31 May 2006

Sexual Activities Statistic- 4.55 times per month


- Met Many people today: Natalynn, 2 NP ppl and Samuel

- Guess what?SuperBand QinoBe's lead singer ran passed me, right beside me 2dae!
Not bad looking!!!!!!!He was with his gf..chasing after the mrt train!

- Cheryl fly my kite but compensate by delivering her precious baked cookies to me!!!
haha!So sweeeeet!!!

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Hahahaa..I was peeping onto a woman's newspaper on my train ride to work..Saw this really interesting article on the sex life of singaporean couples..

They find Singaporean married couples' sex life are not satisfying, hitting only an average of 4.55times of sexual activities every month!!!!!!!

4.55times still not satisfying?!?
I thought it is pretty fine leh..dun tell me muz 1 mth 30times lo..I bet the girl's vagina will tear apart lo!!!!!!so scary!hahaha!

I thought it was pretty acceptable if we were to compare with the lifestyle of the locals..Most of the time, Singaporeans would often work late and go home late..Who will have sex when they have been working the whole day?Even they do, some might fell asleep halfway through...

Not only that, many singaporeans are putting alot of stress on themselves..Stress will affect ones' mood and when one's has no mood, where got the mood to have sex?
Most of the time they do it during weekend..

I not sure but i feel that many singaporeans will tend to take marriage and their partner for granted after they got married and would not do anything special to make each other feel good and in mood..Most of time, they just lay on the bed and fell into deep sleep.

This may or may not affect the birth rate in Singapore.
However, I thought Singaporean married couples should be more active in sex as I believe that sex will help to cultivate feeling and communication. It adds "flower" to the marriage..

Sex and Love equally play an important part in a relationship...

So, Singaporean married couples better do smth about it man!!!!

Hahaahahaa!!!I find this quote quite funny. I found it in a forum from Spore..

"Today, many educated adults know little about sex, with some women often asking counsellors if they could get pregnant by kissing their boyfriends. A few women in the 50s still giggle when the word "penis" is mentioned."

It stated that it happened in Spore..R u sure?I am not sure.

Kura Princess ^_^

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