24 December 2005

Gotham Penthouse

I dunno issit coincidence or wat..but it just happened that the 2 birthday celebrations I went all occured in Gotham Penthouse in Clarke Quay..

Well, the place had a really tight security..(Is that the word?Wo bu zhi dao!)
The bouncers checked every identity card with close examination on it..
They somehw in another, dun really believe that I am 19..They were like giving me
that suspicious look..

Nan Dao You Ge Xiao Hai Zi De Nian Kong..You Zui Mah???

The place was cosy and friendly as compared to Zouk or Phuture..
There were many seatings, got great DJ, nice music, nice toilet n so on!!!
I like the crowd too..very friendly type of people in the twenties and so on..
U wun get to see the bengs n lians in that place!!!

Lex's Bdae

We went on 21st of Dec to countdown his 21st bdae on the 22nd!!!

We bought a cake for him..and as promised, i gave lex 3 kisses on his cheek!!!
Erm..abit oily lo!!!haha!

The guys get a shot each..and i think Lex drank 3 to 4 shots..
And he was tipsy after that..he started walking sideway and tok nonsense..
Cheng oso..got superhigh!!!He kept laughing..(Does all drunkers act tis way?)

The guys even tried to shrink him dwn on his pant..(i shall not elaborate!)

We danced and as usual, we were the noisy bunch..
And caught the attention of the photographer of nightlife.sg..
We took a few snaps..(I will post when my acct is ready!)

Went to the toilet b4 I went off..
And JS and the rest were telling me that a couple went into the toilet..
Hmm..dunno do wat..must be having sex..
But funny things is that no noise is made!!!Power!!!

Thru this, i think jiaying got lot of this kind of lobang..
I dunno how but jiaying managed to get 50tickets to the place..
But the girls abit bo hua..paid $15 even though is ladies' nite!!!
But we still managed to bluff our way thru to free flow of drinks!!!

Luv ya sprinters!!!happy 21st to LEx!

Kris's and De Xiang's Bdae

Ok, he celebrated on the 23rd of Dec..(Argh..)

I was quite shocked when this happened..
Bouncer: Did you come here yesterday or the day b4???

Me: Yah..i came on wednesday nite..

Jasonz: I also came on wed!!!

Bouncer: I only remember woman..u see..

Jasonz: Yah(Grinned)..But she not a woman..

Me and bouncer ignored him..hahaha!

Kris and the rest were already inside, drinking and enjoying the music le..
I was abit bored as I did not know any1 of them..
The gals were slightly older than me..So u see it's hard to interact..especially when i dunno them at all..

I dunno y..
But at around 12.30am, it was announced that someone treat all the ladies present to a free flow of drinks..(I just finished my volka lime then)
Then, the 4 ladies from the group went over to grab some drinks..
Jasonz handed me over to one of them..I was abit uncomfortable lah..

They ordered volka cranberry and we cheered..and they drank the whole glass..
I was forced to drink everything up too..
Before I could catch a breath, they ordered volka orange and down with it again..
I thought it was the end..but they told me that we shall drink till 1am..
I was stunned..really stunned..
"Am I going to get drunk and vomit?"I thought..

Luckily, Jasonz came over..not to save me..
But to see the xmas girls doing hot table dance..
I told Jasonz and we sneaked away when the other guys tried to stop them frm drinking so much..

I felt giddy oledi..So i quickly eat some ice and went to pee..
I felt much better after that..
But the gals drank so much (3 to 7glass) that they really get high..and some even vomited..

Kris and DeXiang, the birthday boys were toasted to drink..(Damn lot loh!)
The group abit siao one..they said smth like they wld not start dancing unless they vomit!
So in the end, they vomited too..

Mmm..the crowd was very different as compared to wednesday..
Got many Junsheng's "frens"..n they played many indian-type of music..
Think friday is "Indian nite"..hahaha

Happy 24th Bdae to Kris and DeXiang!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

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