08 August 2005

1st Dream In The 7th Month

"Auntie, the tv is showing some traditional chinese fighting show!"I told my auntie.
"Wah..nice nice!"My auntie said.
As she watched, I was flipping thru a magazine whr one of the page showed a comic strip of me and another guy..I cannot rem the content but i tink is smth gt to do with bad stuff..

We went downstair right after the show with my uncle and his friend.
The whole area was quite dimmed with only orange light..and the stairs were all dust and dark..

I dunno why but I wanted to go up and I went into the old lift..
I tried to persuade my uncle's friend to go up with me..but he kept insisted "NO"..
Suddenly, the lift door just shut closed quickly..so fast dat can killed a person..I was stunned and I looked at the window panel of the lift..

I saw my image and a shadow behind me..i cannot see his face..I could only see his legs in striped pants and shoe..like those wking suit in the 60s..

I was freaked out and told my uncle's friend..I abandoned the idea of going up when i sae the cold and eerie stairs..

Without hesitation, i dashed to find my auntie..and told her everthing..
"I saw a pair of legs behind me!!!"I cried out.
Upon hearing this, my auntie stood up and calmed me down and brought me home..

When we were crossing the roads, a weird looking car approached and knocked dwn my auntie..It killed her instantly..

I was horrified and kept running till i saw my boyfriend, Jasonz...
He held my hand and calmed me down..We walked passed a carpark..
We saw many weird looking motorcycles dat are 3 times smaller than a normal motorbike..

The motorcycles stopped infrt of me and suddenly my good friend in a weird outfit and make up appeared..
She kept asking me question and I told her about what had happened as I hugged her..
There was this question "Who you will look for when u r in need?"
I got a bad feeling abt it so i put a different answer..i cancel the original ans and put "teacher"..

My good friend and jasonz followed me home..
Then, i remembered dat some fortune teller told me dat u need to find the person who escaped death to help u..So i thought of my uncle's friend!!!

I abandoned my good friend and jasonz to find him..Before I can find him..i heard screams!
It came from my good friend!!!
So i dashed back to where i had abandoned them..

I dunno how..but they were locked up in a room dat looked like a chem lab..
Many poisonous gases and acid r kept in the room..
I was super panicked, freaked out at the fact that they might die..

I kept yelling for help and tried to open the door..
Suddenly, one of my teacher appeared..i begged him to help..
He was damn calmed and he sprayed fire extinguisher on the door..
He was doing all things slowly and warned me nt to open..

"Fuck lah..my friends are inside dying..n u doing things so slowly!"I thought.
Ignoring his warning, I opened the door with sm axe..

And guess wat i saw???
My boyfriend and my good friend are without clothes..and their appearances changed..
Jasonz become skinny and my good friend become fat and black!
And my boyfriend is holding on to my friend's breast..both of them looking at me blankly.

"I told u not to open.."My teacher said.
Buai song, I pointed middle finger at my boyfriend and 2 middle fingers at my friend..

i dunno what happened after dat..Why?
My mama woke me up with her irritating voice..but it was scary..

Kura Princess ^_^

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