01 November 2005

Happy Halloween Nite!!!

Truthfully, I did not enjoy clubbing last night..
Yes, I was in frustration when I am writing this entry..
In fact, I was super du lan...

I was doing abit of dirty dancing with this particular “guy” but pissed when he did right infront of my bf...
And he went down right below, infront of me..
Felt so unrespected..so I bu geng mian zi..
Dance with him, but look at Jasonz and sayang Jasonz...
F*ck! Freaking pissed off!!!

Well, the crowd was ok ydae...
Many people dressed up..got people dressed up as
Table, Chinese ghosts, Batman, The Mask, CSI team, Egyptian princess n Austin Power so on..
All of them look damn cool!
Some one even bring “Guan Fu” to real life lah!!!
Some convicts were executed by some huge fat moustache men with a super huge knife!!!
I was playing along with the crowd too..
Some gals act a Dracula want to bite me..so I tried to bite them too!!!
And guess what, I ate abit of their face paint..
Yuck!!!Trust me, it doesn’t taste good!!!

Well..we looked like a bunch of funny noobs..
Jumping here and there in lab coat and masks..
And yup, with some fake skin and blood..
Wah..the fake skin sucks lah! Smell like ammonia. and we got a hard time
peeling it off...
I can feel my skin tearing apart then!!!
But we were cute lah...hahaha!
But all of us got to pay for the entrance fees coz we were not in costume..
Well, I guess CUTE does not work..

Throughout the dance,
I was trying to make myself “High” and started dancing wildly..
Hoping to bring out the wild side of the rest..
But I think Clement did a better job than me..
he was totally insane!!!
Tried dancing with him at the 1st layer of block but dunno hw to pei he him..
So came down after awhile..

And the rest, including my bf like dunno how to react..
Stupid Bud kept holding his mask against me like I super turned off lah..
He even pointed middle fingers at me..So mean!
Was at the urge of slapping him and scold “f*ck u”
But I controlled it, knowing his pattern..
Si bei sian!!! That why I keep hibernating in zouk…
And the music quite sucky..

But bud very funny!!!Haha!!!
He kept fighting with the Bunny Mascot..Siao tahbo!
Every dance step he initiated was to hit the bunny!
Yeah, he and jasonz was trying to open up the space..hahaha!
Thank Guys!!!

Well, I think all the guys, except Dennis were happy that the girls were buaying them..
F*ck the girls who buay Jasonz..Careful I buay them with my sai!

Erm.. I do not enjoy as much as the 1st time I went with Tony they all..
At least they danced with me..
Maybe Jasonz was there..that why all those dare..n another thing is it was a 1st time
For some of them...

Well. that’s what Donghan said!!!He said he haven show me his power!!!
Hoho! Hope to see your real power next time!!!
But, I will make sure my boyfriend will not be around...*Wink*

Kura Princess ^_^

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