27 May 2007

Phantom of the Opera (20/05/2007)

So exciting!!!!!
First time in my life, I paid a lump sum of $ to watch a classic play!!!
$147 lo!Si bei Kui..*heartbreak*
Seating area..3rd floor 2nd row...-_-

Okay la..the view not that bad la..can still see..
Heng is 2nd row..if not..sianz..

Phantom of the opera is a LOVE story la..
Phantom luv Christine, who was used to replace the Soprano for a play..
Her talent was found but she was always play as 2nd fiddle..
Phantom created chances to make the board the lead actress in play by giving out threaten..
Things happen when the board go against the Phantom's instructions..
However, Christine only luv her man...
Phantom tried to grab her away & even force Christine to make her choice- either to marry him or see her love die..
Christine, to save her love..kissed Phantom..
Phantom was shocked and hurt..n let go Christine's love and let them go..

Noob, like me watching classic play..
Usually I go for those happening concert whereby i can sing and sway along..

But for classic play..Wah sey..
Singing much more power..alot of emotion inside..
So much that can make ur hair stand one & give that suan liuliu feeling lo..
At one part, where phantom of the opera sang when he cheng quan Christine & the lover to be together and fled..
I so gan dong till want to drop tears lo..
Can feel that he super heartbroken..

Then the effect...
So nice lo..I like the scene whereby Phantom & Christine went to secret place in a boat, rowing along the river..
They make use of dry ice to create the "river"...
So Phantom jz rowed and the boat move n as if row nearer to their destination..
All the lighted trees moved closer to each other is like trying to show that they r actually moving n things that look small n apart frm far..look closer n bigger as they came closer..
That sight is beautiful~~~

Not only that, in classic play..
Cannot talk, cannot eat/drink, cannt take picture..
Take picture of myself with my colleagues also cannot sia!
U just take out ur hp or cam out liao..
The usher come n nag at u liao..
I kana nagged twice..irritating~~~


It was a great experience..
Worthwhile experience..
Though at some part I nearly doze off...hahaha..
But no doubts the casts have excellent acting & deserve millions of applause!!!

Me, Eelyn, Sue Ann & Wileen

Me With Phantom Casts..hahahhaa!

Hope to see more play!!

Kura Princess ^_^

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