23 September 2006

Ok i will have 3 updates in a row..
Sorrry la..busy busy busy..n my internet was down..
But finally!!!!hahhahhaa

ok, start liao ar..heheehehe! =D

Ding's Performance at Hark Music Cafe - 19th Sep

He is our STAR!!!hahahhhaa..
We thought he was good and has stage presence..

Those who were present were asked to be the judges and give feedback to them..
I wrote pretty long comments..
And guess i wrote too harsh..all my comments were read out..
I was like "Wah liew..y muz read out mine" so paiseh lo!!!!

After the performance, we went to Kbox together w Vin and Mandy..
But Vin & Mandy went off after an hour plus..so left me n Ding..
That is when i really started singing n go crazy..
I started dancing like nobody business..n Ding joined me..hahahhaa..

Ding said smth that make me so happy..
He said, "u shld start singing more mature songs, dun always sing cutecute song..dunno hw to describe but got ur own style and is nice when sing mature songs.."
He clapped for me too!hehhehehee!

So happy!!!

Never so drunk before - 21st Sep

I joined Eelyn for some drinks after work and nevertheless i will noe i could actually reach the point whereby i am near drunk..

We had some huge glass of strong mixed alcoholic drink at Boulev**d before heading for Skin for more beers..I thought 2 bottles of beers harm me enough especially i drank with a stupid stomach..yea, stupid i noe..

Got even more giddy with every gulp of beer..

Who noes this guy who is superduper not charismatic and so not attractive bought us another beer..n tried to hook Eelyn up but too bad..she is married!hhehhehehe! =D

Me n Eelyn were having gurls' talk..but i was so tipsy to the point that i filtered what she saying and i answered rubbish..i really buay tahan so ordered sotong balls..

Conclusion: Food really help to ease tispy syndrome..
I got better and drank my 3rd bot..
The effect of the beer was pondering up without my knowing sia..but luckily, i asked Kelvin to come n pick me up..

i am so glad he did.
Coz i was really tispy le n hv a smelly beer odour..yuck!so gross!
I was so tipsy that i sat on the ground n giggled..(my god!So unglam)
Think Kelvin buay tahan me n feel like jz throw me one side..
but he din n sent me near to my doorstep..

I was so embarrassed by one scene when i was in the lift and a family was in the same lift as us..n the little gurl asked, "mummy u eat sweet ar?y got smell.."
Arrrgh..Kelvin laughed at me..so paiseh!

I collapsed n dozed off right after i reached my comfy bed without any shower n blah..was wearing my contact lens still..smelly!Think my alcohol effect last longer n later..i only felt like vomitting when i woke up 2hrs later!!!Not only that, still abit tipsy and feeling hot at the face the next morning!

3bot of hoegarden and huge glass of strong drink.alot?
Dunno sia..
Will try to control my drinking n certainly eat b4 drink!

Food Paradise- Kolo Mee - 22nd Sep

Kolo Mee - originated from Kuching, Sarawak (Malaysia)

Met Kelvin for dinner at Bedok (Abit far hoh?)
wateva la..he let me try his hometown food..

I thought it was not too badz..quite nice :D
I like the minced pork..it was specially marinated..
And the noodle taste really good even without chilli!!! =D
It looks like mee kia but it doesn't taste like..
It is slightly thicker than mee kia (mee kia's brother)
ehehehee..Regina lame! v('o',)

Well, i hope to try more of his hometown food..
Hw can i forgone such opportunity?

I am food critic leh.

P.S: Kolo Mee can be found at Chinatown, Killiney and Bedok

Kura Princess ^_^

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