30 November 2006

Penang Trip - Day2 (Night) (26Nov2006)

Wedding Dinner!!!

We were late.
Aiya cannot help it la.
Nu Hai Zi have to dress up and do make-up mahz..

Pretty gurls are ENTITLED to be late. =P

The 3 of us plus an EXTRA (My cousin)

We were assigned to sit near the stage..
Should be thrilling but the f**king speaker was right behind me..
What worst was that the performance was incredibly stunning..

Never see such stunning wedding dinner b4 lo!
Ma chiam like Ge Tai..
The performers sang hokkien kua and superduper old chinese kua..
The songs are "stunning" enough plus dat loud speaker right behind me..
Then still got hot dancers dancing on stage..-_-"
Feel like yelling at them to "SHUT UR MOUTH UP" at times..many times..hahaha!
Well..Not suppose to be cursing at ppl wedding so I can only bottled up the anger and %&$#@! with my nieces..

We agreed that we still prefer the old tradition whereby the relatives were called up to sing song..
Me n my 3 nieces were always called up to sing!Miss those times..

Wah..some more hoh..the service of the servers nt very gd lo!!!
More irritated!they never changed our plates and expect us to serve ourselves!
Sux big time!

It still did not dampen the mood of the newly wed..
And of coz the romance in the air..

So loving..When my turn?

But certainly, I will not invite performers..
I prefer performance from my own ppl..=)

Me & my mama with the newlywed!

Me & the Happiest Man on that day! (My 3rd uncle- father of groom)

These 2 good looking chaps are "Men of my life"..=)
Beside my dad n my future hubby/bf..I will protect these 2 men at any cost..
They are my cousins- Kheng Joo & Lao San Ge (Both 27) and they dote me alot!(I am their only biao mei)
I will never 4get the sweet memories we had when young especially the sweet incident..=D

Nickname "Cockroach"..
Certainly not "MAN OF MY LIFE"
Eeewwk..hear the name already feel gi-lly(hokkien)..
He hoh..caused a ra-ra among my family..
One of my old cousin la!Go around spreading that this cockroach see me keep drooling..

So my relatives gave a new nickname "Lao Nua" mean drooling n invented a Zhao Pai Dong Zhuo for it..-_-"
And this cockroach kept coming to find me n resulted my relatives to keep making fun of me..
I cant do anything much since he is my fav cousin's gd fren..
I can only go "Phew!Phew!Phew!" and gave that disgusted face to them..

At one point of time..my 3rd aunt-in-law(dunno correct or nt)kept forcing me to take pic with him!Wah liew..*disgusted*
Lucky my hao nephew-Ah boy and cousins came to my rescue to go into the pic and kana touched by him for my sake!heehee..xinku ni le ah boy!

Me with my nieces, nephews, cousin, future cousin-in-law and future niece-in-law!
Luv them all!=D

NewlyWed w me, nieces, nephew and COUSINS!
Even the older one are my cousins..
Cannot help it..

Note: I am the YOUNGEST cousin among them!My ELDEST cousin is like near or already 50!
My ELDEST uncle is 70 liao lo!!!Incredible???

After the wedding, we went to HAPPY at Red Box!
My whole family are Ge-Hou and Ge-Wang!heeeehehehe..Singing was our fav past-time!
Eeeeeek..Kheng Joo Kor jio his friends and the cockroach going..Eeeewk..

But, we still enjoyed ourselves..

Swaying here n there like concert..

My Duet Kaki..Ah Liang n Me..

(First pic so unglam..was tying my skirt to get ready for battle)
(Second pic..the guy in shirt quite CUTE!)

We were asked to play some game organised by Red Box staffs..
I was chosen to represent my room..n challenged against other 4 guys..
I used gurl tactic to make them give in to me..
Then some more my noisy people kept on shouting "Lady First" if not "Not Gentleman"
Due to that, no one dare to snatch the seat with me and eventually, I become the..

And I got a jug of beer for FREE!(So cheapskate!)

Kheng Joo & Gang (The drinking gang) was happy. Baka.

After the game..we damn HIGH!

Wenhui, Me & PeiPei

WenKai & Ah Boy

It will be perfect if Ah Tatt and TingTing is with us too(Total of 7).
And of coz Our Ge Wang Zi Wang - Lao San Ge..he need to do X'mas decoration last min so cannot join us.Sian.

Kheng Joo and Ah Liang got so HIGH till they did some STRIPPING!

Kheng Joo Stripped first.

Followed by Ah Liang..

They Si Bei unglam sia..
Showing off their armpits Hair & nipples..EEEEk!

This is what I called "Xinfu de NAN Ren"

Dancing Hot w Jolin "Mr Q" under the protection of the guys..
I almost fell off the chair a few times!hehehee!

Bunch of us!!!!

Hehehe..We hated to leave I guess..
We were singing..nono..more of shouting to great songs..
We were damn loud lo..till any tom dick harry can hear us clearly if they were to walk passed our room..

Had so much fun with them.
Have been long since I enjoy myself.

But something disgusted me.


Going to twist someone's neck!

Kura Princess ^_^

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