27 January 2007

Kura Princess Big Day

Whose 21st sia???

Is the KURA PRINCESS one!!!

A memorable and fun party at artery pub!!!
Invited many of my frens from Pri sch all the way to my colleagues..
Got around 60plus ppl but some last min din come..so ended up around 50plus..
But still, we had lot of FUN!

I was worried about my hosting skill then..
Is like there is only 1 me and so many of them..
Really really cannot handle sia..like always busy but dunno busy with wat..
Dun even have time to take pix, eat or drink lo!boohoo!

But luckily, i had prepared a performance with Vin who helped me out to be my guitarist and sang 2 songs..
Tell u sia..is damn COOL to perform LIVE though abit scary..hehehhee!
And cool enough, the performance sort of "entertain" everyone and made everyone "high"!!!!hehehheeee!

The only pix of me & Vin..So sad!I 4get to take alot of pix!
(Xinku Vin and Ding An le!Kam-Xia!)

*I got a pretty long neck..hmmm*

Me singing..very Tou Ru hoh..hahahahaa!

After my performance, I made a few of them sang for me..
Wah..Vin, Jeremy, Chun An, Edwin,Lai Quin and Rainus sang for me..
So sweeeeeeet!!!!

Beside singing, I came out with a talk-cock session..
The sprinters were suppose to say smth about me..
And guess what is the common comments???

"She is hyperactive"
"She is always SMILING. Do crazy stuff."
"Our Kai Xin Guo"
"Like to squeeze guys' nipples"

Of coz there are words that mentioned about my spirit in canoeing!

Actually, i abit regretted to pass the mic to my secondary school frens..
They revealed all my weirdest habits in school..
Wat Garang Guni gurl, Run-to-canteen gurl, best handphone hidding place...
Wah liew..so paiseh lo!

After all the nonsense..
We finally cut cake la..
Show u the cake sia..
But b4 that..My dad led the "Yum-Sen"session..
Think my frens luv my parent!
My dad specially wore a cool tshirt with the words "UNLEASH THE BEAST"at the back of his tshirt which kept my frens very entertained, including his nonsense after some alcohol..

Got turtle!!!Cute rite!!!Superduper expensive cake!!!
From AWfully chocolate..u know Stella Wang's shop?think around 150buck lo!

Thanx to my colleagues!!!=D they sponsored one!hehehhee!

Yeah!!!finally blew my 21st candles!!!!hehehhehe!
Yangtze here i come!!!hahhahaa!

Cut Cake Cut Cake!!!

Me & BengBeng..
Everyone say he damn cool..Smile next time leh..
Oh ya..my folks met him le..

Share some of the pix at the party..
(some of the pix nt lking into my cam..thanx to kel lo..always dun say 1,2,3..)

| View Show | Create Your Own

See all in dark coloured except one or two??(my dress theme for the party!)
I purposely one..so that i can look the brightest among all!!!!!hahhahhahha!
Those who wore bright is obviously want to snatch my limelight!hmpf!
But a superstar is always a star..not so easy one..i still the BRIGHTEST of all!

Well..those who were there definitely know I was trying very hard to give a speech..
Almost cry lo...
I cant say in person so I type la..

"Thank you for coming to my birthday party!U guys make my day!heheehe!AS I have mentioned that I have no relative in spore..so since young, I was all alone..playing toys all by myself..So, friends are all I have..and you guys are the people that have a significant meaning in my heart...there for me when I need..giving me the most memorable memories that many people will not have or experience..I feel very lucky to have friends like u all who replace the emptiness within my life..luv ya!

A big hugz and a big thank you to Kunnie, Peisan, Syaima, Melanie, Aisyah, Laiquin, Yixian, Angela, Clarice,Siew Teng, Grace Teoh, Poying, Adel, Rudith, Cheryl, Neeky, Rainus, Hui Min, Wenqi, Grace Chng, Tony, Mun, Jiansen, Jeremy, Chun An, Vin, Ding An, Jiaying, Yixin, Elva, Serene, Geraldine, Lex, Dennis, Kel, Bernard, Junsheng, Wq, kimhui, Yiwei, Tristan, Zhijian, Cheng, DongHan,Ken and juniors from sprinters and of coz my colleagues!!!"

Miss this Sprinters...Ki-YA!
And of coz..Triumver Oei cheer!!!

All the pix and little action brought me back to the times back in school where my fondest memories beganz..

Really thank you for coming to my party..
I enjoyed myself and I hope u too. It's happening!
Is something that i will never forget even i got alzhemir's disease..hahahhaa!

Oh ya..show my pressie..

Want to know what he gave me?
Spot that Orangish bag w silver lining??
Ya..he buy one from rip curl..=)

Dress from py and grace..

I luv the pressie..thanx so much peeps!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

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