26 December 2006

Jingle Bell Jingle Bell Rox

A xmas to remember.
A time to get pressie!!!

Gift Exchange!!!

Had a little gift exchange w the gurls..

Abit sad that few cannot make it but it's okay..
Coz still got pressie!!!

And i got this!!!!!!!
It's Cheryl one..Snap card..-_-
I going to have childhood againz..hahahaha!
But lucky not take Adel one..chocolate..haahhahaa!

Beside keeping each other updated about life..
we never 4get to take pic!!!

Me & hao jiemei - never failed to take gd picture!

Me & HuiMin & Wenqi - our RARE human beings to the gathering!!!

Me, Rudith, Neeky & Rainus..

Rainus damn fair i guess..almost cannot see her..
Oh ya..b4 meeting the gurls..me n rain kana dragged into California fitness..

Oh f***..i am f***ing fat..
f***ing need to lose weight..
and kana disturbed by the tiko personal trainer..

Will blog about him soon.Idiot.

Wateva la..dun spoil my xmas mood over him!!!heehheee..

BEside that...


I got a pretty sweet Christmas eve with him..
Yes..that idiot..

Well..xmas eve was our 2nd month anniversary too.
Dunno what to show his face or not.
Wait till my birthday la..but i guess most people noe who he is liaoz..
i sux sia..put pic on msn display pic who dunno..

He damn cute lo..
At 2pm, he sms me that he haven buy my pressie..
At 2plus, he sms me and asked me to plan where to go..
I was baking muffins for him then and he..kns..do nothing still dun wan to think..
slap him arh..

I was so du lan till i juz poured in the whole pkt of chocolate chips into the muffins mix and keep saying "Tian si ni Tian si ni!!!!"

Aisyah, juz kept laughing n laughing over there n said i siaoz!(was at her plc)
We successfully baked many many nice muffins okay!!!
High 5 Aisyah!hahahha!

All designed by me.Baked together w Aisyah..
Great work!Yummmy!

Every piece of muffin got its meaning n is filled w love..
Eeeeewwwk..gross. mao zhang liao..

Beside muffins, I got an expensive shaver for him too..
Dun ask me why shaver..he asked for it one..
Went to mustafa and buy one lo!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thnx to laiquin..she went w me late at nite..touched.

Anyway, he was wearing pink..
He said was a surprise for me..-_-"
and see if we fated or not..Si bei lame sia..
of coz being a scary cat..i wore neutral colour..
But did tot of wearing pink in the 1st place..
So fated?

I was so excited to see him that I ran and kept jumpin infront of him n keep saying "Merry xmas!Merry xmas!!!"

And guess what???

My necklace snapped.
one string of beads dropped n rolled on the moving escalator..
That idiot looked at me, while i go "ARGHHHH....!My necklace!!!!"
He so paiseh till he walked far far away from me and laughed at me n imitated my reaction!So mean!!!

I wasnt informed where to dine in..
I juz followed him.
In the end, we ended up in a live band western cafe called "Blue JAzz" along bugis.
And they got western buffet!!!Woah!!!!

YumYum!!!!Nice!!!!!!got alot of food!!!I ate alot n talk cock w the chef..
Ya..i always go around talking to strangers..heehehee!
I ate like 2 to 3 plates..while BengBeng eat 1plate..
Gosh..feel so fat n guilty as compared..feel like a fatty bomb bomb sia!

I asked,"Eh..how u know such nice place one???"
"Oh..a gurl bring me here last time one.."he replied..
tmd..dare to say OTHER GURL bring him go..kns..never die b4..*filter-filter*

My gift! Sony Headphone!!!
He knew i was a messy bitch so get a headphone that can store the wire one..haha!
And he got me a card..inside gt the words "With love"..wahzzzzz..hahahaha!

He said,"gei ni present..so next time muz ting hua hoh.."
Is this some kind of deal???

Dunno why..but he kept taking pic of me..
Maybe yue lai yue xi huan wo le..hahahaha

Rem the necklace?it's snapped..

He took also..while i was repairing my necklace..
Weird sia..but sweeeeet..hehehhee..

I was expectin countdown at the cafe..
But dun have..they only sing 2 xmas songs..so sad..=(
I wna more lo..i luv xmas songs!!!

Oh what happened to the muffins..??
He finished it at one goal..
HE said nice but everytime he burped got butter taste..
idiot..a real idiot..

It was a sweeet xmas to spend w him..
He wasnt feeling very well yet he tried his best to smile all the time and tahan till the needle strikes 12am..

He asked, "Want to spend xmas w me 4eva?"
"I dun mind" but he said there is no such thing as 4eva..
So "as long as both of us are alive.."
*hug* So mushy..eeeek!phew!

of coz got alot other things but cannot say..=P


Kura Princess ^_^

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