24 October 2007

Mun's 21st Bdae@Naomi Hotel (20th Oct 2007)

Mun finally joined the 21st club!!!!

Mun's 21st Cake...Pacifier-_-"
(We were the delivery ppl..haha..Bo bian, get from Tony's workplace, awfully chocolate)

More cakes...
Pastries & cupcakes were served at the parties..
Cute sia...hehehehe!Who will bear to eat it?

Me & Mun, the birthday girl!!!
(Dun have the group pix..in Mun's cam..my cam hp sux!)

We were pretty late for the party as we went shopping for her gift..
Super difficult to buy lo..
She got everything lo...-_-
In the end, we get DFS voucher...
And plus a lovely yellow dress from me!!!=)
Actually want to keep for myself though..

Since we were rushing all the time..
We did not have time to write the card..

We hid ourselves in the spacious washroom & write..
While waiting, we got bored...


Entertain ourselves in the washroom..Me, Jiansen & Chun An

more to come...(Me & Jeremy)

Knew Jeremy since I was 14..
He was such a cute fifteen-year-old boy then..
Now..change so much..
Into such a horny guy..
Yet act studious..hahhahaa...

Why horny..later you will know..
In fact, this group of friends all si bei HORNY one..
But they are one fun bunch!


The pictures below shall do the explaining....

Do not FREAK out....=P

Hmmmm...Gay Threesome?

Sister Actz....Sexy hoh..=P

*Un-Censored*..opps!Caught red-handed!!!

After all the fake nonsentical pix-taking...
We went up to the rooftop to take a breeze..

And the view is beautiful lo!!!!


In fact, the rooftop look damn ZAI lo!
Got leaf-shaped benches, rotating couch, bar table and a small pool..
The pool look scary..it is designed to be built to the edge of the roof...like will swim off the building any time..

One of the rotating couch...with jeremy..

We were saying the rooftop is like for sexual purpose one lo..
See hw horny they are...-_-
Everything also link to SEX....

But Wahz...This boutique hotel really power lo...=)
Luv it man....Whooooo---hooooooo!
Hope i can come again with my dear for special occasion!!!!

Kura Princess ^_^

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