the design trend and blah..
there were speakers from big companies such as BMW, P&G to talk to the audiences about design-related issue and issue to commericalize a promising concept into a selling product..

Pic of the jury confession going on...

Alicia, our MC of the day..

I thought she had done a great job..
Not many people can do Mc-ing infront of a big group of strangers..
Thought she was brave!!!=)

Me, assigned to take charge at the registration booth...

Me, Farah & Ron A.Nabaro & Tapani Hyvonen..


It has been "hell week"
But is good that everything goes well...
*clap*x2 for all everyone!!

Kura Princess ^_^

19 July 2007

Intermediate Exam Video

I sang "Wu Tiao Jian Wei Ni"..

Sound bad I thought..


My teacher commented that my pronounciation is bad..

I not joining for the Advance class.


Kura Princess ^_^

16 July 2007

Jacky Cheung Concert in Spore (15th Jul)

Cant believe I will have this chance to meet and hear he sing in real life!!!

I adore him since I was a kid like 6..
I still remember my brother actually motivate me to study and get gd grade by promising me Jacky cheung "Wang Ji Ni Wo Zhuo Bu Dao" Cassette Tape lo!!!

I also got his cd..
I remember I can sing all his songs then..
Oh ya..I also have his LD lo..
With my karaoke set, I kept singing his songs lo!!!

Hao Huai Nian wor..

And still cannot believe it..
I actually was at his concert, listening to his singing!

As usual I took from the screen..
Din take much foto..
I cant b bothered..
More engrossed into his music..=)

The stage layout is very simple but it feel really like "HEAVENLY KING" concert with all the lighting..

Ge Shen Jiu Shi Ge Shen..
Just need to sing n sing n shake his butt abit..
Everyone will be excited liao..

But he really know how to twist his butt lahz..
Hao high ar!hahahaha!
And he can do high kick!

Ask u all la, how many 46-years old man can do high kick and twist his butt..
And most importantly, have a superb voice!!!
Not Many lo and Jacky is one of the not many!!!!!!!

Hao High Wor!!!

Actually no photography and video-taking is allowed..
Ushers were around to catch people lo..
Everyone around me kana caught lo..
But I took a few without getting caught..
Si bei Zai hoh..?

But the video nt very gd la..
Bo bian la..i not sitting very near eventhough it is $168seat..
And my Shiro handicapped camera not that powerful lo...

This is my favourite Cantonese song!!!
I heard it when I was a kid..Probably the first canto song too..
My cousin sang it and I felt in luv with it since then..

He sang more cantonese more than mandarin one i think..
But still, BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

One of his Jin Dian Ge Qun - Yi Qian Ge Shang Xin De Li You

I believe everyone is my era and era before me probably have heard this and know how to sing!!!!
Other songs like "Wen Bie", "Qing Shu", "Mei Tian Ai Ni Duo Yi Xie", "Xin Ru Dao Ge", "Ta Lai Ding Wo De Yan Cha Hui" etc...

Of coz got new songs too..
Like "Wo Zhen De Shou Shang Le", "Ru Guo. Ai", "Zai Ni Shen Bian" etc..
Not only that..he re-sang some famous pop songs by other singers like Emil Chou, Steph Sun and Jeff Chang..

I realised all the songs he sang is so emotional lo..
Deeply impacted the emotion of all the audiences..

Felt really sweeet when he sang the cantonese song "Jiang Ni Zhi" especially written and dedicated to his wife..
So sweeeeet!

What really touched me is when he sang a song in cantonese, dedicating to the late singer, Lesile who passed away in 2003..
I almost cry i think...

See..Jacky danced!!!

Beside singing and dancing, Jacky too present a short 30-minutes play to us..
A shorter version of "Xue Lang Hu"..=)
Really nice lo!
Luv his "Ai Shi Yong Heng"..
I want to sing this on my wedding day with my hubby as duet!

But I dun understand one thing..
The gurl beside me fell asleep..-_-
Pay 168buck to sleep..

Beside that, I was really surprised about one thing..
Out of so many concerts I have went to..
This is the first concert that I saw so many people walking around one..
Keep going toilet one..so weird..
Must be due to many aunties uncles..

His singing really can make u enter his world..
His world of music..
Making u sway and sing along with him..
Especially when he sang his last song "Zhu Fu"..
Me and Jean just stood up and waved our beamlights and sing out loud...
Hao Wen Xin...=)

Really enjoyed the concert.

Thank you Gary for bringing me to the concert!
Had a great time with u guys and of coz, the concert! =)

Kura Princess ^_^

13 July 2007

Double Dates (07Jul2007)


Sound good?

Dunno why..
But Bryan, Lai Quin's bf jio me out..
Quite stunned la...
Coz normally bf would not request to meet the gf's jiemei one..
I wonder why...

They asked me to bring James along..


Who is James???

Some of you might ask..

Dun kaypo la!!!

We met at Bugis for hotpot!!!
Of coz, Lai Quin the frequent late comer came late..
Some one is later..
James lo!
He is also frequent late comer..Late comer nvm leh..
Always got the most nonsenstical reason to back him up which of coz, I dun buy it!
Meet at 8..Lai quin n bf rch at 820..we rch at 830..hehehehhee!

Aiya..wateva issit..
We still get to eat hotpot!!!
hehehhehehe!So exciting!!!

As usual, guys got tis habit of nagging at gf if the other gurl do smth remarkable..
For eg.

I was peeling all the raw prawns..n Bryan was commenting that Lai Quin blah blah..Of coz i stand up for her but at the same time, give her chance peel too!!!hehehe!

All of us ate alot i think..
I kept feeding James n Lai Quin..
Bryan kept feeding Lai Quin..
But Lai Quin is a freaking big eater lo..Can eat 3ppl shares..
Really..i Swear..
Ate till almost burst but it was very very very nice!!!

Eat Eat Eat n Eat..
But never failed to 4get to take foto one..

Me and Hao Jiemei, Lai Quin..

Got people said we looked alike..
Got meh???
But James and Bryan both agreed that we are the same kuan lo..
But she more dreamy and I more mean..

We just like to take foto..

Ladies and Gentlemen..This is Bryan and LaiQuin..
Hmm..A pretty fun guy who always bully LaiQuin..
Wei!U dun bully my jiemei hoh..smack u ar..

The both of them damn cute..
When James walked away to get drinks for us..
They just blah blah their way thru of what they think of James..
Feel so loved lo!
They so concerned about what kind of guy I am going out with and protecting me..
So loved!

But we still sort of trying out la..

So dunno la..-_-

Ta-Da!James n Me lo..=)


After filling up our stomach w hotpot, we went to Boat Quay for a drink..
Hang out at this ktv pub i think..
Wah kao..want to sing one song muz wait damn long lo..
Go ktv better lo!

I drank 2 1/2bottles of heineken..
And went high..i was like wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzz!
Shocked Bryan and James..
They both -_-..
Worst thing is LaiQuin also go siao like me!!!!!!!!!

Obviously they were stunned.

Obviously we were sent home.

I thought it was a pretty good double dates!
Have alot of fun..laugh n laugh..
Glad James like them too..=)
Glad Bryan and LaiQuin is in favour of him too..=)



Kura Princess ^_^

Indochine with our 2 BIRTHDAY BOYS! (06Jul2007)

Jiansen + Tony, our july babies!!!

Acting Cute

Both their bdaes were close so we decided to celebrate for our two cute babies..
The planning of location was a hassle..cannot make up our mind..
In the end, we decided on pubbing at Indochine at Clarke Quay..

We had this wateva platter..
Guess what...?

It is 50buck lo..Wth lo..
Look at it..it certainly doesnt even worth 20buck..let's alone 50buck..
This is daylight robbery lo!!!
Not only that, the taste is okok nia lo..-_-
50buck definitely not worth it la..

2 chiobus + 3 yandao kia..

Just for your information, we know each other thru sportcamp and thus, got the style of sportcamp..
And in sportcamp, we got this tradition..
That is to play pass the pocky game..
Yup..And we played at Indochine..

Mun + Tony..

Me + Chun An

Eeeeeeeek...hoe GAY wor!!!

Jiansen the lucky man!!!!!!
But why dat kind of face..ma chiam like wat lo..
Like he having S** lo...EEEEEwwwwk...

Not many guys got such chance lo..=P


They say I lost my "colour"..like as appealing like b4..
So sad..So sad..
Nobody want me liao!sobsob!

Kura Princess ^_^

06 July 2007

Sprinters' Outing@Essential Brew (05Jul)

Outing! Outing! Outing!
Moi organised one lo..
Bo bian la...many many ppl from sprinters were complaining to me about Yixin..

All say the same thing at outings, "Regina!Yixin you mei you lai?"
And I could only shrugged and replied,"Mei you leh..ta you xxxxxxx..."
Then, they will say,"Wah!Wo zui hou kan dao ta shi ta de 21st birthday lo!!!"

All say miss her..
Boohoo!No one miss me..*sour sour*
:( :( :(

I din expect the turnout to be SO MUCH lo...
Not only the alumni and the girls, some of the junior guys came too!
It has been a long time since I seen them..
Hmmm..hopefully at least they miss my nipple pinching session..
hehehehe xp

As usual, a lot of gossiping, laughters and photo-taking..
Of coz, alot of funny, crappy talks and actions lahz...
It's like going back to the good old times..
Last time we got united by common enemy & common goal..
Now..I see that the present canoeing team gt a new form of making bond..

Well, I was quite lost..
Everytime I meet them..they also go %$#@&! on it..
Guan Ta De..hehehhee..

But think tis politics issue can b avoided if the other party can b abit more sensible..
I mean why have to fight over such stuff when everyone is in a team and all we want is to do proud for nacc and of coz, for ourselves..

it made me miss the good old times..
When the bonding is the strongest..
When we train, sweat and endure together..
Going thru happiness, sadness and toughness together..

At Essential Brew..where memories come fresh to our mind..

Me n Yixin the VIP lo!
Wah..can take foto w her..is my fu fen k!
Her attendance for outing is FAIL one lo..

See I so fair!
My god!look at JS!!!he is as black as CHARCOAL!

The gurls..without Yixin..

The gurls with Yixin..
Bad pix..Sux man!!!%$#@!

Look at Dennis's leg!!!

The MEN...=P

The group foto!!!!

miss u guys!!! =)
Hope will have more such outing!

Kura Princess ^_^

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