08 June 2007

Scream 2007 -Wo Bao 1st Anniversary (1st June 2007)

Cao Ge, Ah Qin, Sodagreen, Jonathon Leong & blah at Cafe Del Mar..
Who on earth so heng to see so many stars???

And still ME!

hehehheee..itchy hand me, purely out of playfulness..
Just trying my luck to get free tix to see the stars by sending a sms that worth 50cent..
And guess what..
1week later..someone from WoBao SPH called and told me that I won 2 free tix!!!!

hehehhehee..so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got good thing of coz will share with my hao jiemei ar...
Laiquin jiemei went with me!!!!!!!!!!hehehheheheee!!!

The turnout not that marvellous though..must b too far..so many people were turn off ba...
Whr got ppl so "ENG" like me..left work early to go watch MING XIN..
But I think it is worth it lo!
Coz I got to take a close look of all the stars...!!!!!xp

But I quite suay..my SD card spolit halfway and lost some pix..
But heng all is the not so popular ppl lah and I always carry an extra SD card around..
So..still able to take pix of the stars with my SHIRO camera..hehehhee!

Scream 2007 were hosted by Daniel, May & Choy, and Xiaozhu from FM100.3...
There were many performers beside the stars such as beatboxers, hot dancers and blah..
to bring up the crowd..but failed i guess..hahahhaa..

Only the stars can bring up the HEAT of the crowd..Wooooohoooo~

First to come is......

Ah QIN from F.I.R!!!!

Ji de Ai, qi shi wo hen ai ni....n blah!!!!
Wah!!!my fav songs...ai si ta le...

More of Ah Qin

Ah Qin trying to eat the Mic!!!!

Paiseh..I too engrossed in his singing..
And 4get to film down his singing..
SuMiMasen..but his singing hao ling ren tao zui..

After Ah Qin,
Is SodaGreen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Their songs are such a HIT now lo..
Like Xiao Qing Ge, Oh Oh Oh Oh and Xiao Yi Chou...
Damn nice lo!!!!

And they have a very shuai electric guitarist..
Which me n laiquin was smittened by and kept going on saying,"Wah..hao shuai wor!"

Look at that!!!!Hao shuai wor~~~~~
If he my bf....wah~~~~~ *drool*


Xiao Qing Ge

Paiseh~Not perfect but tried my best la~~~hehehheehe!
So many ppl singing with it...$%&@#!

Then finally.....

Cao Ge Cao Ge Cao Ge!!!!!

"I dun wanna run away..i just wanna play........bu guan 3-7-20-1"
Cool shit man!!!hehhehehee!

He damn funny la!!!!
And I think he look like Adrian Pang lo!!!

Dun believe u see it yourself..

See!look like mahz???

Bei Pan

Hao HIGH wor~~~~~~~~
Despite of my swollen eyes from sm awful insect bites..I still play till damn HIGH lah~~~

Me & my chiobu jiemei, Laiquin..
(Look at my eyes..swollen till bu ren shi zi ji lo)

She was one of the nominee for the Scream hot babe..but she din win..xp
Actually i can b nominee too lo...humph..but i got swollen eyes..ma chiam like ALIEN!

Well...Had Fun at Scream 07 so did LaiQuin!!!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

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