04 March 2007

Educating L.O.V.E

How to show LOVE

Everything you do for ur bf/gf, might perceive differently depending on his/her personality...

Sometime we tried too hard to show that we love our bf/gf which might worsen or affect the relationship..

"Take relationship as a piece of rope..if you pull it too hard..it will just snap into two.."

And when ones tried hard to show love, they will hope for a little appreciation or the bf/gf to show love back..if they dun, ones will get frustrated and feel xinku..
When feel frustrated and xinku, will expect more and pick on the bf/gf on every details..

What is the consequences?

A break up?maybe..depending on them lo..
If not, ones might start to any-o-hw think and have many wild imaginations like "maybe he/she with another guy/gal?, maybe he/she play me nia? and blah la"..
And also do alot of stupid things..

All these might get to the nerves of the bf/gf..

But for me, I suggest a short break will be goodz..
Let the bf/gf know how u feel in any form..and go for a short break to liao shang..
Clear ur mind and you will know what to do..

Another way is to talk to people..
Sometime people will have similar story to ur case and give useful advices..
Beside that, since we will never understand what the bf/gf think..
Talking to the opposite sex will help you to understand your gf/bf better too..
Like what it mean when he/she say this, act this and blahz..

The last way is to talk to him/her lo..

Of coz there are other ways la..
But all these are my ways..

If you thinking of changing him/her or think he/she will change for ur sake

Loving someone is not to change someone..
Loving someone is to accept for who he/she is..
Coz is not easy to change he/she & depend on him/her, so see if u can accept and live w it or not..

Communicating LOVE

L - Listening
O - Open
V - Verbalism
E - Empathy

Want to know his/her past? Suspect him/her?

Ignorance is a bliss..
Not knowing anything will prevent alot of quarrels..

If let say he/she is really 2-timing u, one day the truth will be out..
If keep questioning, also no use..coz if he/she gt affair..u tink they stupid enuff to tell u mehzzzz..

But of coz, we are human beings..sure ask one..hehehhee!
But jz accept his/her answer lo..bo bian one mahzz..

And no point checking handphone and blahz..
See liao later sad nia..
Not running from problem though.

You might not agree on wat i say and think i not eligible to say since I dunno how to love..but this is what i learnt..
Of coz, there might be other effective ways..

Truthfully, personally i hate to quarrel...
I read a book b4 which is really enriching..

it stated:
elephants use their trunk to kiss to show love..
birds use their beaks to kiss to show love..
Human beings use their mouths to kiss to show love..

Then why use the mouth to kiss to quarrel?

Kura Princess ^_^

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