17 November 2005

Clemence Fall For It!!!

Me: Hi dearie..Got miss me???

That what I msg Clemence..
Sad to say, he did not have my hp number..
So I did that to test his reaction!!!

About an hour later, I received a msg..
It was Clemence..

Clem: Urm..May I know who is this???

Me: U mean u forget who am i???U r so mean!!!

Clem: So sorry..I lost my hp recently..so sort of lost most of the numbers..so may i noe who r u???

Me: Cindy..Remember???
(I oso dunno y i use the name "Cindy"..Guess it is common enough and sound sweet!)

Clemence: Which Cindy???R u an ex-hkss?

Me: No!!!U really forget me!!!Hmpf!

Clemence: Sorry..Coz i got 3 frens called Cindy..One from ex-hkss, one from my working place and another is...(I 4get!!!) n I lost my hp recently!!!U from what school?

Me: No..I from SP..

Clemence: Urm..So how do i get to know u?Can help me refresh my memory?

Me: Erm..I oso cannot remember..think thru frens or smth?

Clemence: U got friendster??Can gimme ur email?
(How chee hong!)

Me: U gimme urs ba..I add u..

Clemence: #$%@&*@hotmail.com.. What's urs?

Me: I add u lah..I go cca le!!!

Ok, I did not msg him or contact him after that..
The next night..

Clemence: Hey..it's doesn't seem that i rem u..

Me: Urm..nvm..u can noe more me n rem me..

Clemence:What's ur email???

Me: xiaoblueblack@hotmail.com
(Shit..i used jasonz's email)

Around 30mins laters..
Clemence: ARgh!Partner!How could u play me!!!

Me:How u noe?

Clemence:I saw ur pic in friendster..

I was like shit man..cannot play him le..sian..Lousy me, forget about jasonz' friendster n my pic being uploaded!!!

Mmm..I dunno why i did that..just for fun lah!!!HeHeHe!

Kura Princess ^_^

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