15 December 2007

TasteBuzz: White Dog Cafe

Met Kunnie & Peisan for dinner..
Walked from restaurant to restaurant in Vivo..
Some too expensive some no seat..
So sianz..

In the end, we chose and waited a while at White Dog Cafe(#02-231).
Din regretz on our choice..
See the menu also make us drool lo...

Since Kunnie had been eating the whole day and not so hungry for dinner..
We go for 2 main courses+2 desserts and share...

Chicken Leg

Hmm...it was good. Especially the mashed potato. The chix n mashed potato go very well with the creamy mushroom sauce.
Rating: 7/10
Worth trying.

Seafood Baked Rice.

okay lahz.
Rating: 5/10
Normal lo. =)

Warm chocolate cake+ice cream.

Dun have the chocolate oozing out like those i had last time in another cafe..
But the taste not too bad. quite nice.

White Dog's madness
(4 scoops of ice cream+marshmellow+chocolate+kitkat)

Normal lo.I can make also arhz...-_-"

We had iced water.
The iced water come in big bottle form though. Interesting.
Wonder if i can bring the bottle home?

May I should ask when i go back next time.hehehe!

Hmmm..3 of us..ended up with a bill of 58buck.
Quite reasonable bahz. =)
Not a bad place to chill with their comfy seats.

Had a long chit chat session in the cafe till they close shop..hehehe.
Then continued outside Vivo with beautiful scenery as our backdrop..

Of coz got take pix.

Kunnie, Me & Peisan

It has been months since we last met up and get updates about each other life..
WE only met like once in 6 mths..hahahhaa!

But through our summarized updates of the past 6 mths..
Me & kunnie got a dramatic 2007 whereas Peisan got a peaceful one..
Envy to be peaceful lo...

Wonder how will my 2008 be?

Well..hope our vietnam trip will be fulfilled!

Kura Princess ^_^

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