14 September 2007

A Suspicious Call from China (Out to cheat my $?)

On Monday..
I received a call from China (+8613592752240) while I having lunch..

(translated to English)

Ms xxx: Hi, you are Ms Zheng huilin mah?

Me: Ya..(irritated)

Ms xxx: I am blah blah blah from blah blah blah company..I am wondering if you are free to talk now?

Me: Nahz..I am having lunch..

Ms xxx: Oh sorry, I will vall back later?

Recalling Kennysia's blog entry and aware that it might be some trap..


Me: Why don't you roughly tell me what exactly it is about..

Ms xxx: If i have to tell you roughly, it will take a long time..

Me: Nvm..just give me a rough description..Then I will see if you really need to call back mahz..

Ms xxx: Nono..i will call you back again

Me: If you say so..your choice lo..

Hanged up.

She tried calling on tue i guess but my hp was not with me.

Then finally,
on thursday morning...

The same woman called.

Ms xxx: Hi, are you Ms Zheng Huilin?

Me: Ya...

Ms xxx: are you convenient to talk now?

Me: Hmmm..what it is regarding?

Ms xxx: It will take around 15 to 20mins..

No way I will listen to her nonsense for that long lo..

Me: hmmmm...May I know what it is?

Ms xxx: I calling from blah blah company and you won a prize so I want to tell you more about it.

Me: Nah..it's okay. I have no idea how would I win a prize when I did not even join any competition or any contact with people from China/Hong Kong lo.

Ms xxx: That why I have to tell you more about your prize.

Me: Nah..If I really got the prize, then nvm la..i forgo it la..

And that lady hanged up my call without saying bye..

So rude..-_-"
At least I still entertain her awhile right..kns-_-

Thesedays, these people nothing better to do but out to cheat people money..
Come on la..No such thing as "FREE LUNCH"in this world lo...
Where got people so good to give you $$$ one...-_-
If got then might as well deliver all the way to my house..no need tell me..

Dunno what these people thinking lo..
At one moment, want to con my $...
At another moment, produce food or product that might cause harm to our health...
So not righteous lo!
Doing thing when they know it is wrong, and did that coz they want a higher profit...

Is $$$ that important?
Okay, it is important..
But to an extent to go against your own morale & integrity???

P.S: "Morale & integrity"
(quoted from my secondary school vice principal who said that to me when I was caught cheating for a quiz...)

Kura Princess ^_^

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