25 December 2005

Job on X'mas Eve

Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle all the way!!!Yipeee!
Finally is Xmas!!!
Merry Xmas Everyone!!!

I was extremely excited for this festive season..
Coz I could earn extra cash by selling party cans and heard it was illegal!!!
Yah, got this lobang from "Tian Le"..

I met Bernard and Jeremy to go to the meeting point to get further instruction..
We were instructed to meet at the carpark behind Orchard Emerald..
We got some hard time finding the carpark anyway..
It was super ulu..The whole street was getting dimmer as we walked further in..
It gave me the feeling that we were some illegal traders getting "Bai Fen"frm the supplier!!!

There were 9 of us in total..
Each of us were distributed some cans and lightsticks to sell b4 moving on to the allocated area to sell..
The supplier made an agreement with us that he would took $3 for each can sold n $0.60 for each lightstick sold..

Me, Bernard, Jeremy, Alfred n Junsheng were together where as Dennis, Lex, Edmund n mystery girl were grouped up..
Dennis they all stopped at the junction opposite heeren and started selling in boxes..

As for us, we decided to try our luck at the side of Mandarin Hotel..
We got disheartened as we walked..
The whole street was filled up with sellers and they were selling as low as 5 for $10 for foam can!
And us..we were suppose to sell more than $3 for a can of string!!!
We were like "Sure cannot sell one"and felt so much to return the goods..

We tried 2 for $10 for the cans and 5 for $6 for the lightsticks..
However, the things were so out of fashion that no1 bother abt us, especially with the steep price!

We sold nothing whereas Dennis they all earned $10..
However, they were not that lucky after all..
They were caught by police and name was recorded down and a fine of $150 was issued..
When our side heard it, we stopped selling and thought that it doesn't worth the risk..

Luckily, the supplier decided to mark down his profit to $1.50 per can to adapt to the market price..
So we sold 5 for $10..Sometime we would give a free can..
We tried to play dirty tricks on the goods by using half the can and sell it at a normal price..
But this trick was uncovered by many buyers and they inspected every each of can!
So irritating sia!!!

Business started to come..
I was in charge of collecting the cash since i got a pouch with me..
For the first time in my life..my pouch could not zipped due to the notes!!!
Imagine hw much cash inside man!!!

Being a youngster, of coz we do want to play and enjoy the festive season..
Tell u arh, we were so tempted to play when we see people spraying at each other..
So in the end, we opened some and played..
But String was never an opponent of Foam..
We lost miserably..Especially Lex..he was like some foamy man!!!

At some point of time, we needed to stop the business as the spy gave information of police coming in..so we got to pretend like we were playing..
Since we were not selling, stupid me went to volunnteer to buy drinks..
Oh yah, forget to mention..Jasonz was a"bag" to carry the cans for me!haha!
We went together to taka to get drinks from 7-eleven..
We bought some foam can to get ready for battle..

I was quite mean..
I sprayed agressively at the person's face if they sprayed me..
I was quite du lan at one point..
It was super crowded at Taka..u could almost could not move an inch..
And there was this grp frm the opposing direction kp pushing me n no sign of stopping..
I almost fell back and shouted,"Oi F*** you arh!Dun push Chim B**!"
Imagine if i fell back..i would be dead by now..
Everyone would be stepping on me..
When I am angry, I can b super lian and would fight till u die..
I sprayed 1 guy damn jialat..he covered his face but i forced it in..
Hmpf!Who asks him to spray me when i was fuming mad!!!

Business went on and get better..
We sold many many many cans..
But when it struck 12..people were partying on the street..Some ass spray into my mouth!!!
So foamy n soapy man!!!
The whole place were so foamy that i could not breathe..nostril stuck with foam and toxic smell from the string can!!!I kept ah-chooing the whole nite!!!
I dunno what wrong with the mystery girl..but she kept spraying on own ppl..
Argh..if i got the foam can..I would spray at her till she become Ms Foamy!!!HaHa!!!

I think it has become the sterotype within singaporean...
All the youngsters attacked the Blangla people..till some of them damn du lan n yelled in funny languages..hahaha!Who ask them always take this chance to molest girls!!!

The whole thing ended around 2am..
We went back to the ulu carpark and returned the unsold goods..
We sold a total of 13boxes of string can and 0 for lightstick..
Each of us got $34..quite miserable but it was exciting and sometime, frustrating..
Never did any thing so illegal b4..

But I think we got to do something different and risky at least once in our life!!!
Well, it's good to have such experience..
I could tell lot of story to my grandchildren next time!!!

(Will upload pics soon!)

Kura Princess ^_^

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