19 June 2005

Injuries Pls Go Away!!!

Injuries have been haunting me for many years...

When I was still in my seconday school times..I permanently injured my kneecap during my climb to mount kinabalu..

This inturn caused me to unable to play my favorite sport- Wushu...
Every one time I went training, I would have to visit the sinseh once..
Every visit would be a screaming and bitting session...

Now..I injured my shoulder during a gym session..

While I was running in my canoe training, I suddenly felt an acute pain in my shoulder...
My whole arm become so heavy and become numb..n I felt my "Geng" kept pulling my arm down..It seemed like my arm will drop off any time!!!

I bear with the pain and kept on running...

Dunno y, my tear glands get active thesedays eversince i watched the touching tv drama..
When I reached the shaft, my tears are following the flow of my sweat...
I tried to control my tears..n burst into tears when Cher asked me y i not doing exercise...

I felt so useless and hate myself for hurting myself...Like whenever I want to push myself to the next higher level..something odd to happen...

i have always want to win a medal and get into the National team..but my dream was always smashed into pieces..

Like when i was going for my wushu competition, I sprained my ankle badly like 1 week before..
Eventhough I was a Pai Car, I continue to train and ended up in pain..
In the end, I the Pai Car limped to the competition ground..
i was disappointed to see my result..My coach was the judge and he used to give me 8.34 but on that day he only gave me 8.20 for my performance..

I actually have a chance to get into Top 5 but ended up in 7th position..

But Cher was very nice..he noe I was hurt and came to talk to me..He told me to treat him like a father and talk...
I felt so touched..He told me that he used to be like me too..will meet a mishap before any competition..

Throughout the training, he looked after me and forbid to sprint and go for a long distance training..

I really hope my injuries will be ok soon..so that I can pushed myself further!!!
I want to get a mdeal and do Cher proud!!!

So..I juries pls go away!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

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