31 March 2007

What makes a BOND?

Quoted from Lee Sheng Jie's song - Yan Di Xin Kong:

Yong San Nian Qu Wei Chi Guan Xi
Yong San Miao Zhong Jie Shu Guan Xi

(Translation: Use 3 years to maintain a r/s, use 3s to end a r/s)

Well, it applys to bonding too.
We can take years to build up the bond, the teamwork and spirit..
But all these can be broken just by a mistake..

Junsheng left NACC.
Read from his blog.
Heard from him.

I have not gone for any training since I left NP but my heart is still bonded w NACC
However, I have no right to comment on the incident happened.
Anyway, it is resolved.
Still, it's really disappointing to see such thing happening..

And will things be like before again?
Will anyone get to see, feel & experience the bond-ness in the team like b4 again?

Maybe. Take time. A lot more time than the bond we build up at my times.
The time when we can spend time together and do everything together..
Really is "One Die, All Die Together!" that kind of spirit..
The encouragement & scolding is really come out from the hearts..
The amount & level of training is really to aim for "We Must Win" that kind of spirit..

That why I love the team.
They let me understand..
the power of bonding, the sweetness of bonding, the glamour of bonding..

Quoted from Junsheng's blog with permission:

"I hope they know during weiqiang era when paddles nt enuff canoes nt enuff.... and cher rate is high for equipment rent.. so decide to push for paddles, new K, and new life vest.... but the sch reply is wana see results..

when wq got drunk he even ask.. how to make to team prosper... and so we fucking train so hard trying to see results.. those ppl from wq batch. jaime .. ppl from lex batch... dennis, bernard and all,.. and of course the dragon babies chin chong jiaying brian they all every one fucking train so hard trying to prove to school the one doing all the fighting for the equipements. "

Difficulties made us closer.
Do human beings have to face a common difficult situation, work together to solve the situation and then, really get bonded?

"Huan Nan Jian Zhen Qing"?

Or maybe when we have a common enemy?(hehehhee!my era will noe wat I mean!)

Well, nonetheless..
I hope the new team,w or w/o the alumni will regain the bond, the teamwork & spirit..
And shout "NP Ki-Ya" from the hearts..

Kura Princess ^_^

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