13 December 2007

Findings from Penang

I will get to see something interesting whenever I went back to Penang..
My trip back for my grandma's funeral is not an exceptional...

I will say more about the funeral 1st..
As compared to my maternal grandma's funeral, my paternal grandma had a much lower profile one..

It is simple and fast.
She was cremated. =(

But glad the rest of them are coping well..
However, the ambience was very solemn and quiet..
It seems like the family in my dad's side dun really talk..
All super quiet..I tried to break ice and talk but...
doesnt seem to work..

I wonder if we will keep in contact..
Hmmm..will try though..
They are my kins after all...

Hope she rest in peace..

As I said..
Alot of findings..

1. I am cleaner than my big aunt!
Wah tell u all ar..i kana like 20-odd mosquitoes bites at her plc just one night!!! Her floor was so sandy..and got lot of dark black patches on the floor..eeeeeeek yerrr...

2. Projection on the building wall?

I was having my dinner at a open spaced hawker and I saw this projection on the building wall..
I think the kopitiam boss trying to attract people to dine in with this additional entertainment....
Hmm..but i dun see how it is entertaining..there is no sound and the images were quite blurred..
Some more the wall that they projected on was not white but yellow..
Like that can watch meh?-_-"

3. My family in FOOD business & are doing great in it!

Two of my cousins from my maternal side are in koay chay and fried oyster egg business..
Before my 1st uncle retired..he was in the koay teow teng and wanton mee business..
Well..it explains clearly my passion in food and getting my butt into the foodie industry..

They selling at "Li Xing Hua Yuan Mei Li Hua Ying Shi Zhong Xin" near the bus terminal/Pesta in Penang..

Koay ChaP =)

His braised ducks are well-known in Penang..
Every CNY or chinese festivals..very busy one..got many many ppl order from him..

Fried Oyster Egg...=D
Power rite?heheheehe..

Of coz lahz...

It is awarded..

So proud of my cousin!!!!
When u see him..juz call him "Dua Pui Kia"!
Very rude but that is his signboard.."Dua Pui Kia's fried oyster" and he gt a big belly!!!

Next time I want to be like them too!
But I shall open KOPITIAM!hahahaha!

4. Youth

This is my cousin.

Guess how old is she?
Her pix is sent off for some competition by the studio person..

Tell u la..
She is her mid 40s.
Can u believe it?=P

Hope it runs in the gene n pass that to me man!!!

5. Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram

It is a thai temple which has one of the world's longest reclining Buddhas (33 meters) in it.

One of the significant temple to visit.
Oh..Penang got many many temples. Their highlight is temple.

6.More Food from Penang

I did intro some food from Penang.
These are some others bahz..or nicer pix one bahz..

Nasi lemak..guess how much?

1 Ringgit!!!!!!!!!!!
Is like around 30 or 40cents in Singapore dollar la!
And it is grainy and delicious!

Curry Mee
(comprise of pig blood, squid, taupo, taugay..sometime gt prawn)

Not so traditional Lok Bak..
Look more like our local Wu Xiang..

Penang Assam Laksa. Yum.

Char Tanghoon. Got others like Char Mee Sua n Char Bee Chai Bud

Koay Teow Teng.
Bravo if the fishball is handmade.

Penang Hokkien Mee

Lime Juice+Sour Plum.
Is good okay. Penang famous for their kopi and teh also.

Got more. But pix not well taken.
Like Penang Char koay Teow, Char Hor Fun, Lam mee, Java Mee, Indian Mee Goreng, Chendol, Ice kachang, TonTon Mee, Char Kueh Kar, Tau Sau Piah etc.

Like to go back Penang!
Always got new thing when i go back!
So Fun!!!!!Love the food!=D

Kura Princess ^_^

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