02 March 2007

4th day - 19th Feb 2007 (part 2)

Yeah..back with part 2..

After all the visiting, we went to one the hotel to have a feast!!!
My cousin-in-law on the house lo...!!!
But he damn rich lo..
He started a limo service for the hotel guests..
Waaaaah..we all were saying that next time can call limo to chauffer us around wor!
Dat will be so cool lo!!!!!!

Lao Yusheng arhzzzz!!!!!!!
Si bei happening!!!!!!!

S Club 7 minus 1+ our lao san..

Sighz..y minus 1..my dear niece, ah ting is no where to be seen..
So long never see her le..cny also din get to see her..
So sad...

A few of us were given a balloon..jiaying and jiaqi combined 3 of it and wanted to carry home..Small car+ many human being inside..so no choice..we have to left the balloon outside flying as we drove..

Then Wen hui exclaimed, "Wah!!!!!Is my dream wedding!got balloons!"
Yes..attracted many weird stares from passer-bys and motorists lo..
Every stare we get, we get excited and yelled, "oooooh!Balloons!!!"

Buai tahan..she even wanted to take foto with the balloons n stated that she want to show to ah paul, her bf...
Poor Paul..

The balloon I was talking about..

Gambling Den.

5th Day - 20th Feb 2007

Being a fillial girl, I suggested to visit the rest of my relatives from my daddy's side..who noes abit regret!!!!!!!!

Damn pissed off lo!!!!
okay..We met my 2nd aunt at the Penang jetty. Bo bian. only she know the ways. We are absolutely a Lu-Chi..

Suppose to take taxi one but..*sigh*
My aunt was turned off by the price..20ringgit for a cabby ride..fast n cooling..
Worth it rite?
But she think otherwise..

So we lan-lan..in the end, have to take the public bus to the location..
Wah liew..i swear with my life..i will never going to take public bus anymore lo!!!

It's way far from our local SBS or Tibs bus lo..
The bus is those old school bus lo..really ancient type..
so no aircon la..n the seat so small..hard to fit my big backside!

then in the bus, is like we are the only fair skinned one lo..
The rest is from other nationalties or race..so obviously we welcomed many stares..
The fee is only 2ringgit.

But my aunt insisted, "cannot be!that time i take only 1.30.."
i was like,"wah liew..70sens nia..cny period of coz expensive la!"
She dun care and went to get the refund..siao one lo..
And she gave up her seat for the $..when she gt bad knee..

So nothing much we can do..
we were stuck in the crampy stinky bus..
Wah liew..it's that bad lo..many humans cramping..and leaning against u lo..
And the "gd fren" sitting beside me..wah..tink his lan-pa damn big lo...sit till his leg open wide wide lo!!!kns..big backside like me how to sit lo!!!

The journey super long some more..
I was so irritated that I wanted to just alight and take the cab..but my mama kp stopping me..feel so not safe lo..not racist or wat lo..
So many ppl that I cant see my mama and my aunt..So scary lo!!!

I was so relieved when I reached the stop k and I started nagging..

Visited my daddy's godma..
She so nice..she say I got a face of virtue..very gd..and say I will find a gd man..
She like me so much..and keep looking at me..

Wanted to take foto of her to show her beautiful skin but my mama dun allow..
She is 82 but her skin so smmoth like baby skin lo..no lao ren ban lo!!!
So nice!!!!!!!!

Show u all one pic..

Me & my cousin..

He damn huge!!!!he is a gym instructor!!!

After that, went to my cousin's house and be Ah Sum..
All of them called me "Yi Ni Po"-indo maid..
kns lo..juz bring the 2 baby nieces to swim and act like mother nia mahz..

Got model potential???hahaahaaa..
Teach her to pose but she pose till so funny lehz..
hmmm..need more practice la..

Day 6 - 21st Feb 2007

Wake up late.
All got individual programmes.

So I went out with my fren, Steven and his gang.
Obviously, he came to fetch me. Stunning modified car.
The sound of the car was like WAAAAAAAAAAh...
The horsepower was like WAAAAAAAH WAAAAAAAH..

The carparking skill si bei ZAI lo and si bei illegal..
They parked on the walking platform in the multi storey carpark..(WTF!)

Bring me to Gurney plaza to play Arcade(Wah kao)
Really paikia sia..

Was starving at 10pm le..
Finally she de bring me go eat..BooHoo..
Always tio bullied by men..

But they brought me to tis really nice place to eat ton-ton mee & chicken feet..
Never eat chic feet b4..was abit scared to try..

Chicken feet..look nice??
All fats n bones lo...but not bad la..:D

Me & Steven..
He ma chiam the Da Ge Da lo..
Every move and every stare like Lao Da lo..
So diff from the time I met him in spore!!!

Ah Soon, Ah Jun, Me & Jeff

They all belong to the Modified Car Khakis lo..
They told me they do abit of racing one..Wah!So exciting!!!!

Steven increased the car speed to send me home as I was in the hurry..
Waaaaaaaah..he scared me lo..140km/h..
I was fine w the speed juz that I was worried about other motorists..
He got damn gd gaugement on other motorists lo..
I din believe him when he told me we will only take 5mins to reach my place..
But he did..Scary sia....
Fucking Shiok la!!!!!

P.S: Bring me to racing next time!So fun!!!!

Day 7 - 22nd Feb 2007

Family Day Outing + Kheng Joo's frens, Ka cau & Leong!!!!!

Shun Qi Shan to take cable car. But no more tix. Sian.
Penang Botanic Garden. Hot sia. Great ice cream.
Kek Loh Shi Temple. MAjestic! Beautiful!Wah factor!

Botanic Garden.

Spot yourself there???

Show you Kek Loh Shi Temple.

So Beautiful right??????
If you want to see..then wait for NEXT YEAR liao..
They only do the lighting for 15days during the cny period..
Beside all these, u can take the cable car to the top of the hill to see the GIGANTIC Guan Yin Statue..realli huge lo!Can see scenery from the top too!
Damn beauitiful okay!!!!!!!!

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See so fun right!!!!!!
Who say Penang not fun..humph!

K..bonus thingie...
Pics I took when I travel from butterworth to Penang..
Penang is an island, away from other msia states..
So in order to reach Penang, u either travel by the famous Penang bridge or through Ferry or if you got the stamina, you can SWIM..hahahaha!

The yellow vessel is the ferry that bring both human and cars to and fro penang n butterworth..

It's an interesting ferry ride lo..u can see the Penang island as a whole..
So beautiful okay!

WEll, next time want to come to Penang, call me lo!

Kura Princess ^_^

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