03 June 2006

SMSS Alumni: BBQ Gathering(27th May 2006)

Su-Mi-Ma-Sen!!!Took such a long time to update last week bbq!!!

Mmm..how to start?!?!?!?!?
Well, it is a good opportunity to have such gathering when we can meet up w the old girls from st.margs and chit chat..

I wasn't very willing to go but give Aisyah and Laiquin Face..
Cannot help it..They are my bestie in St.margs..n Laiquin was pestering..
So in the end, i dragged my tiredz body to go..
And in the end..

"I lost 18buck for cabbie..stuck in jam!WTF!"


"The food was not ready!!!Thought go late late..then can eat sia!Too bad..stupid caterer..4get to deliver charcoal!"


"Got kids and Mothers..WTH man!!!I dun expect super old girls lah!"

As Usual..

"I need to bbq but those kids were getting on my nerve man..keep stopping me from flipping the chicken wings n kp adding butter to the fire..coz they want their mashmallow to be burnt..Due to that, the chicken turn dark brown.."

What is the moral of the story???

-Dun bring kids and mashmallows together to bbq...hahahhaha!!!!-

Share some fotos..

See that malay girl..dat's Aisyah!!!She is one of the organiser..the rest fly kite man!!!!!the other two are my sec classmates - Sarah n Laiquin.

See..kid n mashmallow = trouble!

Me, Aisyah, Laiquin and Sarah..

Mmm..I thought Aisyah has done her best and made alot of effort in it..jz dat i feel that ppl from st.margs are not that spontaneous...
What happened to the St.Margs Spirit???Wat the point of crying on last day of school and have no intention to meet up after that?

Kura Princess ^_^

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