31 October 2006


Blogger dun let me upload picture..
Feel bored so start blogging..
Since cannot upload foto of an outing..
So I shall say stupid things again..becoming more bo liao liao..
Shit man..

This song meant alot to me..Yup..alot of emotion..
I sang it for my Superstar audition..
Is also a song that made me cried..

Sometime i am thinking what exactly is the criteria for "Li Xiang Qing Ren"..
Understanding?Put in 100% effort?Respectful?TRuthful?Trust?Caring?Gentle?
Dunno manz..

Any guy can tell me???

Am i a good lover?sigh..

But i noe one thing..
Gurls will get pretty sensitive when she is in a relationship..
Why leh?
Scared the guy run mahz..

In our eyes, we very zai hu the guy..but to the guy, they will get pissed by the sensitivity..

Of coz..dun be over sensitive la..over sensitive will become possessive..

Advice to guys:

It can be solved..Give her assurance..
As time passed, she will be less sensitive..

Sometime, gurl can b pretty unreasonable..Dunno why leh..the mood come to b unreasonable then be lo..I got become unreasonable but normally i will think n noe is my fault after that..

Advice to guys:

If ur gf ever throw temper out of a sudden or get unreasonable, just let her be and say "Yes" or "Okay" to it..or go hug her n sayang her..scold her after she cool down only!

Then hoh, i realised smth that guys are good in pushing blame unintentionally to the gurls during quarrel..This caused worser quarrel..

Advice to guys:

When gurls fight with you..even the most tweeny wheeny thing..just apologised..
Nag later..

Last Advice to guys:

Gurls like to be HONG, TENG and like little surprises and like praises..
Little surprises can b little card that say "I love u", one stalk of flower, 1 small soft toy, chocolate or buy her fav food..Trust me, she will luv u more..=)

My"Li Xiang Qing Ren"

1. Understanding
2. Respect
3. Trust
4. Make me laugh
5. Caring (alot)
6. Be there for me
7. Hug me, Kiss me, Sayang me
8. Appreciate and praise me
9. Sensitive to my feeling and thoughts?(Guys lacking in this area)
10.Listen to my complaint and old grandmothers' stories..
11.Have fun with me like outdoor activities or watch vcd or wateva
12.Like babies (coz i wan 4)

This is my criteria..hahahaha!As for romantic aspect, dun have to la..but if got, good la..hahhahahhaa!

Anyone think he can match my criteria?
Sign up now..

Wahz..if someone will sing this song to me..
It will be so wonderful..
I sure fly to the arm of the guy sia!!!
hahaaha!Bei Ai Zhong Ai Ren Hao Mah..=D

My dream:

Someone sing such lovely song on special occasion like wedding, birthday, anniversary and blahz..so romantic..

Shit..i dreaming againz..Nowadays guys dun do such thing one..
at least not on me so far...

Kura Princess ^_^

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