01 June 2005

Me, the sunny and active girl always want to try every sports and excitment in the world!

Obviously, I would want a mate that can pei wo do all these adventurous stuff! Who dun want their boyfriends to be involved in the activities the gfs are in right?

However, me and Jasonz are of a totally opposite interest. We have different passion and committment.

He loves soccer and I would make the effort to follow him to his soccer training and pei him watch soccer matches. I would join him in wateva activities in wanted to go for..but it did not apply the same to my interest..

When I was still in wushu, I jio him to join wushu..n u noe wat he told me?

He said," Dun want lah, Mt body is too stiff and my body structure cannot do such stuff."

When I wanted to take a ride of some exciting ride in the amusement park, I jio him and guess wat he said???

He said," Oh..My heart is stopping.."

When i wanted to go for ice skating and I jio him to bring me go..Now, wat he said?

He said,"Cannot...I dun want to fall down and dislocate my shoulder again."

My passion and committment nw go to CANOEING totally..so I was hoping we can row together in a boat..so romantic right?

So I jio him again to go canoeing with me..

and he said,"I am hydrophobic..I will cry if I was caught in the middle of the sea.."

Of course, i was disappointed..
However, i did not give up..I tried to persuade him again and again..
But, he will keep saying NO...

He is only interested in his Soccer and going for tanning session at the pool side with his buddies. At the same time, look at other girls in swimsuit or bikini...

He said he learnt to swim..
I was quite happy to hear that..Initially, he only managed to swim 3/4 of the lap and stopped to rest while i swam alone..
I thought my wish of doing the things i like with my love one can finally be fulfilled..

But, i realized I was wrong..Scorpio is a stubborn creature..
All i can do is to look at other lovely-dovey couple involving in the same interest together happily..

Kura Princess ^_^

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