24 February 2007

Day 1 - 16th Jan 2007

Nothing happened.

Eat. Sleep. Talk.

Juz went to my 3rd auntie's hse to makan and follow my cousin-in-law to go buy massive fireworks illegally..heheheehehe!

Day 2 - 17th Jan 2007

The day I am waiting for..Reunion dinner with my family!!!

Seee...Widespread of food right!
Wah..so many ballball and got chicken soup base n tom yam soup base!!!!
So exciting!

So difficult to eat lo..
We actually 4get to switch on the switch so in the end..we kp waiting n waiting..
Then we finally rem to switch on..the extention power switch burnt..-_-"
So hard to eat steamboat sia..

Just like on that day..
it was my cousin, Mei yan's bdae..

Pretty right?
She wore my boots n keep posing for me to take pic for her..-_-"

Make a guess..how old you think she is???
(tag in my blog to guess)

This is her family..
her hubby and 2 children(big)..the rest nt her la..
hehehheehee!so how old sia???

After our dinner, it is our tradition to play with fireworks and so on..
Who cares about the ban in Msia?hmpf..bleah!xp
But we kana complaint lahz..
Tink too massive till the sparks fly into ppl's hse..

Nah..video of the fireworks..

The fireworks gone within seconds lo..
So left Pong Pong to play..
Wah..me n my cousin-in-law have a aggressive battle..
n my mama n his daughter gt a battle too..

Me n my cousin-in-law

My relatives were exclaiming, "Wah..u all singapore no chance to play issit?"
Wah liew..kns lo..nt no chance juz dat seldom gt chance to play w relatives..

But then hoh..damn pain lo..
the pong pong very painful..hehehee..n i kana scolding for nth..
Haiya..who ask me kana labelled as "rascal"..sian la..

Then..my cousin opened gambling den and we gambled lo...

Day 3- 18th Jan 2007

Chinese New Year!!!!!!
WEar pretty go bai nian..

Wat a Poser..

Chio Bus...but i most chio..hahahahaa..so bhb!

Me & my Biao Sao!She giving birth in March!!!
Yeah..going to have another nephew!!!!hehehheee...!!!

Me & my lao er ge & jiaqi..
My cousin shuai right???*whooooo*

It's run in the blood..the pretty face..hehehhee!

After all the bai nian-ing, we went to my cousin's hse and eat steamboat & gamble again!
Wah..sian lo..always eat steamboat for all my meals lo!!!!
But gamble is fun!!!!!!!!!!

*sigh* lost $$$...

4th Day- 19th Feb 2007 (part1)

This time round, I went to visit my daddy's side first..
Mama's side haven finish hohz..

Me & Ah Ma..
she 79 liao..but her skin still so good..=D
I also want I also want...

My baby cousin..so cute hoh..she so camera shy and human shy lo..
Tried to play w her but she so shy that she cry...
so cute!

After which, we went to Glory home where my granny is staying there for a few days..
She was so happy to see so many of us there!!!Got a total of 4 generation!!!

My mama's generation

My generation

My nieces +nephews..

Of coz not my whole family here...

*To be continued*

Kura Princess ^_^

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