19 September 2007

None Of Your Business!!!

Nothing major..
I thought this will be my reply IF I were to be complained by some guy for walking around in top+undies in my own home..

Wait a min..
I don't ok..
I just go naked..

I was joking.

I was only joking..

But think about it..
If i go naked..
Anyone wanna to see meh?

I doubt him/her will be able to tahan my "good body" and film it down la!

Back to the topic la..

I read the headline of Lian He Wan Bao this morning..
They were featuring on a married young couple wearing just top and undies in their own house..
roam here n there like nothing with opened curtain..

The whole scene was taken by a 30-year old engineer and put into the net..

Wah Sey..
Doesnt that make the 30-year old engineer a PEEPING TOM?
Not only a PEEPING TOM..but someone who violate privacy of people & loading sexual content video into the net..
Wun him get a court case for that?

I rem tammy's case was deal this way..

Aiya..Dun understand why he so kaypo leh?
People like to wear top n undies and walk around in THEIR OWN HOUSE..
Is their business mah..

So what's the matter even they din drew the curtain?
Not as if they do it on purpose and stand at the window to let u see..
It is just their habit and they were doing chores at home lo..

Nothing wrong wat!!!
Different people gt different habit mahz..

Why some people so kaypo and no integrity?
U sure he is an engineer?I thought engineer very busy one?
Still got time to stand and look out of the window like some old retired uncle with his top off ?

How would you feel if anyone of u are caught and filmed down by what u r doing in ur own home?

Would you say,"Bloody hell!None of your business la!"

Seriously, I would.
With my pointed middle finger.

Kura Princess ^_^

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