30 December 2005

Terrible Blocked Right Ear

This is the reply whenever I started talking..
My ear had been blocked for 3days!!!And it getting worse every each day!

I told my mama & papa..and they told me to press my nose & blow!
I find it ridiculous..what if my ear drum burst?
I was so du lan with my ear..i can only hear the sound made by the vaccum in my ear..

They told me to go see doctor..

SO today I went to see the doctor under my block..

Doctor Soh: Yes?What wrong with u???

Me: My right ear is blocked..

Doctor Soh: Got dig ear?

Me:Yah regularly..n i even use try using water..also cannot..

Doctor Soh:Got nose blocked recently?

Me: No..erm..but recently I got a slight flu..

Doctor scribbling on the paper as usual..

Me: So what's wrong with my ear?
I was abit worried that i will go deaf or contracted some illness..

Doctor Soh: Ur nasal vein connectin to the ear is blocked..That why causing ur ear to be blocked too
I find his prescription abit lame lah..wth..my nose connected to my ear!
That mean my muscus can come out from my ear?Yuck!

Doctor Soh: I will give u medicine to eat..and blow ur nose twice to clear the blockage..
Drink warm water and no aircon..

Me: huh?
I could not hear him..remember i got blocked ear..

And he gave me that kind of face that show "KNN..u mean i need to repeat?"
But he repeated lah..hahaha..

Oh yah!!!Jasonz coming back tonight!!!Yipeeee!Heard that he put on weight during reservist!
That's so bad!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

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