07 November 2005

For Juniors..

I can see that the juniors are training hard for the marathon..
So glad to see everyone is pushing themselves..

During training today, Elva collasped!!!
I thought she gave up halfway and was encouraging to continue..
Din noe what was going on until Jiaying ran over and blurted it that Elva
kana this before..Think due to blood circulation or wat..
Seeing her in a semi-conscious state, I was very worried..
But glad she was alright after awhile..:)
Elva..Dun overtrain..I know you want to train but got to know the limit..

One of the junior girl was upset and had lost confidence in herself..
I was beside her and she told me about everything..
I was shocked then..because she said the exactly the same thing I said to Jasonz after my capsize during the IVP..
Girl, I noe how u feel..U r like me..have great expectation, join canoe in yr2 and have injury..
But, never lose confidence in urself ok???

If u really dun want to disappoint urself further, then work harder but take care of ur body
at the same time...
But this thing have to take time ok???
I not good in words but hope u noe what i mean ok???

Well..same to the rest of the juniors..
Must take good care of ur body and not fall sick...
Mmm, for the 1st time, I would agree to what Eugene said..
Set a goal for urself and u noe what u want to achieve!!!

Jia You!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

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