18 October 2007

ECP Cycling Outing (14th Oct 2007)

Heng..the sky bright bright. Not a single drop of raindrop.
If not, we the westerners will be cursing n swearing..

We were late. Thanks to Rainus. WE waited for her for an hour at Eunos Mrt lo...
Rudith & Cheryl reached there 1st. Hence, they started off their cycling 1st.
We coordinated with each other in order to cycle in the same direction; toward Bedok Jetty.

Me, Boon Kee & Rainus keep cycling and cycling..at top speed so as to catch up with Rud & Cher..

They were nowhere to be seen!

We passed by many clubs. See many things though.
See kids learning roller-blading, kids soccer, old folks doing meditation, wakeboarding, tamiya car racing blah blah..

Along the way, I risked my life to cycle with Rainus.
She is bad w bike..she nearly bang into me like 2 to 3times?
And ya...she even cycled into the bush...

Just as we reached the ending point, Cher called.

Cher: Oi!where u all?

Me: At the end lo..

Cher: why never see u all? u guys went toward bedok jetty direction right?

Me: Ya..whr u

Cher: We still on our way to Bedok jetty..

Me: Huh?!?!?!?y so slow!

Cher: we got many pit stops..see ya at bedok jetty.

Wah liew..we were far from Bedok jetty lo..
We dashed back.


From Left: Boon Kee, Me, Rainus, Rudith & Cheryl

Still Us...

Not long after we have reached, Cheryl & Rudith had to dash baCK..
One kind lo..they started off earlier than us..yet they only managed to cycle till Bedok Jetty..
Whereas for us..we finished the exact route....-_-

They got many pitstops..basically stopped to take foto on interesting stuff..
Not like us..like competing for some competition...hehehehe!
But they were naturally slow la..we cycled back together but we got there first...

After cycling...

We went to Kenny Roger's to dine...


Me with Foodzzz..

The spare ribs damn good!
Think is better than the ribs at Cafe Cartel lah!

Me & Hao jiemei, Cheryl

After dinner..

More phototaking..

think Rudith is obsessed with photography...
She juz keep taking and taking..

Me, Cheryl & Rainus

Cheryl, Me & erm...WTH is rainus doing???


More pic by Rud?

She just love photographyzzzz...-_-

=) Contented.
Had lot of fun..
Thanx Boon Kee!!!!

Think we shld do it often..
Like maybe once is 1 or 2mth???=)

Next month Dragon Gate Buffet!!!!!!!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

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