31 March 2007

What makes a BOND?

Quoted from Lee Sheng Jie's song - Yan Di Xin Kong:

Yong San Nian Qu Wei Chi Guan Xi
Yong San Miao Zhong Jie Shu Guan Xi

(Translation: Use 3 years to maintain a r/s, use 3s to end a r/s)

Well, it applys to bonding too.
We can take years to build up the bond, the teamwork and spirit..
But all these can be broken just by a mistake..

Junsheng left NACC.
Read from his blog.
Heard from him.

I have not gone for any training since I left NP but my heart is still bonded w NACC
However, I have no right to comment on the incident happened.
Anyway, it is resolved.
Still, it's really disappointing to see such thing happening..

And will things be like before again?
Will anyone get to see, feel & experience the bond-ness in the team like b4 again?

Maybe. Take time. A lot more time than the bond we build up at my times.
The time when we can spend time together and do everything together..
Really is "One Die, All Die Together!" that kind of spirit..
The encouragement & scolding is really come out from the hearts..
The amount & level of training is really to aim for "We Must Win" that kind of spirit..

That why I love the team.
They let me understand..
the power of bonding, the sweetness of bonding, the glamour of bonding..

Quoted from Junsheng's blog with permission:

"I hope they know during weiqiang era when paddles nt enuff canoes nt enuff.... and cher rate is high for equipment rent.. so decide to push for paddles, new K, and new life vest.... but the sch reply is wana see results..

when wq got drunk he even ask.. how to make to team prosper... and so we fucking train so hard trying to see results.. those ppl from wq batch. jaime .. ppl from lex batch... dennis, bernard and all,.. and of course the dragon babies chin chong jiaying brian they all every one fucking train so hard trying to prove to school the one doing all the fighting for the equipements. "

Difficulties made us closer.
Do human beings have to face a common difficult situation, work together to solve the situation and then, really get bonded?

"Huan Nan Jian Zhen Qing"?

Or maybe when we have a common enemy?(hehehhee!my era will noe wat I mean!)

Well, nonetheless..
I hope the new team,w or w/o the alumni will regain the bond, the teamwork & spirit..
And shout "NP Ki-Ya" from the hearts..

Kura Princess ^_^

29 March 2007

Say Goodbye to Backache!

How to make your employer happy?

Let them see on this cold and hard plastic chair?
Sit this for long hours from day till nite???
U think ur employer will be happy with that?

Come on la..will cause here ache there ache lo..
Like me..i am the old woman in the office..
I always tell my colleagues, "u all dunno meh..i actually 80..but i look 20..i maintain good hoh?"


But my president know we got back problem..
Especially ME!!!!
And he bought new chairs for all of us...

New Chair..Got Cushion!Wheeeeeeeeeeeez...

I am the guinea pig..I tried the seat and say,"Hmmm..not bad.."
"Hmmm..my shoulder ache..can I have massager.."I added.

They all gimme that kind of look..-_-"
n their face stated, "u deserve a slap.."


But now, I can say, "Sayonara-o to backache!!!!"

^-^ wheeeeez

Kura Princess ^_^

28 March 2007


So boring!!!

Who say SINGLEHOOD is fun???

Everyday my msn greeting will be "Sian"
Nobody dates me..boohooo..

Actually got lah..
But all weird weird ppl..
GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR..y i attract weird ppl?
Coz I weird???

But then hoh..
My weekend very empty beside driving lesson and occasional facial treatment..
Can anyone date me out?
Movie,beach, buffet, ktv, pubbing, clubbing and anything la..
Keep me occupied la..

Feel so lonely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kura Princess ^_^

25 March 2007

RuRen The Hiccup King

See..This is what you get for complaining that I din blog about u!
And a revenge for saying me is NARCISSTIC..such a chim word when u can just simplfy as "Self-obession"..
=P =P =P

He was bored doing his fyp report then went to study.
Bored too. And i always entertained him. Coz I bored too.

After my outing, suppose to sleep but din..
Chatted on the fone with him to keep him entertained.
But more of him entertaining me..hohohohohoho!

The highlight!!!
Dunno why..he kana a HICCUP attack out of a sudden!
And he went "O!"
Of coz I burst out laughing!!!
Then he bu shuang and snapped,"I hate..O!you..O!I am so O! depressed!Grrrrrrrr"

"I sound like a mutated dog that produce funny woof lo!Woof!Woof!Woof!" he complained, of coz w hiccups adding in to his sentence..
I tried to hold my laughters but his reactions kept making me LOL..

It lasted for like at least 30mins.
And I laughed for 30mins...=D

You are Hilarious, RuRen!

So shuang le mah?
Blogged about u..

Kura Princess ^_^

An outing loh

My title of post is getting more and more so not creative and bo chup..
Where have my creativity cells went to?
no mood to think la.
Maybe I have become like juz what my colleagues have said about My eyes losing its yen sheng..Sound so like my soul, my life all become black & white..
So sad..
Life Sux.

Oh ya. Started my driving lesson.
2nd lesson le. Guess I lived up to my "Superslow turtle"name..
While I were doing a turning, I steered the "thingie" back too slow and the car hit a huge wooden log..
"Damn." The hit caused a tear on tis rubbery thingie near the wheel and the bottom of the car was dented. Opps.
But anyway, me and my instructor pa-ka to tell a lame story to the head of the private school..damn lame lo..to prevent from footing the cost of repairing..

After my lesson, went over to Mun's house..
She so one kind..Spend an hour dressing up..Heng I went up to her house and not a DingDong waiting for her at the bus stop..

By the time we reached Orchard was already 730..
Met with the rest. Checked the movie slot. All full.
Singaporeans damn bo life..only noe how to watch movie on weekend.
Only left one slot. TMNT. 11.35pm. 2nd row some more.
Singaporeans really bo life..

Ate dinner at Cathay.
Tony finally came. Went to eat Tau Huey + You Tian..Dou jiang You Tiao..
Near paradiz centre..Shiok..Orgasm..

Went back to Cathay and slack and take photos..
Many photos but most of it were blurred..
Million Thanks to our never-stop shaking Jiansen..

Me & Mun..
Nice brooch i got..(Spell correct?)
Actually I Chao-Geng..yes revealed my bra..sexy k. but edited to allow viewing for those below 18..So lame Regina..

Tony, Jiansen & KaiXiong (The clubbers)

ME & KaiXiong..
What a poser..

Suppose to be a pose of 1-5..but..as i said..thank to Jiasen
Cute rite?

The Singles...

Damn Sian.
I hate Orchard..
So many couples. Holding hands.
Sian. Envy. Miss him.

Finally, 11plus..time to go for TMNT..my all time favourite cartoon when I was still a fat little gurlz..
Quite disappointing though. 1hour 5mins movie nia.
Irritated. And the turtles are skinny especially Leonardo..
April got a so-not-realistic waist lo..
The storyline okay la..

Being a chiongster..we dun feel like going home then..
Tot of going Momo but abandoned the idea as it was like near 2am..
So we went to Mr Bean's cafe to la-drink and talk cock..

Me, Endorse for Mr Bean's Cafe..

Platter..look nice?(Ppl complain tisdays no food recommendation)

But the food okayokay nia..but look nice..
Of coz..my photography skill has improved..

Me & Tony..
So lovely..Sighz.

After ton of recap of our old times at sportcamp..
We all went home at 3am ba..I took Tony's lorry ride..
He damn Zai..he always drove lorry to clubbing too..n parked in multistorey carpark illegally..

Oh well..went home lo. Pretty late.
Have been going home late tisdays. Who cares.

Kura Princess ^_^

Determined to be happy

Ya. I have to pull myself up and be happy.
For his sake...
I cannot keep going on like this...

If I dun help myself, no one will..
If I continue to be like this, he will feel bad and scared of me..
Isn't my initial concern is not to make him feel badz..

Guess I am too engrossed in making him feel I cannot live without him..
I juz plainly want to express my feeling to him nia..
Never expect anything..
But of coz do hope one day we can be together again..

Now, I realised I neglect alot of things..
My hamsters..he kana bitten I also dunno..
Have to be a responsilbe owner and take care of them..
Have to go jogging to shave off some fats..

Planning to do volunnteer job at NUH..
See people happy will make myself happy..

I want to be new REGINA..
A colourful one..
Let u all see the sunshine me againz..the gurl who grin from the heart..

Hard now but I will try..
Trying hard to crack open the numbness..
Try hard not to get emo..


As for new r/s..nono..
He still in my heart and stay in my heart..

Kura Princess ^_^

Colourless Life

This is my life.
Where is the colour?
Tried to indulge myself in many many outings & spent alot of $$$..
I am home late almost everyday since the breakup..

I am scared to be alone in the room..
I scared I will anyhow think and miss him and cry..
I know what I am doing now is like a timid turtle running away from problem..

I know many of u out there trying and wanting to slap me to wake me up..
And ask me to face the reality and move on..
I faced it but I still cant move on..
My heart is too heavy to move..
Feel numb. Feel like crying at time but cant cry out.
Too tired and numb to cry..

Sometime will miss him so much and hope can get back together..
Sometime will think "aiya..not possible le..we too diff le..hard to get along.."
Emotions are so hard to control..

Still can laugh and so on..
Often LOL to agitate my heart to make it feel againz..
People said I always look very sian..at times, I do stoned/hibernate..
When I look at my pictures I took..
I felt my eyes has lost its glam..like no life within it..
The smile I gave is juz smiling for the sake of smiling..
Tried my best to make myself feel really happy and do things i always do..

I can give the widest grin but am I truly happy?

What happened to Regina?
Her life becomes DULL..

Kura Princess ^_^

24 March 2007

Love You Then Do This

Heng Xiang Dui Ni Shou De.

Did alot of thinking..
I know we very hard to be together again..
But still hope miracle do happen at times..
But coz i love you..I have to let you go..
I know u r much happier now..
U happy mean I happy.

Zui Hou de teng ai shi SHOU FA KAI..


Kura Princess ^_^

23 March 2007

Siao Tahbo who ask me be his gf

There is this guy who I dunno him well at all..
Never even meet him in person..
Say something stunning..

Me: Miss him..sigh..
Guy:Dun sad over your ex le..let's start a new story..

Me: (stunned) what u mean?

Guy: Me and u..

Me: (LOL!!!) sorry u not my type..

Guy: How u know? u dunno me well..

Me: U know me well meh?

Guy: Noe abit..i got gd feeling for you...

Me: (LOL!!!) if u do..u noe i still luv my ex..i am single but not available..So if u noe me well...u will not say such thing..

Guy: but i really gt feel for u and i noe u are nice..

Me ignored.

eloooo!wat happened!
Why suddenly got all the weird stuff popping by my life???
I just dun feel like going into a relationship..maybe the new guy haven come..
I dunno but my heart only got KELVIN CHONG CHUNG MENG..
Not interested in any guy right now..
Unless is bad guy..hahhahahhaha!

Kura Princess ^_^

Go Beaching With the Guys

A lazy sunday..
Kana dragged by my kor, Kaixiong to the beach..
He introduced his 4 other guy frens..actually gt gurl one..
But still din come..
So lanlan..only 1 gurl w 5guys..

We played beach volleyball..soaked in water n eat..
nothing much..no kayak..sian...
Sentosa become so sian..
Ma chiam not much ppl liao..

As for the 4guys..
Got muscule i noe..army officers..ya..
All nt my type..
I dun like chunky man..I like tanned lean muscular guy
And got one particular guy damn irritating!!!!

Kor, me, Benny + Forget-his-name

Benny, Forget his name, Me & D*

See the guy on my right..
He hoh..superduper gross lo!!!!!!!

1. He poked my fatty waist with his finger
2. He touched my hair and say I very nice to sayang
3. He touched my finger nail and say si bei ai shui
4. He said he like to see me eat ice cream..i look very cute..
5. He said my backview looked so sexy in the water with my hair wet..

GOSH lo!!!!!!!!!!

We still gt a superduper laotu conversation...

D*: regina, introduce gurl for me leh..
R*: Why should I? i know u very well meh?
D*: I lonely mahz..intro la..
R*: Jz the word "lonely" u turn me off and I will not intro any
D*: Please..
R*: Fine..wat kind of gurl u want?
D*: Active & talkative..

My kor stared at me with a grin..
Kor: you mind the boobs big or small?
D*: The boobs not important..muz active & talkative one..

I was like -_-" then i went off saying,"k la k la..got will tell u one.."

Then another guy told me,"Regina.i like to see u smile..ur eyes like smiling.."

I shall take that as a compliment..

But for the D*, i was thinking..yes i am single but i not desperate lo..
I want bad guy but not horny guy lo..
Yikes! Total Turn off..

At least kelvin wun anyhw liddat to me lo..

Kura Princess ^_^

18 March 2007

Brand New Me

Regina is BACK!!!!!!hehhhehehehhehehehe!
I know the past week I have been emo..
In fact, still abit emo at times la..
Cannot help it la..take time u noe..=)

But I already start hanging out w my frens and meet new ppl le..
Will update soon..
*Cheryl!!!quick..send me*

So dun worry about me okay?=)

I am SINGLE but NOT available..

Kura Princess ^_^

17 March 2007

Hurt So Bad

Exactly how I felt..

Kura Princess ^_^

16 March 2007

My heart control ME

Still hurt in the morning..

No matter what people said..
I still protect him..
I dun want to see him feel bad, sad, alone or not taken of..
I only want to see him happy..his grinning face..
That all I can ask for now..

Our couple chain with our names engraved on it..
He lost his pendant..it seems to reflect that "never together again"..
I put this picture as my wallpaper in my handphone..
I feel like crying when I looked at it..

I heard two girls singing this on my way to meet Mun..
Tears triggered. Flash back.
I sang this song to him before and asked, "how much u gimme leh?"
With a grin, he replied,"Hmmmmm...i give u...hmmm..49!"
Of coz i give that kind of "so sad" face..
I sang this song for my superstar audition too..
LAcking with confidence, I looked very worried and sianz..
He then said,"regina..nobody is perfect..u might look meaty but you sing song nice.."

History is so beautiful..

I remember he sang "Forever Love" to me too..
It's a lie..=(

Memories are so beautiful..
Eventhough it's the past, but my heart can't help it but feel the ache and trigger my tear gland..

Life goes on for me..
But my heart still belonged to him..

Kura Princess ^_^

14 March 2007

A Pain That Word Cannot Describe

I thought I can get it over but I am so wrong..
I woke up in the morning and feel the pain in my heart..
I dunno hw to describe..but sometime I feel many needles stabbing into my heart, sometime feel numb and sometime i feel that lemon juice is squeezed into the wounds in my stabbed heart..

I tried to minimize the pain by hugging the piglet he give me but to no avail..

It's so pain that I feel that I don't feel like going to work and just sleep through..
At least sleeping can make me forget the problem..
I tried to sing which is my favorite thing..but all I can sing is sad song and I sing it out with all from my heart..
Till I feel like crying...

I kept thinking back the time we share..
The first time he made me du lan when he just abandoned me at the bus stop during out first date..
How he peeled the prawn in a messy way and forced it into my mouth..
How he picked the chilli padi from my fishball and threw away when I was about to eat..
How he rushed down to grab me to have dinner with anxious and caring look when I said I having biscuit for dinner...
How we played in the pool when I almost drown and his gay behaviour..
How we talk about buying a property unit in JB..
How he style his hair infront of the mirror and ask me which clothes to wear..
How we clean up his room together..
How I cook a meal for him..

And of coz, I will miss his everyday line "My hair long already right???"

It's so hard to let go but I know I have to becoz I love him..
It will be good if I could hate him but I can't..no matter how many people said he is bad, dun deserve my love and so on n on..I still love him and feel hurt when ppl say he is bad..
He not those really bad guy if not I would love him so much right?
It occurred to me that my love for him has already reached an undesirable point whereby I can sacrifice my life to protect him..
I don't have this feeling before..not even when I am with Jasonz..
Guess this is really my FIRST love..but is a painful one..

This song specially dedicated to Kelvin..
Jay chou's An Jing..
It's explain how I feel but take away the part where it mention the bf/gf leave for another gurl/guy part..

I hope he learn from this relationship and learn to love some one in the future and not hurt her like he hurt me..
Coz it is really painful especially loving him wholeheartedly and change for his sake but got hurt not once but twice..

But I will still love you, Kelvin..
But not as gf anymore but in the position of a friend..

Kura Princess ^_^

13 March 2007

End of Love story

Ya..end liao.
He said he no more feel for me...

What can i do?

Live on and give up lo..
But still got feel for him la..but bo bian..
He dun wan I cant do anything..

So I can only love him as a fren..
He feel bad too la..
But no point blaming le..

End mean End le...

For the last time..

I love you kelvin..*hug*

Kura Princess ^_^

Tried my best

I feel much much much better le..
So dun worry peeps..=)

I dunno but I realised I have my fault for the breakup through my analysis..
I dunno if I am right or wrong..
But I think it does at least indirectly caused the breakup ba..

I already tried to explain everything to him..
I dunno if it is useful or not but is the only thing I can do now..
I really hope he did listen and think about it...
And I hope he can tell me how he feel too..if not, I will never know..
So now, I can only wait for his reply lo..

Before that I thought we not suitable..
But laiquin was saying,"Pi gu lo..where got ppl from the start suitable one..of coz muz compromise mahz..."

I know I have not been very appreciative and keep picking on him..

"I am sorry..."

Hope there is turning back for us..=(
We got problem but it's something that can be solved and not breakup just liddat..
Hope we can learn from each other and together..

Maybe some will say I stupid or wat..but I just doing what I think is right and will not regret..
Coz I am in the relationship w him..only I can see it clearly..

Kura Princess ^_^

11 March 2007

I Dun want to end just like this

I dun wan
I dun wan
I dun wan..

In my heart, I still love him..
I know it's stupid but I dun wan to end..

I still dreamt of him ydae..
That he came back..

I know it is a dream..
And i can only look at the piglet he gave me and hug to gimme some comfort..
I hope it can come true..=(

Kura Princess ^_^

10 March 2007

Wake Up

I cried again and again.
I know from the start we are not suitable..
All along..I was holding on to it, despite all the naggings i got from my frens and nieces..

All of them were saying, "he treat u liddat you still want?"
My nieces said "He dun even have the basic quality of a bf!"
My kor said,"u guys got serious communication prob.."

I thought I compromised and suit his style..things will be fine..
Many time I keep saying, "mayb i think too much la..stupid brain..dun anyhw tink.." or "no la..he luv me la..if not he wun blah blah blah.."
Since vday..I keep feeling tired and wanting to give up but I din..coz I she bu de and still got faith in him and the r/s..

What made me hold on?
One word from him..
He pulled me up and gimme chance at that pt of time when my confidence level is at the lowest..
And he signed the certificate that he loves me..

But guess I was wrong..
We cant communicate..
And we dun have much of those happy time that couple have..
No pillow fight, Stuffing food into each other mouths and laugh or playing games..
I can only remember the happy time when we go swimming..
I tried my best to make the relationship fun but things always turn out diff..

I dunno but I feel that there is a barrier between me n him..
I want to get closer to him in the heart but I cant..in fact, I went further..
I tried to b a gd gf but...sigh..

It made me feel so stupid..
I kept crying, thinking,
"why i did so much for him?I juz want to love someone truthfully & shower him w love..All I xpecting is love, respect, appreciate and he dote me can le..Dun ask for much..Even he treat me bad but I know he luv me can le..heng nan meh?"

Last time I dunno how to love I hurt Jasonz..Now I learnt how to love le yet got hurt..why always me???What u all expecting me to do?Is there some problem in me? Am I dat bad that I deserve such thing..

I am really tired..sometime I hope I can juz laid in my room and rot..I am so tired that I dun wan to feel anything..I hate myself for being so stupid..I hate myself for not waking up..I hate everything about me..

The worst thing is that I lost myself..
I dunno who am I already..
I used to be really horrible but I changed so much and adapt so much to his style till I dunno who I am le..


I cried for myself..i feel sorry for myself..
But of coz I still will miss him and yearn for him..but I know there is no hope le..
If can..I hope to turn back time and try again..

Now I can only hug the piglet he gave me and sleep..
I tried getting comforting hug from my frens but it felt so different..
Not the same as the hugs he gave me..

At this pt of time, I still hope he will say, "sorry i was impulsive that time..i dun mean it.." and back together againz and go kuching eat the laksa, go bkk for shopping..

Ya la..Wake up partially nia.

Dun scold me le.

Kura Princess ^_^

Seed of Love

Something happened between me n him..
I din cry..

Till i saw this pic..

My cousin sent me one..
I see them so xinfu with the newborn..
My cousin pei my cousin-in-law to welcome the baby son to earth..
I can imagine the scene at that moment with my cousin-in-law pushing the baby out and my cousin encourage and stay at her side..

So envy..is something that I hope it will happen between me n him but I realised it might remain as dream..

Anyway..intro u all..

My new baby nephew...cute?
It's the seed of love of my cousin and cousin-in-law..

Kura Princess ^_^

06 March 2007

What thing you will grab if there is an Earthquake evacuation?

Me: Think I will take my mp3 coz it so new and my handphone..the rest heck care la!

Su Ming: I will grab my ipod and calendar! All my contacts and wateva shit is inside my ipod!

Carrie: I will grab my bag and my laptop!So if kana trap still can msn for help or do work..

Sue Ann: Me ar..I will carry the 19litres Polar Water Gallon!!!At least I kana trapped..i can still survive!!!HoHo!!!


See..how unexperience we are toward disastrous occurance..

Many parts of Singapore felt the tremors of the quake..
My office is located in tanjong pgr, very near shenton way..
But din feel a shit at all..
Think i was at Amoy food ctr eating my fish soup when it happened..
But nothing leh..

So sadzzz..
My colleagues all so sad..no chance to get evacuated..
hahahaha!Wat a loser we are..
Other ppl are frightened like hell but there we are going on throwing tantrum
"So jealous..I also want to b evacuated.."in a bitchy way..

Those who read this and had went thru the tremors will be thinking..

But anyway..
It tell us smth..
"Dun take our country for granted..anything might jz happened..dun be surprise if one day if bt timah hill cracked into 2..it doesnt happen now but it does not mean it will NEVER happen.."

Kura Princess ^_^

04 March 2007

Educating L.O.V.E

How to show LOVE

Everything you do for ur bf/gf, might perceive differently depending on his/her personality...

Sometime we tried too hard to show that we love our bf/gf which might worsen or affect the relationship..

"Take relationship as a piece of rope..if you pull it too hard..it will just snap into two.."

And when ones tried hard to show love, they will hope for a little appreciation or the bf/gf to show love back..if they dun, ones will get frustrated and feel xinku..
When feel frustrated and xinku, will expect more and pick on the bf/gf on every details..

What is the consequences?

A break up?maybe..depending on them lo..
If not, ones might start to any-o-hw think and have many wild imaginations like "maybe he/she with another guy/gal?, maybe he/she play me nia? and blah la"..
And also do alot of stupid things..

All these might get to the nerves of the bf/gf..

But for me, I suggest a short break will be goodz..
Let the bf/gf know how u feel in any form..and go for a short break to liao shang..
Clear ur mind and you will know what to do..

Another way is to talk to people..
Sometime people will have similar story to ur case and give useful advices..
Beside that, since we will never understand what the bf/gf think..
Talking to the opposite sex will help you to understand your gf/bf better too..
Like what it mean when he/she say this, act this and blahz..

The last way is to talk to him/her lo..

Of coz there are other ways la..
But all these are my ways..

If you thinking of changing him/her or think he/she will change for ur sake

Loving someone is not to change someone..
Loving someone is to accept for who he/she is..
Coz is not easy to change he/she & depend on him/her, so see if u can accept and live w it or not..

Communicating LOVE

L - Listening
O - Open
V - Verbalism
E - Empathy

Want to know his/her past? Suspect him/her?

Ignorance is a bliss..
Not knowing anything will prevent alot of quarrels..

If let say he/she is really 2-timing u, one day the truth will be out..
If keep questioning, also no use..coz if he/she gt affair..u tink they stupid enuff to tell u mehzzzz..

But of coz, we are human beings..sure ask one..hehehhee!
But jz accept his/her answer lo..bo bian one mahzz..

And no point checking handphone and blahz..
See liao later sad nia..
Not running from problem though.

You might not agree on wat i say and think i not eligible to say since I dunno how to love..but this is what i learnt..
Of coz, there might be other effective ways..

Truthfully, personally i hate to quarrel...
I read a book b4 which is really enriching..

it stated:
elephants use their trunk to kiss to show love..
birds use their beaks to kiss to show love..
Human beings use their mouths to kiss to show love..

Then why use the mouth to kiss to quarrel?

Kura Princess ^_^

02 March 2007

4th day - 19th Feb 2007 (part 2)

Yeah..back with part 2..

After all the visiting, we went to one the hotel to have a feast!!!
My cousin-in-law on the house lo...!!!
But he damn rich lo..
He started a limo service for the hotel guests..
Waaaaah..we all were saying that next time can call limo to chauffer us around wor!
Dat will be so cool lo!!!!!!

Lao Yusheng arhzzzz!!!!!!!
Si bei happening!!!!!!!

S Club 7 minus 1+ our lao san..

Sighz..y minus 1..my dear niece, ah ting is no where to be seen..
So long never see her le..cny also din get to see her..
So sad...

A few of us were given a balloon..jiaying and jiaqi combined 3 of it and wanted to carry home..Small car+ many human being inside..so no choice..we have to left the balloon outside flying as we drove..

Then Wen hui exclaimed, "Wah!!!!!Is my dream wedding!got balloons!"
Yes..attracted many weird stares from passer-bys and motorists lo..
Every stare we get, we get excited and yelled, "oooooh!Balloons!!!"

Buai tahan..she even wanted to take foto with the balloons n stated that she want to show to ah paul, her bf...
Poor Paul..

The balloon I was talking about..

Gambling Den.

5th Day - 20th Feb 2007

Being a fillial girl, I suggested to visit the rest of my relatives from my daddy's side..who noes abit regret!!!!!!!!

Damn pissed off lo!!!!
okay..We met my 2nd aunt at the Penang jetty. Bo bian. only she know the ways. We are absolutely a Lu-Chi..

Suppose to take taxi one but..*sigh*
My aunt was turned off by the price..20ringgit for a cabby ride..fast n cooling..
Worth it rite?
But she think otherwise..

So we lan-lan..in the end, have to take the public bus to the location..
Wah liew..i swear with my life..i will never going to take public bus anymore lo!!!

It's way far from our local SBS or Tibs bus lo..
The bus is those old school bus lo..really ancient type..
so no aircon la..n the seat so small..hard to fit my big backside!

then in the bus, is like we are the only fair skinned one lo..
The rest is from other nationalties or race..so obviously we welcomed many stares..
The fee is only 2ringgit.

But my aunt insisted, "cannot be!that time i take only 1.30.."
i was like,"wah liew..70sens nia..cny period of coz expensive la!"
She dun care and went to get the refund..siao one lo..
And she gave up her seat for the $..when she gt bad knee..

So nothing much we can do..
we were stuck in the crampy stinky bus..
Wah liew..it's that bad lo..many humans cramping..and leaning against u lo..
And the "gd fren" sitting beside me..wah..tink his lan-pa damn big lo...sit till his leg open wide wide lo!!!kns..big backside like me how to sit lo!!!

The journey super long some more..
I was so irritated that I wanted to just alight and take the cab..but my mama kp stopping me..feel so not safe lo..not racist or wat lo..
So many ppl that I cant see my mama and my aunt..So scary lo!!!

I was so relieved when I reached the stop k and I started nagging..

Visited my daddy's godma..
She so nice..she say I got a face of virtue..very gd..and say I will find a gd man..
She like me so much..and keep looking at me..

Wanted to take foto of her to show her beautiful skin but my mama dun allow..
She is 82 but her skin so smmoth like baby skin lo..no lao ren ban lo!!!
So nice!!!!!!!!

Show u all one pic..

Me & my cousin..

He damn huge!!!!he is a gym instructor!!!

After that, went to my cousin's house and be Ah Sum..
All of them called me "Yi Ni Po"-indo maid..
kns lo..juz bring the 2 baby nieces to swim and act like mother nia mahz..

Got model potential???hahaahaaa..
Teach her to pose but she pose till so funny lehz..
hmmm..need more practice la..

Day 6 - 21st Feb 2007

Wake up late.
All got individual programmes.

So I went out with my fren, Steven and his gang.
Obviously, he came to fetch me. Stunning modified car.
The sound of the car was like WAAAAAAAAAAh...
The horsepower was like WAAAAAAAH WAAAAAAAH..

The carparking skill si bei ZAI lo and si bei illegal..
They parked on the walking platform in the multi storey carpark..(WTF!)

Bring me to Gurney plaza to play Arcade(Wah kao)
Really paikia sia..

Was starving at 10pm le..
Finally she de bring me go eat..BooHoo..
Always tio bullied by men..

But they brought me to tis really nice place to eat ton-ton mee & chicken feet..
Never eat chic feet b4..was abit scared to try..

Chicken feet..look nice??
All fats n bones lo...but not bad la..:D

Me & Steven..
He ma chiam the Da Ge Da lo..
Every move and every stare like Lao Da lo..
So diff from the time I met him in spore!!!

Ah Soon, Ah Jun, Me & Jeff

They all belong to the Modified Car Khakis lo..
They told me they do abit of racing one..Wah!So exciting!!!!

Steven increased the car speed to send me home as I was in the hurry..
Waaaaaaaah..he scared me lo..140km/h..
I was fine w the speed juz that I was worried about other motorists..
He got damn gd gaugement on other motorists lo..
I din believe him when he told me we will only take 5mins to reach my place..
But he did..Scary sia....
Fucking Shiok la!!!!!

P.S: Bring me to racing next time!So fun!!!!

Day 7 - 22nd Feb 2007

Family Day Outing + Kheng Joo's frens, Ka cau & Leong!!!!!

Shun Qi Shan to take cable car. But no more tix. Sian.
Penang Botanic Garden. Hot sia. Great ice cream.
Kek Loh Shi Temple. MAjestic! Beautiful!Wah factor!

Botanic Garden.

Spot yourself there???

Show you Kek Loh Shi Temple.

So Beautiful right??????
If you want to see..then wait for NEXT YEAR liao..
They only do the lighting for 15days during the cny period..
Beside all these, u can take the cable car to the top of the hill to see the GIGANTIC Guan Yin Statue..realli huge lo!Can see scenery from the top too!
Damn beauitiful okay!!!!!!!!

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See so fun right!!!!!!
Who say Penang not fun..humph!

K..bonus thingie...
Pics I took when I travel from butterworth to Penang..
Penang is an island, away from other msia states..
So in order to reach Penang, u either travel by the famous Penang bridge or through Ferry or if you got the stamina, you can SWIM..hahahaha!

The yellow vessel is the ferry that bring both human and cars to and fro penang n butterworth..

It's an interesting ferry ride lo..u can see the Penang island as a whole..
So beautiful okay!

WEll, next time want to come to Penang, call me lo!

Kura Princess ^_^

01 March 2007

My Favorite song when I was a little girl like 6 to 8???

i think i was 6 ba..
I like this song so much that I always sing it when i go ktv with my parent..
I cannot rem the title..so i just remember the number of words..
Got 12 k!!!!

Jimmy Lin - Bu Shi Mei Ge Lian Qu Dou You Mei Hao Hui Yi

Wah liew..who will remember such a long title!!!
But I love it and will dance with it...

Sally Ye - Xiao Sa Zou Yi Hui

This song..wah..my best when I was 7 lo..
I even performed this song to a big group of people b4..
So scary lo..

Oh ya..i actually attend singing class when I was 7 for a year!!!
But I start singing like 4yrs old..n even thought of going to the An Pei Na Bei Er Dong Karaoke lo!!!!
But i coward..hahahhaha!!!!!!
Still remember that time my brother taught me to sing Aaron kowk "Ai Bu Wan" and danced with it too to go for the competition!!!!!

That was the memorable times...

Kura Princess ^_^

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