07 January 2006

Men are Gross

I was born in a mostly GUYS environment..
As I grew up, I find men sometime gross..
Sorry if i have generalize and offended my male readers
but sometime men are just gross..

They might be Mr. Nice guy when his lumpy sausage is not standing..
But they would transform into some monstrous creatures when blood flow to there..
And get excited and HORNY!!!

From my conversation with some of them..
Men sometime chat with girls, just purely for the sake of getting their dicks into the girls'..
I remember I once chatted with this guy before I noe Jasonz..
This particular guy actually masterbate while I was chatting with him..
I think he was trying very hard to make me "HIGH" & hope I would moan for him..
He started to lick the fone & said wanna to lick me..
Let me tell u..I was totally disgusted & dun find it thrilling or watever..
It was totally gross I thought!!!
I felt so much to hang up but I din..
Stunned and I just kept quiet..

Not only that..I also remember the incident I came across when I was in Sec3..
It happened in the bus..
This guy in his twenties was standing beside me..Probably super HORNY..
Kept poking his "little bro" at my arm..
I was young & scared to wrong him so I kept quiet..
Who noes when I was about to alight, he actually turned n gave me a grin..

Does the word "SEX" & "FUCK" made your decent mind go haywired???
Some of the guys I know actually went out to have FLING & have fuck buddies
eventhough they are attached & they noe it..
Don't they even spare a thought for their gfs???

But the most unfair thing is that when I asked whether they would mind if their gf go out & kana fucked by some other Tom, Dick, Harry..
And guess what???
"Juz dun let me find out if not I will mind & get angry!"They replied..
You see how selfish human beings can be...
They can go around fucking other girls but disallowed their gfs to go around kana fucked!!!

Well..Girls will get horny too..
All of us are human beings and each of us have our very own needs & desires..
Just that sometime, guys just have to learn to control like girls..

We dun open our legs apart & exclaimed,"Fuck me!" right???
People will probably think despise the girl as cheap & loose..

But why guys can just exclaimed, with their dick standing "I wanna fuck u baby.."
And people would just think it's common..

Whatever lah..I just dun understand how men could get that turned on with phonesex, cybersex, role play, SM and so and so on...
Freaking Gross..

Kura Princess ^_^

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