30 November 2006

Penang Trip - Day 3 TO Day 5 (27th - 29th Nov)

So tired after 2 days of wedding thingie..
Tiring sia..

Ah Pei went home on 27th.
Left me n Wenhui go shopping.

Went PRANGIN MALL - a place similar to Far East w ton of stuffs!
Very modernized!
Also went to Gurney Plaza and Bukit Jambul.

Not good to shop w Wenhui..
She got this psycho-ing power to make ppl spend $ lo..
Everything nice on me, she will say "Wei nice leh!Buy la Buy la!Sing $ so cheap nia!"

Thanx to her..i spent like S$260 juz by shopping.

Buy so many clothes n Shoes!NiceNice!Still got nice spec & necklace, nail paint n cosmetic..blahblah

Bought this couple chain for myself and dat IDIOT.

Me & Wenhui like some fashion freak lo.
We watched some fashion show on DESIGNING our own old clothes.
And we went ki siao and actually went to Penang oldest Sewing shop at Georgetown to purchase many buttons and threads...

Syarikat Chong Lam
So cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Will show u guys my finished product!!!

U guys remember that Penang is a food paradise..
Sad to say..i did not manage to eat all the hawker fare so only take a few authetic dishes..

1. Carrot Cake
2. Curry Mee (I din put Cuttlefish & Pig Blood)
3. Hokkien Mee
4. Koay Teow Teng

Sigh. Dun have Penang Char Koay Teow. Oh-gay-ni-la Mee. Penang Laksa. Chendol. Ice Kachang. Penang Rojak. Char Mee Suan. Loh Mee. Jawa Mee. Tong Tong Mee. Oyster Egg.
Lok Lok. Lok Bah. n Many Many More!

Look great?

Beside the hawker fare..
I discovered..

Yum!Yum!Fried Stuff w Spicy Mushroom Sauce found in Prangin Mall!

Hokkiado Ice Cream w Biao Liang MeiMei found at Prangin Mall.

For many that love Mcdonald Grilled Chicken Foldover..
I bet you will luv this too..

Arrrrrrgh!Why Spore Dun have it!
BooBoo..I get to try it!
Know what?
IT's F**king nice sia!!!hahahhaaa!

Me & My Ah MA (Daddy's side)

Me & My 90years old Ah Ma (Mummy's side)

Luv the both of them.=)
Heartbroken to see my 90years old ah ma so weak n haggard.
Wanted to tear and hug her when I see her breathing restlessly. =(

Both my ah MAs want me to bring an eligible granddaughter-in-law the next time I go back.

Who will be the LUCKY GUY?

Cute shots @ Fish&Co.
(Look great in Shades)
(4th pic - Guess how old is my cousin?)

It was fun especially with the most notorious Lao Yees who are nothing but trouble & noise..

Bet the Fish & Co had hard time serving us..
Especially we kept asking for this n that n spill stuff..
Juz my 4th Auntie ate like 4cups of garlic..Wah liew..
I bet her poot poot must be damn smelly lo!

I really hate to leave Penang and my relatives especially my nieces, nephews and Ah Mas..

Hehe..i realised I 4get to take many pic of my relatives..too many!Juz my mama side got 8siblings w many many children n nieces n nephews..If want to count, think got around 100 ppl at my Mummy's side..=D Wah Still got Distant relatives leh..Wah!

I Luv My Family!!!Muack!

Can I stay in Penang Forever???

Watch this and U will be full of grins..
They are just so CUTE!!!

My nieces - Jia Qi, Jia Yi and Eileen
And Wenhui's baby cousins!

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Arent They Cute???
More Babies along the way liao!!!=D
Yeah!I have so many nieces and nephews!!!Yeah!!!=D

Looking forward to go back Penang in Feb for CNY!

This trip had opened my eyes to see how my family fought in their own life and the changes they made in themselves..Everyone has their own stories..
I also realise that as we are growing up the older generation are growing old..

I can't do anything much about the age-ing but enjoy n treasure their company now.

My Family. My Life. Luv With My Whole Heart.

P.S: Malaysian Guys really cuter!hehehhee!Dun u think so?

Kura Princess ^_^

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