20 December 2007

red dot design award show 2007

Finally it is over~~~

Actually it had ended like in Nov..
Only manage to get the pix today..

Need to do some recollections..
okay..here we go!!!!!!

On the 30th of Nov...

Had our press conference in the morning..
Whereby the Press will get to know about the red dot design concept competition like the overview of the competition..
At the same time, some of the winners were around..
These in turn, allow interaction between the winners and the press to take place..

At the press conference...

Oh well..of coz there are good food..=)
Well..that's my favourite partz..

Sianz..the food so-so nia...

After that, we went to the nearby hair salon at IP to do our hairdo..
I was surprised that the boss still recognised me..
I mean it was like I went there only once and it was like last year award show!!!!
My god..I muz had left a superduper deep impression man..
Hmmm..what i did sia???

Well...i uphold my title of "attention seeker"..
I had made a big HU-HA at the salon once againz..
I wasn't really satisfied with my hairdo and asked for a hair accessories..
Something that can make me look like a princess..


See that CROWN on my head?
Say "Hello to the royal highness!!!!!!!"
Well..the crown was rented frm this korean shop by the salon boss..
It cost 10buck k..
Quite weird..1st time know can rent one...

Damn..i think i look uglyzzz..=(
Oh wellz..
30th is to work not to look pretty..*shrugged*

At the registration booth...
We got to keep a look out of the winners..
They come from all over the world..
Had a hard time remembering their faces lo..

When I see them, I go "Hey hi!u r xxx right?"
And they will look at u like,"how the hell u noe who i am.."
Then I will continue by saying,"I am Regina.."
Then they will go..."Oh...!!!!!!!REgina!finally get to meet u!"
If not..some will say "Oh!u are so YOUNG!"muhahahhahahahaaz...
Few..will say,"I thought u were GUY!"

Quite fun though. Delighted to see their shocking face!!!heheheh!
Like a game. I know them yet they dunno who am i!!!!
So exciting!!!!!!!

At the award show...
Ken and Peter did some speech b4 starting off with the award presentation..
More than 70 winners from all over the winners fly all the way down to Singapore to receive this prestigious award!!!

Saw one cute winner though..
Nahz..not going to show his look..if not Su Ming kill me..

Some of them asked me to take pix with them..

So far..only receive one pix...-_-"
Will upload more...

Me & korean winner, Sean Im
(my hp!!!!=( )

He and another winner such a party animal lo..
Asked me to join them to zouk when they had a morning workshop to attend the next day!!!
My god!!!They really can do without slp..

More pix..


The girls @ red dot

red dot Family!!!!!!!! =)

Well..the whole show was a success..
Though quite hectic at the end of the show..
whereby me n Su Ming got to juggle with yearbooks and pass to the winners..
Damn messy lo!!!!

Well b4 all these award show & after the adjudication I was saying months ago..
We got ourselves busy with winner serivces and yearbook..
I was doing the pagination for the yearbook..
There is tis part I like most..

going for "Press check"@khl printing..
Ma chiam like chalet okay..
If u got my msn..u will rem that i did once had a nic "Loyang chalet"..
I was there like more than 24hours..
checking the print quality of the pages of yearbook..

Show u the pix of "loyang chalet"..

Ma chiam suite hoh?

Still got activity room sia..

hehehehhe!So funzzz!!!!
Can do all sort of things there..fun fun fun!!!=)

Hmm..what else to say???
Nothing much i guess..

Will be launching red dot design concept 08 soon!!!
Now busy...
with clearing leave!!!!


Kura Princess ^_^

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