23 July 2007

I feel it...

Was watching "200 pounds beauty" vcd over the weekend with James..

Initially I was quite excited..
Yeah..excited over the male leading actor..
He damn hot la!!!!

I thought he looked like one of the hong kong actor lo..

I think look abit la..when i watch the movie..

But the leading actor more charming n MAN..

James was quite jealous when I go on, "Wah!Hao Shuai Hao Shuai!!!!!!!Ru guo you zhe yang de ren xi huan jiu hao.."
Think he almost wanted to scold "San Zi Jin" lo..=P

But he is really really really yandao la...

I was amazed by Hanna a.k.a Jenny's voice..
But what really touched me and made me tear was when she confessed that she underwent plastic surgery infront of her fans..

She said something like she used to be an undisclosed singer, singing for singer..
But because of Jenny (after pkastic surgery), she got to sing infront of people, got her first taste of being in love and etc..

My tears began to flow down my cheeks..
James was shocked lo..
I felt it..

I used to be fat and ugly..
Face filled with pimples, wearing the most oh-biang spectacle, have the most country pumpkin hairstyle and weighing at 60kg..

School mates used to make fun of me lo..
Calling me all sort of names..
Even those guys i got crush on..they will stay away from me like a pest..
Not only schoolmates, even teacher made fun of me..
Since young, I got problem with my prounounciation..
I felt humilated when my teacher asked me to stand up in class and read out a passage..
And it always ended up me become a laughing stock...

Feel so sad then..
Watching the movie made me recall the past..

Then when I slimmed down...
Guys who i got crush before, came and told me," why u nvr tell me u like me that time???"
Not only that, my class guys suddenly just teased me that xxx want my number..

I told James and he comforted me by saying,"now good liao mah..got guys like u and got a bf who teng ni.."


Sigh. Guys also human..will sure see looks abit one..
I also will see looks..who dun???

But I thought we should respect anyone of any look with respect.
Coz everyone got feelings..

Kura Princess ^_^

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